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Drider Hive: Colony of the Mother. (Version 2.0)

Drider Hive: Colony of the Mother. (Version 2.0)

Postby kembaru » Wed Apr 19, 2006 1:37 am

((It lives! I was given permission to ressurect and GM the Drider Hive, as well as much useful information. So thanks goes out to Lady Kite for this one.))

---The Hive: Colony of the Mother---
The Hive; the small, secluded refuge of the Drider species; nearly impossible to reach without help of those who live there; it is here driders of all kinds dwell, the sane Nekal'saider, the artificial Waelinider, and even the Streekaider are accepted in an attempt to help them regain lost sanity.

The Hive itself is nothing spectacular; it is a hidden city, although it may not even do 'city' justice. It represents the home of the entire artificial race that dwells within. The Hive is a place with little more than one thousand inhabitants; a place where the Drider race come for refuge from those that will do them harm. There are few Drow here, as the only outsiders to be accepted have to be adopted into one of the families or taken as a mate by a traveling member of the hive. It's just that exclusive.

Based under a rigid caste system, all are ruled by the Mother of the Hive, who has given birth to most living Nekal'saider in the colony, As each child is born it is then taken in by foster parents which may be of any combination of genders, or numbers of parents that can get along well enough to raise a child between them. The child learns a profession from its parents and so on and so forth. As such those of a particular profession are likely to share the same family name, it is for this reason the Nekal'saider have a strong sense of tradition, the family name may be worn as a badge of honor or be used as a grounds for degradation, as a family of the queen's guards are held in higher prestige than the family who feeds the tiktikkis.

Located in a rare island of peace amongst some of the most dangerous terrain the underworld can muster. The main path will lead travelers through the dangerous winds of the rift area, making it highly treacherous for any with only two legs to pass through. The downside of this is that only the brave or insane will attempt the road to the Hive. And the nearby Vloz'ress are insane enough to cross this path on a regular basis to go on a Drider hunt.

The hive itself hangs high on the dark ceiling of its own cavern. Why it is here exactly is unknown, speculation says that it may have been carefully selected or a mere fluke when the Hive Mother grew so large that she simply stopped in the nearest safe place and created a settlement: Though it is generally agreed that it is a good location. Even those with the keen dark vision of the Drow cannot see through the murky blackness in order to catch a glimpse of the hive, even with an outside light source.

Constructed as a giant web on the ceiling of this cavern, a structure made entirely out of strong Drider silk, the hive from the outside is a sprawling mass of sticky white strands, a shapeless lump that is hardly definable as a building, and this is true, the entire hive is made entirely of spider silk so old hard and strong that it can deflect blades better than the rock it clings to. The inner tunnels are all rounded and organic, there is no shape, form or even common layout, much of the hive itself is vertical or inverted, the Mother's rest would be a difficult climb for a non-Drider.

As it stands the Hive at the moment is run by a council of elders: Including the mother herself this includes several of the original Waelinider who have managed to retain sanity over the years and some of the first generation of driders born from the mother who walked with her on the exodus from the city to their safe haven. These are fair rulers, and have made their paths in the hive by way of sheer skill, ingenuity and ability; they are the women and men who take care of everything. Given their rank through respect and ability rather than birth or station.

Despite the population and none too subtle intricacies, a group of 50 warriors would be able to destroy the hive or even 10 for that matter if they were careful.

---Notable locations---
Har’ol Cavern---
Just one more cavern in a world of caverns, the main difference however is that this is the cavern where the Drider Hive is situated, containing the usual assortment of mushroom forests, bleak subterranean wastelands, stagnant pools and a relatively large lake, this is rather a standard place, the largest difference being that the cavern ceiling is so high, even though it is made of a similar rock to that of Chel’el’sussoloth’s ‘starry sky’ it is so high that it is impossible to see the reflection of lights from the cavern floor.

Do'suul Markets---
Literally translated into 'Outside' this is not so much a fixture in the hive itself as it is a common sight in Har’ol cavern itself. As the Driders are forced to secrecy, they are also at the same time conflicted with the need for outside goods; as such the answer was made with the 'outside market' Do'suul is a strange caravan that travels on ceilings and walls; stopping when outsiders will venture into the cavern and setting up a temporary portable trading post, here you may find limited goods, but notably some of the finest and most beautiful spider silk creations one may see in their vast lifetime.

In general the appearance of this place may vary, however it is usually carried on the backs of the merchant families of the hive, or the occasional giant spider that has been bartered from the Beldrobbaen clan. Barter in this place is favoured over ada, but merchants will accept both.

Due to the close nature of the merchant families, any trouble makers would not so much face guards as a whole group of armed and angry driders that are roused from peaceful trade to combat. There is no term of prison, just a vicious gang-stabbing to await thieves in Do'suul, though it is worth note these merchants are by no means trained or experienced warriors.

Wu'suul Markets---
Where the Do'suul markets are the outside markets: The Wu'suul markets are the inside markets, located in a rather central location in the hive itself here is where the merchant families will return to drop off outside goods that have been traded from Do'suul.

Wu'suul is the second largest of the Hive's open areas, close to the home of the Hive mother in size, the inside is a bizarre sight, the ground beneath seems to sag a little under the weight of someone walking across, but only slightly so. The architecture on the inside is organic in design, rounded with no true shape to go by, everything is seemingly imperfect here. The market stalls themselves have each item or group of item hanging from its own thread, dangling like some form of bizarre wind chime.

Wu'suul and Do'suul both work on the same principal for security.

Buata'Labuih Tavern---
It seems that in every settlement one of the first structures to pop up is always a tavern, usually starting with one smart person deciding to make a place to hide out while drunk, the same is true for the Drider hive. The Buata’Labuih Tavern is named after its owner and arguably the second oldest lasting area within the hive, second only to the Mother's rest.

Buata’Labuih is like most other structures constructed from the same silk as all others, only instead of the white of others the inside is black, attributed to a fire that was started long ago, leaving the inside blackened after the blaze was quenched. The tavern itself is a two storied enclosed area within the maddening labyrinth of the hive, almost perfectly spherical on the inside, separating the top and bottom stories with a floor for more to enjoy themselves, however a notable annoyance for Drow visitors is that there is no staircase, making it difficult to get to the top layer without some climbing skills.

Buata herself brews mushroom beer in her own home, as thus it is poorer quality than that which might be found in the other cities, as well as more expensive for it is regardless a rather valuable substance. Although most tavern patrons drink water anyway. Buata’Labuih is one of the few structures that can actually afford some of the few trained warriors of the hive to guard it; it has a house guard of five warriors.

K'lard'onhir Temple of Sharess---
The Hive itself is a throwback to another time as such it is one of the few places where Sharess is not dead. However Sharess is worshipped in a quite different way.

The priestess family has always been with the Hive and they have always been geared towards helping Driders than worshipping, the Sharessian beliefs of the hive are geared more towards the preservation of the Drider species, as well as to save those who are lost from Sharess, here is where the Drider hive rounds up Streekaider and prepares them to be saved in the eyes of Sharess, preserving their souls that have been lost to the madness that consume them in the darkness. This is also a reason why the priestess family is well respected in the community, as those Streekaider could easily destroy the whole hive if let loose.

The temple itself is a perfectly spherical structure, the main hall is where the community goes to pray to the goddess and while there isn't room for everyone, there is not a set time for worship, just a matter of coming in when it is convenient for the faithful. Beyond the main hall are the cells of the Streekaider, where they are walled up inside hanging cocoons of silk to await their salvation.

A strange thing to note is that the Driders of the Hive have basically no opinion on tainting, they do not fully understand the implications of Sharen methods, they know of demons yet think the preservation of their species is more important than the preservation of another.

The Mother's Rest---
The heart of the colony, if the hive could be looked at as an organism in its own right, the Mother would be the one pumping life into the other cells, the Rest is fortified and booby trapped to such a degree that it is close to being as secure as any fortress.

The Mother's Rest serves as a barracks for the warrior caste, as well as the only building fit for a forge, it also is home to the blacksmiths, the barracks are a long, semi-circular hall that are directly above the Mother, allowing the warriors to drop down on attackers and ambush them, while the forge is in the bottom most part of the Rest, it is also rumored that the blacksmiths have perhaps the easiest job in the entire hive, simply because metal isn't a very common commodity to the driders, and most of it is bartered in Do'suul, all they have to do is sharpen weapons when asked then just sit back and do nothing.

The Mother's chamber, the central hall, is enormous, quite simply large enough for the Mother to fit, attendants are constantly in and out of this place, rushing off the newborns, and sadly taking away the bodies of those who didn't survive to hatch from their eggs, the room itself is richly decorated with trinkets all the grandeur that the traveling members of the hive can muster and bring back as a tribute to their queen.

Menvis d' chath lu' su'aco---
'The path of Fire and Wind' is the treacherous path to the Drider hive, passing not only through secluded wastes of wilderness but also venturing so far as to having part of the trail descending right into the burning crag of the Rift itself, few know of its existence as a path, fewer know how to navigate it, and it is nearly impossible to traverse the entire length without the help of driders themselves, the travelers are subject to Streekaider, the gale-force winds of the rift, as well as the odd Vloz'ress hunters. It is also possible that the Nekal'saider guides deliberately take visitors further and along a more difficult road to get there as a deterrent to even those who are welcome.

It is rumored that there is a second path that leads up towards Raveran, but this path is also rumored to go straight through the treacherous caverns there that are subject to filling with liquid hot magma. As such no one has been stupid enough to try it.
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