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*!!* Got Drowtales fanart? Read here!

*!!* Got Drowtales fanart? Read here!

Postby Kite » Wed Apr 26, 2006 5:16 am

If you have finished Drowtales fanart, share it on the Fanfics & Fanarts forum!

Beginning this summer, Kern and I will choose one of the fanworks posted there and display it on the main page for an entire month, each month. To be eligible, the fanwork must be strongly related to a character or event that has appeared in the comic.

Despite this though, the Fanfics and Fanart forum is open to all kinds of creative media, from stories taking place in the Drowtales world, to posting art of a character concept.

It's quite alright to post your picture in both the Fanart and Art Hall sections. However, if you are looking for creative help (rather than just comments) to help you improve, or are posting an unfinished picture, the Art Hall may be the better place until it is done.

Thanks and good luck!
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