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Chel: Secret Passage of The Beldrobbaens (Private)

Postby Miburo » Mon Jul 17, 2006 1:59 pm

So the nether summoner travels with two others, at least the numbers gave them a fair chance. Unlike Innelda Masendirea didn't feel much for a fight, and she assumed Kyore would agree with her.

It seemed that both of them had tought it thrue, they were right, the driders wouldn't be too much of a problem. As she sat down she felt herbody going sluggish again, if she stayed here too long she would doze off and it would be even harder to get moving.

"Ok, we should take advantage of their little delay." Masendirea still didn't know what it actually was but as long as it was in their favor it would be a wasted efford worrying about it. "I feel better now, so fi you wish to leave I'm ok with it."
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Postby Krystle_dream » Tue Jul 18, 2006 5:32 pm

Innelda couldn't help it-she eyed the older woman and snorted.

"'re exhausted. Were you working with your mana before this?" Not expecting a response, she rolled her eyes, and began to adjust her katana.

"Perhaps one of us should carry you for the time being. You're light enough for that."
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Postby Miburo » Tue Jul 18, 2006 7:41 pm

Masendriea turned bright red, the mere tought of being carried by someone like a child. She was old enough to be the mother of Innelda and Kyore.
"I might have used my mana a bit careless for a journey like this but it wasn't like I had time to prepare myself."

She wanted to yell that she rather faced an angry nether summoner then be treated like a child but that would be too rude. "I'll be OK, we are getting closer to the main tunnel, we should be seeing some drider guards there, they can help out if it is really needed."

She knew she was the weakest link here and hated to be reminded of that fact. She recalled how invigorated she had felt after he had finished his music. She turned to the spellsinger "Kyore, you don't have any spellsongs that could improve our endurance. I mean if it's no trouble for you, if it's not possibe we'll be fine, really."
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Postby grfu » Wed Jul 19, 2006 3:20 pm

Kyore gave his consorts a roguish grin while taking out his guitar.

"Anything is possible with music. It's the language of the soul."

He began playing a tune that would not seem to have any affect at first, but slowly, the listeners would notice that they were less tired, rejuvenated, and stronger. As he continued playing, they would feel as if they could walk for an eternity without the need of rest. This was one of his more complex tunes because it affected the body as well as the aura. He was playing carefully. If he missed a note, the song's affect would become little or nothing.

They would likely arrive at the main caves to the drider hive as he completed his spellsong. It was likely that they would run into a drider patrol before too long.

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Postby kembaru » Sun Aug 20, 2006 12:37 pm

At the far end of the tunnel ten driders scuttle into the darkness, this place... they had never detected it, the mother would have to have words with the next clansmembers to visit.

A short while focusing and the faern began to work and remodel this place, it had let the Vloz'ress in, it was too dangerous to allow. First, the far end collapsed as if the stone itself were suddenly turned into the loose and soggy mud and it closed off the tunnel for hundreds of meters untill, from the city to where the tunnel went over the most dangerous and effective defence it stopped and the floor rose as a volcanic blast of liquid hot magma filled the tunnel as the faern worked impressive earth magics to redirect the rift itself to flood the tunnel and once more drop off, it would be impossible to dig through here now.

the closing end of the tunnel collapsed partially before a focused blast of mana flared up and struck the cieling of the cavern to blow down some of the crystalline rock that was immune to earth sorcery was harvested and a giant boulder was eased with the eaid of the earth around it into the hole which once more closed around it, now no magic would be able to open this easily either as the younger faern set up null-magic wards. about the place.

"Now we merely have to destroy the invaders." Ushduin said, he hadn't even broken a sweat.
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