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SA mission 1 Moonies

SA mission 1 Moonies

Postby choby40k » Sun Apr 13, 2014 5:57 pm

so im working on a mission summery i only included things that might directly effect the evaluation of are squad

spent 7k on a golem ,
receipt 4 pieces of starship hull and 1 mysterious metal container p7,
peaceful contact with dragon race p13,
engineer Krith brings us to the dragon warship p15,
met with the governing council and discussed possible trade negotiations,
dragons agree to fight the humes in exchange for parts and fuel which we did get delivered,
manned interceptor weapons,
negotiated on behalf of the dragons in diplomatic discussions with the Commanders of drow ships,
2 cargo holds full of valuable raw materials in exchange for recolonizing the dragons and making sure no enemy humes find out about the dragons,
invited engineer Krith to join the crew of the Ini'ria
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