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Dwarf for Sale in Chel ((Open))

Re: Dwarf for Sale in Chel ((Open))

Postby Enkhoffer » Tue Jun 21, 2011 11:00 pm

*Walking at a much faster pace that he had before, Rugo entered Chel just before daybreak. He quickly made his way through the dark streets and now came near to the accursed place in which he involuntarily had made his home for the past four years, the slave market. Upon finding his old colony - which proved quite difficult from the outside - he noticed that the main entrance was only guarded by a single sentry. This did make sense. Why would they worry much about somebody trying to break into the slave quarters? However this lone man was also barring the passage in which he was heading, so for the first time he praised his ancestors that his current weapon was a silent crossbow.
After disposing of the sentry, and the drow lay struck by a bolt to the temple, Rugo turned a corner down the passage-way and now found himself outside the window to the bedchambers of his former master - the man who had held the auction. This drow was the third to purchase Rugo after he was captured by the Black Sun, ending up in this colony after changing hands three times prior. The slain guard would likely not go unnoticed for long, so as fast and as quietly as he could, Rugo opened the window and crawled inside.
The auctioneer was roused from his sleep by a rough hand shaking his shoulder, immediately followed by a crossbow directed at him to convince him to stay silent. Terror was painted in the man's face at the recognision of his former slave, now void of the shackles that used to protect the drow. With as much authority as he could muster given his poor pronounciation of the drow language, he leaned in towards the bed and spoke.

"I am warrior, no murderer. I will no kill you, if I have not to. But I will kill you, if you make yell for help.
Now... you tell me all things you know of people who sold you me."
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