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Luci's graphic edits and friend's picies

Luci's graphic edits and friend's picies

Postby Amon » Wed May 13, 2009 7:43 am

Yes, normaly, people call me Luci, short for Luciferiel. I've kinda, sorta, returned from the grave... I'm a home owner now... IM me if you need to know more.

My add for my crystal wings I made in Second life
Image Edit, Asena Colony Plaque with Antiquated look
Image Edit, for friend, simple Photoshop editing
Cyphonel, Abyssal Lord, skull mask made by me, avatar provided by Second Life, skin by Nymph
Image Edit, Luciferiel's Winter Wolves Insignia
Teufel unit - Amon, by irl friend Candy, living mech design commission
Teufel Unit - Amon Now with color, the "wings" are bladed tenticles, not rape ones. I love her idea of colors...

Some early SC of the Wolf Moon bar in my Asena sim
Outside Entrance
Inside Entrance
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