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Minecraft! Some assitants please.

Minecraft! Some assitants please.

Postby Rayoson » Wed Jul 06, 2011 10:10 am

Well I've been playing Minecraft like anyone else would with a mix of some other games very now and then. Recently after finishing a massive temple with pistons, traps, and other things (took me forever and many many reloads after creeper attacks). So I recently decided to go back and do and idea I used before. A J-RPG stlye background on minecraft, I made an entire screen background for a final fantasy game with black mage, red mage, white mage, and warrior fighting a creeper pixelated style.

So I decided to do the same, but for Drow Tales instead, and was wondering if anyone has a pixel style design of any characters they'd like me to convert to minecraft terms in a massive monlith style of awesome. With limitations I can do a 64x64 sized image. or more if I use a flat surface stye. I'll be posting creations in this thread as I finish them, and if anyone plays minecraft has a good server, I'd be more then happy to get a partner(s) to help me with this conquest.
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Re: Minecraft! Some assitants please.

Postby Finn MacCool » Wed Jul 06, 2011 12:42 pm

this thread might be of interest to you.
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