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Koneko (& baby) need your help!!!

Koneko (& baby) need your help!!!

Postby Koneko » Mon Nov 25, 2013 5:24 am

I am going to be a mommy in April (it’s my first child). I’m super happy and excited buuuuuut…..

The medical bills and insurance are already taking a toll on my bank accounts. :L

For that, I am opening up for commissions. Rates apply to portraits, from the waist up and full figure drawings.

  • Pencil Sketches: $15
  • Inked: $20
  • Digital B&W/Flat-Color: $30
  • Digital Full Color (Cell or Soft Shading): $40-60
  • Additional characters: +$5 per character
  • Detailed Backgrounds: +$15

Examples of my art can be found here:

I accept payments via Paypal. Just send me a message to get an order started.
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