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Campaign 1: A Song of Ice and Fur

Campaign 1: A Song of Ice and Fur

Postby Runes » Fri Jul 29, 2011 11:59 am

Ask any questions about the new adventure in this thread!

Here is the complete list of all items you may buy for this adventure.

Items for this adventure only:
Blowpipe and 3 tranquilizer dart set - 5 ada - To capture live animals.

3 tranquilizer dart set - 5 ada - Darts coated in toxin.

Bait - 3 ada - To lure animals. Works best on predators. (One use only)

Trap - 5 ada - To immobilize animals. (One use only)

Regular Items:
Climbing Safety Harness - 30 ada - A rope waist harness and pitons. Prevents fatal fall during climbing.

Flintstone - 1 ada - A small spark-generating stone. Starts fires, not very efficient.

Golem Firestarter - 42 ada - A small box that casts sparks to start fires. Starts fires.

Grappling Hook - 5 ada - A simple steel grappling hook. Makes climbing more effective.

Heatstone - 15 ada - A small mana gem that slowly gives off warmth when charged.

Mana Focus (Basic) - 15 ada - A non-gem focus of (affinity). Bonus to sorcerers, does not grant sorcery. (Destroyed after one use)

Mana Focus (Standard) - 60 ada - A basic elemental focus of (affinity). Bonus to sorcerers, does not grant sorcery.

Medicine, Epic Painkiller - 10 ada - A small vial of clear liquid. Pain and senses are dulled. Prevents shock/bonus to casualty stabilization. (One use only)

Medicine, Soothing Ointment - 6 ada - A small vial of ointment used to treat wounds and burns. Bonus to first aid. (One use only)

Oil (Bottle) - 5 ada - A bottle of flammable oil. For use by fire sorcerers, etc. (One use only)

Tent (5-man) - 20 ada - A five-man tent. Shelter from the elements. Camping is more restful.
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