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Leisure Area and the Pillar of Light [PUBLIC]

Postby kembaru » Wed Sep 20, 2006 9:44 am

Dee wasn't taking too much notice of these two, while they talked business he was doing his own, the soul seeker had left a magnificent corpse, and on it some magnificent samples of sealing armor, even with all he knew Dee had not obtained such a suit and was busy prying off gems and slipping them into a silk bag that he tied about his waist, for an odd reason he also took one of the axes that he held loosely at his side.

"I believe that was finality, shall we go now or are we to stand around here forever?" Dee asked loudly from a ways off.
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Re: Leisure Area and the Pillar of Light [PUBLIC]

Postby AddictedToTheKnife » Fri Sep 02, 2011 2:34 am

"One would think," Nyulan'liir Illhar'dro soberly addressed her audience of tiktikki, who looked expectantly up at her seat on the bench. "That a sufficient number of you would have been plucked in the endeavor of begging scraps that it would deter you . You are far too plump for it to be an act of desperation." The tiktikki, of course, did not respond, unless they had developed a cunning language based on blinks. Ny sighed, and began to distribute her burden -- kitchen scraps and three-day-old bread from the Illhar'dro fortress. The tiktikki swarm over the prizes, eliciting a smile from the veiled woman. "You're a lovely example of the nature of greed, to be sure."

Nyulan'liir's odd behavior was, by and large, ignored by the regulars of the area around the pillar, who are either accustomed to her strangeness or apathetic. She is quite a sight -- flamboyant, dark, and clearly noble, feeding tiktikki in the park. She brushes the crumbs off her gloved hands, and opens her bag, pulling out a flat board for writing on, parchment, quill, and ink. As the tiktikki linger hopefully to see if she has any more food, she begins to sketch idly, intricate, delicate diagrams of springs and gears.
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Re: Leisure Area and the Pillar of Light [PUBLIC]

Postby Pariel » Fri Oct 14, 2011 6:22 pm

Shi'ndriira took a careful sip of her beverage, savoring the taste of the surface leaves boiled. There weren't many shops who would sell surface tea, but she could afford it. Her eyes gazed at the strangers who passed by. Some of them completely apathetic, others wondering how a Imperial could sit in such a lazy relaxed manner with all the sort of trouble that was going on.

The former teacher of the Crescent hummed so slightly, her eyes wandering in the numbness light of the pillar. She'd wondered why her, of all the people, had been left with a great deal of emotions, for she had only people to grieve and rivals to hate in her daily life. At least, the children seemed to still like her, comforting her bruised ego somewhat. Despite being a failure as a mother who couldn't save her own daughter, kids still liked her.
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