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I have some questions.....

Postby Shawn the Touched » Sun Aug 21, 2005 6:22 am

We tried a lot of different methods during the making of The Item. I didn't get a tablet until the making of Apprentice, so all of the Item was started on paper. Some shots were scanned and had the antialiasing stripped away completely by the levels adjustment, and others lost it through the separation of the blue and red lines we used to separate the shadow and highlight areas. We thought it was necessary to remove the antialiasing because at the time we were placing all the art on transparent layers, and the paint bucket wouldn't fill completely to the edges if there were antialiased lines. Later, I determined transparencies to be completely unnecessary.

At any rate, we worked with the files at twice screen resolution, so that after finishing them and reducing them 50% the jagged lines usually smoothed out well enough (at least well enough for TV, which smears edges and lines a lot more than a computer monitor), though of course there were some that remained too pixelly.

If I were to do it with scanned art in Photoshop these days, I would do it completely differently, more like I was doing it just before I switched to vector-based art. The antialiasing can be preserved and the paint bucket would have no problem with it, and there is no need for transparent layers.
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