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Massive World Building Project; None Drowtales related.

Massive World Building Project; None Drowtales related.

Postby Beau~Barbare » Sat Jul 13, 2013 9:39 am

I'm seeking editors and contributors to a novel I have decided to finally write.
It was a terribly drawn comic I started when I was 12. I wrote 130 pages of it, then decided it wasnt good enough. I rewrote it, another 100 more pages. Then, I realized the awefulness of it all and tossed it aside for about seven years it did not touch the light.
Wel camp Nanowrimo started this month. In preperation for it, I dusted off these old tomes of shitty pencil comics and reread them. I decided to rewrite my old story a third and final time, this time not as a comic but as a novel. Instead of doing the word count thing I got distracted by character and world setting. I don't care about nano, but I'm noticing my novel is lacking perspective. No one is reading it, I have so little written already but no one I know is just interested in reading anything. Much less high fantasy. I have maybe 10,000 words so far, come on.
I'm inspirations are Tolkien, Ice and Fire, Harry Potter, Drowtales, Old English folk fairy tales and the Bible.
Long story short- Elves and men are fighting for surpremacy. Someone is biding there time for the two races to kill each other off and rob the graves.
Main themes are horror, intrigue, action and erotic. ( Not romance. )

So if anyone is interested send me an email at
I would love to chat and share ideas. I know this community is so intelligent, creative and obviously well read. If anyone could help it would be yall. *heehee*
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