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Mending the Broken Bridge

Mending the Broken Bridge

Postby Hfar » Sun Nov 12, 2017 4:40 am

This is just a quick short-short story that I wrote about Merril and Mal. It takes place right after the end of the District War but before the second time skip.


It was a quiet day outside the Dutan’vir fortress. Hardly anything moved outside the partially ruined structure except for Merril’lin, a young lavender haired Kyorl'solenurn girl, and her two bodyguards as they came to a stop midway along the single bridge that led to the Dutan’vir’s ancestral home. The two guards looked around nervously while Merril’lin simply waited and looked across the rest of the bridge to the entrance to the Dutan’vir fortress.

Minutes passed. The guards limbered their weapons, ready for trouble. Merril’lin continued to wait patiently. Finally, with a loud creak that split the silence, the door to the Dutan’vir stronghold opened. Out marched two Dutan’vir warriors in full armor, swords at their sides. The man in the lead was tall and broad shouldered, his face unreadable but his posture suggested a man ready for a fight. This was Minka, one of the most respected members of clan Dutan’vir as well as their greatest champion.

Merril’lin’s bodyguards tensed. Merril’lin herself simply turned her attention to the other figure walking next to Minka. This particular Dutan’vir warrior did not look as intimidating as Minka, although he carried himself with a relaxed air that seemed out of place amongst the tension. His hair was short and tawny and he wore a sardonic smile that instantly made most people want to either like him or punch him.

The two Dutan’vir stopped a few feet from the Kyorl’solenurn delegation. Silence. Each group waited for the other to make the first move. Not too long ago the Kyorl'solenurn had waged war on the Dutan’vir in an attempted to crush the newly reborn clan. However, with the rise of the new Kyorl Holy Mother had come a cease in hostilities between the two clans and in theory both sides were on peaceable terms. In theory. After an awkward minute, one of the Kyrol guards cleared her throat.

“Lady Anahid sends her regards and once again offers any aid you need in the reconstruction of-“

The Kyrol guard stopped midsentence as Merril’lin began walking forward. Both guards stiffened, their hands going to their weapons. Minka narrowed his eyes at the little girl as she approached and watched her like a cat getting ready to strike. Apparently oblivious to the danger she was in, Merril’lin simply walked on pass. Minka raised a single eyebrow and turned his head to look as she approached the tawny haired Dutan’vir warrior.

Merril’lin and the warrior stared at each other, his expression still sardonic, hers unreadable. Finally Merril’lin smiled. It was a soft, genuine smile full of warmth and relief. The warrior's own smile disappeared and his face went blank. Finally he sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, looking uncomfortable and somewhat sheepish.

“So, no ‘Uwaaah?’” he asked. “No rambling predictions or new ideas for a-“

The warrior stopped as all of a sudden Merril’lin took a step forward and hugged him, burying her face in his armored chest. The warrior froze.

“I missed you, Mal,” she said in a small voice.

Mal’s expression suddenly softened and he looked down tenderly with eyes full of regret at the small girl hugging him. He pulled the gauntlet off one hand and affectionately rubbed the top of Merril’lin’s head.

“I missed you too, little seer.”

The atmosphere began to thaw. Although none saw it, Minka gave one of his very rare smiles and even the Kyrol guards seemed to relax. In the far distance the sound of everyday life beginning to stir could be heard and a young Kyrol seer let out a soft and contented “Uwaaah” into the dawning day.
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