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Chel'el'sussoloth- Illhar'do Fortress

Re: Chel'el'sussoloth- Illhar'do Fortress

Postby Kalandrin » Mon Mar 14, 2011 4:46 pm

Maintaining her serious composition, the drider knight stood silently as the Lady Val she was charged with protecting spoke out against her new companion's purpose. Between Shamshayid and Kalandrin she could say a lot to help soothe her, however between the Knight and the Lady Val, there was not nearly as much. "Milady, I am confident that your honourable Mother has valid reasons behind her orders" she sufficed to say, bowing only so slightly before the Val'Beldrobbaen.

The speed with which Shamshayid drew her blade and nearly reduced the Illhar'do to a pile of flesh and blood made Kalandrin flinch uneasily. Yes, she got the message; Shamsha didn't need a bodyguard. She knew it even before she was given the orders, but the Devess's word was a binding command nevertheless. "...Milady, I am confident that neither will an assassin show up here, nor will I be unable to protect you as I am charged" she spoke to the two-legged Val with a cold stare, the kind she could give a friend. A featureless stare indeed.

Turning towards the Illhar'do noble, Kalandrin bowed softly. "Apologies. My Lady is merely unsettled by news" she spoke on behalf of Shamsha, albeit uninvited. "I am merely here on duty, you do not need to concern yourself with my being" she added, "unless of course you have some urgency I can assist you with" she concluded with a hidden wink. A little spidersilk selling on the side never hurt anybody, now, did it? Besides, she was too proud to buy something she could make herself.
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Re: Chel'el'sussoloth- Illhar'do Fortress

Postby Pariel » Wed Mar 23, 2011 8:45 am

Shamshayid's brief brush with the toys had left a lingering good mood for a bit, but it was no longer. That Kadan'shi -wasn't he one of the soldiers of her house?- had promptly presented himself. She did acknowledge his presence, though with a formal, curtly bow of the head, for he had been moderatedly formal. However, his attitude towards the situation left much to be desired.

How quickly you butt yourself in, when there's a pretty thing like Suru making an offer, don't you? Males are all the same. Sigh Shamsha thought with bitter remorse clawing in the back of her mind. Yet, Illhar'dro were specialist in this kind of game. She would not mind falling herself, however, that male had shown quite a deal of bluntness. And then, the drider knight spoke out of place too. She glared back at Kalandrin for the briefest of moments, had she been another, she would be straining the line with her comments, putting words in her mouth.

All in all, it didn't bode well for Shamsha's volatile mood, now with clenched fist. "I am pretty sure Kadan'shi shall be entertained by you, lady Suru'sunduir Sariya'ssinssuruul Illhar'dro." She said, a hint of foulness in the way she pronunciated the male's name. "Kalandrin is also a fine companion, but me? I appreciate the offer, but I must I have said before, I hate parties." To be more precise, I hate males she added as a thought.
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Re: Chel'el'sussoloth- Illhar'do Fortress

Postby Alric » Wed Mar 30, 2011 3:44 am

Kadan'shi lowered his gaze immediately as Shamshayid shot him a highly disapproving glance. "I apologize for speaking out of turn…if my companions would like to stay here for a moment then I too shall attend." He had hit a nerve somehow, that much was certain…but for merely speaking his mind in such an innocuous manner? If this was a glimpse of what was to come, then any task that involved protecting her could not be finished soon enough.
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Re: Chel'el'sussoloth- Illhar'do Fortress

Postby Rilla Treespirit » Sat Oct 15, 2011 2:41 pm

Shosho sat swinging her legs on a bench in a large connecting hallway. The fortress was as beautiful as ever but she barely noticed. The odd person walked by, but they were either in a bad mood, worried or in a hurry. They didn't notice her, but why should they? She was just a little servant child. Oh well at least she'd got out of the kitchens for a while.

She jumped up as another Val walked by, this one in a better mood but she remained ignored. She sat down again feeling miserable. No one was going to want a wimpy little girl for a servant. Not even if she was an empath. Unless..

She felt a sudden surge of emotions which weren't her own. She stood up, smoothed the creases in her dress, put a smile on her face, clasped her hands in front of her, tried to look as cute as possible and waited.
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