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Dark Skies [Multi-Crossover]

Dark Skies [Multi-Crossover]

Postby aceofAces » Mon Oct 05, 2015 2:37 am

08.22.1078 Moonless Age

"That's an insane lightshow..."

Quill'yate couldn't help but overhear the voice of one of the raiders watching the skies through the mist. Whatever it was, it was bright enough to be seen through the mists that covered the Val'Sarghress outpost town. The shimmering curtains of blue and green crossing the skies drew the gaze of everyone in the town, energy crackling through the air as thunder rumbled off in the distance.

Quill'yate herself wasn't so much hypnotized by the majesty as she was by the knot forming in the pit of her stomach. Something about the mysterious lights made her on edge, but she couldn't quite place it. There was a certain menace to them, like they were a prelude to something, and it didn't help that their movements were slowly becoming more erratic.

The Lights began to coalesce, churning in the sky like angry serpents, coiling an twisting around each other. Eventually they formed a bright mote of light radiating a bright blue aura, illuminating the land below, one of the nine moons clearly casting a shadow as the light shown down on it. Quill'yate stood perplexed at the sight, an entity capable of stealing the light of the ancient goddesses? Of making them cast shadows down on the world?

Her thoughts were silenced when the mote of light burst, cutting out and returning the world to the shadow of the night. A sudden wind picked up, whipping the mists away. Quill'yate could now see for miles into the Mist Sea and she stood in awe at what she found in the sky.

A massive gaping hole in the sky. Stars shone in its empty void, framed by a shimmering white aura, it's borders in constant flux. The moon that had once been bathed in light, was now slowly being consumed by the void, swallowed up by the widening hole. The moon began to crack and splinter apart, rocks flying out from it as it was torn asunder by the forces it was subjected to. Another moon in the sky suffered the same fate, ripped away by the widening hole in the sky.

Suddenly it dawned on her. The hole wasn't getting wider, it was getting closer.

"Unholy shit." Someone finally cursed, breaking the uneasy silence that fell over the fortress town.

"That thing's coming for us next!"

"Everybody get underground! Run for it!"

The town descended into chaos, people ran into their homes or for the tunnels connecting them to the underworld. Quill'yate stood, feet planted firmly on the ground. She wasn't budging from this spot, not when it wouldn't serve any purpose. All of them, Sarghress or not, drow or not, were now at the mercy of the void.

Quill'yate could see the air itself shudder under the forces of the void, a second wind, even greater than the first threatened to knock her off her feet. Quill'yate braved the wind , watching as the void began to swallow up the rim of the Mist Sea, the winds roaring in her ears as she fought to keep her footing.

Only when the void claimed her did she regret not fleeing with the rest...


So yeah here commences the insanity.

The first multi-crossover I've written, featuring factions from Drowtales, Halo, Mass Effect, Metal Gear Rising, Destiny, and Planetary Annihilation.

I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, just a heads up. I'm largely just doing this for shits and giggles.
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Re: Dark Skies [Multi-Crossover]

Postby ThatGuyThisGuy » Mon Oct 05, 2015 1:58 pm

Great start to this story, I would like to see more!
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Re: Dark Skies [Multi-Crossover]

Postby aceofAces » Thu Feb 11, 2016 8:19 pm

So I've made some changes to the fic a it, mainly to the lineup of franchises, removing Halo and Planetary Annihilation and adding (oh shit here we go) the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Legend of Korra, Supreme Commander, Steven Universe (because holy shit this show is adorable) and RWBY. Furthermore Metal Gear Rising is just straight metal gear as the Diamond Dogs from MGSV have been added as a faction.

I did this since I already have a Halo fic and the fact that SupCom and Planetary Annihilation and using these factions seemed redundant for their respective reasons. (instead Valor might get a few tweaks going forward to add the stuff I wanted to include here.)

Obviously this won't affect in the fic at present, but will affect the direction of the fic.

Now, on to the fic!


08.22.2016 [1078 MA]
World Marshal HQ, Unknown location

Steven Armstrong stood inside the expansive room, taking a good long look at his surroundings, a lit cigar held in his teeth. He took the cigar from his mouth and exhaled a cloud of white smoke as his free hand brushed a patch of dust off his suit. “Well this is a pain in the ass.”

The room was in shambles, the ceiling had given out and now rested on the floor, active electrical cables swinging and sparking overhead. The walls had cracks running up and down their length slate tiles having fallen off, the World Marshall logo now hung on a single rivet that bolted it to the wall.

Armstong sighed at the sight of the once pristine looking headquarters of the PMC. It looked like the whole tower had been picked up and dropped by some giant hand. Well that’s pretty much what had happened.

The event had been cataclysmic, a hole opening up in the sky swallowing up the building and dropping it down to god knows where. “I guess this’ll put a wrench in our plans.”

“I suppose it will.” A calm collected voice said behind him. Armstrong turned to see an eyeless cyborg standing atop a small pile of rubble.

“Monsoon, just the man I wanted to see…” Armstrong said with a smirk. “How’s the damage?”

“Most of the damage appears to be concentrated towards the bottom. It looks like it took most of the damage.” Monsoon reported, stepping off the rubble. “We’ll have to reinforce the lower levels to keep the building from collapsing.”

“Uh-huh.” Armstrong brought the cigar back up to his mouth. “And how about where the hell we wound up?”

“Ah now that is a little harder to answer.” Monsoon replied truthfully.

“You have no idea do you?” Armstrong tossed the cigar to the ground and put it out with his foot.

Monsoon smirked. “I have as much idea of where we are as one man can understand nature.”

“Pfeh.” Some days Armstrong couldn’t stand Monsoon’s ramblings. “Fine then, anyone you don’t need on the repair team can be sent out on a recon run. Find out where we are and where the closest civilization is.”

“Will do sir.” Monsoon said before turning and walking out through a hole in the wall.

Armstrong frowned staring at the still smoldering cigarette flattened to the floor. Well it appeared that the Colorado Senator was outside his area of expertise.

“Fuck today.”


08.22.3844 [1078 MA]
Unknown Location

On a far-away planet, completely alien in its terrain, stood a lonely forest of impossibly large trees. The massive trunks standing nearly a kilometer in height allowed them to fill the space in the canyon they called home. On the rim of the canyon was flat rocky terrain, dotted with sparse vegetation as it was difficult for these plants to take root.

Energy sparked on this rocky terrain, coalescing into a vortex as the vegetation around it ignited as the air ionized. A sudden flash dispersed the energy and revealed a single massive humanoid machine. Colored green and white the goliath stood alone atop the plateau.

Dana Rinael sat inside the cockpit of her ACU, the holographic display pulling up a window to connect her to one of the many cameras on the giant machine. “Right, time to flex the muscles.” She said to herself as she ran her fingers over the hologram, turning on the ACU’s resource locator. It identified multiple Mass deposits in the area. It wasn’t ideal but it would be a good start for the Aeon colony.

She selected both a blueprint mass extractor and a location for it to be placed and the ACU began moving engaging its constructor beam and deploying a construction gantry. As the ACU built the mass extractor Dana locked in the build order of the rest of the mass extractors and energy generators. Next she locked in the colony buildings, which would grow the colonists and house them for the foreseeable future.

Yes grow. The colonists were fertilized eggs held in cryogenic stasis onboard the ACU that would be put in growth vats inside the colony building’s upper levels which would accelerate growth of the embryos until they reached adulthood, after which they’d be released to live their lives as they saw fit.

“Well, looks like I’m gonna be alone for a few days.” Dana said to herself, resting her chin on the palm of her hand. “Or months.” She rolled her eyes at herself. “Yeah I’m doomed, I’m already talking to myself.”

“Warning, unknown contact detected.” A robotic voice said, pointing out a blip on her radar system and opening up a camera window. Dana swiped her fingers over the display, expanding the camera screen to show a burning object coming down from orbit.

“Pff.” She said. “It’s probably just an asteroid.”

“Negative.” The voice corrected. “Passive scans indicate that the object is symmetrical, is slowing it’s descent beyond normal atmospheric re-entry parameters, and is composed of an unknown material.”

Dana, while not convinced, added a military factory to her build order and placed it before the colony buildings. She’d need some engineers to get the defenses up in time if whatever this thing was had a hostile being aboard. “Maybe I won’t be bored to tears after all.”
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Re: Dark Skies [Multi-Crossover]

Postby MercenaryX21 » Thu Apr 21, 2016 5:23 pm

So I see supreme commander so far, but I don't know who the ones in the building are, still I am intrigued. Please keep going.
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