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Naʼashjéʼiitsoh - Chapter 14 Posted

Naʼashjéʼiitsoh - Chapter 14 Posted

Postby SFI » Wed Mar 18, 2015 7:56 pm

To say that they left their companions in an awkward situation would have been an understatement, but neither Mel’arnach nor Snadhya’rune cared much for that. They barely bothered to say goodbye before rushing off to spend as much of their stolen few cycles together as possible.
Leaving Waes’soloth and Kel’noz standing at a hidden stairwell to the fortress above from where the Sharen had joined her lover.
Watching them leave, neither said anything for a while.
“You can come up for tea, if you wish.” Surprisingly, it was the Beldrobbaen that spoke up first, looking briefly at the Sarghress.
“I’d be honoured, but...” A customary answer, given for the sake of not offending.
“I daresay this will not be the only time those two abandon us like this.” Waes’soloth turned to the entrance of the slender tower. “We might as well acquaint ourselves with each other.”
He followed her hesitantly, making sure to stay a few steps behind the Ill’haress as she led him through what appeared to be servant-corridors.
Arriving in her quarters - would he ever even have been allowed inside here if this had not happened!? – she seemed to glide over to several armchairs around a low table. They were covered in fine leather, the Beldrobbaen-emblem embossed on the high backs. Two cups of tea were on the ebony table, still steaming hot and untouched.
Sitting down on a chair opposite of her, he covertly looked around. “I did not know you liked to read.” A faint hint of surprise was in his voice when he noticed that one wall was completely covered in books and tomes.
“I need to do something in my spare time.” The Ill’haress coolly answered, following his line of sight.
“May I?” The scholar in him itched to take a closer look at mass of paper. She probably had a fortune just stashed against her wall. Then again, she had had centuries to collect it...
Taking a sip of her tea, she nodded lightly. Watching him, she noted his reverent touch upon the leather covers as his eyes trailed over some of the titles.
“I thought that some of these could only be found in the library of Orthorbbae.” He softly stated after a short silence.
“You would be surprised at the contents of the Beldrobbaen-libraries, Sarghress.” She countered, one eyebrow rising when he carefully pulled a book from the shelf it was on. “I see that you are indeed more scholar than warrior.”
“Apologies.” He put the book back, having started to read it while standing there.
“You can borrow it if you wish.” The black-haired female hesitantly offered. “I have read all of these already.”
Blinking, he took the book again, carefully carrying it over to his seat. “What was the most recent one?” He asked in an obvious attempt to start something of a conversation between them.
Was that her mouth-corner twitching almost upward there? “A new story that was quite obviously propaganda for males.”
“That Vel’cahal-knock-off where Vel’cahal is male?” Kel’noz countered, taking the frail cup on the table in front of him.
She nodded once. “The writing-style was horrible, propaganda aside.”
“Now that I can agree with.” Kel’noz rolled his eyes. “And yet, quite some males are running around with it.”
“I am not surprised.” Waes’soloth set down her cup lightly. “I mean... Sharess slept with ‘him’. I daresay that is every male’s fantasy.”
“For some males perhaps, certainly not all though.” The Sarghress was pleasantly surprised at the taste of the tea. “But I am more interested in how Diva’ratrika would react to the statement that she is afraid of wolves.”
“Of course you’d notice that.” A faint hint of emotion came into her voice, amusement briefly making itself known before the female regained control of her demeanour. “It is merely proof that time and time again modern things get carried over.”
He nodded, putting down his cup again. The conversation kept passing through at least half of a substantial bookshelf until a slave came to inform Waes'soloth that Snadhya'rune had returned.
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Re: Naʼashjéʼiitsoh - Prologue

Postby Isaiah Cortez » Sun Mar 22, 2015 10:04 am

Hmm... interesting, keep it going
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Re: Naʼashjéʼiitsoh - Prologue

Postby SFI » Sun Mar 22, 2015 10:17 am

Isaiah Cortez wrote:Hmm... interesting, keep it going

Of course XD Need some shippings :3
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Re: Naʼashjéʼiitsoh - Chapter 1

Postby SFI » Sat Mar 28, 2015 9:35 pm

“Apologies, Waes’soloth.” Both Val watched the two Sarghress disappear in the distance. “But...”
“Eh...” The Beldrobbaen cut her friend off. “I would not have agreed to this if I minded.”
“Still.” Snadhya’rune breathed a small sigh of relief as the wolf disappeared around a corner before her return-escort arrived. “I’ll try not to run off like this again.”
“How about you catch her outside, instead of coming up for tea you shan’t drink anyway. It’s a waste of tea.” The Ill’haress chided her gently.
“We can try that next time.” The purple-haired female chuckled, offering her friend a small bow as the carriage stopped in front of them. “We will exchange words?”
“Certainly.” She watched the Sharen dragons head back to Orthorbbae. “Though I cannot help but wonder what became wrong with meeting her in the school.” She added in a whispered, entering the elevator to return to her fortress.
By the time she returned to her quarters, the slave had cleaned up the remnants of Kel’noz’ visit and only the empty spot on her bookcases served as a reminder.
Well, she had several cycles left of free time and found that she had had that so little these last few decades that she was unsure what to do with herself.
“You owe me, Snadhya...” In the end, she just opted to fetch another book from the main-library read. Which one had he said was interesting again? His taste in books did not seem quite bad, but then again he had been under influence from Vals during his retinue as Headmaster... They probably had rubbed off on him.

She walked slowly through her fortress, holding the book lightly as she headed for a secluded spot she often visited when wanting some peace and quiet. Not that those were hard to find, but it was a matter of habit.
Sitting in the small alcove, tucked away in the main family's tower, she sighed softly as she regarded the book she was going to read. If Snadhya asked her again, she really needed to think of something better to spend her time. Maybe she could find herself a mate again? It had certainly been a while since she did that.

"You owe me one, Mel." Kel'noz told his sister as they moved through Chel back to the Sarghress-fortress. "Leaving me with Waes'soloth like that... Do you have any idea how awkward that was?"
"Sorry, but it has just been so long since I could see her since Quain'tana forbade me to visit Orthorbbae." She countered, walking beside him. She hardly used her wolf, preferring to get around on foot.
Kel'noz sighed, but said nothing in answer. They both had long agreed to disagree on their mother. "At least I got a book out of it..."
"I was wondering about that." The tall female looked at it. "So did she give that to you? Or did you..." She fake-gasped. "Steal it?"
"I don't think I'd have made it out of her fortress had I dared steal from Waes'soloth." Kel'noz laughed lightly. "Could you imagine the scene?"
"Certainly. She'd pierce you with those hair-tentacles of hers." His sister grinned, pretending she was swinging her hair forward against someone. "Stab, Stab, Kel'noz Dead."
"You wound me, sister." He replied in mock-hurt. "I thought you liked me!"
"Heh..." She stuck her tongue out at him. "So did she give it to you? I thought you and Ini'riia had something. Are you ditching her in favour of Waes'soloth of all people?"
"She loaned it to me." He corrected her. "Really, I do not sleep around like that... Besides, this is Waes'soloth we are talking about."
"Eh, true..."
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Re: Naʼashjéʼiitsoh - Chapter 1 Added

Postby CutieSquiggoth » Wed Apr 22, 2015 7:59 am

Hmmmm. And so it begins.

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Re: Naʼashjéʼiitsoh - Chapter 2

Postby SFI » Tue Apr 28, 2015 8:34 pm

“Thank you for loaning me the book, Waes’soloth.” Just a week later the Ill’haress and son of one had to meet up again. This time at least they were not abandoned by the two they were playing alibi for: instead, Mel’arnach and Snadhya’rune had met up outside and Kel’noz taken the liberty of heading for her quarters by the same route they had taken last time.
“No problem.” She accepted the tome back, walking over to her bookcase to return it to his spot. “I tried the book you suggested, Sarghress, by the way. It was not exactly my taste, but I can see why you like it.”
“If I may be so bold to ask then...” Kel’noz sat down in the same seat he had been offered last time. “What is your taste in books?”
“Historical ones.” Waes’soloth took her seat opposite of him. “I would not have minded the Vel’Cahal one we discussed last time if it had just been written better.”
“And was no propaganda?” The purple-clad male asked with a small smile, accepting the tea the slave offered him.
“It’s certainly not the first of its’ kind.” She answered while taking the cup she had already been drinking from. “One pops up every year at the very least.”
“True enough, I suppose.” Kel’noz nodded lightly. “Though I must admit I am surprised you do not mind it. I thought a Val’Beldrobbaen would be scandalized by it.” He hesitantly added.
“It makes for interesting reads.” Waes’soloth shrugged lightly. “I tend not to take books that seriously. They are for entertainment, after all.” She leaned back lightly, looking at him over her cup. “What about you?”
“I do not really have a favourite kind myself.” The Sarghress briefly looked at the ceiling as he thought it over. “Historical ones come closest though, I think. Sadly I have yet to find some without some propaganda thrown in.”
The black-haired woman actually chuckled lightly at that. “The bane of Fae-literature...”
“Tomes of propaganda.” He nodded at her statement, being pleasantly surprised that she was willing to smile with him around. “Sometimes I am tempted to write some myself.”
“Now I’d read that.” The Beldrobbaen stated in amusement. “Quain’tana’s saga all over again.”
“I think even a random commoner on the streets can copy an existing book.” The scholar countered. “I have some higher standards than that, let me assure you.”
“By Beldrobbaen-standards, you are a random commoner of the streets.” She reminded him, taking a sip of her drink.
He pursed his lips briefly, but did not answer her. With a soft sigh, he leaned back a bit, taking a few sips of his drink before speaking again. “Any idea how long they will be this time?”
“From what I gathered, Snadhya’rune has to return to Orthorbbae in three cycles.” She answered softly, regarding her tea while seemingly contemplating something. “We really need to think of some things to do while they are out and about.”
“That do not involve inadvertently insulting the other?” He put his cup back onto the table. “I can agree with that.”
“Read?” She gestured to the wall covered in books with her head. “That seems like a safe subject to me.”
“We can do that.” He tilted his head lightly. “Do we necessarily have to stay in these quarters?”
“It would hardly do to have people see me walk around with you while I am supposed to be with Snadhya’rune.” Waes’soloth said, getting up as she walked over to her books. “Thankfully, I have plenty of books to read.” She took two from the shelves, handing one to him as she returned to her seat. “I think this might be to your liking.”
“Oh?” He accepted it, looking over the cover. “What is it about?”
“Read it and you’ll find out.” The Ill’haress made herself comfortable, opening the book she had picked for herself.
“Touché.” He snorted lightly, carefully opening the tome. “I assume your slave will alert us?”
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Re: Naʼashjéʼiitsoh - Chapter 3

Postby SFI » Tue May 12, 2015 8:39 pm

He was surprised how quickly they turned amiable towards each other. After all, they were from two wildly differing clans, but apparently the pen is mightier than the sword. That and the fact that they had no choice but to start being amiable considering they kept getting ‘dumped’ on each other roughly once a week.
“You’d think that they’d find ways to be together without resorting to this.” The Beldrobbaen mused, studying the drink the male had offered her. “I sincerely hope this is not poisoned?”
“Of course not.” Kel’noz smiled lightly at her. “I only poured it, after all.”
“I could tell you of some poisonings in my day that would make you dread anything that had been merely brushed against.” Waes’soloth accepted the cup, a faint smile around her lips.
“Ah, but that is only possible for the Beldrobbaen, is it not?” He sat back down again, gesturing around them as if to encompass the entire fortress he was currently in.
“Sharess, no.” Was that a grin twitching at her mouth-corners there? “We don’t even need to touch served food or drinks. Immunities and all that.”
“The poison is already in them?” He raised an eyebrow. “Very calming.”
“If it helps, I have not found a reason to poison you yet?” She leaned back lightly, idly caressing the black hair hanging over the armrest of her chair.
“Touché.” The Sarghress took a hesitant sip.
Neither spoke for a while after that, though he still muttered something under his breath when one of the Ill’haress’ pet-spiders climbed onto him. After all his visits, the shy insects had become comfortable enough to clamber all over him if it struck their fancy.
Too bad that there was this one spider that seemed intent to try and dive into his tea the entire time.
He plucked the dark-brown spider from his arm, putting it down back on the ground.
“I admit I was never quite aware he liked tea so much.” The black-haired female spoke up after he had to repeat it several more times.
“Considering this is yours, that is concerning.” Kel’noz lifted the spider up to look at it. “Is there no way I can enjoy my tea without the adding of spiders?”
“Give him a better place to stay.” Waes’soloth reached for a spider that had crawled into her lap. “They can be like cats that way: always being where they are least wanted.”
“I am tempted to do something that might well kill me.” Kel’noz put the spider down on the table. “Now you stay there, or I swear I will do it, making your mistress angry and cancelling all tea.”
“Excuse me?” The Ill’haress scooped up the spider in a strand of hair. “Dare I ask what you are intending to do to my pet? In my home, no less?”
“Dump it in your tea.” Quain’tana’s son dryly countered. “Then both it and I would be happy.”
“Truly a mercenary’s child.” Putting down her tea, she scratched the little spider on her hand. “I suppose a nice fur would spice up my bedroom.”
“Me or my wolf?”
“Both wolves.” She dryly countered with such a flat expression on her face he could not tell if it had been meant seriously or as a jest. “Though I suppose you would work better for a new chair.”
Kel’noz could not help look down at the chair he was currently sitting upon.
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Postby SFI » Thu May 21, 2015 3:40 pm

Hey everyone,

Are you guys still reading this? Just wondering... Cause I am kinda tempted to skip the whole 'getting together'-part since no one seems interested anyway and go straight to the romancy-stuff. What do you guys think? :U
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Postby Isaiah Cortez » Fri May 22, 2015 10:11 am

i do read these, And do what feels best for yourself! I just don't always comment after every chapter.
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Postby Gunbird » Fri May 22, 2015 6:36 pm

I started reading this.
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Re: Naʼashjéʼiitsoh - Chapter 4

Postby SFI » Sun May 31, 2015 10:05 pm

She snorted lightly at the look on his face as he looked down at the chair he was on. “Please, Sarghress, you are from the barbaric clan, remember?”
“I am starting to doubt it.” Kel’noz chuckled when realizing that she had just joked with him. “Even we don’t joke about that.”
“So the rumours that Quain’s throne is covered in the skin of her enemies are a lie?” The Beldrobbaen dryly wondered.
“She has a normal-sized throne, not something the size of the Val’Sharen Fortress.” The Sarghress countered, raising one eyebrow. “She is not that big, I can assure you.”
“I do believe one of her nicknames is ‘the giant’.” Waes’soloth answered with a straight face.

“Seems you two have some fun.” Mel’arnach teased her brother. “Are you becoming friends?”
“Considering you and Snadhya put us together once a week, we don’t have much choice.” He countered, mock-punching her. “Seriously, can’t you two meet without having to use me and her as an alibi?”
“You know ‘mother’ forbade me from setting foot in Orthorbbae-cavern. And I somehow doubt I can sneak into the Sharen-fortress.” Mel glanced at the tower rising in the distance.
“Diva’ratrika’s face would be hilarious though.” Her brother chuckled while making a mock-shocked face. “Her precious firstborn with a filthy streetrat-commoner! Le gasp!”
“Oh, shut up.” Mel boxed his shoulder. “When do you need to go back to Orthorbbae anyway?”
“Next week.” He told her, leading his wolf back into its’ pen. “The yearly break does not last that long, I fear. Plus, they are already joking about my feminity.” He rolled his eyes.
“I guess that happens when you are twin to a woman.” The tall female sauntered off, giggling a bit.
Her brother just rolled his eyes again, muttering under his breath about people being too much like people they did not like. Someone should tell her that one of these days.

Several Years Later

“Are you certain of this?” He blinked a couple times at her. Having all but literally gone through all books the both of them enjoyed, Waes’soloth had just suggested something else they could do in the by now only monthly dates of his sister and her friend.
“Why not?” She shrugged lightly. “I daresay we have built enough trust that we can wave weapons at one another without needing to fear being killed.” The Beldrobbaen tilted her head a bit.
“Of course.” He conceded the point. “But I just do not see you wielding a weapon of any kind.”
The black-haired woman nodded lightly at that. “It has been a while, I will admit. But I was trained in the sword. Though I am horribly rusty, no doubt”
“Well, then I accept your challenge.” Kel’noz quirked a light smile. “But are the Beldrobbaen-sparring-grounds not horribly open? I know quite some of your people know of this deception we are pulling, but still...”
Waes’soloth grinned a bit. “I am the Ill’haress here. I have my own sparring-room.” She beckoned him to follow her, moving to the very top of the central tower of the fortress. There, enclosed on all sides by solid rock, was a small arena. “Okay, it’s of the main family, but that’s being nitpicky.”
“A pity you do not use it.” The Mercenary-son headed over to some of the weapon-racks lining the wall to study them. Each item was well-kept and of the highest quality... “Swords it is then?”
“Yes. Pick one you like.” The Ill’haress walked over to a locked closet, briefly resting a keystone against it.
“I take it that is your armament?” Kel’noz looked over her shoulder, resisting the urge to whistle at the suit of armour and the small assortment of weapons in it. “Not only swords, I take it?”
“I do fight in wars, should the need arise.” She reminded him, carefully taking the slender blade hanging at the back. Inspecting the blade, the female turned to him. “Ask Nau’boloth if you wish.”
“I certainly shall.” Briefly studying his own choice, the male headed into the middle of the room. “Let us see exactly how rusty you are, shall we?”
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Re: Naʼashjéʼiitsoh - Chapter 5

Postby SFI » Fri Jun 12, 2015 6:03 pm

“You are rusty.” He stated dryly.
“So I told you.” She countered, moving to return her sword to the closet that held her armament. “I have not needed to wield it since centuries.”
“Do you have training-weaponry?” The Sarghress asked, watching her move before returning his own sword to its’holder. “I can re-teach you... if you wish, that is.”
“I doubt once a month is enough for that.” The Beldrobbaen answered, heading back to her quarters again.
“We could do as suggested and meet up more often.” Kel’noz reminded her of something they had been throwing back and forth these last two years. “I think we passed the stage where we need the excuse of being alibis to be around one another.”
“And how will you explain your absences? Both to Quain and Orthorbbae?” Waes’soloth looked over to him briefly. “I doubt either would take ‘teaching Beldrobbaen Ill'haress’ as a valid excuse.”
“Eh, I am sure I can steal some hours here and there.” He shrugged in answer, walking at her side. “It’s not like I am that busy with things. I only need attend one tower after all.”
“Then why is Nau’boloth hardly home?” The black-haired female countered when they returned to her rooms. “Did they give him another tower to attend?”
“I am not so certain it’s my business.” No way he was going to get between another mother and her child. He had had way too much of that drama with Mel and Quain, thank you very much.
“It is mine.” Waes’soloth muttered. “Honestly, I am starting to wonder if he is hiding a lover from me in there... Perhaps one of his teachers?”
Her opposite was about to say something, but then remembered that Nau’boloth did not have any Beldrobbaen-teachers in his tower and since any lover would most likely be in that one...
The Ill’haress sighed softly. “Best be careful when you come over then, otherwise Quain might assume the same.”
“I hope not.” Kel’noz shuddered briefly. “Considering how she is regarding Mel and Snadhya’rune, imagine how she will be with me and you?”
“Somewhere, a very un-Beldrobbaen-part of me is actually very interested in that sight.” They both chuckled lightly at that.

“Your stance has become all wrong over the centuries.” He admonished her not a week later. They had retreated to the sparring-grounds for a few stolen cycles. “You put your weight wrong. No doubt this is no problem for your arts, but for swordplay...”
“So it seems.” She wore a different outfit this time, with a leather chest-plate and one leather-padded sleeve for blocking the wooden sword of her opponent, her sword-arm being bare save for a bracer. Currently, she was on the floor.
Smiling gently, Kel’noz offered his hand to help her back to her feet. “Here, let me show you.” Waiting until she stood again, he moved behind her to manoeuvre her limbs. “Do the Beldrobbaen have warm-up exercises? Some forms you go through to loosen the muscles?”
“I am not so certain I remember all of them...” Waes’soloth hesitantly tried them. Though she did get all of them, they looked stiff and forced.
“You need to think less.” Came her teacher’s verdict. “Let your muscles remember, not your mind.”
The black-haired female moved again, her eyes half-lidded as she followed her body’s lead.
“Much better.” The Sarghress nodded in approval. “Much more fluent and natural.”
“Who knew...” The Beldrobbaen regarded her sword. “Perhaps I will learn again at some point.”
“If there is still iron beneath all the rust.” That merely earned him a flat stare.
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Re: Naʼashjéʼiitsoh - Chapter 5 Posted

Postby Dakla » Thu Jun 18, 2015 8:48 pm

*Snorts at Kel's quipe* Careful Kel.... *smallsmile*
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Re: Naʼashjéʼiitsoh - Chapter 6

Postby SFI » Wed Jul 08, 2015 5:35 pm

There was iron beneath the rust, he soon realized. The arts-dependent Ill’haress still knew how to wield a blade quite well.
“Well, what say you, Sarghress?” Waes’soloth stood in front of him, panting a bit in her exertion.
“Your stamina still leaves something to be desired.” Said Sarghress informed her, walking over to the side to fetch the drinks waiting there. “Your forms are good, but...”
“Oh dear, I do not enjoy the tone of that ‘but’...” She gratefully accepted the drink he offered her, sitting down on one of the benches lining the arena-pit.
“It is merely that I wonder how you’d do in a real battle.” Kel’noz joined her, reverently laying the wooden practice-sword on the bench beside him. He was still amazed that she had gifted him his own sword a year ago.
“With all due respect to your teaching...” The black-haired woman allowed a faint smile to appear on her lips. “I think I would not depend on the sword then.”
“But what if you had to?” Quain’tana’s son insisted.
“Is that a challenge?” Her silver eyes fastened on his.
“Consider it an exam.” He grinned widely at her. “Though we ought to do that next time. Now is hardly fair.” He gestured to her sweaty face.
“Deal.” She sighed a bit. “In a moon-turn here?”
“I think doing it at my place would be interesting.” Kel’noz chuckled a bit. “Can you imagine my mother’s reaction if you beat me?”
“If?” Her eyes narrowed as she tilted her head. “What – pray tell – makes you assume that I’d possibly lose?”
“The fact I am your teacher?” He mirrored her expression. “Who has been holding back until now...”
“Then perhaps you have been holding back too much.” She poked him with the end of her sword. “Considering I keep winning recently.”
“I’ll certainly not hold back on your ‘exam’, Ill’haress.” He took his own, batting hers aside. “All-out, though no maiming or killing. Battle’s over if one of us can no longer fight or yields.”
“It’s on.” They sat a mere meter apart, wooden blades lightly pushing against one-another. “Price?”
One of his eyebrows rose. “I am sure the victor can think of something.”
“Within reason.” She nodded faintly.
“Within reason.” Kel’noz echoed calmly.

“No judge?” He had arrived early, stealing a few cycles from between his stay at Orthorbbae and his obligations back at the Sarghress-fortress.
“Are you not the examiner?” To his infinite surprise she wore pants this time, though the upper half of her outfit was still the same as always. “Must I fear that you’d cheat on me?”
“You tell me.” He pointedly looked at her. “Keep your shadows under control.”
“They are always under my control.” Waes’soloth grinned lightly at him, taking her position in the middle of the room.
“The moment I see one, I am calling foul.” Kel’noz mirrored her, raising his sword in greeting.
“Are you insinuating I’d cheat?” She raised her sword as well, pushing the thick braid that held her hair over her shoulder.
“Only as much as you are.” He opened with a bold attack, which she dodged nimbly.
He grinned when she threw him a glare in answer, followed by her sword aiming for his legs. He parried, pushing into her arm’s reach with his body.
They exchanged blows back and forth for a while after that, with Kel’noz having the upper hand most of the time – though not enough to actually defeat his opponent.
“Out of curiosity...” Waes’soloth spoke up when she managed to make him back off a few steps. “Did you think of something already?”
“A few things.” With some trouble, he turned the tables back on her. “You?”
“I must admit, no.” She frowned just a bit when he pushed her towards the wall. “I could not think of anything.”
“Well, at this rate, that won’t matter.” He grinned, increasing the strength of his thrusts. She side-stepped his next thrust, switching their positions. “Good one.”
“I have picked up some tricks over the years.” Her sword nearly got through his defences. “Even without arts.”
“Well, I developed quite some tricks over the years.” He countered both her statement and her attack. “I hope you will survive being on the ground.”
“Bold words for someone that only got this far since I am not using my arts.” She moved back some, trying to get some distance between them.
“And has far more experience.” He added, just a hint of smugness filling his voice.
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Re: Naʼashjéʼiitsoh - Chapter 6 Posted

Postby Isaiah Cortez » Wed Jul 08, 2015 5:42 pm

ooo :O
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