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Drowtales Fanfic Ideas and Discussion Thread

Drowtales Fanfic Ideas and Discussion Thread

Postby razer666L » Wed Mar 07, 2018 12:57 pm

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to "Drowtales Fanfic Ideas and Discussion" thread. This is a place where you can post your Drowtales fanfic ideas and everyone can join in and discuss about them. :)

Your fanfic ideas can be either original (Moonless Age or Space Age) or crossover with other franchises. :D

Be civil in the discussion, please and no flaming, no trading insults, don't be rude and don't be condescending. Oh, and no "one-liner idea" posts. Please post your ideas at least with more than two sentences to provide context to all of us. Thank you. ;)

To start off with this thread is my Drowtales: Space Age + Mass Effect: Andromeda crossover idea.



Similar to the original Space Age story, the drow space stations and observation posts were under attack by kett forces, thus causing the drow to send a recon vessel to investigate. That's when the drow found a freighter drifting over the gas giant's asteroid ring. They attempt to communicate with the vessel several times but no responses are given, forcing the drow to board the ship to investigate.

The drow marines find the crew incapacitated and before they can figure out what has happened, the drow marines are ambushed by kett troops. As the marines are getting overwhelmed, a kett cruiser jumps out of FTL and appear next to the drow recon vessel before opening fire on it. The recon vessel suffers heavy damage and becomes crippled in space, while the drow marines are captured by the kett.

The recon crew manage to send a distress signal to their military headquarters before the ship is boarded and the crew are captured as well.

Several days later, as the drow prisoners just arrived onboard the Archon's flagship for exaltation, that's when Ryder and Co. sneak aboard the kett flagship, where they stumble over the drow prisoners, manage to free them and team up.
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