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Beyond the Nethergate - Chapter 18 - DT/DS Crossover

Re: Beyond the Nethergate - Chapter 18 - DT/DS Crossover

Postby SFI » Sun Mar 11, 2018 12:56 pm

Kel’noz’ tainted volunteer arrived the next day at the Beldrobbaen. It was a former Kyorl’solenurn, having been part of the Sarghress Mae’yukir since during the Nidrachaal War. Knowing his taint was soon going to overwhelm him, he didn’t care that much about any kind of risks regarding those from beyond the gates studying the taint.
Though he did feel uncomfortable; they had been silently studying him for half an hour now, their glowing eyes never leaving his body. Waes’soloth and her children were in the room as well, though she seemed to be teaching them the fae-way of writing and reading, something she had not been able to do beyond the gates.
“What say you?” Sablo looked at his white-haired family-members, ignoring the bald man beside him. Samael didn’t seem to care all that much, paying more attention to the fae behind him than the one standing in front of them.
“How long was it since you were tainted?” Metatron’s shining white eyes never once left the Mae’yukir’s shoulder.
“A little less than forty years, sera.” He remembered the day; pain in his shoulder had heralded the reddening of his eyes.
“Unplanned, yes?” Grace rose in her bronze armour, fingers trailing through the air around his shoulder. “And you were an adult?”
“Yes.” He resisted the urge to twitch at her closeness.
They withdrew then, talking amongst themselves.
“Have a drink.” Waes’soloth herself meandered over, offering him a beautifully-made Beldrobbaen-goblet with water. It was more than a little disconcerting.
“Thank you.” Unsure how to proceed – she had been an Ill’haress for far longer than he had been alive, after all – he merely accepted it, taking a hesitant sip. A small smirk curled her lips, the older female being more than able to tell his train of thought.
“Well, let’s try this then.” Grace returned to their side. “This should not hurt, but alas. Science can have unforeseen results.”
“Your verdict is positive then?” The black-haired female moved aside, sitting down on the couch in the room.
“It is.” Sablo rested his hand on the man’s shoulder, pushing lightly. “Sit down.”
Instinctively he looked for guidance of the other drow nearby. Only when the Beldrobbbaen gestured to the ground with a light nod did he do as asked, sitting cross-legged in front of people no one really knew what they were capable of. “What… what are you going to do?”
“Testing a theory.” Samael mused. “Granted, I still say that we should ask Azrael or Laylah to assist.”
“No need to waste their time for something that might well not work.” Metatron countered him. “If we in concert cannot do this, then they will not be able either.”
“As said, it should not hurt.” Gabriel appeared at his back, resting her hands on his shoulders. “Shall we?”
For those with the sight of souls it took many fae-lifetimes to hone, the taint before merging – either by falling to the demon or Snadhya’s method – was a tumour.
And tumours could be excised by one who had such skills.
That was the theory the ambassadors wished to test; there were among their people those who were capable of wielding souls with much more skill than even the Jaal’darya. Now, it was to be determined if the tumour of the taint could be removed without harming the host and preferably the poor soul condemned to being a taint as well.
Two of those that turned to testing this theory were accomplished Necromancers – not that the Chelians knew this – while two others were Firstborn of Heaven and Hell respectively, whose power knew precious few equals.
Waes’soloth returned the test-subject to the Sarghress in one of the Beldrobbaen’s sumptuous carriages, saying nothing of what transpired.
She informed those that came to carry him away to make sure he ate well to recover his strength.
Shortly after the Beldrobbaen had returned to her fortress, Itan’sha the Dev’ess of the Mae’yukir confronted Kel’noz about what had happened there.
It took Quain’tana’s son only a little time to realize why she had done so. Upon meeting the Drowussu he had send to his former lover, he was not greeted by blood-red eyes, but pale green, matching his short hair.
Of the taint, there was no trace.
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