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Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Eleven 3

Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Eleven 3

Postby SFI » Sat Mar 03, 2018 3:53 pm

Shadow Queen: And I lost him. Goddess-damned man.
Darkness Lover: Oh Sharess, I would give everything I own to be there and see this.
Goddess Visionary: By Waes’ face, we won’t let her live it down long enough that you can get a detailed account.
Badass Wolf: This has to be the most uncomfortable I’ve ever seen her.
Shadow Queen: Considering there is no way I can salvage this into something that is not going to ruin my reputation…
Darkness Lover: Very grateful he did it in private to me.
Best Mom: Back to business… where did Kel’noz go?
Finder Of New Ways: Behind Waes.
Shadow Queen disconnected
Val’Sharess: Ashu’athama…
Darkness Lover: Let me guess; Kel’noz grabbed Waes and is currently eating her face?
Blue Empath: OMFG
Nuqrah Queen: We were joking…
Best Mom: So Kel’noz VAL’SARGHRESS is the third lover!?
Darkness Lover: Kinda, yes.
Val’Sharess: Ashu’athama…
Finder Of New Ways: They kinda did warn you, Diva?
Surface FTW: But… WAES… with a SARGH!? My brain can’t handle this.
Goddess Visionary: Can we talk about the fact that they are still at it for a moment?
Darkness Lover: Kel is a really good kisser.
Badass Wolf: What is it with my children and Val?
Nuqrah Queen: Sayeth the one with Ash.
Val'Sharess: I am more interested why my children want wolf-commoners
Shadow Queen, Spider King entered
Spider King: We are awesome in bed?
Darkness Lover: Kel, please don’t.
Shadow Queen: On an aside; Ash, this doesn’t count as you discovering it.
Blue Empath: Aaawwww
Badass Wolf: We are going to have a talk about this, Kel
Val'Sharess: I’m castrating you. I remember the last of Quain’s spawn.
Nuqrah Queen: I am surprised you recovered that well, Waes
Shadow Queen: I decided to see this as his revenge. So now we’re even. Also, we talked about this, Diva. Touch him and I will end you.
Surface FTW: This does explain why you never visited Ini’riia anymore
Darkness Lover: Waes does not share.
Goddess Visionary: So how did you manage to get her to agree to this though?
Shadow Queen: Speak and die.
Best Mom: Well, that answers that question.
Finder Of New Ways: Errrr… everyone is looking up.
Darkness Lover: I can feel Kel’s smugness from all the way over here.
Goddess Visionary: This is weird
Blue Empath: I feel cheated.
Spider King: Apologies, but she challenged me
Surface FTW: Diva, can you please tell those people to continue with their own business…
Nuqrah Queen: I think they’re waiting for someone to die
Val'Sharess: Ashu’athama, we will be discussing this.
Finder Of New Ways: WAES!
Shadow Queen: Well, Diva was not going to do it.
Badass Wolf: Did you replace Waes while fucking her?
Blue Empath: Pretty sure he didn’t
Goddess Visionary: This is just weird.
Darkness Lover: Believe me, you’re not the first that thinks that
Shadow Queen: Oh yes.
Best Mom: Out of curiosity, who’s the fourth partner?
Spider King: Let’s get her a golem first, how’s that?
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Eleven 3

Postby Metzger » Wed Mar 07, 2018 5:29 pm

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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Eleven 3

Postby SFI » Fri Apr 13, 2018 8:53 pm

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