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OLD character registration thread. SEE THE 1.1 STICKY!

OLD character registration thread. SEE THE 1.1 STICKY!

Postby Poet » Thu Oct 21, 2004 8:00 pm

*** This registration template is out-dated. ***

Please refer to the REGISTRATION 1.1 sticky.
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Postby Onizuka » Thu Oct 21, 2004 9:15 pm

((Yay, I get to be the first posted character))

1: Shiv’arl
2: Drowalath
3: Rogue
4: 45
5: Dual wielding daggers/throwing knives of which he has several and a spear
6: Description
A: 6’0
B: 185 roughly
C: Pale yellow
D: White
E: Hair is short on top, but has a ponytail that starts at the base of his skull and stops somewhere between his shoulders. He has a trim, but toned build, much like a swimmer or runner. He has numerous scars on his body, but the two most notable are the one on his face, stretching from his right ear to the left corner of his mouth, and the one on his chest, a curved scar starting just below the left shoulder and stretching across his chest. On his upper body he wears a very raggedy dark red cloak and a chest belt. On the front of the belt he has several of his daggers, and he has his spear strapped on the back. Around his waist is another belt, containing more daggers. He keeps a small satchel on his right hip. Over the belt he wears a blue sash to hide his weapons. He wears a black pants with black leather boots. He prefers to keep the clothes on his lower body as tight fitting as possible, but keeps the clothes on the upper body loose, so as not to restrict movement. His pants are a little on the worn side, showing a small tear here or there, but his boots are in excellent condition.
A:Formally Val’Ilhar’Dro, but now clanless.

B: Born into a lower house, Shiv’arl was destined to become a soldier. However, from an early age, he should some small abilities as an empathy, but an education was not a possibility for him. While in training as a soldier he showed great promise, his empath abilities only helped to further him along and he never lost a fight. While others relied on strength, Shiv’arl preferred to use speed and stealth to take down his opponent. With such, he did not need the larger weapons used by others, but instead used a spear and daggers of various kinds. While he is very good with a sword, it does not suit his style of fighting. However, Shiv’arl grew dissatisfied with his life and decided to leave his clan to try and find a life of more than a soldier. That was ten years ago. Since his departure, he has survived as a thief, black market trader, and information trafficker. He has also since learned of his own empath abilities, as he was never told of them growing up. Though he has no official training, he has learned to distinguish reality from visions and how to charm the weak minded. However, he tends to be withdrawn because he has no control over his ability to read minds, leading to some very disturbing visions. He also has very little tolerance and tends to be very short with people, but he rarely resorts to violence because of all he had seen while still a soldier. He now spends his days seeking someone who would be willing to train him and not turn him back over to his clan, for he swore he would never return.
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Postby Poet » Thu Oct 21, 2004 9:31 pm

Yay, the first charcter I get to accept! ^.^
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Postby Xian » Thu Oct 21, 2004 10:17 pm

Name: Athidus Tseiloren
Age: 127
Race: Drowolath
Class: Velg’larn (Assassin)
Weapons of choice: At a distance, Athidus typically uses a composite short bow. In close combat, he reverts to a pair of somewhat gruesomely curved daggers, or resorts to using throwing daggers, which he generally carries four of.
Magic: Basic mana manipulation only. Thanks to extensive practice, Athidus has developed enough control over his aura that he can will his mana to flatten against his skin, accomplishing nothing but concealing it from the sight of onlookers. Additionally, he is able to disperse his body heat enough that it is not visible. Both these abilities require a significant degree of concentration, and major distractions such as combat and running cause them to fail immediately.

Height: 178 cm (and for those of you who don’t work in real units, that’s about 5’11.)
Weight: 72 kg (about 159 pounds)
Eye color: Fairly typical of drow, the purplish red of the untainted.
Hair color: White, with a half-inch of blue dye marking the terminal end of his somewhat short pony-tail.
General appearance: Athidus’ clothing never really remains constant. He keeps a few sets at the Black Dragon Inn where he generally stays, and depending on his plans for the day, will dress accordingly. He stands around average height for a Drowolath, with a chiselled, handsome facial structure that affords him an air of gallantry one would not typically expect from an assassin. His hair is restrained in a pony tail by a simple black leather band, and the final half-inch of this tail, as well as a few strands of hair that dangle before his face, are dyed a deep shade of azure. Upon his left forearm, he wears a soft leather bracer that serves two functions: First, to protect his wrist from the snap of his bowstring, and second, to provide a place to sheath his four throwing daggers, the handles of which protrude only slightly from the bracer itself. When out on an adventure, he wears a belt with a dizzying array of tools, ranging from his flash and poison smoke beads to his lock picks, and including a grappling hook attached to a spider’s silk rope. A compact quiver of fifteen arrows is strapped to his back, and his bow is generally in the same place. His daggers, though generally difficult to spot, could be in any number of places: Up his sleeves, strapped to his calves, beneath his shirt, or simply resting comfortably at his waist, depending what suits him.

Background: Although Athidus will lie about his past if confronted, a select few from the Val’Sarghess clan might recognize the name “Xianthalor.â€
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Postby Poet » Thu Oct 21, 2004 10:24 pm

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Postby Starlitdragon » Thu Oct 21, 2004 10:36 pm

1. Name: Athaeyen Kai’cielle
2. Race: Drowolath
3. Class: ex-apprentice Fae’Chaersuul (Sorceress), Rogue (her profession is a spy, so I figured that was closest)
4. Age: 32
5. Weapons: Rapier. 50cm long, slim, and quite light. Also carries a small dagger for suggested purpose.
6. Description:
a. Height: Five foot four.
b. Weight: 110 pounds
c. Eye Colour: Light blue, tinged with green.
d. Hair Colour: White with black and red dyed tips. Long and straight.
e. Appearance: Asian-ish facial features. Athaeyen usually keeps herself well-groomed, in all areas save her hair. Her multicoloured tresses cascade down her back and around her shoulders in every which way. She dresses inconspicuously, normally opting for dark coloured clothing. Regular dress can include a tunic, loose pants, and a nondescript cloak, which covers the neck and shoulders. A set of leather boots and open finger gloves rounds off her basic attire.

a) Clan: Val’Beldrobbaen.
b) Background: Athaeyen was born in to the Val’Beldrobbaen. Her family (influential in military areas, respected, but not remotely near the noble tiers) had long since supplied their sons and daughters to the clan cause, but were loosely connected otherwise. Athaeyen was no different: she was sent to her older sister be educated so that she may continue the survival of her family name. However, she began to loathe the weakness and static nature of her clan. Her turning point came soon enough: a summoning accident tainted her mother, and the drow she commanded, which included Athaeyen’s father. From then on, they had even less to do with their small daughter.

Several years after the incident, her parents as well as her older sister were killed by templars of the Kyrol’Solenurn, on the grounds of their affiliation with demons. Athaeyen’s older sister (Fayren) specialized in summoning, and had willingly tainted herself long before her little sister’s birth. It was Fay that taught Athaeyen how to wield a blade, dodge, and use her natural speed to her advantage. Despite the knowledge in the art of battle however, Athaeyen remains dead clumsy with weapons.
Since the death of her close relatives, Athaeyen forsook her magical training. She had no thirst to learn from another female, and had lost all faith in her clan. Her only clear goal in life was to have her revenge on the Drowussu she despised. Athaeyen was given leave to travel outside the confines of the fortress to allow her some ‘field experience’. In exchange, she reports outside happenings to those who are concerned with them once every few months. In short, Athaeyen took on the mantle of becoming one of the ‘eyes’ of the Beldrobbaen. Even so, she chooses to hide her affiliation with them whenever possible, to avoid being targeted.

Athaeyen never shared the clan’s natural passionate worship of spiders. To suit the occasion, she may act as such, but deep down, she is numb to religion. The only invisible force she truly trusts is mana, and for good reason. It is her poweress in controlling the dark element allows her to remain hidden from prying eyes: unless of course, those prying eyes have skills in the magical field as well. Enemies oblivious to her presence will find a swift dagger drawn across their throat; you don’t need to be skilled with a blade to fatally wound someone with it. However, any drow who is alert can easily detect her presence. She has not yet mastered the skill of killing in silence, and lapses in concentration due to lack of control over her emotions can easily make any concealment she has created void.

Athaeyen’s education included basic stealth, wielding a few weapons, basic first aid, and what magic she has learned so far. She was educated for about nine years before the incident with the drowussu. Due to that incident, she harbours a deep mistrust and dislike for any of the grey-skins, especially for templars. Currently, she wanders the underground, searching for ways to pass time. She will sign on to any expedition, even if it is just to break the monotony of life.

Personality (sorry, I didn’t know if this went under background or appearance, so I just tacked it on at the end) : Passionate to the point where logic may not have a proper home in her mind. She almost always appears innocent and quiet, and truly is so; unless of course, you’ve chosen to bring up a controversial topic she has strong feelings about. Athaeyen is sensitive, and tends to go off on her own when insulted. However, as required by her profession, she can be charming and sociable.
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Postby Poet » Thu Oct 21, 2004 10:51 pm

No need for the personality section.
Remember, folks, you know how your character is going to act, and we can guess based on the background, there's no need to tell everything.

Still, it's accepted.
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Postby Faithen » Thu Oct 21, 2004 11:43 pm

Name:Vlen'diri (AKA L' Fuer'yon)

Race: Ver’Drowendar
Class: Warrior
Age: 53
Weapons: long bladed gauntlets and Special Ankle mounted blade on boots.

a. height: 6'4"
b. weight: 250lbs
c. eye colour: red naturally, shes tainted
d. hair: long, white, and often unkempt and main like (unless her groomers are feeling daring and actually brush it out)

e. Appearance: Tall, Stream lined body form, Muscular, almost like a Large panther. Vlen'diri keeps herself well groomed other then her hair.
a Finicky dresser Vlen will wear nothing that constricts her movements, including formal clothing or full armor. her eyes are a bit more feline-esque, teeth a tad more pointed and suited for carnivorious eating habbits.
Nails are slightly warped looking, stronger, denser, and effective incombat against unarmored people or creatures.

a. Clan: Val'Sharen
b. Backround: Vlen'diri was a Daughter of two of the guards in service of one of the lesser families of the Val'sharen clan. due to the nature of her settings her training began fairly earlier then most commoners, in the way of the blade. due to this she naturally rose through the ranks of guardmen and women in the lesser house. while naturally no greater then any of the other guards, her early training gave her a slight edge on them in the matters of combat discipline, and familiarity with her weapon. Also since it was a minor house among the Val'sharen clan most true prodigies were given posts for the more important families, or even the true blooded nobles.

eventually in here Career, a better captain of the guards came along, and pushed her into obscurity, this didn't bother her because one of the Nobles had taken her as a lover, and with out the responcibilities of being captain she was able to be posted as the nobles personal guard.

Ofcourse since no good thing lasts forever, the event of a second jealous noble comes into play, which Vlen'diri was saddly the casuality of. in order to get rid of her the Jealous noble had her made part of the Expirmentational Seeding they were attempting.. to create a superior Tainted soldier.

Only a few of her personality traits manages to survive through this procedure, Namely her loathing for the weak or fearful, and her Sadistic tendencies. Melding that with her beastial mind frame she made a effective predator that served the Val'sharen clan at large well for many years, and not just the lesser house. her service as a personal guard, and although rarely, and assassin ended after she, her former lover, and a Blind one were sent to investigate and sort out any potential problems in a Val'sharen mine. one of the artifacts there within Fused her remaining aura completely with the demon seed inside her, making her into something a little beyond tainted, but not quite drow again. The immediate Result was a fit of temporary insanity, in which She ran off and disappeared into the wilds for some weeks or months. she came back visually more feral, seemingly malnourished, and in tattered rags left from her armor. she is just as ever aware of her surrounding, and even the social undertones that drow society is so heavily laden with to her disdain. she, while not all together loyal, is still a trusted Member of the Val'sharen clan.

((please note that even though im keeping this character, KD.. and well obviously Xian who didn't recreate the blind guy.. don't have to recreate their characters out of some politeness type stuff, im recreating her because i love my beast, not because i want to force you two to RP with her some more =P))

(ack forgot to delete the copy of her old submission i was using as a reference... ignore please))
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Postby Poet » Thu Oct 21, 2004 11:48 pm

Interesting character. Accepted.
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Postby Poet » Fri Oct 22, 2004 12:05 am

Since a shitload of people have asked about my character, I'm entering him now, though I won't begin RPing myself just yet.

1: Poet Desmond
2: Human
3: Slave Commoner
4: 9
5: N/A (see class)
6: Average height for his age and race, and of slim build. Blond hair, tangles and uncut in many years, and dark blue eyes filled with a mix of fear and naiveté. Skin is pale, face clear of marks, though his back has many scars from previous whippings. Clothes are ragged and dirty, hand-me-downs that should’ve been kept another few years so he could grow into them. A rope acts as a belt, keeping his pants from dropping off his form, shirt simply wears lose, sleeves that would be short on an adult falling below his elbows. Hands and feet are bound with chains between, enough space for him to move them, though he clearly struggles under the weight, weak from malnutrition.
7: Second generation slave, parents captured in a surface raid, he was taken from them after his birth. Father was a pit-fighter, deceased, mother sold to a traveling Drow from another city, fate unknown.

The first two years of his life were spent with a group of other small babies, kept by a slave trader who preferred to purchase at birth and sell trained slaves for higher prices. He was purchased at two by a Drow looking for a playmate--or perhaps toy would be a slightly better word--for her son. They lived together for several years, Poet afforded minor comforts, a soft bed, two or three meals a day, and the like. But after the Drow child grew bored with his playmate, Poet was sold to a less than kind warrior looking for someone to fix his meals and clean his armor. The warrior, though, wasn’t the sharpest sword on the rack, and failed to realize that humans age at a normal rate as children. He’d assumed, seeing the boy, that he was purchasing a twelve year old, and found instead one with the intelligence of half that age. Rather than reselling him, he instead took his anger out on the boy, beating him badly, and often, before presenting him to an older sister for work in the Mushroom fields. The female put him to work as best she could, though she, being smarter than her foolish brother, realized that there was little the boy could do. After two years of effort, the woman gave up hope, and he was sold to a slave market, where he’s remained for a year, no Drow taking interest in purchasing one without a single use, except, perhaps, as a pet.
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Postby Kite » Fri Oct 22, 2004 12:38 am

Name: Kai'to; birth name is Keisuke ulu Kla'ath.
Age: 103
Race: Drowussu
Sex: Male
Class: Rogue
Weapons: An aged longsword with a gilded hilt and gem pommel.
Hair Color: Varying shades of blue. Originally blonde.
Height: 1.82 Meters (approx. 6 feet.)
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Sorcery: Wind

General Appearance: Wears a bandanna over his eyes and forehead at all times. He designs his clothing to where none of his skin below his neck is exposed. Hides his face under a heavy hood occassionally. Wears light mail and breastplate if necessary. His left hand is missing a pinky finger. Kai'to sketch redux!


Keisuke was raised as a templar in a subhouse of the Kyorl'Solenurn clan, Nindyn Nindel Kla'ath , or ulu Kla'ath for short. The name literally translates to Those that Serve in the ancient drow contexts; a fitting name for a clan which consists mostly of zealous fanatics and demon hunters for the Kyorl'Solenurn.

The blood lineage of the ulu Kla'ath is littered with sorceries, most likely due to the taint of elven blood in their ancestory. It is not surprising that Keisuke, too, inherited some of this blood; if minor, compared to the much older generations of his family. His talent is with manipulating air, much like one would manipulate water. Naturally it fell to Ai'joun, an already accomplished sorceress, to train Keisuke further-- not too long after, she chose him as her mate.

Over time, the ulu Kla'ath clan began to lose their political influence due to key figureheads becoming a casualty in battle, coupled with the rarity of healthy baby girls being born into the family. Up until now, ulu Kla'ath Ilhar managed to hold the clan together by closely dictating her daughter's lives, but a desperate woman like herself always has other methods to ensure its integrity.

Two-hundred years passed since the ulu Kla'ath Ilhar successfully gave birth to another girl. Most of her sons and daughters were excessively enthusiastic about killing demons, taking little effort to produce offspring... with the exception of her youngest, Ai'joun, who has yet to conceive a child with Keisuke. Unable to convince her daughter to find another mate, the Ilhar schemed a simpler plan-- kill him.

Ai'joun's sudden pregnancy halted these schemes, and Xandria, their baby girl, was born.

Fast forward thirty years, into the era of "The Longest Wait". An unexpected turn of events during a battle led to a massacre of Ai'joun's battalion, and Keisuke was forced to execute his own comrades due to their taint... Including his mate, Ai'joun. When Keisuke brought the news to his Ilhar, she was enraged, and ordered him to death for failing to protect her daughter.

Unable to face this judgement, Keisuke fled, only to be struck down by the Ilhar herself during his escape. Left dead in the streets, the wounds he suffered would have killed him, had a friend not found him in time.

Without Ai'joun, his pillar of strength, his spirit waned over the loss of purpose his life seemed to carry. Unwilling to stay as an empty shell of his former self, Keisuke spent the years following that living a nomadic life, educating himself about the world. His spirit remains sustained by the thought of meeting his daughter someday; this alone filled his life with renewed purpose.

His clan presumes he is dead, and after these long years his name is all but forgotten in those halls. He cannot, nor does he wish to, live the life of a templar again, so he gave himself a new identity-- Kai'to, an explorer of the underworld.

Although he is far from orthodox about his religion, he holds tightly to the teachings he was once reared upon. As time moves on, the absence of discipline is giving way to his curiosity...

( I chose the word "Ilhar" for a subclan mother title, since "Ilharess" might be confused with the Kyorl'Solenurn clan mother. )
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Postby Gelorn » Fri Oct 22, 2004 1:33 am

((Deleated for now unless I want to use this character again for some reason...))
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