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official announcement from De'vess Nu'leera

official announcement from De'vess Nu'leera

Postby Torrin » Tue Jul 14, 2015 5:09 am

Earlier today I received news that Illharess Rel'Lumia Val'Nal'sarkoth has fallen in the chaos that has overtaken Chel’el’sussoloth. According to the note, I am told that Rel'Lumia's 'beast' guards slew her. I must assume that by 'beast' it was meant to say 'goblin'. I beg all who hear this not to jump to conclusions. We do not know how whoever reported this came to this conclusion, or, indeed, what the Vloz'ress could possibly have done to cause the events of the last few days.

Sadly, this is not the end of the story... I am told that our clan is no more. Yet our house survives. I am also told that the Val'Dutan'vir, which were extinct, have returned. So even if true, it may be that one day, the Val'Nal'sarkoth will also rise again. Until we know that day will not come, I will still respond to the title of De'vess, and to the title of Baroness given to me by the Halmes, though I do not know if either title has any meaning.

I have spent much of the day considering what we should do. Our tiny "city" of Che'colbauth has remained largely untouched by the wars, but we cannot hold forever. Nonetheless, vital trade routes may still depend on our presence. I have decided to remain here as long as we can and customers still depend on our presence. I will not hold anyone else to this decision. You are all free to go. Any slaves who wish to depart are to be immediately freed and given enough supplies to reach Nuqrah'shareh, Felde, or Machike. Those who leave and return later will be greeted with the same respect given to any other traveler who comes here. I ask only that you respect the sanctity of my home.

To those who choose to stay, I thank you, not as De'vess Nu'leera Ki'nil Val'Nal'sarkoth, but as Nuleera Kinil, keeper of this house.
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