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Love Over Blood

Love Over Blood

Postby nanamie » Sun May 25, 2008 4:14 am

I started this a while back and I thought this place was the perfect home for it ^^ it's based on the opposite of the drow world (which means that it's like a world run by light elves)and yes there are few things missing... like a usefull tittle... or my characters religion specefics stuff like that ^^ I'm always open for sugestions so if you have idea's you can drop me a line ^.^ PS hope no one minds a lilttle Yaoi, so far it's just like childhood bonding where you'd put your arm over your friends and tease them ^^ oh do feel free to leave a comment or two ^.^

I was born into a world that has many different laws and rules but, mostly the place I live in was shattered into political warfare from the moment I was born. When I came into being none of my three elder sisters wanted to tend to me because they in my fathers eyes were all still children even when they were in they’re mid thirties at least that’s what I was told to believe every time I asked about it.

First there was the eldest sister Velar, a strong, stern, cold, cruel, loyal leader of my father’s personal guards the Oath Keepers. I’ve only met her once but she was beautiful; she had blue hair and dark blue eyes and a wrap around her left eye. Her face was covered in blood but from what I remember she still leaned down to me and smiled patting me on my head as she told me

“So…you’re my little brother… hey how about after you meet father you call on me and we can have a little party?”

The second daughter was a happy, carefree, easy going, fast paced, exuberant, child like bill collector named Daisy. I really liked going out with her because anytime I wanted to go see her she would be doing errands for the local merchants and all I needed to do was try to keep up with her. The first time I met her she was so fast I barely saw her fly by my face till she jumped back in front of me and just gave me an empty stare. I was told Daisy sometimes just likes to stop and looks around but when our blue eyes locked and her blue hair fluttered in the wind that day I could almost sense that she was staring into my very soul.

The third daughter that was actually dead before I was born was names Silica but before I could meet her father had her cleansed at an early age even before I was born but I was told she looked a lot like me and was going to be married off to a rich noble family as a trade agreement for safe travel from one place to the next but when she was found stealing from the home of her mate to be and giving the items she took to poorer families she was sentenced to be impure and in need of cleansing.

All those things happened over the ten years of my life and now it’s my tenth birthday and it is a very special day because even though I was raised by members of our families sub house I still have a right to meet my father. He has to judge if I am worthy to be considered his son and if not then I get sent away from another ten years to be raised by someone else, someone of higher lineage and rank.

Now as I sit on my stone bed in my doll crowded room reading a very large, very heavy and fairly complicated book there is a knock on my door as I notice nothing and continue reading whilst I scribble down random points on a sheet of torn paper.

From the knock an armored soldier appears as he slowly walks in with his spear pointed in front of him, “Sire? Is everything all right?”

I drop the book on my floor and grin at the soldier as he shivers, “yup! Everything is fine… why?”

He glances at me confused, “well Sire… today is your birthday and well…”

I grow narrowed eyed as I jump onto the floor are grasp a cloak from under my bed and throw in on top of my blue dress, then I go to a near by cracked mirror and settle my long blue hair with a circlet and look at myself for a moment both with a wide smile and a deep frown.

The soldier and I exit the room as I look back into my room, “you know... Divot I’ll probably never come back here…”

Divot puts his arm on my head and smiles, “I told you this moment would come where you would get so attached to that dump you wouldn’t want to leave it…”

I slap off Divot’s arm and replace my hair as I frown slouching as we walk, “I’ll never understand… why father didn’t just raise me himself…”

Divot pokes his head at my face and nuzzles my cheek with his face, “your fathers a powerful man that has an entire kingdom to maintain…”

I take my hand and wrap it around Divots waste as he does the same, “do you think… my sisters will be there?”

Divot nuzzles me again as we reach a large steel door with hundreds of runes inscribed around them and two soldier’s one a grinning male and the other his seemingly annoyed mate, both tugging and forcing the doors open as Divot takes his hand off from around me and places it to his side.

As we enter the throne room Divot gives me a teary look, “I don’t know if the young mistresses will be here but I’m sure they’re with you in spirit…”
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