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Chel'el'sussoloth: Kae'gaza's Studio

Chel'el'sussoloth: Kae'gaza's Studio

Postby DeadPigeonGolem » Sun Jun 12, 2011 2:47 am

Kae'gaza Ba'surodo sighed in boredom. The studio hadn't had much business lately.

The studio was (for the moment) a large, open, and mostly uncluttered room, one and a half stories tall. The studio was on the corner of the street, courtesy of a very lucky bit of haggling and not insubstantial amounts of assistance from his Val'Sullisn'rune sponsor. The door was on the corner of the building, with a small faux-balcony over it. Various windows overlooked the street. Walking in from the door, a pair of counters stretching almost to the ends of the walls. The center of the building was a large, stone area with multiple easels, pulleys, block-and-tackle sets, and small cranes and various other sets of helpful equipment to lift things as necessary. The whole array was lit up with a multitude of mana-lamps. There was a ladder that went into a loft space that Kae'gaza used as a bedroom. Outside was a sign advertising Kae'gaza's wares.

Kae'gaza had worked in a Val’Sullisin’rune’s studio, infuriating his mother in the process. Using his knowledge of forces, torque, and general construction, Kae'gaza made canvas frames and other contraptions to assist the Val. He eventually was able to convince one of the painting assistants to teach him the art of drawing and painting and was summarily discovered to be of no small amount of talent. Further education found him on par with, if not better than, the original assistant he consulted. The Val took him under her wing, and he flourished. Years passed, and Kae’gaza established a small reputation in the artistic community as “that unusually skilled assistant of that one Val’Sullisin’rune”. By necessity, Kae’gaza learned, and became enthralled by, various applications of mana to mixing paints, creating plaster for walls and art, metallurgy (for sculpting and casting of statues) and a multitude of other practical mana techniques that would assist him in his later studies. It was at this point that he was found to have an unusual talent in engineering golems. He subsequently studied those for several years and became quite skilled at creating decorative golems. Unfortunately, true combat golems escaped his grasp, as no one was willing to teach him. He did manage to self-teach several useful, if not necessarily advanced, ways to create golems that could pull carts, filter air, etc. His abilities eventually allowed him to begin making a bit of money on the side selling generic decorative pieces and commissioned works in golems, metal-working, and art pieces, eventually gaining him enough money to foot enough of the bill for a studio of his own that his mistress was willing to provide the rest.



Right, so here's what's up. I kind of need to keep up my skills in art over the summer, since I'm taking a two-year course in Art. Seeing as the Drowtales world has the potential for some pretty entertaining things to draw, I figured I'd get some experience though the forums.

To be clear: I will NOT be doing actual sculpture. ALL commissions will be sketched, inked, and colored in the computer and uploaded as a .jpg file. Times may vary from "very short" to "exceedingly long", depending on how good I am at the subject matter at hand. Furthermore, I will NOT be able to do any commissions that will significantly upgrade your character in any way, as per limitations set down by Thalar. This means no super-powering swords, enhancing armor, smoke-grenades, flashbangs, etc. However, I CAN make what you already have look better aesthetically. Theoretically. If I am actually as competent as I think I am.
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