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Space Age Adventure Purchase List

Space Age Adventure Purchase List

Postby Runes » Mon Aug 19, 2013 9:40 pm

Support Requests:
Golem Assistance Request (w/ Pilot) - 7,000 credits per golem (Max 3 golems, must specify mission parameters (i.e., clear giant boulders, destroy enemy, etc.) and they will attempt to complete within their capacity.)

Repair Team Request - 2000 credits (Call for a repair team to fully repair all equipment)

Mod Installation Team Request - 1500 credits (Call for a team to swap party mods)

Medical Expert Team Request - 2000 credits (Call for a medical team to take care of any and all medical problems, fully healing all injuries.)

All Three Assitance Teams at Once - 3500 (As they only need to use one shuttle to land)

Supply Drop - 500 (Tool Kit Replenishment, also considers all non-tracked supplies like food, water, emergency air replenished. Dropped from orbit)

Emergency Shelter Drop - 500 (Drops a small reinforced shelter that can shield the squad from extreme environmental conditions.)

Casualty Evacuation - Free (This is for dead members, but be prepared for the squad to bear the "Shame of the Fleet" badge until Rasp reclaims it.)

Additional Mods:
Explosive Mod: Sniper rifle and heavy pistol only - 500 to install on a single weapon (won't last for more than 5 shots. Shots fired with the weapon explode on impact.)

Since this adventure is an experiment, there won't be further items available for purchase right now. If there are future SA adventures, there will be more options.
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