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Chel'el'sussoloth- Vel'sharen fortress

Re: Chel'el'sussoloth- Vel'sharen fortress

Postby Pariel » Fri Oct 14, 2011 6:16 pm

Shi'ndriira tilted her head so slightly, her lips forming a rather pouty feature as her boredom grew up. "Where the heck is everyone?" She wondered as her eyes darted through the empty corridor. Noting how she was only observed by the sparse servant, she threw a small yell of boredom as her arms flailed around.

"Damnit! Where's everyone? This place is dead!" She elevated her voice, as with a sharp turn her feet tapped against the tapestry-decorated floor making muffling sounds. "Well, I think really deserve a break..." She added, her smile becoming a thin, mischievous one. Checking on her wallet she set out to town.

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