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A long voyage home. (Privet)

Re: A long voyage home. (Privet)

Postby django » Sun Nov 27, 2011 10:08 am

The armor less spear men were throttled by Uuera's hurled rocks. One man took it took a rock to the head with a wet smack and toppled on top of the young sailor.

They were quickly put into order by the shouts of the older more experienced swords men. One of the Shield men and spearman charged forward, slashing and stabbing at the large, two handed sword welding elf. The remaining others were split between the other two drows.

Pesty leapt out from behind a rock and took one spearman by surprise. He grabbed the spear and struggled for it. They shared a wild eye look as they kicked and pushing each other for life and death.

Mae found herself faced with the other shield man. For a human he knew his way around the sword and board style of fighting, and kept her on her toes. He stabbed and shielded himself from Mae's cuts and stabbed, black steel clashed against bronze metal.

The man stepped forward and slashed. Mae stepped to the side and deflecting his sword. He came around for another swing and she stepped to the side again, but she stabbed into his knee; leaving nothing but dangling tendons and flesh behind. He doubled over and gave a shout before Mae's cold steel severed his head.
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Re: A long voyage home. (Privet)

Postby Zenzetra » Thu Dec 01, 2011 12:57 pm

Two more heavily clad warriors approached the whirlwind-swept Uuera'unkara carrying crude swords and imposing shields. In a snap-decision she decided to try and take one alive and thought to herself, "I'll have to break one of these shields".

Pulling the wind along with her blows gave her axe-swings some extra speed. As soon as the two shield-bearers reached her Uuera unleashed a frightening three-step combination. She slashed straight across to the right letting her right hand carry the blade away from her left; chipping away at the shields. She then set her left hand back on the handle in the reverse position drawing the axe head from low to high; splitting the right foe's shield up the middle. Finally Uuera brought the axe screaming down to the earthy soil; it tore through the leftmost enemy's shield. Sand and rock were lifted into the air on the gathered wind causing a swirling, dusty vortex to consume Uuera'unkara and her two marks.
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