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(deleted)Classes and Subclasses (reference sheet)

(deleted)Classes and Subclasses (reference sheet)

Postby Poet » Thu Oct 21, 2004 8:03 pm


Be sure to view the Race Index

Warrior: Your primary duty is to the rulers of your clan first, the leaders of your troupe second, your fellow warriors third...your own safety comes in very close to last, just above the safety of your enemy. But you are, of course, Drow, and thus, despite what you’ve been trained to do, you are an individual. (All Drow races)
Slave Warrior: You’re not Drow, and that’s all the matters. But those that own you know you well enough to trust you with a sword--trust you to not accidentally trip and fall on it, and to never...NEVER turn against those you serve. (Human, Dwarf, Orc)
Slave Commoner: You’re property. No sharp objects within reach, there’s likely a collar at your neck and binds on your wrists and ankles. You may have been born to this lot, or you may have been taken on a raid of the surface or another City--Drow or otherwise--in the Underworld. However you ended up in this position, you can only hope to serve your master or mistress well--and in any way they ask--or you’ll find yourself learning to fly the hard way, tossed into the Drider Rift. (Human, Orc, Dwarf, Gnome, Light Elf) (You MUST have an existing RPer ready to purchase you before you begin to RP as a slave. There will be a special thread devoted to the sale of slaves who are accepted to be purchased by other RPers, or you can work something out with an existing RPer in advance via PM.)

Merchant: You exist in the streets, outside of the protection of your clan...if you even have one. But still, so long as you take care in what you do, what you say, and who you say and do these things to, you’ll survive. Whether Drow, Human, Dwarf, or Gnome, you provide goods to those around you, from weapons and armor to clothing, books, and rare items from the surface. While you likely won’t be allowed inside the walls of any clan’s compound, the City of Lights holds many places a merchant may bring his things to sell, whether inside an inn for private deals, or in the vast Bazaar near the Black Dragon Tavern. (All Drow races, Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Light Elf)
Shopkeeper: You’ve settled in well in The City Of Lights. Perhaps earning the respect of a Clan leader or two, you’ve managed to purchase enough land within the City Proper to build a shop of average size, and hire people to run it for you--or perhaps purchased some slaves to take care of it (All Drow races, Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Light Elf)

Rogue: A jack of all trades and master of none, you may carry enough random items you collect on you to convince someone you’re the advanced scout of a troupe of merchants bound for the city, or perhaps you’ll put your fast hands to use as you move through the crowded bazaar, stealing what you can from those you think don’t see you coming. But take care, while the City of Lights has no official punishment for theft, there are none who would defend you from a Warrior’s wrath, should your hand find its way into the wrong pocket. (All Drow Races, Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Light Elf)
Assassin: You’re a Drow who’s forsaken clan and past for the sake of all the Ada you can get. What do you do for this shiny coin jingling in your pocket? A few knives in a few backs, poison in some food, perhaps a poisonous reptile under the occasional bed sheets. You’re more than willing to get your hands dirty when you have to, and you’re not afraid to leave a few orphans behind. (All Drow races)

Magic User:
Read the worldsetting pages:
Here and here and here
Not much more to say. You must be Drow, and you’ll have abilities in ONLY ONE of these abilities.
Alchemist: You’re non-Drow, and quite jealous. But you know something many of them don’t: The nature of the world, and they way things react. From medicines to settle stomachs to compounds that will prevent infections and help the healing of wounds--and, from time to time, more extreme and...explosive mixtures, you know what to mix, how much, and when.
(Dwarf, Gnome, Light Elf, Human)

Remember while creating your character that these are just general guidelines. Your characters reasons for being whatever class they are (and were in the past) are limited only by your imagination.

Further classes may be added at a later date.
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