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I'd like to ask for some help in developing a character....

I'd like to ask for some help in developing a character....

Postby Maximillian Caine » Tue Oct 26, 2004 5:19 pm


I wasn't sure where to put this, so I'm putting it in it's own thread until future notice. I'm putting together a character for Raveran, and I've decided to play a Vloz'Ress Lunatic. Now, creating a character who is genuinely mad but at the same time can "work" in Drow society is damn hard. As a newcomer to Drowtales I don't really have the empathy for Drowtales longtime forum peeps do, so I'd like to ask your help and advice on developing this character.

Below is what I've worked on so far. I'm trying to go for someone who would stimulate interesting roleplay without becoming unworkable. What do you think? Have I achieved that target?

I'm also having real problems with her motivations and drives. I'm finding it hard to work out deep-down reasons why she does the things she does, and how she acts out on those perceptions.


Kari'it Vloz'Ress is insane. This hasn't stopped any of her equally mad Vloz'Ress cousins dead in their tracks, and it isn't likely to stop her, either. The madness that burns in her heart is partially drawn from her heritage and partially from choice of mentor.

Her dam brought her to term while under the influence of a particularly malevolent demon shard. The only way her mother could handle the demon was to take excessive quantities of a particularly potent hallucinogen. That the drugs she took could very well damage her child was of secondary importance to her! She only wanted a modicum of peace.

As a result, Kari'it was born with brain damage. Her mother's excesses irrecoverably altered the parts of her brain that processed sensory information. Slowly, gradually through her childhood she began to superimpose self-manufactured imagery that used all her senses onto the world around her.

That's where nature ended and nurture started. Kari'it's tutor and mentor, Maki, was a cousin whose sociopathy was only trumped by her loyalty to the "clan". When lumbered with teaching Kari'it the ways and means of Vloz'Ress, Maki considered Kari'it a malleable pawn that could be brought up to benefit both her and the clan.

Maki brought Kari'it up to understand that there were good people and bad people in this world. Her sensory disorder responded in kind to this. Rather than making separate, unique images as she used to, she started to overlay her sense of morals and ethics on the people around her as physical, tangible "filter". "Good" people looked more perfect. If they had any blemishes or imperfections, her brain mentally rubbed those out. They smelt better, the best "good" people smelling like the fragrances that Kari'it particularly liked and associated with good things (even if they had fallen into a pit of dung). "Bad" people were the opposite. Her mind added scars and poxes. From standing tall, they became hunched. They stank of rotten meat and thick, tar-like substances ran through their veins.

Tragically, Maki picked up on this and used Kari'its derangement. As a consequence, Kari'it was trained up as a buttonman. A torpedo, a shark, to be aimed and launched at enemies of the clan (and Maki). With Maki, her trusted mentor demonising the target, Kari'it would never have any second thoughts about what she would have to do. She wouldn't be terminating a Drow. She would be terminating a monster given flesh by her mind.


Well, so much for the development. Here's where I'm also having problems, with the internal drives and motivations for the character. I worked this bit out with a lot of help from a friend.

As I see it, the world to her is very clear. It's split up into GOOD and BAD. She understands that people can flip from good to bad, and that this has an immediate, visceral effect. This is very STRANGE AND DISTURBING, but only in one direction: she would view the change from good to bad as unnatural, but the change from bad to good as natural. Transformation to bad is BAD and WRONG in of itself, and transformation from bad to GOOD is GOOD in of itself.

If this is so, I think she wants everyone to become GOOD and stay GOOD and she wants the world to be GOOD as she sees it, because the BAD is so hideous. Her drives then come from selfishness, ego and especially hate. I think she hates anything that wants to stay BAD, when it's so clear to her how nice things are when they are GOOD.
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Postby Amon » Tue Oct 26, 2004 5:30 pm

I dunno duders... it seems like you know what you want and that you have it built out pretty well. Thats a lot more information that I provided with my character and even in my head thats a lot more knowledge that you just know of everything in the world. When I made my boy I knew only a few sparatic things, I know more now but not as much about any one given thing like you just stated... wowza.

Just come up with a past that doesn't sound out of control and like a 5 year old thought it up and you're good. What do you want out of this character? A fight, the girl, or just to kick it and smoke the big bong? Have goals and it will build from there.
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Postby Kite » Tue Oct 26, 2004 7:32 pm

It sounds like you've got this all thought through pretty well. The only problem I can forsee is her mental state becoming a distraction from her (or others) overall goals. (For example: May prevent her from working together with people she does not like.)

So seeing that there is no 'gray' area, what happens when a person becomes 'bad'? Or, what is defined as bad? (You could possibly keep this to yourself, so that it isn't abused by others.)

Internal drives and motivations. I would first look to her personality; from what I've read in her background, she looks to be a puppet that kills on the whim of her mentor (Maki). Whatever motives Maki may have will ultimately become Kari'it's, especially if she uses her to fulfill her schemes.

Does Kari'it understand the concept of being used by someone you trust? She might be killing these monsters for self satisfaction, or to gain the praise from her mentor Maki; these things might define Kari'it's personality and goals.

A very interesting character. :)
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Postby Hecate » Wed Oct 27, 2004 2:10 am

Whoohoo! I am no longer the only disturbed character on the board, you rock!
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Postby HavocHamster » Wed Oct 27, 2004 4:25 am

Heh.. If only you could have seen the old Yul.

He had bodies in his basement which he dissected in order to extract chemicals from them.

He even hired a Half-Dragon to go around and capture citizens of Chel'el'sussoloth and even the occasional wild beast.
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