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RAVERAN||Val´Reveran||Royal fortress of clan Val Ilhar´Dro

RAVERAN||Val´Reveran||Royal fortress of clan Val Ilhar´Dro

Postby Mat » Fri Jun 10, 2005 4:03 pm

Looking upon these walls someone might imagine the true treasure the clan Val Ilhar´Dro holds with the many outposts and the flourishing trade.
The entry into the fortress cavern is a tall gate made of an adamantene alloy. On the huge black metal the silver tree of the Ilhar´Dro is embedded. At every time at least ten soldiers of all kind of the Val Ilhar´Dro forces. Faerns, spellsingers and soldiers keep an eye on every visitor who wishes an audience with one of the royal family.
The fortress itself lies in a huge surface garden. Trees, flowers off all sorts are planted into a huge area. Fountains made of white marble spare the moist for the plants. A road made of white marble plates aswell lead through this pearl of natures beauty. Trees that carry all sorts of surface fruits, statues made of marble, silver and gold, showing Val Ilhar´Dro nobles, surfaceanimals and small scenes of daily life, aswell as benches around a small lake filled with surface fish someone can find in here. This lake might be one of the rare places a drow can bathe outside a bathtub or pool in the underworld. If allowed that is... The whole cavern is enlightened by strange huge gems that shimmer in a white yellow light. Those drow who are not used to it will have difficulties to see clearly in this light. The inhabitants dont have due to their regular contact with and surfacers even tell that this light looks a bit like the sun. Whatever a sun might be?...
The main fortress reaches like a finger of Ivory into the sky reaching out for the cavernceiling. Halls filled with riches lie behind golden gates, showing the wealth this city holds due to the position close to the surface...
Most guests are welcome, traders of great wealth, nobles of the other clans and even travelling nobles. Rumors tell that many times even Nega Fanea the great Ilharess of the Val Ilhar´Dro clan of Chel´El´Sussoloth can be found on the court. There are many great halls for leasure, guestrooms spilling with riches and the main thronehall of the court. Enough to challange the Sullisin´Rune and beat them with ease.

The thronehall should someone ever be able to see it is of blinding beauty. The hall is round like a circle and and when someone looks up he can see it reaches nearly up to the top of the tower. The floor has been layed out with gold and a huge silver tree is embedded into the ground, in the center an own round platform in the middle. Stairs with a red velvet carpet lead up to this platform. On the walls are smaller and huger alcoves and in them seem to rest stonestatues of different predators and elder Ilhar´Dro warriors. Some of these statues are about 10 feet tall. Each of these statues has a pair of twinkling gems of all sorts as eyes that stare restless into hall. An experienced Faern can sense already the strong magic aura and the purpose of those. Powerful golems... guardians of these halls. Most times someone will find one or two members of the royal family in the thronehall even if it is not the Val´Sharess herself. About twenty royal guards build a circle along the ivory white walls of this thronehalls. Two of them stand directly in front of the stairs to the platform. They carry blue armours with the silver tree as crest on the cuirass... long furred cloaks enclosing around their shoulders. Each one of them carries a long nagita and none of them looks like he would carry this weapon only to show off. In the wall itself someone embedded an endless count of gems, smaller or larger type and in all colors and forms. Each one of them seems to shimmer in its own light sparing enough to enlight the hall as whole.

The platform itself seems to be made out of one piece of marbel. It has been layed out with black velvet and someone might notice that it is a carpet, again with the silvery tree of the Ilhar´Dro. In the "corners" of the circle stand four huge pillars in obsidian sockets. The pillars are about three meters high and are made out of rock crystal. They seem to brim with mana and are constantly glowing in a smooth blue light a faint humming tune constantly emerging from the surface of these crystals.
The throne itself seems to have been cut out of one gem. Its polished surface is deep blue and green.. The inner side has been laid out with cushions and velvet making it rather comfortable to sit on. On the top of the throne someone cut out of the gem a tree and fixed silver leaves on it that seem constantly to shimmer in their very own light.
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