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In Love's Eyes A Queen

In Love's Eyes A Queen

Postby Alric » Sun Mar 29, 2015 7:23 pm

And here's a nice, fluffy story with Tur'geis and Die'tra, since that seems to be the thing these days. In particular, when and how they decided to become mates for life. I'm also dedicating it to Lunareth, my muse and special someone who helped me at several points when writing the story, love ya!


“Heh, you weren't really angry, were you?” purred Die'tra as she ran her fingers across Tur'geis' broad chest. Her long white hair, some of it pulled into red braids, covered the two like a blanket and her feline green eyes met Tur'geis' ice blue ones once more as they spoke.

The tall, powerfully built male beside her chuckled, his right arm draped around her as they lay on the grass, the mist sea before them. “It doesn't matter now,” he said as he gave one of Die'tra's full buttocks a squeeze. His low, broad face spread into a wide grin as his blue eyes displayed deep mirth. “If it ends up like this, how could I be angry?”

Die'tra pressed even more snugly to her squad leader, giving him a deep kiss on the lips. “You certainly were rather spirited just now,” she laughed.

“How can I not be?” Tur'geis roared with laughter. “Beautiful females bring out the beast in me almost as a foe does,” he added with a wolfish grin.

Die'tra purred warmly, enjoying Tur'geis being so close to her as her fingers felt his taut muscles close under his skin. Oh, he had to be popular with females alright...and she was feeling more and more possessive of him ever since they first made love on the shores of Nuwa. Die'tra was also becoming quite certain that if she ever caught Tur'geis in bed with someone else she'd likely end up doing something regrettable. That said, it was a good thing Tur'geis had never been with another lover since they met. Knowledge of that fact sent many positive feelings racing through Die'tra's heart and mind.

“Oh? Which one would I be, then?” laughed Die'tra.

“Sometimes you're both!” Tur'geis retorted, silencing Die'tra with a kiss.

Die'tra lightly clapped Tur'geis on the side of the head, enjoying the moment despite it all. She then sighed heavily. “Well, that was fantastic...but we'd best be on our way back now. At least, before we both get worked up again.” The two had found a secluded area away from the Highland Raider camp in order to have their argument, but their absence would draw questions before long. The two reluctantly left each other's arms for the moment, collecting their clothes, weapons, and armor as they got dressed in a haphazard manner.

“Don't tempt me...” was Tur'geis sly response.

“Really? That might just be a good idea...” chuckled Die'tra, reaching over to run a hand down his lean torso, her fingers tracing over each of his abdominal muscles and stopping just below his navel before he rolled over and away from her to pick up his clothing.

Tur'geis took a good look at Die'tra as her shapely buttocks, broad hips, and full bosom waved goodbye as she pulled up her under armor, and was wholly unsurprised that she was taking a good luck at his own body as he did the same. Feeling that Die'tra was enjoying the view already, Tur'geis bent over to pick up his clothing, his thickly muscled back flexing as he leaned down. Die'tra watched intently, biting down on her lower lip as she saw the play of his muscles beneath his skin. She had always found muscular males to be attractive, and Tur'geis was no exception. Her desire to feel her lover overcame her and she reached over, lightly clawing at Tur'geis' back. The male officer tensed up, feeling a pleasurable sensation wash over him as she ran her fingernails across his back as if marking her territory, and he looked back over his shoulder with a wide grin.

Tur'geis had to admit he had become quite fond of her since their first meeting two months ago, but her stubbornness matched his. He often had to remind Die'tra who was wearing the red cloak, and their arguments often ended up with the two nude and thrusting. Of course, the two always ended up rather satisfied in the end, no matter the argument or the reason behind it. That said, the two couldn't shake the suspicion that they'd seen each other before. Die'tra had haunting memories of fierce ice blue eyes just like that of her lover staring at her in the midst of a frenzied battle. Tur'geis believed he had seen Die'tra's exotic beauty before many years ago, but he couldn't quite place where. He didn't think it was in a tavern bedroom somewhere after a few drinks. Was it when they were younger, or perhaps in a past life, even? Either way, it appeared highly auspicious to the superstitious barbarians.

Having packed up again, the two made their way back to camp. Someone had been hiring Blue Banner and Nine Swords mercenaries to stir up trouble in the Sha'shi region, and a few squads of Highland Raiders, including the Marauders, were sent out to protect the Sarghress' interests.

A few of their Raider subordinates greeted Tur'geis and Die'tra as they entered the fortified camp. The other Raiders might have ventured a guess as to what had transpired between the two, but they knew better than to openly inquire about such things.

“So there you are! About time you showed up, we were almost ready to leave without you!” chided a booming voice behind the Highland Raiders in front. Out from the field commander's tent stepped Milkan, the commander of the Sarghress Raiders in the region. He was a stockily built drowolath male of medium height with beady eyes, a broad smile, and close cropped red-dyed hair.

“Aw, you wouldn't be so cruel to leave us two out of the fun, wouldn't you?” replied Die'tra with a chuckle.

“They were having fun already, from the sound of it...” quietly muttered a voice from one of the Highland Raiders behind the two Am'saag.

“I wouldn't like to, we may be needing your mounts and sword arms. Those hired bandits have been sighted setting up camp up by those hills above the river. We'd best take them down before they get too entrenched,” explained Milkan. “They've also got some Sullisin'rune colony official and are holding her ransom. We can move in and grab her, saving our allies some coin if we do so.”

“You had me at 'setting up camp.' Now's the time for the feasting of swords!” proclaimed Tur'geis as he called over and climbed upon his faithful war mount, Bodark. There'd be time for more information on the way there.


Tur'geis peered over the side edge of the boulder that lay between the Highland Raiders and the mercenary camp several minutes' ride down river. There were a good number of the Nine Swords and some other mercenaries local to the area about on guard while slaves and hired servants set up camp. Bodark made a low growl as he too surveyed the immediate area. The flash of light blue clothing seized hold of Tur'geis' attention, and he saw a Sullisin'rune female chained up and sitting under the guard of two mercenaries next to a tent near the center of the camp.

“There's a lot of them, but if we strike now they'll be caught by surprise,” said Milkan, getting a look at the place from his own vantage point.

“You'll hear no complaints from us,” said Die'tra as she mounted up on Asena, the wolf hunching her back and lowering herself to the ground in anticipation of the fight ahead of her.

Milkan likewise climbed upon his wolf,'s back and waved his sword to assemble the over thirty Highland Raiders present for the raid. “Mount up and follow me! Let us redden our wolves' jaws!” he bellowed, drawing his sword and pointing it in the camp's direction before spurring his mount into a charge.

Tur'geis roared a fearsome war cry as he let Bodark charge out towards the camp, Die'tra and the rest of his unit following him in in a wedge formation.

It did not take long for the Nine Swords mercenaries to detect the thundering war band heading directly their way. Quickly they rushed to ready crossbows and mana arts while others formed up into pike squares to repel the Sarghress attackers as best they could. But the advantage of surprise and initiative belonged to the mounted Highland Raiders. Wolf, drow, and blade met each other in a fierce melee. Some of the Highland Raiders and their mounts fell to bolts, blade, and spear point, but the momentum of the Raider's charge decisively broke the mercenaries' defensive line. The two Nine Swords guarding the hostage hesitated, not willing to kill their bargaining chip yet concerned about the attack they now faced.

Die'tra and Tur'geis were at the tip of the Sarghress spear, their swords scattering blood as if it was water. Asena and Bodark smashed their way through the fragmenting defensive line, shrugging off the attacks of spears as if they were mere pinpricks and retaliating with glistening fangs. But their fury paled in comparison to the fighting madness that had descended upon their Am'saag riders. Tur'geis' sword flashed out in a glittering arc, shearing the arm and head off of one of the Nine Swords fighters in one blow. Die'tra chopped downwards with her sword, the blade driven through the armor of another by sheer momentum.

The two fought as if they were one in body, mind, and soul. Each covered each other's blind side perfectly, and none could stand before them. All who raised blade against them then was cut down like ripe wheat. In the midst of the charnel house that was the battle, Tur'geis glanced over his shoulder, his cold gaze meeting his love's green eyes. In that moment, he realized at once when and where they had met before. It was in a battle just like this one, when several Gimirri clans had united to raid a foreign settlement beyond the mist sea. How could Tur'geis have forgotten? It was one of Tur'geis' first battles, and so it was likewise with Die'tra. The local militia and guardsmen had managed to put up stiff resistance to the nomadic raiders, but could not stand up for long against the quick strikes and fury of the Gimirri warriors.

Not having a war mount of his own, Tur'geis had dismounted and fought on foot with the other young warriors. He'd done quite well for himself during the battle; though he hadn't yet seen thirty snows, his name was repeated around the dinner fires that night. But it was in the midst of the savagery and chaos of melee that he saw her. The very same female he loved and fought beside today. Their eyes had met then just as they had now.

Tur'geis snapped himself out of the brief period of distraction, berating himself for letting himself be taken off guard, if only for a second. Die'tra looked back at Tur'geis quizzically, not catching a rapidly approaching enemy from behind and to her left. But Tur'geis did, kicking Bodark into leaping over Die'tra and Asena to intercept the attacker, screaming out to warn Die'tra as he did so.

The approaching Nine Swords fighter was confident that Asena couldn't turn around fast enough to catch her, given that the wolf was currently preoccupied with fighting the mercenary's comrades. She brought her sword back to strike and leapt out at Die'tra while the Am'saag's back was turned, only to catch the blade of Tur'geis' sword in her side halfway.

Die'tra spun around as she heard Tur'geis cut down the unseen foe behind her. Cold, unflinching rage flared in Tur'geis' ice blue eyes as the slain warrior's blood sprayed across his face. Die'tra briefly marveled at his devotion and fighting prowess before returning to covering him, but she noticed a change in his expression and carriage, as if he was preoccupied by something.

Tur'geis forced himself out of his reverie and looked over at where he had seen the prisoner. The Nine Swords were clearly attempting to form up around her in a pike square to cover an escape with the hostage. But Tur'geis and Die'tra were on the opposite side of the other Highland Raiders; they could swoop in and grab the hostage from behind the enemy if they moved now, before the Nine Swords noticed them.

“Die'tra, up for a little game?” said Tur'geis dryly, motioning with his sword towards the gathered Nine Swords. He'd have to wait to tell Die'tra what he now knew about her.

“What?” asked Die'tra, confused for a moment as she looked over toward the captured Sullisin'rune. “Ah...” she then purred, understanding just what he meant by that. Every Gimirri worth her mount knew of the game buzkashi. Buzkashi, literally “goat dragging,” consisted of two teams of riders who attempted to seize a goat carcass from the middle of the field and bring it over to their side of the field successfully while fending off attacks from the other team's players. “I can go grab the little goat, Asena's more nimble. You and Bodark just need to cover me while I get her!”

“Easily done, old boy hasn't had his fill of blood yet, and neither have I!” Tur'geis laughed heartily. The two went off towards the enemy lines like a blast from a cannon. Tur'geis broke off momentarily from Die'tra and smashed into the enemy's still unprotected flank, his great war sword scattering blood and gore across the battlefield. Die'tra bypassed the guard still with the Sullisin'rune hostage, driving her sword down across his spear before taking his head with a quick swing. Having dispatched the only thing between her and the Sullisin'rune, she reached down and yanked the prisoner up and onto Asena behind her in one fluid motion.

“Hold on tight, little goat!” laughed Die'tra as they sped off on Asena. Die'tra quickly shot a look back to find her lover, seeing that he was still preoccupied vigorously fighting off the tide of enraged foes. She fought back the urge to dive into the melee so she could be with him once more, recognizing with a heavy heart that she needed to make sure the non-combatant was safe. I'll be back soon! she silently promised.

Die'tra quickly dropped off the rather queasy looking Sullisin'rune at the feet of Milkan's wolf. She took another, now longer, look back at from where she had just came. The Nine Swords were in retreat, but Tur'geis and Bodark were nowhere to be seen. “My commander needs our help, he stayed to cover me and I don't see him!”

“We can't spare anyone right now for a search party. They may counter attack, we don't know how many of them are there. We'd best get defenses ready and recover our wounded,” continued Milkan, shaking the blood from his sword as he spoke.

“But that's just another reason why we need to get him!” argued Die'tra, her green eyes blazing with unspoken defiance.

“You have your orders. We can't risk everyone just for one Raider now. Once we get settled in you can go with a search party,” replied Milkan coldly.

“To Hell with you!” Die'tra spat as she spurred Asena on towards the retreating enemy, ignoring Milkan's angry orders for her to stand down. Die'tra cared little for commanding officers, in truth. The only thing she and others of her kind respected was raw strength, and only the strongest had the right to rule. Any warrior had the right to seize command for themselves were they capable enough.

Asena bounded over the hill at the edge of the camp, picking up Bodark's scent rapidly. Die'tra looked about, keenly searching for any sign of Tur'geis. There were several dead and dying bodies about here, but fortunately for Die'tra they were all of the enemy. A sad howl came from the trees at the edge of the field. Asena quickened her pace at the sound and headed straight for the source. There stood Bodark, albeit with wounds scoring his white fur. He was currently sniffing and nudging at a pile of Nine Sword's bodies. Die'tra felt as if her heart had caved in on itself. She quickly leapt down from Asena's back and helped the two wolves push the corpses away. Beneath the mangled bodies lay Tur'geis' bleeding body. Die'tra quickly knelt low to check for any signs of life, her heart pounding as she desperately searched for any sign that Tur'geis was still alive.

Tur'geis blinked as he readjusted to the light; Die'tra looked for all the world to him as a warrior goddess to take him to Mag'mell. Die'tra reached down and quickly checked Tur'geis for concussions or any major injury, giving Tur'geis time to fully recover his senses and realize who she really was. Tur'geis wasn't disappointed.

“Well, this makes things easier,” he chuckled, feeling up his injuries as he slowly sat up.

“Don't get up so quickly! The battle's over...” Die'tra hastily replied, still concerned about any injuries Tur'geis may have sustained.

“Don't you remember?” asked Tur'geis, eyes fixated on Die'tra as he pushed away the corpses beneath him.

“...what are you talking about?” questioned Die'tra. She looked deeply into Tur'geis' pupils again to make sure he hadn't sustained a concussion.

“We've met before!” exclaimed Tur'geis, his tone rougher at Die'tra not taking him seriously.

“Yes! We're in the same squad, you fool!” yelled Die'tra, exasperated. “Did you get a hard blow on the head and forget our time on the island together?” She had been worried sick about him, and now this?

At that, Tur'geis fell back, laughing so hard he was left speechless. Die'tra looked on with a mixture of confusion and grave concern that the male she was having feelings for seemed to have been struck with madness. “Oh by Krom'krukaakh's bones! Much earlier than that! I mean the raid on the Astur'avati province! I saw you in battle all those years ago, surrounded by flashing blades and blood, your green eyes ablaze just as they are now. Do you remember?”

Die'tra's eyes met Tur'geis as she thought back to that time. It had been several years ago, back when she was very young, barely an adult in the eyes of the tribe. She thought back, thinking of the large melee she was involved in and she remembered a young male's pair of cold blue eyes; not uncommon at all among Am'saag, but the intensity of the gaze stood out. She felt like she could belong to the male who had such eyes. Her eyes widened as she realized that the male sitting before her was the very same boy, now fully an adult.

Die'tra could hardly believe it. Tur'geis had to be the same person. Had fate seen it fit for them to meet here, once again? How could it not be so? Without skipping a beat she pounced on Tur'geis and hugged him, momentarily forgetting his injuries. “Heh, you got bigger!”

“So did you!” exclaimed Tur'geis, hugging her tightly and planting a kiss directly on her lips.

Die'tra felt like the cares of the world melted away from her in that moment. Right now she felt welcome and safe with Tur'geis around and alive. She was coming to the conclusion that she couldn't imagine being without him, not after these months. “Tur'geis...you should be more careful next time,” she said softly, putting an arm about his broad shoulders.

“I know. But it's not going to happen. Just stay closer, alright?” said Tur'geis mirthfully. But his eyes betrayed his concern behind his humorous facade.

“You moron.” Die'tra gave Tur'geis a light slug on his armored arm, a sly smile breaking out across her face. “You better be on your guard, I'll surpass you easily enough!” she teased.

“Back when I saw you at Astur'avati...I actually asked around if anyone in my tribe had seen you. I don't remember too many dark elf girls running about, but no one else could give me your name. Maybe I could have met you sooner.” Tur'geis thought back on all those he had slept with since then. Some were memorable, close lovers, some not so much. But he'd have traded them all to be with Die'tra if he'd had the chance.

“Do you think that we all have someone we're fated to be with?” asked Die'tra, snuggling closer to Tur'geis.

Tur'geis pressed his forehead to Die'tra's, placing his hand on her chin to bring her gaze level with his. “Not before I met you.”

Die'tra blushed slightly, smiling widely right before Tur'geis pressed his lips to hers again, laying claim to her mouth with vigor. Die'tra wrapped her arms around her love's great back, pressing up against his body as he held the deep kiss for several moments.

“You're as strong and as fierce as the land which bred us. Be with me always on the battlefield and elsewhere; I cannot imagine life without you.” Die'tra rose up to her feet, her green eyes ablaze as she looked intensely down at Tur'geis. “Fate binds us together, can't you see that? I am khatun by fire, steel, and slaughter. Be my khaghan, Tur'geis!” she commanded.

Tur'geis likewise shot up to meet Die'tra, his powerful arms taking her and holding her tight in a tigerish embrace. “Then you'll ride with me wherever the winds take us. Not even Hell itself could sever us. You'll be my khatun, and my warrior goddess. Just as I saw you, your eyes and very soul ablaze when you pulled me from the corpses. Like Tabiti's fire.” Tur'geis referred to the fire and protector goddess, Tabiti, the messenger of the gods. Fire was a symbol of wisdom, strength, and righteousness.

Die'tra beamed widely when Tur'geis compared her to a warrior goddess. “Let us drink to that when we return to camp...and to the shades of all our comrades who fell this day,” replied Die'tra, clasping her hands over Tur'geis'. “I'd burn down a thousand empires, fighting by your side.”

Tur'geis smiled as he held her close, but winced as Die'tra hugged him and gave him a kiss. Tur'geis was becoming more and more aware of the wounds he'd taken during the battle. “A few drinks in my tent sounds like an excellent idea right now. I need someone to scrub this blood off me!” he chuckled.

“Maybe a certain warrior goddess can be persuaded to handle that, hm?” purred Die'tra as she looked deeply into her mate's gaze seductively. Her arm went around Tur'geis' shoulders as she moved to steady him. Die'tra didn't think Tur'geis would be able to mount up on Bodark too easily by himself. “Easy now, I don't want you to hurt yourself further, I have plans later,” she laughed, nuzzling and kissing her mate's neck.

“I'm sure I'll feel better once you get started,” muttered Tur'geis, grinning despite the pain.

“You know my ways of handling injuries are the best. I might need some help myself, got a bit of a cut here...” replied Die'tra, looking concerned.

“Where?” demanded Tur'geis, stopping Die'tra as he looked her over for injuries.

“It's a bit harder to see when I'm dressed. You'll have to search me for it in private later...” teased Die'tra, ruffling Tur'geis' hair. Her hand made sure to linger on her mate's rear as she helped him up into the saddle.

“You she-devil! I'll get you out of your armor and leave no inch of your body unscathed for that,” laughed Tur'geis as they mounted up to head back to camp.
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Re: In Love's Eyes A Queen

Postby Alric » Sat Apr 04, 2015 4:22 pm

Here's an epilogue to the story I felt like writing. Comments and criticism are of course welcome, I hope y'all like it!


Blood flowed from Tur'geis' wounds as he stood there cradling the body of the only woman he loved. Her blood covered them both, so much that Tur'geis couldn't tell whose blood covered him anymore. The male warrior was mad from the pain, both physical and emotional. He had failed her, and their entire line. Tur'geis shook with sadness and rage as he gasped for air. He couldn't breathe...

Tur'geis bolted up, screaming madly as he frenziedly grasped for his sword. He'd die avenging his fallen mate! Suddenly he felt strong hands grasp his wrists. He snarled and twisted his arms away, seeking to throw his opponent off of him. “No!” he cried as he quickly tried to go for his sword under the pillow.

“Tur'geis! Calm down...it's just a nightmare!” Die'tra's face and sharp green eyes came into clear focus, lined with worry.

The familiar sound of the voice jolted Tur'geis back to reality, and he sank back down to the bedroll, his massive chest heaving deeply as he lay there in shock. Dropping his head in his mighty hands, he groaned aloud. Looking for escape, he grasped for a wine skin. Quickly he rose and quaffed deeply from the skin.

Die'tra got up to console her mate, her features softening as she brushed the hair out of his damp face. “It's all a dream, come back to sleep...”

Tur'geis rested his hand on hers, grasping it tightly. This too, was real and vibrant – not the dreams of some idiot god. He took a quick look at the closed opening of their yurt. It was still night outside. Tur'geis turned back to Die'tra, bringing his hands up to her face to cradle them.

“I had a nightmare, that's all. Saw you bleeding and dead, along with our unborn child. I couldn't help you...I felt helpless and useless. I hate it...” Tur'geis pressed his forehead against Die'tra's, kissing her on the lips. He figured she'd be as disturbed by the tale as he was.

“Oh...so you want a baby?” chuckled Die'tra as she hugged Tur'geis, trying to cheer him up by inserting a light hearted moment. Die'tra had wanted children, but she secretly feared Tur'geis would be loath to stay by her side while she was pregnant. After all, the desire for adventure burned deeply in his soul, would it be fair to deny him that?

Tur'geis was momentarily gobsmacked, a quick change from the grave concern he'd shown before. “Of course I do! I wouldn't have taken you as mate if I hadn't at least considered it,” he said, a weary smile spreading across his face.

Die'tra beamed before placing her arms around Tur'geis' neck and leaping upon him to smother him in another deep kiss. She leaned against his chest, feeling pensive for a moment. “But that means I can't fight when I'm with child, or when the child is small. We can't go on adventures together.”

Tur'geis placed his arms around Die'tra's waist, gently rocking her. “I'll do what I can to support you, and I'll always return to your side at the end of the day. I can't let our children go without their father, can I?”

The female Highland Raider punched Tur'geis' arm. “How can I be sure you'll return alive and in one piece without me there to protect you?”

“Easy. Where else can I find you at the end of the day? Don't worry. You know Highland Raiders stick together. Even when I don't have you I'll do just fine if I know you and our kids are back at home.”

Die'tra smiled barely as she hugged Tur'geis closer, kissing at his neck. “You better come back and not leave me alone...”

“You know me better than that, Die'tra...” muttered Tur'geis, kissing his mate once more. The terror of the past moments faded away as they held each other close in their arms. As long as they had each other, they feared nothing.
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