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On Bots

On Bots

Postby Madea » Tue Jun 22, 2010 5:09 am

A GM username has been created by Kern for the purposes of adding a bot for a squad with 4 members to allow them to function while waiting for new players; the username is botchan.

Characters are created under botchan through the system and added directly to the needy parties. When an available player shows up, they will be removed and deactivated.

The following are some rules governing how we will use bots:
- Neither botchan nor any bot characters will speak or reply to you; it is a dummy account for GM use.
- A bot character will always be labelled with (Bot) after the name, to distinguish them on the list.
- A bot character will always be a weapon specialist using a standard weapon.
- A bot character will always count as an approve for your squad (meaning you will only need 4 votes for an action to succeed, as the bot will never cast a vote).
- A bot character cannot be controlled in an action; they will automatically support the squad.
- A bot character will usually love chocolate. (This is a joke.)

Rules subject to change depending on impact of game playability, and assessment of the system will be perpetually ongoing.
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