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Game Tavern: General Rules of Engagement

Game Tavern: General Rules of Engagement

Postby Madea » Thu Jul 19, 2007 10:05 pm

Welcome to the Games Tavern.

The purpose of this thread has been shifted from "Discussion About Various Games" to "Miscellaneous Free-form Role-playing Center". What does this mean for you? You now have a place to start and maintain games in a wide variety of world settings.

The biggest difference between this and the FFRPG forum is that there will be very few rules and this forum will not be actively moderated; that is to say, we're not going to be spending a great deal of time visiting to make sure everyone is playing nice. Whoever starts a thread is the master of that thread and by posting on that thread, you are submitting yourself to their tender mercies and/or twisted wills.

You've been warned!

That being said, here are the ground rules:
* Stay civil.
* Don't be a dick.
* No asshattery.
* The creator/GM of the thread has final authority in that thread.
* Contact the creator/GM of a thread before posting in said thread.
* If you don't like it, don't play.
* If there are any serious issues that you cannot resolve on your own (i.e., someone is spamming or jumping posts without contacting the GM) PM Mom (Thalar) or Dad (Madea)

Additionally, you need to tag your threads so that people know what they're going to be reading. The list of tags:
[World Setting] - Used to set up the basis of your games/ground rules and other miscelleneous information you might want to add.
[RPG - <RPG name here>] - This lists and active RPG in whatever World Setting.

More tags added as some suggestions are given.
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