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Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Eleven 3

Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Nine Part 4

Postby SFI » Sat Jul 25, 2015 7:32 pm

Shadow Queen: But yes, four halves are Diva’s. The third is female.
Darkness Lover: So I guess two wholes?
Spider King: One of them is a lot like Ashu, at least
Finder Of New Ways: Oh?
Best Mom: Boring?
Val’Sharess: Zala! He’s your brother
Goddess Visionary: Does the child have a little dragon too?
Badass Wolf: Or a dragon-spider? XD
Nuqrah Queen: How would that look?
Surface FTW: Do we want to know?
Blue Empath: Oh, Asira....
Darkness Lover: No, she does not have a dragon
Shadow Queen: She does use a spider in the same way Ashu does though
Finder Of New Ways: Let me guess, Ash, you want me to make one?
Goddess Visionary: And then people wonder why I hate her
Spider King: I think someone hates someone always
Best Mom: Like Ash does Waes for not telling who you are?
Badass Wolf: Are you sure it’s only Ash?
Val’Sharess: She’s the only one who is threatening kidnapping and bribing and spying and all that...
Blue Empath: As if you weren’t dying to know before you found out it was your son!
Surface FTW: There’s a difference between dying to know and just being curious
Nuqrah Queen: You do remember you are talking to Ash in bedroom-matters here, right?
Shadow Queen: Though I am still wondering why it needs to be MY bedroom
Darkness Lover: Waes, have you been IN your bedroom? I’d bang Quain to get in there
Badass Wolf: WHAT!?
Val’Sharess: ASHU’ATHAMA!!
Spider King: My mental eyes!!!
Best Mom: WTF
Goddess Visionary: There is not enough chocolate on the world to help me deal with this
Finder Of New Ways: and then people say I make abominations
Shadow Queen: Why am I still sleeping with you again?
Surface FTW: You like how he is submissive to whoever Spider King is?
Shadow Queen: Oh yeah, right.
Darkness Lover: Waes... :(
Nuqrah Queen: What did you expect would happen after THAT statement?
Blue Empath: Quain, can we share?
Badass Wolf: I am NOT going to sleep with Diva’s son!
Darkness Lover: Nor I with her, thank you very much. I have some standards
Val’Sharess: You better
Spider King: I’ll make you pay for that mental image, Ashu
Best Mom: Me too, once I figure out a good way. Eugh!
Goddess Visionary: I demand funding for the chocolate I need to deal with this
Finder Of New Ways: At this rate, the Sharen would be bankrupt.
Shadow Queen: And Shimi would STILL need to get money from somewhere
Surface FTW: Are your other lovers that bad?
Darkness Lover: For fear of making my mother disinherit me: yes, one of them is
Nuqrah Queen: Dare I ask which one?
Spider King: the one that gets castrated for boinking him.
Val’Sharess: Would I seriously do that?
Spider King: Yes
Darkness Lover: Yes
Shadow Queen: Yes
Badass Wolf: Well, that narrows it down to people Diva is absolutely not okay with
Blue Empath: So either you or me
Best Mom: Neither of you are males
Goddess Visionary: I hate to bring it up, but... Asira’s... thing?
Surface FTW: Does that give kids?
Finder Of New Ways: No
Nuqrah Queen: So he’s a dude that is either Quain or Ash?
Spider King: Thank Sharess I am in a safe place
Val’Sharess: Okay, who are you? I demand to know now
Darkness Lover: Mom...
Best Mom: this is going to be good
Shadow Queen: Don’t I know it
Blue Empath: eeeeeeeh :D
Goddess Visionary: not the reactions we all were going for
Badass Wolf: This is Ash we are talking about
Finder Of New Ways: If necessary, I can glue it back on?
Surface FTW: Considering he still needs to lose it first...
Nuqrah Queen: I imagine that to be painful
Spider King: Can we please not find out? D:
Darkness Lover: I’m sure Waes will protect you
Shadow Queen: Pretty certain I will
Val’Sharess: Who. Are. YOU!?
Blue Empath: Yes, plz :D
Badass Wolf: Just tell them, best to get it over with
Goddess Visionary: Honesty is a pretty good policy
Spider King: Not in this case!
Finder Of New Ways: I’ll make it free, how about that?
Surface FTW: And that is supposed to make him more willing to lose it?
Best Mom: Considering the prices the Jaal normally ask...
Nuqrah Queen: He’s WAES’ lover, she can certainly pay for anything, as Asira mentioned once
Darkness Lover: Still better not having to pay in the first place
Val’Sharess: Just spit it out
Shadow Queen: If you touch him, I’ll personally come over to disembowel you.
Blue Empath: O.o
Badass Wolf: O-O
Goddess Visionary: O.O
Spider King: :O
Finder Of New Ways: OMG
Surface FTW: O_O
Best Mom: 0-0
Nuqrah Queen: O-0
Darkness Lover: WAES! That’s my mother!
Val’Sharess: You wouldn’t!
Shadow Queen: I damn well would!
Spider King: Did not expect that
Badass Wolf: haven’t you been her lover for at least four kids?
Spider King: Yeah, but I figured I was just kept around for the nice view...
Shadow Queen: OY!
Darkness Lover: I guess it’s more than that
Shadow Queen: I think I need to have a talk with my lovers in private. You two, come over.
Spider King: Yes, Ma’am
Darkness Lover: Well, cya people...
Shadow Queen, Spider King, Darkness Lover disconnected
Goddess Visionary: I am staring at this thing
Surface FTW: You’re not alone
Finder Of New Ways: Did we just cause relationship problems?
Best Mom: whoops
Val’Sharess: I did not expect THAT
Badass Wolf: Guess it’ll take a while until we know who he is
Blue Empath: But the cute makes up for it!
Nuqrah Queen: Seriously?
Blue Empath: Of course! It’s so romantic <3
Badass Wolf: I think this is the cue that Ash needs to get of this thing
Blue Empath: But...
Badass Wolf, Blue Empath disconnected
Best Mom: Are they always in the same room for this?
Val’Sharess: Do you think Quain would use these otherwise? XD
Finder Of New Ways: True enough
Nuqrah Queen: Maybe we all should go, we have been here a while
Goddess Visionary: Like 4 or 5 cycles, no?
Surface FTW: That IS a while
Val’Sharess: Well, I guess next time we talk is during the meeting
Best Mom: Yup
Best Mom, Val’Sharess, Finder Of New Ways, Nuqrah Queen, Goddess Visionary, Surface FTW disconnected
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Nine Part 4

Postby Isaiah Cortez » Sat Jul 25, 2015 9:28 pm

I need to re read the previous chapters. Missed the 2 joining it ^^;
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Nine Part 4

Postby SFI » Mon Aug 03, 2015 4:26 pm

Question to you guys

Do you want more External Drama (ala the Vloz-thing) or more Internal Drama (ala Waes' love-life-thing)? Dun worry, regardless of outcome, you'll find out who her lovers are xD
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Nine Part 4

Postby Isaiah Cortez » Mon Aug 03, 2015 4:57 pm

Well, you know my anserw }:3
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Nine Part 4

Postby Junglefowl26 » Tue Aug 04, 2015 8:27 pm

External. The more involved, the merrier.
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Nine Part 4

Postby Metzger » Tue Aug 04, 2015 8:56 pm

Junglefowl26 wrote:External. The more involved, the merrier.

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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Ten

Postby SFI » Sun Aug 16, 2015 4:06 pm

Shadow Queen entered
Shadow Queen: Should I be concerned at the silence? No spies, no prodding in here... Ash, are you alright!?
Blue Empath, Badass Wolf, Val’Sharess entered
Blue Empath: I just wanted to give you some time with your lovers :3
Badass Wolf: She thinks the entire thing cute
Val’Sharess: Prepare for her encouraging your... love-square?
Shadow Queen: Can’t we just stick with the whole ‘just wants to know who they are’-thing?
Blue Empath: But Waes, it’s so adorable! How did you treat him that he didn’t realize you cared!?
Val’Sharess: Ash...
Shadow Queen: It was a matter of perception, really.
Blue Empath: But you had him for FOUR KIDS! Considering your speed, that is quite a while.
Shadow Queen: I know you for centuries and am still trying to get you to stay out of my BED.
Badass Wolf: Just give in once, after that she’ll leave you alone
Val’Sharess: Quain does have a point
Shadow Queen: I do not want to sleep with Ash
Blue Empath: Please.....?
Spider King, Darkness Lover entered
Spider King: Should we come back later?
Darkness Lover: I think it might be better if we simply find a way to keep Ash from Waes
Shadow Queen: Yes, please
Val’Sharess: Somehow I doubt you’ll manage
Badass Wolf: Ash can be inventive, very inventive
Val’Sharess: Big word, Quain, didn’t know you knew it
Blue Empath: We should bet on it
Finder Of New Ways, Surface FTW entered
Surface FTW: Bet on what?
Finder Of New Ways: Whether you get into Waes’ bed or what?
Shadow Queen: We are not betting on that! Ash, don’t make me take my golem back!
Blue Empath: Boo :(
Darkness Lover: Oh doi
Badass Wolf: There, there, Ash, plenty of other tiktikki in the cavern
Best Mom, Nuqrah Queen, Goddess Visionary entered
Nuqrah Queen: I just realized something hilarious
Val’Sharess: oh?
Nuqrah Queen: Quain said she liked Ashu! XD
Surface FTW: Oh my, she DID
Badass Wolf: what
Darkness Lover: Oh right, when we talked about Zala hiding under skirts
Best Mom: So wait a moment, so Waes did not tell you that? You already knew!
Spider King: She still told me
Goddess Visionary: I wonder what that says about Quain that she likes the Imperial son
Badass Wolf: OY
Shadow Queen: Hands of, Quain, he is mine
Badass Wolf: I do not like him!
Blue Empath: You said you did! :P
Finder Of New Ways: Oh ho, going to steal him from Waes?
Val’Sharess: I think she might get into trouble then
Badass Wolf: I do not want the Sharen boy, EUGH
Darkness Lover: Quain’tana, you wound me
Badass Wolf: Don’t tempt me.
Nuqrah Queen: Don’t tempt Waes to send a spider...
Shadow Queen: I did that once.
Surface FTW: Say Shimi, did you pass them all chocolate or something?
Goddess Visionary: Not that I am aware
Val’Sharess: They’re young... and Ash
Blue Empath: HEY
Val’Sharess: You are older than I am!
Finder Of New Ways: By how much again?
Best Mom: 9 years
Spider King: Not that much considering the endless time-spans we’re talking about
Darkness Lover: Are you calling my mother ancient?
Badass Wolf: She IS a relic
Nuqrah Queen: You consider every Val a relic
Shadow Queen: Gives a whole new meaning to her beloved ‘relic hunting’, no?
Surface FTW: OMFG, good one XD
Finder Of New Ways: Hah, told you that it wasn’t me who wants all of you in my home!
Goddess Visionary: Is she going to hang us from the walls?
Badass Wolf: I’m going to stuff the lot of you!
Blue Empath: Oh, with what?
Val’Sharess: Her ego
Darkness Lover: Or her son’s
Best Mom: Kel has an ego? I thought there was only place for Quain’s in their fortress?
Shadow Queen: Oh dear
Spider King: Something wrong, my love?
Shadow Queen: Yes. Ashu...
Darkness Lover: whoops
Surface FTW: ???
Spider King disconnected
Darkness Lover: gotta go, cya
Darkness Lover disconnected
Shadow Queen: And there they go
Finder Of New Ways: Uhm...
Nuqrah Queen: Is Spider King a fan of Kel’noz?
Blue Empath: IS Spider King Kel’noz!?
Val’Sharess: Don’t be silly, Ash, this is Waes we’re talking about
Goddess Visionary: The one none of us saw in Threesomes? Let alone FOURsomes?
Badass Wolf: I agree with Diva though, Waes would die having to sleep with a Sarghress
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Ten

Postby Nori » Sun Aug 16, 2015 11:06 pm

Yaaaaaay update :D! Great work as always, Ash & Zala are totally killing me in these, & looking forward to next one :>!
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Ten

Postby SFI » Sat Sep 26, 2015 10:11 pm


While I totally want to write it, keeping track of currently Eleven People is HARD D: So if there's someone who'd have time and desire to help me I'd very much appreciate it!
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Ten

Postby Dakla » Mon Sep 28, 2015 12:41 am

I want to help. raises hand and waves.
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Ten.2

Postby SFI » Sat Nov 07, 2015 5:11 pm

Shadow Queen: Regardless, I think Ashu’athama will be unable to walk for a while...
Val’Sharess: ahum!?
Badass Wolf: snerk
Val’Sharess: shut it, Quain. Waes, stop him!
Shadow Queen: I can’t, they are in Orthorbbae!
Blue Empath: I was not aware your son is kinky, Diva
Best Mom: Eugh...
Finder Of New Ways: So... considering you saw that coming, does this happen often?
Nuqrah Queen: Now that sheds some light at Ashu’athama’s non-involvement with his clan
Goddess Visionary: Can we talk about something else, please?
Surface FTW: Ash is still here, I doubt we’ll manage, Shimi
Shadow Queen: It does happen on occasion... Much to my frustration
Blue Empath: I’d enjoy the view
Shadow Queen: Oh, it is nice to watch, but... things happen
Val’Sharess: I do not wish to know
Badass Wolf: Waes, I think those two are bad for you: they’re fucking the uptight out of you
Nuqrah Queen: O.o Quain, please!
Shadow Queen: In my defense, I did not intend threesomes... or foursomes, for that matter.
Best Mom: So what changed?
Goddess Visionary: I have the feeling that one of the two invited the other in?
Shadow Queen: Motherkilling, kinky, dragon
Nuqrah Queen: O.o okay...
Surface FTW: Well, that clears up some things...
Val’Sharess: Uh...
Blue Empath: and then she has problems with ME!?
Finder Of New Ways: He only sleeps with two, not half the cavern?
Badass Wolf: Nor does he seem the type to keep bothering her.
Shadow Queen: He did not. Though honestly, Diva, raise your children better. Most of them ended up wrong
Best Mom: I wish I could be offended at that.
Nuqrah Queen: I feel like Diva and Quain have quite some things in common
Badass Wolf: Excuse me!?
Surface FTW: Nega has a point though
Goddess Visionary: They can bond over children gone horribly wrong?
Val’Sharess: That is not something bonding-worthy...
Blue Empath: Not to mention that they are not the only ones with kids gone wrong.
Shadow Queen: Well, while you are arguing, I do think it might be prudent if I see to Ashu’s well-being...
Shadow Queen disconnected
Best Mom: So she’s heading all the way to Orthorbbae to check on her lovers?
Blue Empath: That’s so cute!! <3
Badass Wolf: Ash, really?
Surface FTW: Well, it’s not like Orthorbbae is around the corner for Waes
Nuqrah Queen: Does make you wonder what use it is to go, considering it will take her some cycles to get there
Finder Of New Ways: Could she not just shadow-walk over there?
Goddess Visionary: can she move that far?
Val’Sharess: Probably not in one go...
Blue Empath: We should hold a tournament
Nuqrah Queen: How do you figure?
Goddess Visionary: Some friendly competition between our clans, or what?
Best Mom: That might actually be a nice change
Surface FTW: Though I do not want to think about the logistics of it all...
Val’Sharess: It’d be no different from doing a Moon’s End Festival.
Finder Of New Ways: And what are we going to do then? Have our people duke it out?
Badass Wolf: That’d make for some interesting moments, at least
Blue Empath: Would be fun though
Surface FTW: Plus, while our people are busy ‘duking it out’, we could have a sneaky meeting about Felde
Nuqrah Queen: Now that is a good one, we really do need to do something about that
Best Mom: Then again, I think people would notice if none of the Ill’haresses even vaguely show their face at the party
Goddess Visionary: This would probably be a bit better discussed if Waes’soloth was still here.
Badass Wolf: Waes is perpetually hiding during those things. People wouldn’t miss her.
Finder Of New Ways: Plus, I suppose we can talk while watching, as long as no one can hear
Val’Sharess: I think people will also notice if we are all sitting together amiably.
Blue Empath: You and Quain just need to yell at each other a couple times, that’ll deal with that problem
Nuqrah Queen: Some glares from Shimi to Asira will also help
Surface FTW: So it’s a deal? Tournament for sneaky talks?
Goddess Visionary: I guess so? Who’s going to plan it?
Best Mom: Oh, can I?
Badass Wolf: What will the prices be? Ada?
Finder Of New Ways: who’ll pay them? Diva?
Val’Sharess: Let’s hold a meeting about that. No doubt the minor clans would like some input as well.
Surface FTW: True. Also, if you will excuse me, I have some business to attend.
Surface FTW disconnected
Goddess Visionary: Mmmhhh... It’ll be interesting to get my people to participate.
Nuqrah Queen: I am sure you can convince them.
Badass Wolf: I’ll have to stop my people from all attending. Perhaps we should have clan-internal tournaments beforehand.
Blue Empath: Meeting for that, my dear Wolf.
Finder Of New Ways: Hehe.
Val’Sharess: no golem-enhanced people, Asira
Finder Of New Ways: aaaawww :(
Best Mom: This is gonna be fun
Nuqrah Queen: Figured you’d look forward to it.
Goddess Visionary: As if you aren’t. You enjoy a good party yourself.
Badass Wolf: Speaking of parties, did you highjack Kel again, Ash? He was due several cycles ago.
Blue Empath: I didn’t... Maybe Iniriia?
Badass Wolf: He hasn’t had business with her for a while, I’d be surprised if he started again now
Finder Of New Ways: Despite everything, I do not have him either
Goddess Visionary: Why would you have him?
Val’Sharess: Did we not agree that Kel is the male Ash’waren?
Badass Wolf: I think he’s not as bad as she is
Best Mom: I am pretty certain there’s certainly enough drow willing to change that.
Badass Wolf: I can make a good list of those that would not
Blue Empath: so can we for me
Nuqrah Queen: Aren’t you supposed to be on her side?
Goddess Visionary: Besides, it is in the nature of Laths to go wild left and right
Finder Of New Ways: You sound a lot like a clanmember of mine now
Val’Sharess: And there went Shimi’s brain
Badass Wolf: No kidding. But none of you have seen him? It’s starting to be a habit with him
Blue Empath: Maybe he has a lover?
Nuqrah Queen: Didn’t we agree on that already?
Goddess Visionary: Imagine he is with Waes!
Val’Sharess: And there went my brain. The thought... ugh
Badass Wolf: Oy
Best Mom: Well, as if your opinion on her kids is so stellar.
Finder Of New Ways: Her kids aren’t so stellar either, at the moment, if things are to be believed...
Blue Empath: And remembered...
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Eleven

Postby SFI » Sat Feb 06, 2016 10:34 pm

Badass Wolf: I know it's for impressions and all, but is this really necessary?
Blue Empath: Well, we all agreed that us being all together would be weird...
Badass Wolf: I feel weird having to look ahead and down at the same time.
Val’Sharess: Not our fault that you can't multitask
Darkness Lover: Heh, I don't have to bother with that
Best Mom: You are still half-confined to your bed
Shadow Queen: I tried, okay
Spider King: Heh, his own fault
Val'Sharess: don't make me look for you
Surface FTW: Still amazed Waes kept you from that
Finder Of New Ways: I think Ashu helped
Nuqrah Queen: And Ash drooling over it
Goddess Visionary: That shouldn't have worked
Spider King: It's not my fault!
Val'Sharess: Unless you want to convince us Waes also does STRAP-ONS I am pretty certain it was you
Darkness Lover: Mother...
Blue Empath: If she did, I demand to know
Shadow Queen: Think, Ash...
Badass Wolf: Can we get back onto the subject? Aka, the reason this entire thing IS happening?
Best Mom: Right... Felde.
Surface FTW: Do we know what kind of people she has? I'd rather not see another slaughter like the Nid War...
Nuqrah Queen: At least we have plenty of sealers this time
Darkness Lover: But they have home-advantage.
Finder Of New Ways: We'll need to send a spy or two, won't we?
Goddess Visionary: So it seems...
Badass Wolf: Do we know which clan has the least representatives?
Shadow Queen: You keep getting new people all the time.
Spider King: Though someone young is still better
Nuqrah Queen: And someone suicidal
Blue Empath: I don't think we can let that stop us
Nuqrah Queen: doesn't mean I have to like it
Val'Sharess: None of us do. Would one of your Fallen work, Quain?
Badass Wolf: I suppose. I'll see if I can find someone
Best Mom: Do any of us have artillery? Usually we don't wreck buildings, but I'd rather not know what they have in store.
Finder Of New Ways: This is gonna be a horrible mess...
Shadow Queen: What else is new?
Surface FTW: How much were Jaal-healings again?
Goddess Visionary: Ugh
Shadow Queen: You don't NEED to do it...
Spider King: Oh, that was a smooth move
Darkness Lover: do pay attention, will you?
Best Mom: I bet you have a book open too
Darkness Lover: that is not distracting
Blue Empath: oh, what kind of?
Nuqrah Queen: Ash...
Val'Sharess: We have to be used to this by now
Finder Of New Ways: Plus, I think opposition just encourages her
Best Mom: So to get peace, Waes needs to pretend to go along with it?
Shadow Queen: No
Spider King: Will this ever end?
Surface FTW: probably only if Waes ever does it
Shadow Queen: For the love of Sharess...
Badass Wolf: Waes, it will happen sooner or later. You know how Ash is
Best Mom: Back to Felde...?
Darkness Lover: You are surprisingly eager to see this thing to go down quickly
Best Mom: Are you insinuating something!?
Spider King: I think we all want this to be over, Love.
Val'Sharess: Let's keep it civil shall we
Nuqrah Queen: Yes please, I don't think angry storming is going to go over well
Finder Of New Ways: Are we going to wait until said spies are back?
Surface FTW: Can't do much else, I think
Blue Empath: Back to figuring out Spider King, it is...
Spider King: Waes, can't I just tell?
Shadow Queen: I consider this revenge, so no
Blue Empath: Revenge for what?
Val'Sharess: I think you can imagine
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Eleven 2

Postby SFI » Tue May 24, 2016 2:04 pm

Goddess Visionary: Honestly though, why can’t you tell us? This is no longer just punishing Ash’waren.
Shadow Queen: Because it’s also hilarious.
Spider King: And Waes can be surprisingly tsundere about me.
Badass Wolf: Careful with such statements.
Best Mom: Considering how apparently you didn’t know she liked you, that is not something new.
Darkness Lover: You should see her when he surprises her
Shadow Queen: Should have seen Ashu’athama when his plan went south and HE ended up the submissive of all four of us.
Nuqrah Queen: Subtle payback, much?
Finder Of New Ways: I admire Diva for not showing what she has to feel right now.
Surface FTW: I do think I saw her flinch a bit though....
Blue Empath: I felt it, as well.
Val'Sharess: You bunch of motherkilling bitches.
Darkness Lover: Ouch, mother.
Shadow Queen: Well, you are Spider King’s bitch?
Spider King: Oh my, someone is on a ROLL!
Val’Sharess: Waes...
Best Mom: I feel like the Mystery of Waes’ Lovers is quite the bonding experience
Nuqrah Queen: Apparently.
Badass Wolf: Ash would probably prefer an orgy though
Blue Empath: We should plan one of those
Goddess Visionary: No
Finder Of New Ways: Surprisingly, it was not Waes this time
Shadow Queen: How about this: if you figure out who Spider King is before the end of this tournament, I’ll sleep with you... ONCE.
Darkness Lover: This is revenge, isn’t it?
Shadow Queen: definitely.
Spider King: Can I go hide somewhere?
Val’Sharess: You’re here?
Best Mom: Isn’t about everyone here?
Nuqrah Queen: Might I ask why you changed your mind all of a sudden?
Badass Wolf: Ash’ annoying has gotten to her?
Goddess Visionary: Just like that?
Shadow Queen: I figured I’d need to remind those two who’s in charge. Plus, I can see Spider King from here and his expression is lovely.
Finder Of New Ways: Real subtle there, Ash’waren.
Spider King: Waes, I am SO going to make you pay for this.
Shadow Queen: Good luck with that.
Blue Empath: You can come hook up with us.
Darkness Lover: Can I join as well?
Surface FTW: You guys really intend to make her regret this, no?
Shadow Queen: We’ll see if they’ll succeed...
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Eleven 2

Postby SFI » Sat Sep 24, 2016 9:02 pm

Surface FTW: How big are the chances?
Darkness Lover: I guess that depends on our lover's poker-face. How is it?
Shadow Queen: Surprisingly good from where I am sitting
Spider King: Can I go hide somewhere?
Goddess Visionary: Didn't you ask that earlier?
Spider King: It bears repeating at this rate. I do not like Ash'waren's face.
Badass Wolf: Isn't Waes the one in danger here?
Darkness Lover: Waes isn't the one that would get castrated, tho.
Val’Sharess: Honestly, I still feel like you are overreacting.
Best Mom: I guess we'll find out when Ash finds out who he is.
Blue Empath: I'll help keep him safe.
Nuqrah Queen: By hiding him in your bed, no doubt.
Finder Of New Ways: I guess he'd still be hidden.
Shadow Queen: I'd probably steal him back tho.
Darkness Lover: You can hide him in my room
Val'Sharess: I imagine you might want to not discuss this in here
Spider King: There is no way I can subtly get to our lover outside of Chel, is there?
Goddess Visionary: If you are sitting around here somewhere and Waes is one of your lovers, I am doubting it
Surface FTW: and of course Ash was looking around for the flinching person
Badass Wolf: Saw anyone?
Blue Empath: Might have, bit hard to tell...
Finder Of New Ways: wouldn't it be easier to just look which male has a tablet?
Shadow Queen: I was wondering when someone would think of that
Nuqrah Queen: So anyone see someone?
Darkness Lover: I bet my dragon Spider King quickly hid his.
Goddess Visionary: didn't put it down tho, he's still in here.
Best Mom: So who has a weird bulge? :P
Val'Sharess: Zala, he's taken.
Darkness Lover: And Waes does not share.
Badass Wolf: Oh, that was a nice move down there.
Goddess Visionary: Ash'waren is not even paying attention anymore, from what I can tell.
Shadow Queen: Neither is Spider King, I think he is plotting his exit.
Finder Of New Ways: That should make it easier for Ash'waren
Surface FTW: So aside from Diva, who else would he get in trouble with?
Darkness Lover: I could think of some.
Blue Empath: such as?
Shadow Queen: I think that would be giving you too much of a hint, Ash. I am not going to present his identity on a platter.
Spider King: I will make you pay for this.
Shadow Queen: Try me, I dare you.
Darkness Lover: and of course I'm going to miss THAT. Sis, can you tell me what happened in great detail?
Nuqrah Queen: Seems someone has decided that if he has to be castrated, he does it in style?
Val'Sharess: I am kind of curious how this would go down
Spider King: Let's say it like this, Empress: it's the same way I got your son
Darkness Lover: oh Goddess...
Blue Empath: I can see Waes' worry from here
Badass Wolf: Oh my, that's new.
Finder Of New Ways: So how did he do that?
Goddess Visionary: And how scandalized will Waes be that you did it with her?
Surface FTW: I am sure it's a lot.
Shadow Queen: Don't you dare.
Spider King: Love you too, honey. Now if you'll excuse me...
Spider King disconnected
Darkness Lover: Oh Goddess, he is actually doing it. Why am I stuck all the way over here? I want to see this!
Blue Empath: I don't see anyone moving.
Surface FTW: how big are the chances he's just waiting for the opportune moment here?
Finder Of New Ways: pretty big. I think Waes needs some timing to ambush.
Shadow Queen: I better get Kharla out of here. She's liable to get protective. Or perhaps I better leave myself. I know what he did to Ashu.
Val'Sharess: Do I want to know?
Nuqrah Queen: Probably not.
Blue Empath: Hey, where did Kel'noz go?
Badass Wolf: I didn't notice he left...
Goddess Visionary: wait a moment here...
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Eleven 2

Postby Metzger » Sun Sep 25, 2016 9:58 am

for once I am firmly on team Ash'waren....she deserves to learn the truth... and to get her reward
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