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Command & Conquer 3: Hypothetical Drowtales Mod

Re: Command & Conquer 3: Hypothetical Drowtales Mod

Postby Gunbird » Mon May 02, 2016 7:16 pm

I haven't really figured out the names and descriptions for most of the units but here's my list. I'll add more content later. Maybe some buildings in fortifications. The drow are going to use conventional factories, right?

Balvhakara Units:
- Infantry:
Mana riflewomen Squad
Cannon Squad
Foci grenadiers(normal foci not Tiberium foci)
Mana Sniper team
Melter-This solder use her metal sorcery to disable weaken and even destroy most
metallic structures and equipment.
Assassin - The clans equivalent of a commando.

- Vehicles:
Crab golem
Colector golem
Rooster-a heavily modified Illhar’dro siege Golem
Factory golem- Drow equivalent of a MCV
Artillery golem-Fires a metal projectile a extremely high speed like a railgun but it uses mana instead of electricity.
Battle carriage-a sort of hover APC.

- Aircraft:
Firefly-Unmanned reconnaissance golem.
Skyshark- Amphibious/VTOL attack craft.

- Superweapon:
Mist bomb- It's not really a bomb in a conventional sense, but a metal sphere that has concentrated missed inside of it. Its launch from a mortar golem and uses a timer to release a large amount of energy before it hits the ground.

- Epic Unit:
Queen crab.-On dry land this hermit haven't been crab shaped Gollum is weak against other "epics" on dry land. However once it's in water it becomes a Navy's worst nightmare due to its maneuverability underwater and it's tremendous firepower.

What units would set up for the drow clans Obsidian?
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