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Founders [Semi-private, Al'dun Tei'kaliath]

Founders [Semi-private, Al'dun Tei'kaliath]

Postby Sarinon » Tue Nov 09, 2010 7:44 am

((This is a joint RP for Al’dun, but if you are not an Al'dun family member, you can still join in the RP, though it will be mostly led by the family. This is not meant to be a "statement", but rather a fun alternate conclusion, so don't get all srsface. Make love, not war. <3

Hello. My name is Sarinon Al'dun Tei'kaliath. You killed my clan. Prepare to die.))

Mushrooms were simple things easy to deal with and fun, too. Hostile soldiers were similar to mushrooms in a few ways. Firstly, they existed in darkness where nothing else could spawn, and secondly, they were normally based on shit. Or at least that’s what Sarinon thought. It was hard for her to understand why their peaceful clan had suddenly returned to refugee status, and it was even harder for her to understand why, even in this dire situation, they had not kept their pride. They had come so far and worked so hard and it had all come to nothing.

She crouched just outside the mine with a pot between her knees, stirring it slowly, but without any real enthusiasm. A hand gently touched her shoulder and she turned to see Ska’veran with a small smile on his face.

“You’re always so cheerful,” mused the Harvester, slightly jealous. Her mate moved to sit next to her, putting his arm around her.

“You used to be as well. But we can be happy living with the Nal’sarkoth, can’t we?”

Sarinon sighed and left her work abandoned on the ground. She took her mate’s hand and led him away from the Tei’kaliath encampment. He followed obediently, a concerned look spreading across his gentle face. Sarinon continued walking until they had gone some distance from the entrance to the mine and then stopped, turning to face Ska’veran.

“I am Tei’kaliath. You are Tei’kaliath, but soon we will both be Nal’sarkoth. Ilharess Rel'lumia will not stand a threat to her power and An'jhali will have no choice but to step down. Our clan will fall to nothing. Ska, I could never be happy with this and neither could you.”

He bowed his head slightly in acknowledgement. She took his hand again and led him further away, not even caring that their wanderings strayed close to Ther’avare. Close to the scene of battle. Everything was quiet and the air smelled of blood, but they kept walking.

Something stirred close y. Sarinon jumped and cast around for a makeshift weapon, seizing upon a large rock. Ska’veran raised his fists and both stared intently, their senses alert, their hearts pounding in their throats. No enemy presented itself, so Sarinon took a cautious step forward.

“Show yourself,” she demanded in a soft voice. Whatever was there moved again and made a small noise. Sarinon dropped her rock and ran to the body whose hand was grasping at the ground. If someone has survived ...
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Re: Founders [Semi-private, Al'dun Tei'kaliath]

Postby Bamawing » Tue Nov 09, 2010 4:19 pm

((I could be wrong, but I don't think Tei'kaliath are supposed to RP here. We've got our own RP in the PtP area.))
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Re: Founders [Semi-private, Al'dun Tei'kaliath]

Postby Thalar » Tue Nov 09, 2010 9:13 pm

You may only use DT rpg-approved characters in the DT rpg. Please repost this in the PtP roleplay forum where it belongs. This topic is closed.
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