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New Orthobbae High, Butlers Arc

New Orthobbae High, Butlers Arc

Postby Tsukiko » Fri Oct 28, 2016 5:39 pm

((In case anyone doubt, Zareh is Pastelapocalypse's; Anahid is Lunareth's, Kahru is Madea's, Reka and Boreyo are Code's, and nothing of this is serious. Also, yaoi stuff, though only soft here. Because MALE COUPLE.))
[[ALSO, kisses and fondling only. NSFW will obviously not be posted here!! ]]

Part 1

-Our classes have a cafe, on second floor... Please come visit for tea! Thank you for you attention!” Taldrin kept on his litany, feeling very awkward at coming to people.
Especially in this outfit... Taldrin wasn't sure what was the worst: all school seeing him wearing that fantasy-fueled clothing, or complete strangers seeing that...

But he kept distributing the leaflets nevertheless, standing straight and well-mannered in his special uniform.
His slightly puffed black tie was holding very nicely the collar of the white shirt, the dark grey long vest was perfectly cut on him and the same could be said of his lighter grey pants.
His immaculate white gloves were contrasting the colorful leaflets.

-He looks like a real butler!” He heard a girl say to her friends.
-Yes! Dutiful and serious like the real stuff! So class!” One of the friends added.
-Sure thing! But he's so tiny... That's adorable!”
-Adrorable and class!”
They giggled as the walked away, reading the leaflet.

The document was a presentation of the Butler Café and its menu, with pictures of the transformed classroom, of some of the offered cakes, and more importantly to the girls, of the differents butlers.
It wasn't only pictures, for these; small romantized descriptions were also given under the portraits.
Descriptions they had fun reading aloud in turn.

This righteous, dutiful knight butler, defender of purity and innocence, will protect and keep you safe from any evil while you enjoy our teas and cakes.”

This noble, rich prince butler, master of style and hedonism, will ensure good taste and beauty for your time at our café.”

This caring, good-hearted butler will made your stay in our café feel like a tea-time with your childhood friend.”

This serious, organized tiny butler will be at your side planning every detail so your tea go without a hitch.”

This gentle ninja butler from the shadows will be your discreet host, ensuring you can enjoy your drink and sweet in quietness and peace.”

We won't question your tastes. But definitely, you will feel a wonderful person by comparison after a tea with that butler.”

This remorseless and scheming butler will provide sadistic yet seemingly warm smile along with your treat.”

This massive and beefcake butler hides a golden heart but will smash off your worries mercilessly so you can enjoy your stay.”

Taldrin looked at the group of girls heading for the stairs, still giggling.
-Hello there, Mr Butler.” He turned, to face a new group. This time, it was adult women, circling him with camera on hand.
-What a cutie, you mind we take somepictures with you, boy?”
Taldrin sighed and asked himself how he ended in that mess...

It was few days ago, in their classroom.
They were discussing the School Festival, and trying to decide on an event for 1-A to hold for the occasion.
Taldrin was standing by the blackboard, writing suggested ideas.
But none of these were convincing the whole class.
It seemed like a sterile nightmare, and final decision Taldrin will have to take despite it likely implied many will be unhappy with it...
Until one idea was whispered behind Anahid.
From Taldrin's seat.
-Butler Café”
Taldrin looked at his occupied desk from where he stood. He wasn't even surprised.
-Zareh, this isn't your classroom, and it is my seat...” he calmly said, not losing his cool.
-But, dear folks of class 1-A, that's the BEST idea like, EVER. A joined even between two classrooms. The finest of our boys, at the glamourous service of visitors and futur students.”
Rumors and discussions spread a like wild fire.
-A collaborative work, boys of different years and style joining forces for a beautiful event...” Anahid thought aloud, knowing what class Zareh was from.
-She got it! She got it! Class 1-A, come on and unite on this world-changing goal! Let's destroy the barriers of birth, wealth, race! Let's give the world the beauty it desserves !” The Sullisin'rune noble teen exclaimed, inspired and hyped.

It was at the same moment the door opened on Kahru and his and Zareh's class president, looking for their escaped classmate.
-Kahru?” Anahid looked at her beloved senpaï
-Will be one of the butlers, obviously!” Zareh said, replying to what he thought was a question from Anahid. Unless he simply and truly wasn't minding the newcomers.
But this made Anahid stare at Zareh with a new intensity.
-My vote on the jointed Butler Café!” She said clear and loud.
-The what? Zareh?!” Kahru and the helpless 2-A class president asked together.
-Of course, as our class president, Taldrin have the obligation to be one of the butlers.” Anahid went on, still staring at Zareh as his smile turned into overjoyed grin.
-Thank you dear!”
-You're welcome, dear!” Anahid replied with the same happy politeness. That Val Sullisin'rune just made it possible to her to enjoy Kahru in such a dreamy outfit, she really felt glad to return the favor. “That was your plan from the start, right?” she then whispered to Zareh.
-I already have an outfit made to his measures.” He replied with a satisfied nod.

All went fast after that.
The few who weren't that eager with this idea still supported it, simply because since it was a jointed event it wasn't requiring all of the students to make it work, unlike the other ideas. So they could be free to simply enjoy the festival by themselves.
And once the situation was explained, Kahru and Zareh's president was eager to convince 2-A students in joining.

And that how Taldrin was now in butler outfit, handing leaflets and promoting a Butler Café he was part of...

Zareh was walking around the school, looking for Taldrin.
And enjoying how extra classy the butler uniform looked on him. This whole event was the great chance he dreamt of to show the world his educated, theatrical and disarming charms.
But the world wasn't enough, it was to Taldrin he wanted to show it!

Eventually, Zareh spotted a very uneasy Taldrin pressed by adult women for group picture.
-Excuse me, ladies”, Zareh gently inteferred. “This tiny butler is too precious for your cameras to handle it so easily. Besides...”
Pulling the women aside as a saint dividing the sea on his way, he grabbed Taldrin in a loving embrace. His hand travelled from Taldrin's chest to under his chin, lifting his head so to face his leaning lips. His lips leaning very very close to Taldrin's.
-Senpai!” Taldrin weakly protested “This is improper!”
Zareh's lips kept on their predatory way to Taldrin's, almost kissing him and only stopping at a hair distance. And finally changing course to land a little cheek kiss.
-You are absolutely right. It is indeed improper to kiss in front of complete strangers when actual clients are waiting in the café.”
It was only then that Taldrin became aware of the flashing cameras around them.
And aware of the groups of blushing young (and not so young) female visitors.
-P-Please don't mind too much that flirtatious idiot and come enjoy our cafe on second floor! He will behave more!”
Zareh was still holding his small counterpart, his foxy grin was back. It was time to prove his love for Taldrin -and the fun he kept having embarrasing him- could merge with sharp sense of business.
-Or, wonderful ladies and gentlemen, you could mind us much more and come patron me so that I DON'T behave around this adorably tiny butler!” He said high and clear as he suddenly lifted Taldrin so to carry him in his arms.
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Re: New Orthobbae High, Butlers Arc

Postby Tsukiko » Sat Nov 05, 2016 9:50 pm


The gossips from earlier encounter between Taldrin and Zareh quickly spread among “yaoi” fangirls, rumors growing at every recounting of the scene and at every tweet, feeding them with the promise of real material for their fantasies at the Café....

Nuru witnessed the hall scene earlier, and as one such fan, she got fully over her crush on her class president.
Instead, she now fully shipped her brother with Taldrin.
This was to be her cause and goal.
On this moment, she was proud of her brother on two levels; first the idea of patroning the yaoi flirt was to bring a LOT of customers hence money for the school trip funds.
Secondly and most importantly to her, that was a perfect couple of opposites; the tall, popular, carefree, theatrical and definitely dominant prince and the small -that even was his name!-, aloof, reliable, model-student and definitely to be dominated poor commoner... That was to make any fangirl squeal in joy!
Now that she thought of it, Taldrin was somehow a dominant over Zareh too. After all, Zareh was more sort of hopeless case to all teachers for the little efforts he put on his studies, while Taldrin was a class-president and fencing champion!
It was a reversing dynamic... Was it also reversed in the bedroom?
-Kyaaaa!" Nuru squealed by herself, imaginating the scene.
-You saw them, yes?" The girl in front of Nuru was a member of the current Student Council, and member of the Arts club. "The butlers. In the hall."
-Yes, that was so..."
-Beautiful." The girl ended Nuru's reply.
They exchanged a knowing and pleased smile.
-Say, you are the "fox-prince"'s sister, ain't you?"
-Half sister, yes."
-And "boys love" to you is...?"
-What I cherish from the bottom of my heart!"
The girl in front of Nuru nodded and handed her a piece of paper.
-A quick sketch as the inspiration came but so little time... I thought of starting a secret club about it, what do you say?" She asked as Nuru looked.
It was a drawing of Zareh and Taldrin naked, theirprivates concealed by some steam, standing chest to chest, and holding each other on leash.
Nuru hold the paper with a trembling hand.
-S-SEMPAI!" She cried with a tear in her eyes as she jumped in her new friend's arms.

Upon returning to the Butler Café with her new friend, Nuru could only see the queues of girls that formed at the entrance. "Kahru waiting line" said a sign at the beginning of the smallest queue.
"T+Z waiting line" said another sign.
The two girls looked again at each others and grinned.
-Sempai, I'm afraid at this rate our new club won't be secret for long!" Nuru said, giggling.
-If that's the Goddesses will, I accept it. Now remember, secretary Nuru, what your mission is."
-Collect datas for the club and protect the fox and mochi's alchemy, sempai!"

Inside the classroom, Taldrin was really uneasy at all that new and sudden attention upon him.
Yet, he was impressed by Zareh’s actual social ease. He was really natural at it!
Taldrin took upon himself, encourage by Zareh's gentle smiles, and focused on showing good exemple ofhard work for all the others.

But Zareh was giving Taldrin more than nice smiles...
He got it that some girls were enjoying the male-on-male thing, but were the soflty whispered nicknames, the slightly wandering hands and gropes really necessary?

With a starting headache from repressing his anger and annoyance as Zareh's hand was dangerously close to fondle his butt as he was pouring tea for the girls at their table.
-Please, focuse on our clients.” Taldrin said, deadpan and icy.
-Oh, but I am.” Zareh took Taldrin’s hands, kissed and licked them a little, under the growing enthousiam of the girls. “These oh-so-beautiful ladies warming our hearts like summer flowers in the middle of winter…”
-It’s fall.” Taldrin cut his butler partner. But that wasn't to really stop him.
-Our summer flowers patron me to confess and show my affection for you." Zareh's gentle smile disappeared, letting him adopt Taldrin's deadpan expression. "I can only oblige."

With that, Zareh grabbed Taldrin by the coat and pushed him backward, deep on the couch. In the same movement, Zareh knelt over Taldrin on the couch, almost sitting on him and took a firm hold on his wrists.
-So, my cute tiny president, who's in charge now?" Zareh asked, with the same deadpan look and physically dominating his lover.
All while the clients gasped and flashed pictured.

By all Goddesses, Taldrin really felt a prey cornered by an angry and uncompromising beast, it was a bit scary... And arousing.

Zareh kept staring at Taldrin. His clear blue eyes staring back, that so tiny first-year looking so vulnerable ... And his little lips... Not uttering protest whatsoever...
Before he realized it, his lips was on Taldrin's. But it was too sweat and good to listen to reason telling him he was giving their guests too much of it.
He wanted it so much.
He wanted his cute and serious butler all for himself, that was the big flaw of his plan... Couldn't he have just a little bit more?
As their tongues met, Zareh knew he really had to restrain himself more. Or, like the pleased grunt that just escaped him, he'd lose all control.The last thing he needed was a visible erection in the middle of butler service!
Slowly but still holding Taldrin, he moved back. Looked at the flustered little model-student at his mercy.
-Our pocket butler class-president is so shy!” He exclaimed joyfully as he took his seat back. “I promise I’ll only kiss you when the need for it is too unbearable to refrain!” Zareh observed his boyfriend for less than a minute before grabing and kissing Taldrin again, generating a stream of hysterical cheers from the girls.
-Unbearable already?” Taldrin asked, trying to regain his serious composure.
-Yup.” Zareh childlishly nodded, his foxy grin back.
-Try to moderate yourself a bit, please. We're working, here." What would be the use of getting angry at Zareh being Zareh?
-Yes sir!"

All the free time she had free from her charity club's events, Anahid spent it at the Butler Café, requesting and monopolizing her Kahru by her side.
She enjoyed being pampered by Kahru, who looked even more classy and gentleman than usual.
She had to admit, that was an awesome idea, and she'll make sure to get that outfit home for later use!

But at some point she felt sorry for her class-president and that fox-boy; Taldrin sure had a lot of attention from his boyfriend but what they needed was alone time.
While enjoying the chitchat with her handsome butler, Anahid kept stirring her tea.
-Dear, this tea is better hot.” Kahru said, surprised by her unusual way or drinking -or rather, not drinking- her tea.
-Like a certain butler.” Anahid whispered to herself.
Anahid smiled and giggled.
It was then that Zareh passed by, bringing back used and emptied cups.
And it was then Anahid stood up, tripped on her own dress, and spilled her cup of cooled tea on the Sul.
-What an unfortunate accident!” She exclaimed, sounding all contrite while her hand quickly moved to conceal her satisfied smile.
Zareh looked at her, once the initial surprise let him understand what just happened.
-Yeah! Yeah it is, what now, you're going to clean m-” He froze, not needed the disapproving expression on Anahid's face to understand. “Ooooooooh! Nicely done, miss! I like you! Hey, Kahru! Look after that friendly angel better and serve her new tea! Gee!”

Zareh turned around. “Taaaaaaldrin!” He called, whining. “I need your help! My shirt and pants are all diiiirt!”
-You only need to wash it and change.” Taldrin calmly said, cleaning a table before next clients arrived.
-But I don't know HOW! You're my tiny and resourceful husbandly butler, and... And it buuuurns!” He lied. “It hurts so much!” Zareh skillfully insisted, to the point Anahid doubted a second on the coldness of the tea she “accidentally” spilled on him. “I need your comforting and help! Taldrin!”
-Stop saying such embarrassing things like that! Come on!” Taldrin blushed and lead Zareh off to the Cafe's changing room.

“Ah, all it took to help love these days!” Anahid thought, as she very naturally spilled the milk jar on Kahru.
-Oopsie.” She absent-mildly commented.
-Well, the butlers changing room is busy and I'm not part of the staff... But I believe your fencing club is out of activity right now... Let's wash your poor pants!” She said, giggling, as she happily dragged him off.
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