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FFRPG Encyclopedia Entries [OUTDATED]

FFRPG Encyclopedia Entries [OUTDATED]

Postby Kern » Fri Oct 22, 2004 5:11 am

Thalar wrote:For worldsetting information, please use the Drowtales Wiki: http://www.drowtales.com/~wiki/index.php/Main_Page
This thread and others like it will be sorted through when possible, but for now just consider all information within as outdated.

If you have questions or comments related to the FFRPG, please post in the Newbie School thread. It is the best place to go to talk and get help from veteran FFRPG players.

Contact these forum members via PM if you have serious questions:

Xian thought it would be useful to let you know who's in charge of what 'round these parts right now.

Val'Raveran: BigP
Chel'el'sussoloth: Gelorn
The Hive: kembaru
Character registration: Xian

They are there to help and point you to the right direction in getting started.

If you wish to tell other about your knowledge of Drowtales, feel free to post what you know, but post it with a clear structure.

[b]Chel'el'Sussoloth cavern :[/b]
The ceiling is made of a solid crystal-like stone. Reflective, it reflect the lights of the city, giving it the impression of a night sky. It also prevent people from using earth sorcery from modifying it.

All unrelated, incorrect, or badly structured post will be deleted. You may post several element at the same time.
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Postby Kite » Fri Oct 22, 2004 7:22 am

(As compiled in the Drowtales FFRPG Player's Guide)

The new World Setting Archive!
New information will appear there as it is available.

Recent World Setting pages:

Clan Runes Part 1: Popular Icons
Clan Runes Part 2: Signatures
Runes Part 3: Animals

Timeline: World History of Chel'el'sussoloth and Ariel

Golems Part 1: Traditional Golems
Golems Part 2: 'Undead' Golems
Golems Part 3: Prosthetic Attachments
Golems Part 4: Creatures of War

Jaaldarya Part 1: Living Equipment

Shapechange and Fusion: Ariel's High Sorcery

Graph: Clan Status and Relations

Underworld Creatures: Part 1

Maps Part 1: Known locations of the Underworld

Clan Ranks:
Vloz'ress Troops Part 1: Berserker
Vloz'ress Troops Part 2: Scourge
Vloz'ress Troops Part 3: The Corrupted
Vloz'ress Troops Part 4: Mercenaries
Vloz'ress Troops Part 5: Nether Summoner
Vloz'ress Troops Part 6: Soul Seeker

Kyorl'solenurn Troops Part 1: Crusader
Kyorl'solenurn Troops Part 2: Templar
Kyorl'solenurn Troops Part 3: Inquisitor
Kyorl'solenurn Troops Part 4: Warden
Kyorl'Solenurn Troops Part 5: Judicator
Kyorl'Solenurn Troops Part 6: Holy Lance

Sarghress Troops Part 1: Highland Raiders
Sarghress Troops Part 2: Skirmisher

Old World Setting pages:
(Thank you, Starlit, for the fresh links!)
Mana and Aging;
More about Magic and how it is used;
Magic and Demons;
Different perspectives of the Goddess; Religion; [EDIT: Missing from Worldsetting Archive. Possibly because of innaccuracy.]
Professions of a noble Drow;
Drowtales Races;
Races continued; Driders;
Races continued; Light Elves, Dark Elves, Goblinoids, Dwarves;
The city of Chel'el'sussoloth;

The World of Drowtales;
The Matriarchal society;
About Dwarves;
Drow weapons and armor;
Creatures of Drowtales;
About the Drowussu;
Drow individuality and sexuality;
Drow Noble Clan/House;
Drow Food;
Example of armor;
Drow Age/Generations;
Drow motherhood;
Types of Magic;
Tainting and Seeding;
Buildings of Importance;
Buildings of importance continued; Clan halls;

Clan: Vel'Sharen
Clan: Val'Sarghress
Clan: Val'Sullissin'Rune
Clan: Vel'Vloz'ress
Clan : Val'Kyorl'Solenurn
Clan: Val'Beldrobbaen
Clan: Val'Ilhar'dro
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Postby Kite » Fri Oct 22, 2004 6:38 pm

From the Questions and World Setting forum:

Unsorted bits and facts, which I'll index later once I gather all of the existing information from there. :)


Unslaved dwarves can have firearms to compensate for their lack of magic.


Q: How long do drow nobles train for?
A: As long as needed. Depends on the individual.

Q: what is the age at which a drow noble would recieve his armor/weapons?
A: At the age they buy/steal/borrow/aquire them.

Q: Do the males even HAVE trainers? (like the females do)
A: If they want one.

Q: Would a male possibly have armor, weapons, and be done with training by age X?
A: If they want them.

Q: Is there a law which force you to remain ins chool a definite amount of years?
A: Nope, not for the drow.

Q: I there a specific age for a human to get a computer?
A: Of course not. Same for drows and their weapons.

There is no universal rule which makes all the drow the same from taking the same path. For any other questions along this line, think about it and you'll realize you have the answers to all your questions.

The fortresses of each clan do not have specific names other than "X's clan fortress", etc.


The battle tactic that most likely fits a Drow army, is the fighting style of the early Samurai armies. Where individual feats of skills, courage and bravery was of greatist importance.


Dark elves are, technically, cast out elves. They are considered 'southern elves' whose society is scentered around the moon.
Drow are underground dwelling elves.
While one may have come from the other, they are not the same.


The Ilhar'dro:

They see the Sharess as a creator, Goddess of Creation, arts, etc.

In their bipolar fortress is a lively garden, with all sorts of plants and trees growing there. The fortress walls themselves are sculpted. There are few soldiers to guard the place, but due to their magic specialty and home defenses (manipulated by spellsong) save them from coming under attack easily.

The Illharess is often travelling, so she is rarely present there. She encourages her sons and daughters to travel the world, at least once. Some even go to several schools.

Politically, they do not hold much influence in Chel'el'sussoloth, but they are used as a buffer to prevent conflicts.


Flying beasts:

It is not logical for a beast to have wings in the underworld, as there is no wind, a lot of pressure do to being under many tons of rock, and very little space to fly in. After generations living in these conditions, large beasts, such as dragons, have shedded their wings in trade for more needed features to survive. The kind of flying creatures found in the underworld are generally small, such as a flying squirrel, with leathers between the arms and legs to glide shortly.

If a drow were to go to the surface, they would feel stronger and lighter-- This is because the pressure is no longer there.


Will add more later. :)
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Postby Starlitdragon » Sat Oct 23, 2004 4:10 am

Every now and again, we get a post with some really quirky weapons, some which are not suited for the FFRPG here. This is a quick summary (by no means complete, I have a feeling I will have forgotten a few things.) of those wonderful implements used to maim and kill other creatures.


Q: Can my weapon have sentinent powers?
A: No. Having a talking weapon probably means the artefact you've found is probably too powerfully magical for common use. About the topic of Ariel's whip, I believe that particular 'sentinent' weapon, and those related to it, will be edited out in the chapter remakes. Due to a precedent, I believe sentinent weapons are a no-go on this forum.

Q: Can my weapon possess a(n) aura/magic/sorcery/elements?
A: [EDIT] Kern, you probably have a better answer, but I'll compromise for now. Nobles are the only class with a remote chance of even owning a magical weapon, and rarely at that. They have to EARN their weapon (see Syphile), so be prepared to write a good background about it.

From previous posts on registration threads, I would put a 'no' on it. Though magical weapons were used on the surface, making the drow a formidable army, use in the underground is impractical. Remember, the bonds of magic may be dispelled even by a child, rendering the weapon useless. Also, having magical weapons drains on your character's aura, and can exhaust them quickly. Same goes for magical armour.

Q: Is my ten-foot adamantine broadsword w/ a giant eye in the centre and numerous mana-storing gems set into the hilt acceptable?
A: Extremely odd weapons, or ones that stand out in that fashion should have a good reason for their use. This should be put into the background of the character. Really odd weapons are taken on a case-by-case basis. PM Xian if you aren't sure, and want pre-approval for your weapon.

Q: How many weapons can I have?
A: There is no set limit. However, it makes sense your character would not be a walking armoury, so keep it simple. Maybe a primary weapon that's a bit larger, and a few little somethings for emergancies.

Q: What of guns, bombs, sci-fi, and modern day weapons?
A: As Kite mentioned above, unslaved dwarves may have access to basic firearms. No machineguns or anything fancy. I believe alchemists and certain mercenaries may use explosive chemicals, but those can easily bring you on to the brink of God-moding, so be careful. :p Modern day weapons: No. Drowtales is a fantasy setting, so no laser guns and plasma rifles allowed!

Q: Can I have duel weapons?
A: Sure, as long as they are pratical. Drowtales weapons follow a common sense guideline, so obviously your character will not be dueling with two 100 pound warhammers.

Q: Okay, what weapons are alright then?
A: Just about anything that seems pratical. For example, assasains don't go about lugging a seven foot battle axe, the usually pick smaller light weapons. However, a burly orc from the arena might have that seven-foot axe. Think about your character, and what might be good for them.

Here's a short list of some weapons I think are acceptable for use:

Swords: Rapiers, bastard swords, broadswords, longswords, cutlass, shortswords, sabre ect.
Knives: Dirk (in between a sword and a dagger), throwing knives, daggers, kunai, and the Almight Pointy! (This is a joke. Ha. Ha.)
Polearms: Includes spears, battleaxes, warhammers, glaives, staffs, javelins, and more.
Ranged Weapons: Bow, crossbow, sling, ninja stars, dwarven firearm, your magic, and anything small and throwable.
That Popular 'Other' Category: Blades attatched to the arms (see Kor'maril), hidden weapons within the armour, (See Ceclia, Chapter 10 during the fight sequence), a blade attatched to a chain (See Kiel'neida), whip (the normal kind), Yuleaer Sullsin'Rune's arm extentions.

DISCLAIMER: I know the list isn't even close to being complete, it's just here to give us all an idea. Feel free to PM me about anything, I'll be happy to reply.

I hope this helps out. I think I may be doing a similar section on armour and clothing in the near future as well..
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Postby Faithen » Sat Oct 23, 2004 1:44 pm

Starlitdragon wrote:Every now and again, we get a post with some really quirky weapons, some which are not suited for the FFRPG here. This is a quick summary (by no means complete, I have a feeling I will have forgotten a few things.) of those wonderful implements used to maim and kill other creatures.


Q: Can my weapon possess a(n) aura/magic/sorcery/elements?
A: From previous posts on registration threads, I would put a 'no' on it. Though magical weapons were used on the surface, making the drow a formidable army, use in the underground is impractical. Remember, the bonds of magic may be dispelled even by a child, rendering the weapon useless. Also, having magical weapons drains on your character's aura, and can exhaust them quickly. Same goes for magical armour.

I editted out most of the other questions because... well they weren't at fault in technicality.

All apologies to kite... not trying to make You sound like, well what ever. but there seems to be a bit of confusion... while enchanted weapons are impractical in the underground, there are MANY objects that have their own aura, they are used in anything from armor, to locks and clan specific artifacts. naturally 99% of these are held by nobility... and well some of the characters made ARE nobility after all.

I would touch on the sentient weapons aswell, but my assumption is still just an assumption like kites.. i think Kern should comment on that -if- its in error.
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Postby Gelorn » Sat Oct 23, 2004 2:23 pm

But also remember that these weapons and equipment are both hard to make and even not a common item for a noble. True that nearly only nobles use such items they are not just handed out, the have to be earned. A noble (Iin my books, I hope I'm not crossing any lines) would be lucky to have one such item as a weapon or armour. Silphie is an example of this having to EARN her whip in the priestess academy. Ariel is lucky having it given to her instead and I dowbt that happens at all to most nobles.

Bascially though you are right about nobles having them and Kite being a noble can have one BUT these weapons and armours are only given to a person if they are EARND. If Kite has a background that shows that she has earned the item then fine but if she was just given it then I wouldnt believe it.

Is this right Kern or am I jumping to conclusions?
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Postby Starlitdragon » Sat Oct 23, 2004 2:52 pm

Well, my post isn't the be-all end all (I wrote it fairly late last night, so there may be errors). Certainly opening to editing, though I've noticed in the past most magical weapons and such were refused in registration. I'll edit in a clause about being wary about using magical weapons instead, seeings as only nobles are the only ones to have a remote chance to own one. Still, from what I've read in the comic, it gives me the distinct feeling magical weapons aren't really commonplace; and though characters can be noble and such, having them sticking out like a sore thumb with their fire-ball spitting axe isn't really a great idea...
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Postby Faithen » Sat Oct 23, 2004 3:24 pm

Yeah, case by case is usually the best way to go about it... and i concur that most of the time the answer IS going to be no. just since this IS a encyclopedia of sorts, didn't want misinformation... despite how trivial or petty, being seeded in.
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Postby Kite » Sat Oct 23, 2004 5:42 pm

More about Magic! (Sourced from Kern's posts on Questions and World Setting)

Golden rule: If you want to create something, you need to use something.

Pure energy spells (aka all spells starting with mana) use your own life like wood in a fire. For example, Ariel cannot shapechange into an adult, simply because she doesn't have the body mass to do it. Along the same lines, she cannot shapechange into a faery either-- too small. (Well, if she does, she won't ever be able to return to normal. This is why shapechanges are dangerous.)

Another example: You create a tornado. You are merely using your energy to twist the air around. If there is no wind, then you'll have to use even more energy because it needs more force to pull it around.
Well, for sorcerers at least.

Speaking of sorcerers; they can use themselves as energy. Thus they use the elements in themself. (Ariel shapechanging, using the energy in a rock to make herself taller and stronger, like a half-golem.)

A normal faern, ones that do not know how by birth, must use energy from other things-- this is why components are needed.
Example: A stone contains energy and matter. A devious person could use the stone's matter to turn someone else into stone. However, the larger the target, the more stone is needed.

Some components are rare to come by; such as the scales of a dragon. Such a component would create a unique spell, but once it is used, it is gone.

Components are not just spindery powders, or strange pieces of powerful animals that a mage carries around; the environment itself is to your disposal. Say that you took a mana arrow, and tried to make a new spell by using fire burning nearby-- If you know how to suck out the fire and mix it with the energy of your arrow, you get a new spell: Flaming arrows.

This makes battles very complex. You have to be careful about where you are, and what things are around you.
A necromancer or blood mage could use their own opponents as components for their spells.
If the guy you are fighting is obsessed with water magic, don't fight him near a lake. He'll be able to do much more complex combinations than you.
Spells are made from mixing elements, conditions, material, and abilities together, so you may end up with different results.

To conclude, a normal mage creates spells by pulling energy from where he is and what is surrounding him. Real matter manipulated into something else.
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Postby Kite » Sat Oct 23, 2004 11:51 pm

(I will be rewriting the Races reference thread to include information from the World Settings page and forum. When I have time, I'll type each one out, starting with this one. :))

This is from the World Settings Page 23!

Ver'Drowendar: Demon seeded drow

Tainting is a recent Phenomenon among the drow society, which began by modifying the art of summoning. Nearly all summoners are tainted, seeded by demons. The most common kind of demon in Chel'el'sussoloth is the immaterial being that feeds and grows after swallowing a compatible form of energy. In this case, it's the aura, the souls of the drow.

These demons leave a poison behind after feeding, meaning they take away part of the drow and leave a seed in its place. This seed can be compared to the offspring of the demon. Like shown in Soul Fusion, this kind of demon is born from the shard of another demon. These tainted drow have a shard within them, so weak that their own personality, their mind, overpowers it.

What the name 'Tainted' refers to when the aura, and the eyes, of the Ver'Drowendar get a red taint due to the demon seed.

Tainting isn't all without benefits. The taint prevents other immaterial demons from possessing them. Just like a vaccine, they are immune, unless their soul is completely devoured by the first demon.

The ritual to taint someone is usually done via a relationship with a demon under controlled conditions, and it is now a prerequisite at the school for learning summoning. This explains why nearly all the females of some clans are now tainted.

However, it is not only the females who are tainted or seeded. Among the Vel'Sharen clan, it is quite common to seed the males, forcefully and heavily. This makes them immune to demons, and yet this process is dangerous. People like Naal'Suul and these Vel'Sharen males have been devoured to the core by a strong seed within them. They are on the border of losing against the seed, unable to keep it at bay. One day they could wake up an empty shell, and a new demon would be born in full control of the body, the soul of the person completely lost.

Heavy tainting can have some random effects on the person, other than the lack of feelings and the red eyes. The body can also change, and their habits and personality can shift.
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Postby Starlitdragon » Sun Oct 24, 2004 12:33 am

Alright, here is a section on pets and slaves. Some people like to have loveable creatures following them around, some don't. But here's a few basic facts pertaining to the issue..


Q. Can I have a pet dragon?
A. No. In the FFRPG, we want the characters to start out with medium potency, and dragons are a sign of extreme power, and richness. It seems only the nobility and clans own dragons.

Q. Should I have a pet?
A. Most RPers don't have one. They can be fun to have around, but tricky to keep along, especially if you are not used to roleplaying with a pet. The most frequent fault I've seen with pets is that users can forget they even have them, and go on to preform a fight sequence without even thinking about their dear pet.

Q. Can my pet fight?
A. Yes, to a certain extent, if it is a species that is capable (you won't see your tikitiki take down a Sarghress guard). Don't overdo it- remember, it should be the character you created is what you should be focussed on.

Q. What kind of pets can I have then?
A. In Drowtales, the common types of pets include

-Tikitikis: small lizard-like creatures, cute, but with no fighting abilities.
-Small cats: Think Fuzzy from Chapter One.
-Larger felines: Be careful when choosing these, as it seems mostly nobles, or well off mercenaries own them. They can include tiger-like creatures, lepoards, etc.
-Spiders: Small or medium-sized variety. Think Mel's smaller spider friends. Zhor is not an example (as demonic spiders are rare, and sentinent)!

Worldsetting page:
http://www.drowtales.com/mainarchive.ph ... n=20030324



Q. How do I get a slave?
A. You cannot make up your own slave and control it- that would be like having two characters, which is against the rules. To acquire a slave, you must arrange the transaction with another player (through PM if you want). Then proceed to the Slave Auctions thread, and roleplay the event in. Remember, it really helps if your slave/master is fairly active, or is on at similar times you are, to make for the most roleplaying fun!

Q. What can I do as a slave?
A. Slaves can be used as cooks, cleaners, miners, and any other grunt work you can think of! Slaves are limited in what they can do- after all, that is the entire idea of being one. They normally don't receive education, delicious nutritious food, formal training, excellent clothing, etc. If you want to be a powerful independent fighter, the slave may not be a great class of choice.

In rare cases, a slave might have abilities and such, but be prepared to write a good history about it. Slaves in Drowtales are usually dressed poorly (except in the case of pleasure slaves, even then..), have few or no belongings, and have a lovely collar to blatantly announce their status. Longer hair on a slave is a sign of higher status (see Valeria- she is technically a bodyguard, but think of the role her hair extention plays).

What species can be slaves?
A. Any species sentinent to understand the concept of freedom. This includes drow (of any kind), gnomes, dwarves, orcs, humans, light/dark elves, and feral are to name a few. Please note drowussu slaves are extremely rare, as the Kyrol'Solenurn do not stand for that sort of thing. As a result, the drowussu are prized as slaves.

Please note if you choose to be a surface elf or human, you are nearly always a slave, as those races do not regularily choose to wander the underground on a whim (always exceptions, see the wonderful sidestory 'Rebirth' for example), and are usually brought down by drow slavers. However, like in the old days, slaves can earn their freedom..

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Postby Starlitdragon » Fri Nov 26, 2004 11:22 pm

Character Survival! A few tips to get your character in shape for the character approval guy.

I hope this helps you out a bit if you're having trouble with the little details in the Character Registration hurdle. This post pertains to some common magic issues, how nobility works, and a few other tidbits.


Q. Can I have multiple sorceries?
A. While it may be possible in the comic to possess such power, I strongly suggest against it. It is very rare for a drow to be adept at controlling more than one power. For example, a character with both complete mastry over Wind, Fire, Water, a little dash of Earth, etc. is a definite no-no for the power level we want on the forum. However, if you must have two sorceries, diminish them both. For example, the character Kari'it Vloz'Ress has two sorceries, but virtually no control over either.

Q. Can I have a unique magic different from what's on the worldsetting pages?
A. If you have to go into detail on how your sorcery works, that's a definite red flag. Of course, Kern has veto powers. Remember, it is Kern's worldsetting after all, and chances are, he may say no.

Q. Should my character go into many domains?
A. Though it is explicitly stated that over-specialization is deadly in the Drow world, having an expert lean mean fighting machine with super-powerful Faern magic increases the chance of rejection. So, instead of having a character with total mastery over the assasins art, and a supreme ability to conjure fire from nothing, compromise. For example, cut out the assasin, and perhaps make him an experienced mercenary with a curious ability to throw the odd fireball at his enemy.

Fighting machine check: Is your character able to take on another single opponent and win without breaking a sweat? Can your character take on, and even win against multiple enemies (more than three) sometimes? Do you imagine your character as a warrior that can kill underworld dragons alone, without too many complications? If you answered yes to any of these, you may want to re-think your power ability.

Power level:

Q. So what is this 'noble' thing about anyway?
A. If your choose to make your character a noble, you have distinguished yourself from a commoner. You have more status, more opportunities, and an easier ride through life.

Noble: What the title means varies differently from clan to clan. For example, if you are a noble in the Sullsin'rune clan, it is quite possible you can have quite a few riches at your disposal. On the other hand, being a noble at the Vloz'ress clan can be a minus: it puts your family in a direct line of fire from the Illhar'ess. Please, please, read the comic to get a feel for the clan you want to join. (Common noble professions include (but is not limited to): Faern, Warrior, Sorceress, Yathrine, Assasin*, etc). Nobility make their own rules. They are free to choose what they want to do. Because they are noble, they only answer to the ruling powers of the clan they belong to. If someone not as important is ordering a noble around, that noble has basically lost its nobility right there.
*Please note assasin characters often have issues with the recommended power level.

Lesser Nobility: I would define this simply as a noble without as much power. A minor house in a clan. Not as much influence as a 'high' noble, but more than a commoner's.

Commoner: You are a step up from a slave. You will be ordered about, and you will obey, or lose your head. Common (haha) professions for a commoner include: Being a merchant, mercenary, cook, alchemist, guard, barkeeper, entertainer, etc. A noble may choose any of the commoner professions, but that is a bit odd. It's sort of like the Emperor of China (bygone, I know) wanting to serve drinks at the local bar. Being a commoner doesn't necessarily mean you're dirt poor either. You just won't have as many training opportunities, as nice equipment, or as much clan influence as a noble would. But being a commoner makes for an excellent background challenge, no?

Q. Can my character be a noble?
A. Of course. Remember to write a little history about it in your background, and as long as he/she isn't second-in-command to the Illhar'ess, or anything like that, you should be good to go. Which brings me up to the next bit..

Q. How strong can my character be?
A. The forum atmosphere comes strongly into play here. While it may be alright on other sites to have a God-like character with half-a-dozen abilities, it's a taboo here. The Illhar'ess' from Moonless are the most powerful characters out there, thus why they are the clan leaders. Your character cannot be close to that power level. You don't need to mention your Shadow sorcery isn't as powerful as Wae'soloth's, etc. either. That's just a given.

Q. Should I mention NPC's (ie: Kharla'ggen) in my character bio to make this more closely connected to Moonless?
A. Basic rule of thumb: try as hard as you can to refrain from mentioning Kern's NPCs.

Acceptable usage of NPCs: Quote from Xian: "Around the time that Kharla'ggen was still a child in the clan, something completely unrelated to Kharla'ggen was happening to my character."

Unacceptable use of NPCs: "When Kharla'ggen was in her youth, she often played with [character], imparting her affinity for plushies and powerful magical knowledge to..."

The Tidbits:

Q. What might a good sort of character registration post look like?
A. Quote from the approval guy: "..There should be at least twice as much background as there is everything else.."

But sometimes, because of our 'clean' atmosphere, there isn't a whole lot you can go into detail to. Suggestion? Try and pick a profession that you can describe without breaking the PG 13 barrier all the time. A gigantic post with two pages on appearance and abilities, with two short paragraphs pertaining to background will make for a rejection, despite the post length.

IMPORTANT! --This is only a rough example. Describing your abilities in detail is NOT a bad thing (in fact, it can save you from getting the red button), but that SHOULD NOT be the only detailed thing in your post.

Q. Urgh.. Any tips for background?? Mine looks a bit skimpy..
A. Sure. The following is sourced from Xian's reponses.
1. Ask yourself a few questions. What motivates your character? Why does your character do what he/she does? What about parentage? What makes him act the way he does? What about her training? How did he grow up? Does he believe in anything? How did she come into the clan?

These are just a few questions you can ask yourself to get a few ideas for background.

2. Look through older registration posts. See what looks good, and what doesn't look as nice. If you see a happily approved post, you may want to read through it and see what made it so good.

--That's it for now. Good luck in getting your character approved. Feel free to PM me any corrections, or suggestions. I'll admit this is only a 'rough' guideline, or a few ideas as to how to get past registration in the FFRPG. Also, this spiel mentions a few of the common reasons for rejection. Alot of information here was garnered by sifting through previous registration posts.
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Postby Jer'tai Wraithblade » Tue Dec 07, 2004 12:05 am

((Hi al! I'm back!))


Q:Can golems be sentient?
A:Usually no. There is the odd chance however, that a screw-up on the part of the golem maker might wrench out the spirit of someone nearby and give it to the golem.

Q:What can golems be made of?
A: Pretty much anything, but liquids tend to be harder to use than solids.
Also, one should be reasonaable, so a glass or mushroom-wood golem etc. doesn't really make much sense. Flesh golems are a yes though.*

*note: there are no "undead," so to speak, in DrowTales. Sure, maybe a bone or flesh golem, but those aren't cassified as undead.

Q:Can I own/make a golem?
A: Yes, though they tend to be expensive, and it is difficult and time-consuming to make one.
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Postby Xian » Fri Dec 31, 2004 8:41 am

Q. Seriously, Xian, what do you have against ninjas?
A. It's not that I necessarily have anything against ninjas, it's just that people's general perception of ninjas is that they're unstoppable killing machines, and I'm afraid that if I let one through, they'll start doing this sort of thing in the FFRPG. The only acceptable way to deal with this sort of thing after it's slipped through registration is to get in there and wield some mighty powers of smiting and kill the offending ninja, and then either they'd leave the RPG feeling offended, or I'd be wary of their next character submission when they draw it up.

Q. That makes sense, but I'm above rampant powergaming, and I think ninjas are totally cool. How can I create one without setting off alarms in your brain?
A. To be quite honest, you'll just have to be better than everyone else. You'll have to convince me that you can handle a ninja character without getting carried away and ninja-ing your way straight into the wrath of the GMs.

What does this entail?

I'd require a truly prolific background which deals with exactly how your character came across this somewhat unusual brand of training, as well as all the other stuff I'm always harping on everyone else to give me. There's no way to submit a ninja without setting off alarms in my head, but I can be sufficiently placated by a truly excellent piece of writing for the background that convinces me that you are not one of those people who thinks that ninjas can take on the world and win. I'd also prefer that, if you wanted to create a ninja, you don't stop at the training and dispense with the lord, loyalty and honour aspects. This is great stuff for character development.

Myself, I think ninjas are cool, too. I'd almost like to see one around. Almost.

Q. Is this why they call you the Registration Nazi?
A. Yes, actually.
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Postby Gelorn » Fri Dec 31, 2004 9:54 am

May I add one thing? Ninja are as you may know assasins used by japanese juring the medievil stages(And very rarely today) and are not full bred killing machines that most people would be lead to believe. A ninja's power lied in moving into a place stealthly and killing their target before leaving. They very rarely leaved a path of blood behind them... if they could in the first place. Let me remind you that creeping around trying to assasinate someoen was a very dangerious buisness and most ninjas died on the blade of Samurai guards before reaching their targets.

The killing machines were the samurai, but even then they are to the japanese the equivilant of a knight in the english system. Good but not excelent fighters. In other words if I saw a character thats history says that it could kill an army and followed the way of the samurai OR ninja then I would deny it in a flash.

Also, remember that this is the drowtales world NOT medievil Japan world so having everyone run around as ninjas and Samurai with katanas will worry me greatly...
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