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Beyond the Nethergate - Chapter 21 - DT/DS Crossover

Re: Beyond the Nethergate - Chapter 18 - DT/DS Crossover

Postby SFI » Sun Mar 11, 2018 12:56 pm

Kel’noz’ tainted volunteer arrived the next day at the Beldrobbaen. It was a former Kyorl’solenurn, having been part of the Sarghress Mae’yukir since during the Nidrachaal War. Knowing his taint was soon going to overwhelm him, he didn’t care that much about any kind of risks regarding those from beyond the gates studying the taint.
Though he did feel uncomfortable; they had been silently studying him for half an hour now, their glowing eyes never leaving his body. Waes’soloth and her children were in the room as well, though she seemed to be teaching them the fae-way of writing and reading, something she had not been able to do beyond the gates.
“What say you?” Sablo looked at his white-haired family-members, ignoring the bald man beside him. Samael didn’t seem to care all that much, paying more attention to the fae behind him than the one standing in front of them.
“How long was it since you were tainted?” Metatron’s shining white eyes never once left the Mae’yukir’s shoulder.
“A little less than forty years, sera.” He remembered the day; pain in his shoulder had heralded the reddening of his eyes.
“Unplanned, yes?” Grace rose in her bronze armour, fingers trailing through the air around his shoulder. “And you were an adult?”
“Yes.” He resisted the urge to twitch at her closeness.
They withdrew then, talking amongst themselves.
“Have a drink.” Waes’soloth herself meandered over, offering him a beautifully-made Beldrobbaen-goblet with water. It was more than a little disconcerting.
“Thank you.” Unsure how to proceed – she had been an Ill’haress for far longer than he had been alive, after all – he merely accepted it, taking a hesitant sip. A small smirk curled her lips, the older female being more than able to tell his train of thought.
“Well, let’s try this then.” Grace returned to their side. “This should not hurt, but alas. Science can have unforeseen results.”
“Your verdict is positive then?” The black-haired female moved aside, sitting down on the couch in the room.
“It is.” Sablo rested his hand on the man’s shoulder, pushing lightly. “Sit down.”
Instinctively he looked for guidance of the other drow nearby. Only when the Beldrobbbaen gestured to the ground with a light nod did he do as asked, sitting cross-legged in front of people no one really knew what they were capable of. “What… what are you going to do?”
“Testing a theory.” Samael mused. “Granted, I still say that we should ask Azrael or Laylah to assist.”
“No need to waste their time for something that might well not work.” Metatron countered him. “If we in concert cannot do this, then they will not be able either.”
“As said, it should not hurt.” Gabriel appeared at his back, resting her hands on his shoulders. “Shall we?”
For those with the sight of souls it took many fae-lifetimes to hone, the taint before merging – either by falling to the demon or Snadhya’s method – was a tumour.
And tumours could be excised by one who had such skills.
That was the theory the ambassadors wished to test; there were among their people those who were capable of wielding souls with much more skill than even the Jaal’darya. Now, it was to be determined if the tumour of the taint could be removed without harming the host and preferably the poor soul condemned to being a taint as well.
Two of those that turned to testing this theory were accomplished Necromancers – not that the Chelians knew this – while two others were Firstborn of Heaven and Hell respectively, whose power knew precious few equals.
Waes’soloth returned the test-subject to the Sarghress in one of the Beldrobbaen’s sumptuous carriages, saying nothing of what transpired.
She informed those that came to carry him away to make sure he ate well to recover his strength.
Shortly after the Beldrobbaen had returned to her fortress, Itan’sha the Dev’ess of the Mae’yukir confronted Kel’noz about what had happened there.
It took Quain’tana’s son only a little time to realize why she had done so. Upon meeting the Drowussu he had send to his former lover, he was not greeted by blood-red eyes, but pale green, matching his short hair.
Of the taint, there was no trace.
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Re: Beyond the Nethergate - Chapter 19 - DT/DS Crossover

Postby SFI » Sun Apr 01, 2018 7:33 pm

“What did you do!?” Kel’noz all but stormed into the rooms Waes’soloth now used – having insisted that Hile’wen keep the rooms of the Ill’haress since she spend half of her time still in the Sarghress-fortress..
“Hello to you too.” She looked up from where she was sitting with her two youngest daughters. “I am currently teaching my daughters the Drow-tongue, but I assume that is not what you came here for.” She handed the book to one of the girls, gesturing for them to leave. They obeyed, fading into their customary smoke and trailing outside. Only once they were gone did she pat the couch beside her. “Well?”
“Did you actually manage to remove a taint?” Kel’noz was meanwhile too agitated to sit down, instead prowling in the room like a caged animal. “Is that what your son needed a test-subject for?”
“It was covered early on that they have arts we can barely dream of.” She looked in amusement at her former lover looking like his world had been turned upside down. Then again, his world had been quite turned upside down with this particular revelation. She was quite happy she had refrained for showing him all the big and flashy arts when he first asked. “If it helps, it does seem like it is not something every random person on their streets can do. Completely aside of the novelty-factor, they were exhausted afterwards.”
“That doesn’t help as much as you might think it does.” He finally dropped onto the couch. “First the massive amounts of food and now healing of the taint!? They’ll make themselves enemies before we even get to Moon’s End and their exhibition-matches.”
“Well, that’s not really a ‘them’-problem, is it?” She leaned back lightly. “We have no way of getting to their homes. If they feel this turns sour, they’ll just leave and blockade us. Problem solved.”
“It’s all just a powerplay…” He realized, not even waiting for her nod. “Just like when Diva threw a good many assassins at Mother for her first official meeting. She didn’t honestly expect those assassins to do anything, she just wanted to show Quain what she can – could – afford to waste.”
“Exactly.” Waes’soloth agreed. “Only here it’s more a ‘look at some of our finest and despair’…”
“Lovely.” Kel’noz dryly countered. “I can see why you suggested I take a vacation while this is going down. So how afraid should I be that Moon’s End is going to cause drama?”
“Well, at the moment the line-up is me against Sablo and Grace and Gabriel against one another.” She vaguely gestured to the part of the rooms where the others were. “Both Metatron and Samael are powerhouses as well. I’m just hoping they won’t decide to have a match. From what I gathered, that would get really messy.”
“Oh Goddess above.” He groaned. “Let me guess, I’ll have to use a spatula to get you out of the ring?”
“Depending on what mood he is in, I think Nishi is a better bet for my survival.”
Perhaps the worst part was that he knew that she was only partly joking. “Should we introduce Sil’lice to him then?”
“He’s already married.” The female laughed softly. “And he’s far to gentle – by their standards – to like Sil’lice. I heard the rumors, Kel. This month has allowed me to get somewhat up to date again.”
He gave her a small smile, only to shoot up from his seat when someone opened the door. It was Samael, seeming like he was filling the door-opening despite being a good bit smaller. “Why does everyone just barge in?” Waes’soloth demanded sharply. “What is it?”
“Word from beyond the gate will arrive in a couple minutes.” The red-skinned male meandered inside. “So I’d like your little boytoy to pass a message to his mother.”
Kel’noz almost snarled, just barely stopping himself from giving his opinion about being called a ‘boy-toy’, but Waes’soloth was not as composed.
“Careful with your words, Samael.” The newest arrival outbulked her by a fair margin, but she got up close and personal as darkness filled the room. “You seem to forget who he is.”
“So do you.” His teeth were even sharper than those of her son, looking for all intends and purposes like they could rip chunks of flesh of a dragon like it meant nothing. “He is nothing in the grand scale.”
“He is a Nephilim’s ‘nothing’, and we well remember what happened the last time someone forgot that.” Waes’soloth’s darkness left only them now, all else hidden from view. “Speak your message, oh Lord of the Second Kingdom.”
“A sparring-challenge for his mother, for during the Festival.” He leaned forward lightly. “And mind your words, Nephilim Whore.”
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Re: Beyond the Nethergate - Chapter 20 - DT/DS Crossover

Postby SFI » Sat Apr 28, 2018 7:10 pm

An impressive floating ship launched from the Beldrobbaen at the start of the Moon’s End Festival – somehow. It barely fit through the towers between the district and its’ destination; the Council Dome where once Diva’ratrika had ruled from.
“How the nether did they even get that through that portal?” Quain’tana muttered, watching it descend carefully to such a height that the passengers could dismount.
“Not full-size.” Waes’soloth was standing beside her, the half-breed twins flanking her. “How else do you expect them to carry their gifts around? They don’t do slavery, remember?”
“Carriages are a thing, you know.” The Sarghress Ill’haress resisted the urge to shield her eyes from the reflections from the ship. “So my opponent is on there as well?”
“Probably. I am not all-knowing about them. I have been there for 20 years, that is not that long.” The Beldrobbaen smiled gently at the female beside her.
“Any idea what they intend to give us?” Nega’fanea wondered, raising one eyebrow when the ship stopped and people appeared at the railing. “I am not sure they placed themselves in such a way as to be able to put a gangway or stair to get off.” The ship was in fact still hovering over the stairs leading up to the entrance, with both sides still being quite high up.
Before the scarred woman could answer, Nega’fanea’s statement was disproven when one of the women at the railing jumped and glided down to solid ground, almost like Ariel would do it with her air-sorcery.
“Grandmother!” Below them, the ambassadors rushed forward to greet the female. She was smaller than them, dressed in immaculate white and blue silk adorned with feathers.
“I did not know she would be here though…” Waes’soloth muttered darkly, shifting a bit to leave Quain’tana’s side in favour of Zala’ess’. “Where is Sarv’swati, Zala’ess?”
“In the Sharen-tower, I didn’t want her to disrupt things. Why?” The Sharen Val’Sharess answered softly.
“That is Laylah, the grandmother they mentioned when talking about the effects of the Nether Arts on their world. The one that cannot do her job properly now.” The black-haired female looked up at the ship with narrowed eyes. “Why did they think she’d be a good idea to deliver their gifts?” She sighed, pushing aside her hair. “Let’s hope she has calmed down, no?”
“If she hasn’t, it’ll make us seem reasonable, so that works fine for me.” In what might be the most blatant display of power-disparity, a woman appeared behind the fae in what could best be described as a gout of flame. “Still running around with those scars, darling?”
Waes’soloth’s face shifted at the voice and Quain’tana was surprised to see naked fury flash across the scarred features for a few moments before the other woman caught herself.
“I find it a soothing reminder of your master’s demise.” The drowolath countered evenly, merely glancing at the green-tinted female behind her. “Don’t you?”
Now it was the other female’s turn to have her face contort in anger. “How dare…!?”
“That is quite enough, Samigina, my daughter.” Samael’s voice cut through her anger, silencing her at once as he walked up the stairs to join them. “I know I asked Seere to be here instead of you for precisely this reason. Begone and fetch him.”
“Begone.” The green woman snarled at her father, disappearing again in another flame. “Waes, is antagonizing her really necessary?”
“Ask his Firstborn, she will tell you.” The fae met his eyes evenly. “Do not presume that I have forgotten what part your… brood played in making me lose mine.” That statement was greeted with narrowed eyes from Kel’noz. While he knew that Waes took losses of her children hard, this would be the first time she didn’t even allude to it around him.
“And here I thought my trouble with tainted would be the worst show around.” Laylah had been walking just behind Samael, her grandchildren following her closely. “Though they assured me that the ‘Val’Sharess’ is not to blame for this?”
“I was deceived by my elder sister into the matter, yes.” Zala’ess nodded lightly, studying the other female through her eyelashes and ignoring Quain’tana’s snort beside her. The new arrival didn’t seem like something as close to a goddess as the others had described her and with no aura to speak of, it was near impossible to gauge her abilities with arts.
“We’ll leave it at that then and speak of it after the Festival.” The white-clad female closed in, sketching a small bow. “I shall introduce myself properly then; I am Laylah, first - surviving - sister of Michael and Metatron, rulers of the White City and governess of conception across Creation.” Shining white eyes flitted to Quain’tana at that statement, seemingly boring into the armour-covered womb for a brief moment. “And maternal grandmother to the elder half-breeds, so to speak.”
“Now, how are these gifts usually exchanged?”
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Re: Beyond the Nethergate - Chapter 21 - DT/DS Crossover

Postby SFI » Fri Jan 04, 2019 2:46 pm

The gifts would have constituted a great feat of Jaal'darya arts, but something told the Ill'haresses that they were natural. Perhaps the grandest gifts were for the Sarghress and Sharen.
"I will freely admit, I didn't know another way to keep either of you from being insulted." Waes'soloth snorted lightly. "You beter appreciate the arguments I had about this."
"Oh?" Laylah had briefly returned to the ship to fetch the last two gifts, leaving them waiting.
"My mother's kin rarely gift those things." Grace stood beside Nega'fanae, who had received a magnificent bird of prey, feathers glowing in all colours of the rainbow. "People are more likely to get the main guards as mercenaries."
Waes'soloth nodded lightly in agreement.
"Now I am really curious about what they're going to get." Rel'lumia mused, carefully cradling the sapling she held. It seemed cast from platinum and gold, but the plant was very much alive. A fact that had been proven when the Nal'sarkoth had made it grow to twice its' original size with her arts.
"War-steeds." Laylah returned, two massive beasts flanking her. The catlike beings were pure snow-white, clad in armour of silver and gold. "Two ortho-stallions." It took the watchers a few moments to realize that they were feathered. Despite that she was not holding any reigns, they were obediently following her. "I hope they are to your liking?"
"They are impressive." Quain'tana slowly approached, unlike Zala'ess who seemed mildly intimidated.
"Don't say that too loudly." Gabriel spoke up. "They are smart and they will never let you forget the statement." The beast nearest to her seemed to preen at the statement.
"Take your pick, Empress." The White City-delegate stated softly. "Though I would warn you against riding these any time soon. They can be a touch... complicated to the untrained."
"They are certainly a fair bit larger than any of our mounts." Quain'tana mused. "Still, would they be that different from my wolves or Ash'waren's cats?"
"Perhaps not when they walk." Laylah chuckled lightly. "Not very perceptive, I take it? Sablo, if you could?"
"Certainly." The black-haired male broke away from the other half-breeds. "If I may?" Surprisingly, he had not adressed any of the fae, but the beast nearest to him. Only after it had inclined its' head in accord did he mount, jumping up on the back that was higher than his head with one large leap.
"You might want to back off a bit." Waes'soloth pulled Quain'tana back. Before the Sarghress could ask why, it became obvious when Sablo turned the steed, which promptly spread massive wings and after a few hops took to the air. It climbed up high, flew a couple circles and landed smoothly back on the ground.
"They are warsteeds after all." The silk-clad female chuckled softly as her grandson dismounted.
"I will admit I didn't expect they'd be flying warsteeds." Zala'ess hesitantly moved closer, slowly reaching for one of them. "I am surprised you'd give away two of them like this."
"Just don't try to pit them against one another, that'll end poorly for everyone involved."

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