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Postby Writer » Tue Jun 12, 2012 2:33 pm

Just a note on this... I usually include some squad-talk relevant to the situation at hand in addition to my actions. That way, the GM knows what we -actually- want to do and what we might want to say, or have been saying, prior to the next scene, giving her/him the opportunity to develop a sense of continuity and getting a feel for the characters. I'm not sure my players really have realized it, but I am -very- open to suggestions as to what we should say or be talking about on the squad-talk front. They never seem to make any suggestions for what their characters would say, though! So I have to make it up on my own. :(

For example, this action it's:

"Same armour as the other mooks we captured. Maybe we've hit paydirt after all."

"Well, we certainly haven't on the porn... oh, eugh. Is that even physically possible?"


"... how do you two know that?"

Then I write the actual action itself. It's hard writing squad-talk that transitions well into future scenes, unfortunately, as it's hard to know what will happen, so very often it ends up being funny (or not so funny) commentary to the former action.

Personally, I choose to leave it up to both the players and the GM to use their imagination to figure out who's doing the talking. Sometimes it's pretty obvious who I meant to be saying what, sometimes it's not. This leaves things a bit more open and less like it's just me putting words into people's mouths that their players would disagree and say they'd never say. It also tests the GM's understanding of the characters. If they (players or GM) disagree to the current squad-talk, they're free to imagine Ma'lessi having cracked and doing a puppet theater style conversation with herself. XD

(Just this once, for a full explanation of the conversation, it's Xtka'en commenting on the paydirt, Jak'sura going 'eew is weird porns possible?', Ma'lessi and Aether going 'ah-yup' and Sorin giving them a sidelong look and a 'Wait, what?' comment in the awkward silence that follows.)
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