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BEyond Home an Original Story

BEyond Home an Original Story

Postby Galacta » Fri Mar 10, 2017 12:24 am

This is more of a original story if nothing else. Reposted in the correction location. I only ask that no one really copy my work and claim it as their own. This is honestly my personal favorite and crowning accomplishment. I do hope to hire artist and voice-actors some day so that YouTube and my story can finally meet. That being said, here it goes and please enjoy. :D

Prelude: A woman, an amnesiac, lost, confused, and inquisitive, stuck in a universe filled to the brim with War, aims to locate the place she dares associate with the word Home. For both herself, and her kids.

Day One


It was weird. She, felt weird. Little droplets of splashed on her face from a dark and grey sky, slowly prompting her eyes awake. The air smelled of shit and blood and metal.

This was, really weird. She felt naked. Nude. But not exposed. Just really wet. It was raining a lot. Looking at her own body, she wasn't really showing off anything. She wore nothing, but it's not like she had any genitalia or something vulnerable like that to really reveal. Looking down, she saw her reflection in a surprisingly clear puddle, rain drops distorting the image a bit. Short, white hair. Red skin. And beaming red eyes. That was her face.

"Cute." The woman whispered out, despite the rain dampening her hair.
She squinted her eyes, and stood up, only to find her bare feet and hand drenched in mud and blood, which she hoped proved not to be her own. The rains easily took care of that for her. Her head, to her surprise, was resting upon some sort of metal unstained by mud or blood.
It was then, that she fully took in her environment.

"Where?" Now fully standing, albeit slightly sinking in the small muddy vessel of water and dirt, she walked around. Her environment was filled with numerous bodies and vehicles. Dead bodies. The landscape was a desolate, black barren wasteland of rock and hills. She didn't know why there were so many dead bodies, but she presumed a gruesome fight took place. Walking straight, she glanced to her right. It was the half obliterated side of a weird, blocky dark red vehicle with one long barrel with two shorter ones along almost-destroyed and currently rusting side, presumably two with the other half being gone, barrels. And it also seemed to have short and sturdy legs to walk on in which, only two actually remained. She presumed that their used to be four in total, but like everything else, the missing legs too, were lost to the many corpses and scraps amidst the dead conflicted souls who died here. And their awful smelling corpses the rains only alleviated. Still. She wondered what it was. Just what was it?

Forced Liberator. Effective against ground forces. Primary Battle Tank of Ucov Empire.

And what is this Empire?

Human supremacy. Comprised of alien slaves, primarily Brisk, and human oppressors. Kill all non-humans to cleanse the galaxy is the primary belief.

The thought seemed to be a response to the question. Her subconscious responding to her question. Like, whatever she didn't know consciously, her subconscious did. Unconscious? Whatever. It mimicked her own voice, but it had an accent. She couldn’t say what it was though. The word Russian popped into her head, but didn’t know who or what he or she or it even is. Stll. Smart voice in her head. Thats…. she thought that was pretty awesome. Amazing even. The name seemed foreign in her mind, weird even. Like a clown. Though she didn't know what a clown was either. The word just sounded odd. And she was confident there were a lot of clowns. Somewhere. Moving on, her mind drifted to the plethora of very still dead bodies, all slathered in dried blood and rain, not unlike her hand a few moments ago. Specifically, the ones who matched the But they seemed very determined, even in death. It was very weird. But she was butt naked, ass naked, in the nude, with no genitals, but felt fine. "Did no one survive?" Her voice wondered out loud. She didn't feel petty. She didn't know any of the dead factions, or even what killed them. What she did know, was that she didn't wish to stick around to find out. As she continued her endless walk, past the Forced Liberator tank, she noticed the other faction. Their corpses and vehicles were much smoother then the Imperial Guards blocky constructions. As she walked through the muddy and bloody terrain, her feet all but bathing in the slushy substance, she stepped on something. Something hard.

Glancing down with a startled, but not quite surprised, expression on her face, she noted that she was standing on an arm. A metal arm. A big metal arm. A severed metal arm. It was at least thrice as big as her own arm. With a weapon that seemed to fit the arms grasp with unsurprising ease. Cut from the elbow down, bone and dark red blood all but slowly trickled out of the socket, the light turning heavy rains patting her head with astounding ease. She looked at the weapon within the arms grasp. It was mostly crimson red, much like the husk of the Forced Liberator she saw earlier, with a sort of golden skull design on the top near the barrel. It was shaped almost like a brick with sharp wings sticking out the side. And the hole for the barrel was just as big as the weapon itself. She wondered what it was.

Storm Piercer.

Storm Piercer? She looked up with vibrant red eyes. The rain seemed to intensify in its barrage of droplets from dull grey clouds, a single arc of white hot lightning racing across the dull clouds. Her gaze looked back down. Bending down close to the ground, but only bending her legs so she didn't fall, she reached for the weapon. It took a solid minute to pry the weapon from the large armored fingers of the armored severed arm, but she finally pride the weapon from the hands metal and muddy fingers, now held in within her grasp. It took both her arms to hold it however.

"It's heavy…" her voice was not monotone, as it was conservative. But they rang true. The weapon in her hand was unsurprisingly heavy given it's bulk, but honestly, that may just be because it's as heavy it looks.

Still, it held weight to it.

She looked at the bottom. It seemed to have a long ammo box. It was a good weapon. "Storm Piercer…" It was cumbersome, like the Imperial Guard décor, but it seemed to be a bit more powerful. Regardless. It was a good weapon, she hoped. It was a fitting name for a weapon in the middle of a storm filled with corpses.
Wait. Name? What was her own name?

Nova Tenera.

Nova wasn't satisfied with that answer. What was her species? Where did she come from? What was her anatomy? How could she return?
Apparently, her mind, or something in her mind, answered her questions in the order she asked. Much to her own surprise.

Unknown species. Genetic verifications unclear. Origin unclear. Strong bones. Extremely hot body... temperature wise. Internal biological coolants prevent overheating of Core. Thick skin. Genitals not discernible upon body. Comprised of powerful muscle.

Wait. Core? Nova internally questioned herself what this "Core" was as she resumed her aimless walking, not noticing the several pairs of eyes observing her from a few feet away from behind the same Forced Liberator from earlier

Core is Soul of Fiara. Maintains body of Fiara. Very hot. Keeps body and mind functioning. Responsible for maintaining all bodily functions.

It was weirdly helpful. She was asking herself about herself, and receiving answers from herself, from her own mind?

But, who or what was the Voice in her head?

Nova Tenera. Of course. The Voice will just have to do for now.

The last question, possibly the most important, went unanswered. Nova decided not to complain.
"Nova Tenera?" A cute name to be sure. Her name, was Nova Tenera. Wonderful. Moving on, she noticed that the direction she walked was starting to become more and more prevalent with the sleeker designs. A lot smoother and well-crafted, with intricately woven designs then the blocky and sturdier designs of the Imperial Guard. But, who were they?

Brisk. Nova was now fairly certain if not absolutely positive her subconscious held answers, some anyway, provided Nova asked. Nova just didn't know how or why. It didn't matter. The rain and lighting, and the booming sounds the clouds made with said lightning arced across the grey heavy clouds, slowly began to intensify. Her feet were all but getting sucked into the muddy grounds that littered the battlefield. Nova needed shelter.

Turning her head and body to seek out any sort of refuge from the growing storm, she spotted a beacon of shelter. A large, sleek damaged Brisk vehicle, easily discernable with its sleek and artsy design scheme. It also just so happened to be blue. She didn't know what it was, but she didn't care. Trekking through mud and blood and grime in the mud, Nova reached the husk of a vehicle.

It was surprisingly relatively intact, which made it stand out to Nova amongst the more than ruined other vehicles within the vicinity. There was a large gaping hole along the side of the vehicle, and the cockpit, or what Nova assumed to be the cockpit, was more or less ripped out of the frame.

"This will have to do…" Nova was tired of being pelted on by rain droplets, especially now that fierce winds were starting to join the frenzy of odd weather predicaments. Nova tossed her storm piercer through the whole, resulting in a large banging sound, and soon crawled inside herself.
It was warm inside. Noting the storm piercer and where it fell, she looked inside. It was fairly dark, but Nova didn't have too much trouble seeing. The inside was ruined, with a two Brisk corpses long since lost their light. One was impaled with a sharp piece of metal sticking through the abdomen, which had him, or her, pinned on the inner walls of the vehicle. What was the name of the vehicle again?

Sprinter. Lightweight Brisk Gravity-tank.

The other Brisk seemed uninjured physically, but she looked dead. Her armor was femininely pronounced more than the other, if her two enlarged mounds off her chest on her armored chest were anything to do by. Perhaps it was a sex difference? Why was her armor so different? A different soldier caste or something?

Louder Mauler. Vocal and fast melee specialist.

"Louder Mauler? Huh. Sounds like something that would hurt. Horribly." Nova shuttered. The name struck Nova as odd, but it sounded cool.

Pat! Pat! Pat! Pat! Pat!

Nova turned around in alarm, sprinted towards her storm piercer, picked it up, and aimed it at the giant hole she came through.

"Who's there?" Nova's voice was stern. Nova didn't think anyone was still here alive. Much less being suspiciously tip toey too. "Hello?" Rain hitting soggy mud and metal only replied.
With a sigh, Nova creped forward, storm piercer in both hands, and her finger on what she believed to be the trigger, silently hoping she wouldn't need to pull it.
Finally reaching the still heavy raining, she poked her head out to see what made that noise, her storm piercer aimed outside amongst the ruined debris and still bodies. Nova stayed still, and listened, her weapon ready to shoot whatever ammunition it fired.
Nothing. Just more rain.

"I guess it must have been my imagination…" Nova sighed, lowering the storm piercer.


Nova couldn't even respond before she was suddenly tackled.


Nova felt, around six small things slam into her, wrapping around her tightly, causing her to drop the storm piercer, and hit the cold damp floor of the damaged vehicle.

"Mommy?!" Nova cried out more out of surprise then actual question. Looking down she saw six small, hyperactive, naked, children all dog piling over her stomach and chest and legs. Children to be sure, but they were hers? They did call her mom.

"H-hey! Wait! What?! Who are you kids?" Nova shouted, quieting the bunch.

The one who tackled her, the one with pigtailed pink hair and green eyes, was the first to recover. A girl.

"U-um" she started out "We, well, kind of noticed you, but, but we didn't know you. But, you um, we think you're our Mom."

Nova was befuddled. That's it?

They think?

"Err, why?"

The kid, the boy with brown hair and brown eyes replied. "I know! Um. It's because, because we felt it. Yeah! We felt really warm inside when we saw you…"

"Oh..." That doesn't really explain much of anything, but maybe, if they were indeed the same species, their bodies became hotter when near a guardian? Who knows? The Voice certainly couldn't help clarify, because it said nothing.

Nova sure as hell didn't want to leave her possible biological kids, or any kids for that matter, at the mercy of whatever may be out here. Gently getting of the now really warm floor once cold, Nova stood petted the pink haired girls head, smiling softly.
"Well, I uh-, I don't want to leave you guys. Um. So... What's your name?"
"Nona." The pigtailed girl replied, now having joined her siblings in their little group, cluster, pack.
"Nona. That's cute. And what about the rest of you five?" Nova asked the kids?
"Nave." The boy with brown hair and eyes replied. He seemed just about as dull as Nova. But Nave smiled nonetheless.
"Nick!" The boy with bright spiky red hair and red eyes shouted in joy.
"Nevin." The boy with black, smoothed hair and violet purple eyes.
"N-Nickola…" The girl with purple eyes and short purple hair shyly stuttered out.
"Naveen!" the girl with brown hair and eyes replied. She looked near identical to the boy, Nave, but with longer hair. Twins maybe?

Nova, now having the storm piercer in her clutch once more, she motioned to the, to her, children she may or may not be the mother of, to follow. Regardless, Nova knew she didn't want to leave them, so might as well take them along with her. Whatever could go when you have a cadre of small children that may or may not be your kids?

Wait. No. Where would she even go? It's just rain and corpses with ruined stuff for miles.
Nova sighed. The rain wasn't really letting up anytime soon.

"Alright, uh, kids. I think, we should hold up for now…" Nova said a bit awkwardly. She would deal with the notion of offspring later. Right now, she needed to sleep, and make sure the rains didn't ruin it for her. The kids glances up at each other, then up to Nova, and nodded in motion.

"Alright." Nova said. Gently placing down the storm piercer back down, careful not to disturb the Brisk bodies Nova almost forgot about, she turned back to her kids.

"It's probably best if we wait out the storm. I can't see much of anything past all the dead people and metal, and I don't want to risk stepping on something that's probably unhealthy for m-, our skins, continued well being. So, err, let's just sleep. Yes?"

Her kids, more or less, nodded in quaint understanding, and started to huddle around Nova, apparently treating her body, mostly her chest, as a living pillow, which inevitably caused Nova to simply sit down. Her legs were spread out, but most of them closed their eyes on her chest, and those who weren't on her chest, Nova simply wrapped around her arms.

All but one.

Nova, having noticed the missing stray from the pack, extended her only free hand to the girl not warming up to her.

"Nickola." Nova whispered. "Come on. Don't you want to be hugged by everyone?"

Nickola's eyes darted from Nova, and the two dead Brisk. Nova blinked.

"Nickola, they... They can't, they won't hurt you. They're just, uh… sleeping. Yes, just sleeping. Just like you should." Nova was surprised in her own words, but she graciously accepted it. PLus she wasn't sure what or what not to censor her kids to. She didn't really think the two corpses whom Nova shared the vehicle with would affect anyone. It sure didn't affect her.
The shy girl stayed in place for several moments, before slowly relenting forward, placing her much smaller hand within the soft grasp of Nova's stronger one. Pulling her down, the girl snuggled up to her mother, biological or not, as Nova's hand wrapped around Nickola's waist.

Nova was internally surprised she recalled the girl's name. Nova was positive she didn't need an epiphany to understand she was absolutely horrible with caring for kid, but that sure as hell didn't prevent Nova was trying as hard as she could to protect them.

But for now, they warm up. For now, they join the comfort of each other's presence.
Nova just hoped she had a plan by the time the sun was up. A battlefield full of dead people isn't a very good place to keep your kids.
But for now, they simply slept.

Day Two

It was a scorching morning now. If the heat from this planet's twin suns wasn't evidence enough, then the smell was. Heat and rotting, wet corpses and rusting metal wasn't something that made Nova happy when she started to smell something she could only compare a foul stench to. But that sure didn't stop the children from hopping out of their temporary refuge, horse playing with each other upon the mud cracked ground beneath their feet and occasional butchered vehicle. Only Nickola stayed behind, having found a keen interest in the still quite dead Brisk corpses. Nova kinda wondered why they looked like, but she didn’t want to get herself haunted. Whatever that means. Trusting her kids to not kill themselves outside, and assuming they wouldn't go very far from her, Nova stood up, ignoring the smell, and strutted across the warm floor and dried blood, to Nickola.

"Nickola?" Nova questioned. "What is it?" Nickola gave Nova a brief look of surprise, and then resumed staring back at the Brisk corpses. The Louder Mauler if Nova recalled correctly.

"She…." Nickola started, her legs rubbing each other as she fidgeted. "She, has a l-litte stone on her c-ch-chest. I-it's glowing." Nickola concluded, pointing her finger at the center of the woman's buxom.

Specifically, the small but faintly glowing stone upon the fallen warrior's chest. What's it called?
Brisk Rock Stone. Temporary homage of a fallen Brisk soul. Recovered Rock Stones are placed within the ground upon Fenrun, Brisk origin planet, to move onto the afterlife to join other Brisk souls.
But, why would someone want their Core to be sucked into a stone?

Brisk of Fenrun homeworld will be consumed by Evil God Killer Sluutan upon death if not saved by Rock Stone.

"Rock stone…" Nova whispered to herself, having picked up Nickola and placed her upon her shoulders. She'd ask who this Sluutan was later. That was a lot to take in, so Nova settled to contemplate all of the information she just received. Nickola seemed content to sleep on Nova's shoulders, with the soft patch of hair she has as an organic fur pillow. Nova was more focused on the words of her subconscious
Careful not to disturb the almost asleep Nickola, Nova stepped out of the wreckage of the Falcon, and looked around. The kids were still running around, and strangely enough, Nova didn't really feel a lick of fear when Nick fell off an overturned Forced Liberator tank, face first.
Nick stopped moving, the gang stopped to see if he was okay. Nevin was the one to inspect him.
Nick suddenly jumped off the ground, accidentally head-butted Nevin, and yelled out "Tag! Ha! Your it!"
Not a second later, Nick ran for dear life, as did Nave and Nona.
Nova was sure she wasn't gonna have a hard time with her kids, but that didn't stop her from exhaling nonetheless.

Nova suddenly gasped, an epiphany crashing into her mind like a freight train.
The Voice spoke to her, repeating what Nova's thought were starting to drift to.

Brisk Rock Stone. Temporary homage of a fallen Brisk soul. Recovered Rock Stones are placed within the ground upon Fenrun, Brisk origin planet, to move onto the afterlife to join other Brisk souls.

"Temporary… Recovered… Recovered! As in the retrieval of something?!" Nova mentally shouted. That could only mean that these Brisk would return for all their Rock Stones upon their dead bodies!

"Aw Crap. Kids!" They horse housed played for a moment, before gradually stopping completely. "We need to get out of here. Now!" Nona shouted out as she ran back inside the destroyed Falcon, retrieved her storm piercer, and began briskly walking to towards the direction in between the two suns hovering overhead.

The children, sensing the urgency in their mother's voice, and feeling slightly scared because of it, they all shouted out swamps of acknowledgements, following their mother as she began to but Nevin needed to sate his curiosity. He ran up to his Mom's left side.

"Mom?" Nevin asked. "What's wrong? Did something happen?"

Nova shook her head. "No sweetie, no…"

Nova feared what would happen much more...

So that is all for this Chapter. Depending on the feedback, I will continue this story. Though again, please note that this is an original story and won't have much if any relationships to Drowtales as a whole at all. If you are interested in me writing an actual Drowtales fanfiction, just shoot me a reply and an idea. I will look into it. Until next time.
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Re: BEyond Home an Original Story

Postby Gunbird » Tue Apr 11, 2017 1:22 pm

Pretty interesting story you got there.

There seems to be a few misspellings and grammatical errors.

I would like to see more of this story.
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