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Community Information

Postby Thrair » Mon Dec 24, 2018 7:53 am

This is just a little post to consolidate a lot of community information that is otherwise spread around the forum and main site.

Kern routinely streams his artwork on two websites: Twitch and Picarto.

This is the Twitch channel Kern frequently uses during the week.
-These streams typically begin at around 3PM EST (8PM UTC) and generally last about two hours.
-Some days he streams games, most days he draws. Current pages, commissions, etc.

This is the Picarto channel in which Kern streams every Saturday.

-These streams begin at 2PM EST (7PM UTC), and typically last three to four hours.
-These streams also frequently host other artists who are either involved with the studio or are friends of Kern and Kite.
-There are often short art giveaways during these streams during which a few of those watching the stream are randomly selected to receive a single quick drawing of their choice from the artists.

I would also like to remind users new and old of the Drowtales Discord server, which can be found here.
-It is a lovely place to hang out and talk with fellow members of the community, including Kern and Kite themselves.

Additionally, there is an official Drowtales gaming Discord server here.
-This is where many of us meet up for a variety of games. Especially FF14 and Monster Hunter.
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