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Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Eleven 3

Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Six

Postby SFI » Thu Dec 25, 2014 9:10 pm

Goddess Visionary, Val’Sharess, Surface FTW, Badass Wolf entered
Badass Wolf: Well, woopdiedoo...
Val’Sharess: Can you swallow the Val-hate until after the battle?
Blue Empath, Finder Of New Ways, Nuqrah Queen, Best Mom entered
Best Mom: Are you seriously going to chat in the middle of a war?
Goddess Visionary: Does beat having to send messengers back and forth the entire time.
Nuqrah Queen: Don’t get yourself killed by paying attention to the golems instead of the surroundings
Surface FTW: Or break the golems, Waes would kill us XD
Blue Empath: That too.
Finder Of New Ways: Did Waes give the clear yet, by the way?
Val’Sharess: Yes. Though she was a bit clipped with it
Badass Wolf: Are you sure she was not being herself?
Best Mom: What kind of clipped?
Val’Sharess: It seemed like she wrote it in a hurry. I had trouble deciphering it.
Nuqrah Queen: She mistyped?
Val’Sharess: A lot
Blue Empath: Are we sure she was it then? Waes does not strike me as someone to mistype a lot
Surface FTW: We can’t send people to check on her
Finder Of New Ways: Actually, me, Ash, Nega and Zala are twiddling our thumbs here.
Nuqrah Queen: It’s not like our people will need us. At least, aside from Asira
Finder Of New Ways: I can leave them as well
Blue Empath: Well, let’s go then.
Goddess Visionary: It won’t harm the mission if they leave for a bit
Val’Sharess: Fine, fine. Get back into contact when you reach her though
Blue Empath: Can do
Finder Of New Ways: Won’t take that long, I hope
Nuqrah Queen: We’ll take my birds, they are fastest.
Best Mom: Do we have to?
Blue Empath, Finder Of New Ways, Nuqrah Queen, Best Mom disconnected
Badass Wolf: That was a quick one.
Goddess Visionary: May Sharess watch over them
Val’Sharess: It is not going to be that bad to check on Waes
Surface FTW: Or did you get a vision, Shimi?
Goddess Visionary: No. Just a feeling.
Badass Wolf: Are you sure it’s not from being on a battle-field?
Val’Sharess: Please. They are checking on Waes, and we ought to be paying attention to this
Surface FTW: Very much true.
Badass Wolf: Bah. Let’s finish this.
Goddess Visionary: The Goddess is on our side
Badass Wolf: Out of curiosity, was there ever an instant where all clans teamed up against something?
Val’Sharess: Not in Chel’el’sussoloth at least.
Surface FTW: My clan’s exodus from Mimaneid could count
Goddess Visionary: Ouch.
Goddess Visionary: And they are attacking
Val’Sharess: There are a lot of Ssu-Naga’s
Badass Wolf: Well, what did you expect?
Surface FTW: OY!
Val’Sharess: Sorry
Badass Wolf: Huh, I was wondering where she had ended up
Goddess Visionary: I have no clue who you are talking about
Val’Sharess: Shimi, SEALERS!
Goddess Visionary: On it
Surface FTW: Unholy shit, those are huge
Badass Wolf: Dodge instead of type!
Goddess Visionary: Impure monstrocities.
Val’Sharess: Shouldn’t you tell that to them and not US?
Surface FTW: She has an image to uphold
Badass Wolf: Can we please pay attention to the battle again!?
Surface FTW: Sorry
Val’Sharess: Not sorry, but will do
Goddess Visionary: Sorry
Badass Wolf: Thank you
Surface FTW: HELP
Val’Sharess: Coming!
Goddess Visionary: So many Naga...
Badass Wolf: Where do they get these snakes?
Val’Sharess: Quain, Berserkers incoming
Badass Wolf: Cursed triple-cunted Goddess on a Fucking Pogo-stick!
Val’Sharess: O.O
Goddess Visionary: O.O
Surface FTW: I kinda had to laugh at that one
Val’Sharess: That is my aunt!
Surface FTW: You know Quain
Val’Sharess: Summoners incoming!
Goddess Visionary: Coming!
Badass Wolf: Sending orcs!
Surface FTW: Diva, Left!
Val’Sharess: Thank Shimi for her sealers.
Badass Wolf: As well as the other clans
Goddess Visionary: Mine outnumber yours 7 to 1
Val’Sharess: Artillery?
Surface FTW: What happened to not killing them all?
Badass Wolf: They are all fighting!
Goddess Visionary: On Diva’s signal?
Val’Sharess: QUAIN!
Val’Sharess: Thank you
Goddess Visionary: Can someone shoot a bit more to the left?
Goddess Visionary: Exactly there, thank you
Badass Wolf: They’re trying to flee
Surface FTW: So...
Badass Wolf: They still didn’t reach Waes?
Val’Sharess: Damnit.
Surface FTW: The battle went on for cycles...
Goddess Visionary: They should have been there for a while now
Best Mom entered
Best Mom: You might want to come over here
Badass Wolf: I can’t leave my people here
Goddess Visionary: We need to clean-up
Val’Sharess: What happened, Zala’ess?
Best Mom: Long story, too long to tell here. Please?
Surface FTW: Ini’riia can take over for a bit, I suppose.
Surface FTW, Best Mom disconnected
Val’Sharess: I’ll be on my way once I found Sil’lice in this mess
Badass Wolf: Well, at least I can see Koil already.
Goddess Visionary: This was too easy, wasn’t it?
Val’Sharess, Goddess Visionary, Badass Wolf disconnected
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Six

Postby Isaiah Cortez » Thu Dec 25, 2014 10:11 pm

So waging war eh? Interesting...
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Six

Postby Metzger » Thu Dec 25, 2014 10:47 pm

I sense bad news about Waes... :A
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Six

Postby SFI » Fri Dec 26, 2014 9:56 am

Isaiah Cortez wrote:So waging war eh? Interesting...

Especcially as seen through a chat XD

Metzger wrote:I sense bad news about Waes... :A

What makes you say that? :O
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Six

Postby Lego XBOX » Tue Jan 06, 2015 7:47 am

I must say this is truly amusing! Great concept~ But I must say, really would be funny for Kharla to butt in, as mentioned by someone else.
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Six

Postby VAE » Mon Jan 19, 2015 10:50 am

This is glorious. And, sounds completely plausible.

Also, aura-activated phones sound great. Means nobody can bother you if you don't want them to.
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Seven

Postby SFI » Sun Mar 15, 2015 8:01 pm

Val’Sharess entered
Val’Sharess: We are on our way, can now someone tell us what happened?
Best Mom entered
Best Mom: Are you sure?
Val’Sharess: I am currently hurrying through Chel at entirely unbefitting speeds with only two Overseers as guards and Quain, Shimi and Rel... Yes, I am sure
Goddess Visionary, Surface FTW, Badass Wolf entered
Badass Wolf: I would like to know too why I am sort-of escorting Diva around here...
Goddess Visionary: It is a most unusual sight
Surface FTW: We are all making a very interesting sight, rushing through Chel while typing on these things. Quain, just get into my carriage, you look ridiculous.
Val’Sharess: Back to the matter at hand, what happened, Zala’ess? It took you cycles to get back into contact.
Best Mom: We were kinda preoccupied. Asira still is, for that matter.
Goddess Visionary: What could she be preoccupied with? Did Kharla’ggen snap?
Best Mom: No, thank Sharess for that at least
Badass Wolf: Will you just tell us what happened? I need a distraction from Rel’s cramped carriage
Best Mom: I don’t even...
Val’Sharess: Zala.
Best Mom: Sorry, anyway... We did make good time to the Beldrobbaen, the Commoners obeyed the orders of evacuating the premises and the roads were empty.
Surface FTW: So why did it take you so long to get back to us?
Best Mom: It’s related to why Waes was so clipped in giving her ‘all-clear’
Goddess Visionary: Are we going to have to drag it out of you sentence for sentence?
Val’Sharess: I prefer to think she does not want to keep us waiting for a page worth of information
Best Mom: Senekha had joined Kiel and Kharla
Badass Wolf: What!?
Goddess Visionary: I thought it strange that I could not spot her anywhere...
Surface FTW: Sharess, what happened?
Best Mom: From what I, Ash and Nega could get out of Naal’suul, she reacted quite... poorly to seeing the imminent attack on the Vloz’ress.
Val’Sharess: Oh, by my Aunt’s...
Best Mom: She equally quickly realized exactly why Waes’soloth had counter-invited Kharla and Kiel
Badass Wolf: Don’t tell me she opened a gate in the middle of the Beldrobbaen-fortress... I know their numbers are depleted, but still...
Best Mom: She tried to, from what we got out of Naal. She’s not exactly the best source of information at the moment, but still better than Kharla and Kiel.
Surface FTW: What about Waes’soloth?
Best Mom: Is currently in a coma. Ash and Asira doubt she’ll wake in the next few days
Best Mom: Apparently, Waes realized equally quickly what Senekha was intending to do in retaliation. They started a fight, but with no sealing-gems – or things to use as substitute – Waes took somewhat desperate action and opted to remove the gate from her people.
Val’Sharess: She is not tainted, is she?
Best Mom: We don’t think so, but it’s best if Shimi could double-check
Badass Wolf: I think I can imagine what she did: throw Senekha out of the fortress. It’s what I’d do if I wanted to get people out of there quickly.
Best Mom: Body-checked, in fact
Surface FTW: She tackled Senekha OUT OF HER FORTRESS!?
Goddess Visionary: Goddess, she must have been really desperate for that!
Best Mom: That’s what Naal told us. It matches with the fact that we nearly got her on our heads upon arrival
Val’Sharess: How did she survive that?
Best Mom: Managed to turn herself into shadow at the last moment. Asira thinks that will have taken some of the impact. Regardless, she is currently out and still being attended by Asira. The Beldrobbaen are at the moment in a bit of a tiffy and Naal is obviously traumatized.
Badass Wolf: No shit
Surface FTW: How did Kharla react to this?
Goddess Visionary: I think Zala’ess would have mentioned dolls...?
Best Mom: Took Senekha’s... fall in stride. I think she is kind of getting attached to Waes though. She nearly dollified us when coming upon us attending her
Val’Sharess: what
Best Mom: According to her sister, she likes Goths
Badass Wolf: At the risk of giving the wrong impression, I have to ask: instead of Ash, we’ll get Waes with her?
Val’Sharess: what was that sound!?
Surface FTW: Shimi
Best Mom: I see your dragon, mother. I’ll come down to pick you up.
Best Mom disconnected
Val’Sharess: Are you okay over there?
Badass Wolf: She’ll be fine
Surface FTW: Just the thought of Waes and Kharla...
Val’Sharess: Point
Goddess Visionary, Surface FTW, Val’Sharess, Badass Wolf disconnected
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Seven

Postby Metzger » Sun Mar 15, 2015 8:17 pm

YAY new update!! }:3 And Waes shows what a badass she can be if she wants to
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Seven

Postby Isaiah Cortez » Sun Mar 15, 2015 9:36 pm

Ok, so rugby is a thing in Chel ^^
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Eight Part 1

Postby SFI » Wed Apr 08, 2015 4:03 pm

Val’Sharess, Shadow Queen, Best Mom, Blue Empath, Nuqrah Queen, Finder Of New Ways, Surface FTW, Goddess Visionary, Badass Wolf entered
Val’Sharess: This got to be the first time we came on these things at the same moment
Best Mom: Timing
Badass Wolf: Or nagging Suls
Blue Empath: Oy
Shadow Queen: Back to the good old days?
Surface FTW: Well, I am not sure that ever will happen again
Finder Of New Ways: Nor is it that good
Nuqrah Queen: Shush, or Waes will get upset :P
Shadow Queen: Hah, you will not like that.
Goddess Visionary: Kharla?
Shadow Queen: Kharla :)
Badass Wolf: It’s seriously weird though
Finder Of New Ways: How come you didn’t get a headache yet?
Val’Sharess: It must be quite a colour-shock
Shadow Queen: She is currently napping on me, actually
Best Mom: seriously?
Blue Empath: That gives some mental image. She really took to you, did she not?
Shadow Queen: so much
Nuqrah Queen: Does she still wear orange?
Surface FTW: I heard you got her to wear more black
Shadow Queen: I did... though she still has tons of plushies
Badass Wolf: Did she get the one I had to send her from Ash?
Shadow Queen: yup, though she prefers the Dawmere
Goddess Vision: whut?
Best Mom: I send that one, together with a dragon
Val’Sharess: Are we really going to fill Waes’ fortress with plushies?
Finder Of New Ways: Can I send some living ones?
Shadow Queen: No
Blue Empath: hehe
Nuqrah Queen: I take it she likes it with you though?
Surface FTW: I think if she did not, we’d have Goth-dolls
Best Mom: Oh boy
Shadow Queen: She seems to be doing well.
Goddess Vision: So what are you going to do with her?
Val’Sharess: The Vloz’ress are done for. Let’s leave Kharla alone
Badass Wolf: Waes’ new secret weapon
Finder of New Ways: Any idea for new Val-clan, by the way?
Blue Empath: I got contacted already for sponsorship
Nuqrah Queen: Me too
Shadow Queen: Let’s leave that for the Council, shall we
Blue Empath: I just realized something
Badass Wolf: Oh crap, I don’t like her face
Surface FTW: What is it then?
Goddess Vision: should we be worried that Quain does not like her face?
Blue Empath: I recall someone saying that if she survived the meeting, she’d talk about love-lives
Shadow Queen: Goddess Damnit
Best Mom: Oh yeah, you did, Waes :D
Val’Sharess: I am not going to like this
Finder Of New Ways: Hehe :3
Badass Wolf: Is it too late to get out of here?
Blue Empath: we are in the same room
Nuqrah Queen: Couldn’t you share a golem?
Badass Wolf: and have Ash give me a horrible image, heck no
Surface FTW: Can the rest back out? Only Waes agreed to it
Shadow Queen: I did not agree to it
Goddess Visionary: I am going to get some chocolate
Best Mom: Shall we do Twenty Questions?
Shadow Queen: I will not talk about my love-life!
Blue Empath: Yes, you will
Val’Sharess: Are you really going to insist on this?
Finder Of New Ways: This is Ash we are talking about, remember
Nuqrah Queen: Goddess...
Badass Wolf: Against my nature: Waes, run for your life.
Shadow Queen: I can’t, Kharla is using me for a pillow
Goddess Visionary: This is like a golem-crash. I can’t look away
Surface FTW: Same here
Nuqrah Queen: Shall we do it like that ‘embarrasing-moment thing’? Everyone take turns giving something about their love-life?
Best Mom: Oh, and the others ask Questions :D
Blue Empath: I back that :D
Val’Sharess: Bloody kids
Finder Of New Ways: So, who starts?
Best Mom: Waes!
Blue Empath: Waes!
Badass Wolf: That face is evil
Goddess Visionary: Drowolath...
Shadow Queen: Ugh... Fine, ONE question and then you leave me alone.
Surface FTW: You might want to specify if that is for each?
Nuqrah Queen: I don’t think she’ll do each
Blue Empath: BOO!
Badass Wolf: Goddess on a pogo-stick, Ash actually looks sad
Val’Sharess: Are you going to keep giving us commentary?
Badass Wolf: Yes.
Shadow Queen: Of course I don’t do each.
Best Mom: Damnit
Finder Of New Ways: Any suggestions for what we want to know?
Goddess Visionary: Are we really doing this?
Surface FTW: Seems like that
Nuqrah Queen: If this wasn’t so hilarious, I’d be leaving
Blue Empath: I know something :3
Shadow Queen: Can we just get this over with?
Val’Sharess: Yes, please
Badass Wolf: For once, I agree
Finder Of New Ways: It might take a while though if we all need to do this
Surface FTW: Oh boy...
Goddess Visionary: Well, I hope I have enough chocolate to deal with all this
Nuqrah Queen: Doubt it
Shadow Queen: I need some myself at this rate
Best Mom: Hehe...
Blue Empath: Well, seems I am the only one who has a question?
Finder Of New Ways: Or the rest of us don’t want to incur Waes’ anger
Val’Sharess: Just ask your question, Ash
Badass Wolf: Still hating her face...
Nuqrah Queen: We got that covered a couple times already
Surface FTW: Considering the subject, I think it warrants repeats
Goddess Visionary: Sharess give Waes strength
Blue Empath: I am not that bad
Badass Wolf: You are
Val’Sharess: No doubt
Shadow Queen: You kinda are
Nuqrah Queen: Kinda are, Ash
Goddess Visionary: Must agree there
Surface FTW: Worse than some of the Flower Guild people
Finder Of New Ways: I have three golem-orders that beg to differ with you, Ash
Best Mom: Worse than me too, if people are to be believed
Badass Wolf: And that is quite a feat
Val’Sharess: Quain.
Blue Empath: Bunch of prudes
Shadow Queen: Just got some taste, is all
Surface FTW: Or are rule-bound
Goddess Visionary: Oh, one moment
Finder Of New Ways: ???
Best Mom: Well?
Blue Empath: Waes: what is the most UnBeldrobbaen thing you have ever done in bed?
Shadow Queen: That’s it?
Nuqrah Queen: Did you really just ask that, Ash?
Surface FTW: Did Waes ever do something UnBeldrobbaen to begin with?
Badass Wolf: Ash looks so eager for your answer
Val’Sharess: That’s it, Ash gets to ask no more questions
Blue Empath: D:
Goddess Visionary: I can imagine her face now
Finder Of New Ways: Me too
Best Mom: LOL
Shadow Queen: I guess my current lovers are something very UnBeldrobbaen I am doing in my bed.
Blue Empath: Oh? :3
Shadow Queen: I answered your question
Val’Sharess: Good one, Waes
Surface FTW: I don’t even need to be an empath to feel the smugness coming from Waes’ place
Badass Wolf: Ash looks so heartbroken
Nuqrah Queen: Wait, loverS? As in plural? WAES!
Shadow Queen: What?
Finder Of New Ways: Waes does threesomes?
Goddess Visionary: That puts such an interesting image in my head
Best Mom: So who are they? Surely they’d brag
Shadow Queen: You’d think that, but no. Otherwise I wouldn’t do them
Blue Empath: You can’t leave me hanging like this, Waes!
Val’Sharess: Hehe XD
Shadow Queen: Try me
Badass Wolf: That is kind of evil
Surface FTW: And kinda funny
Nuqrah Queen: I can just see Waes’ face now
Finder Of New Ways: So is the fact it’s a threesome or the lovers themselves that are UnBeldrobbaen?
Best Mom: I’m still trying to wrap my head around the mere existence of a threesome with Waes in it
Goddess Visionary: It is an interesting thought, no?
Blue Empath: Waes...
Badass Wolf: She is actually pouting now
Val’Sharess: Can you get me a picture of that?
Shadow Queen: Not telling. Question was used already
Blue Empath: THAT IS MEAN!
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Eight Part 1

Postby Metzger » Wed Apr 08, 2015 7:52 pm

Waes the Caretaker of Kharla
Waes the Inventor of the DT version of the Ipad
Waes the troll
on the other hand, nice escape there Waes
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Eight Part 1

Postby aceofAces » Wed Apr 08, 2015 10:37 pm

I'm picturing a very rare occurrence at the end of it.

Waes with the biggest shit-eating-smug-as-fuck grin on her face as she pulled that epic dodge. That was gold I tell you!
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Eight Part 1

Postby Smokehammer » Sun Apr 12, 2015 5:15 am

Maybe you said already and Im just braindamaged, but in this alternate universe where everyone sort of gets along ..what happened to the Dooters & Sandi?
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Eight Part 1

Postby SFI » Sun Apr 12, 2015 6:46 am

Smokehammer wrote:Maybe you said already and Im just braindamaged, but in this alternate universe where everyone sort of gets along ..what happened to the Dooters & Sandi?

It is never outright stated, but during one of the chats (sorry dun remember which one it was again ) it is established that this is post nid-war which Diva survived because Zala had change of heart... Too late for Duts though, they dead :(
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Eight Part 2

Postby SFI » Tue May 19, 2015 6:10 pm

Val’Sharess: I must say I like this
Shadow Queen: I figured you might :)
Best Mom: I’m still too busy being mind-blown over here
Blue Empath: Why won’t you tell us!?
Nuqrah Queen: Because we might die from brain-failure?
Finder Of New Ways: I am already doing that at the mere hint of a threesome with Waes in it
Surface FTW: Does make one wonder what else she’s hiding
Goddess Visionary: Considering the ease with which she admitted that, I am not sure I’d want to know
Badass Wolf: Ash looks so sad now
Shadow Queen: Not my fault
Blue Empath: It totally is! C’mon!
Val’Sharess: Ash, behave.
Nuqrah Queen: At this rate, none of us have to talk since Ash is too busy pestering Waes to remember!
Best Mom: lol
Surface FTW: I don’t think most of us would be interesting anyway
Finder Of New Ways: There is a certain appeal to the mystery, is there not?
Badass Wolf: And then people wonder why I want to get rid of Val.
Goddess Visionary: And we’re still waiting for that to happen
Shadow Queen: That’s going to come up every time we talk too now, isn’t it?
Val’Sharess: It bears repeating
Badass Wolf: unrelated, I think Ash is this close to smashing her golem in frustration
Shadow Queen: Don’t you dare!
Blue Empath: but why would you leave out the best part of gossip!?
Nuqrah Queen: Cause it’s gossip and she is Waes?
Best Mom: Though Ash has a point
Goddess Visionary: Urgh
Surface FTW: Nega does too though
Val’Sharess: Oy, just because Ash’s lovelife is well-known, does not mean Waes’ has to be
Finder Of New Ways: Tell that to Ash XD
Shadow Queen: Not my problem, I can be silent forever now
Blue Empath: TTATT
Badass Wolf: what
Val’Sharess: We are reaching new levels of childishness in here
Shadow Queen: Be happy I did not give one to Kharla yet
Surface FTW: Now that’d be interesting, at least
Best Mom: Would she type in that ‘we-talk’ she does?
Nuqrah Queen: Honestly? No clue
Goddess Visionary: At this rate I will get a chocolate-overdose
Finder Of New Ways: You can always just leave?
Badass Wolf: Better not to
Blue Empath: Still trying to figure out who they are
Shadow Queen: Will you stop that?
Val’Sharess: You know her, Waes
Best Mom: How long is she going to keep that up?
Badass Wolf: She can keep these things up a LONG time
Nuqrah Queen: I still remember that time when I nearly didn’t come to one of her parties
Surface FTW: She kept going on and on?
Finder Of New Ways: She takes this very seriously
Val’Sharess: Does she ever
Goddess Visionary: I won’t even say it anymore
Shadow Queen: You know what, for hilarities sake I’ll give you a hint, how does that sound
Badass Wolf: You should see her face now
Best Mom: Are you sure that is a good idea?
Shadow Queen: I’m just interested in who she comes up with
Val’Sharess: Waes, we won’t get any peace, you do realize that, don’t you?
Blue Empath: Please? :D
Finder Of New Ways: I’m for, this will be hilarious
Surface FTW: So how big are the chances that she’ll figure it out?
Shadow Queen: Eh... Unlikely
Blue Empath: Challenge accepted
Nuqrah Queen: How likely is it that Ash will hunt every single person that fits down?
Val’Sharess: Very
Goddess Visionary: At least she’ll be busy... oh
Best Mom: That’s why you’re going to tell her? To keep her busy?
Shadow Queen: I will neither confirm nor deny anything
Badass Wolf: Ash’s face is turning evil
Finder Of New Ways: All this just because she wants to know that one thing
Surface FTW: So Nega, I heard Nuqrah is lovely this time of the year, is it not?
Nuqrah Queen: Pretty certain she’d not have to hunt your people down... would she?
Blue Empath: Just tell us, Waes!
Goddess Visionary: Knowing her, she’ll keep it so vague that every Drowolath can count
Shadow Queen: I can make all Ssu count too if you prefer?
Val’Sharess: Waes, please don’t make Ash hunt through half of Chel
Best Mom: Have to say I am dying of curiosity myself here.
Finder Of New Ways: So what’s the hint, Waes?
Badass Wolf: I think Ash is this close to exploding in excitement...
Shadow Queen: The hilarity would be quadrupled if people knew their identities
Surface FTW: That clears it up precious little
Goddess Visionary: I think that was her point
Best Mom: Soooo... Are they like from opposite clans?
Nuqrah Queen: I hope not, we are just recovering from that Nidra’chaal-mess
Val’Sharess: Or is it because people would never imagine you with them?
Blue Empath: I hate you, Waes
Shadow Queen: And I cultivate that
Val’Sharess: LOL
Finder Of New Ways: Should have gotten myself some snacks to watch this
Goddess Visionary: Spider-legs?
Badass Wolf: Hehe
Surface FTW: My people found some interesting snacks on the surface, recently.
Blue Empath: I’ll make you pay for that, Waes
Best Mom: How? By staking out her fortress until you find out?
Shadow Queen: Good luck with that
Val’Sharess: Is it safe to challenge her like that?
Shadow Queen: Eh, wanted to tell you anyway, so no real harm if she finds out
Nuqrah Queen: You did?
Badass Wolf: Oh boy, Ash’s face is really interesting now
Goddess Visionary: I can imagine
Finder Of New Ways: So if Ash had not needled you, we’d all know by now?
Blue Empath: Waes, I swear I’ll
Blue Empath disconnected
Badass Wolf: Okay, stole her golem, think we need to stop for now. Cya
Badass Wolf disconnected
Shadow Queen: Well, I did not expect that
Val’Sharess: You kicked a Kirisu’s nest there
Best Mom: Kicked it!? I think she ran a golem right in there!
Nuqrah Queen: Oh boy...
Finder Of New Ways: Who wants to bet that Waes finds the first spy within the week?
Surface FTW: I’ll up that to tomorrow
Goddess Visionary: Perhaps it would have been wiser to just tell her
Shadow Queen: Are you mad? This will be hilarious! XD
Best Mom: I think Kharla is a bad influence on you
Val’Sharess: I think these things might be
Surface FTW: And the rest of us is sooooooooo mature on here, of course, Diva
Nuqrah Queen: LOL
Finder Of New Ways: Got a point there though
Goddess Visionary: I can only shake my head at the fact that you are right
Surface FTW: Though I feel a tad sorry for Quain now... She needs to calm Ash down XD
Best Mom: Ouch
Val’Sharess: I will send her some Tiktikki as cheer-up
Nuqrah Queen: The ones she send you?
Val’Sharess: Of course
Shadow Queen: While you do that, I better send some messengers out
Shadow Queen disconnected
Surface FTW: So... how likely is it that she was just messing with us?
Nuqrah Queen: I haven’t got the faintest
Finder Of New Ways: Both are just weird to think about
Goddess Visionary: Coming from you, that says a lot
Val’Sharess: It is true
Best Mom: Waes and Joking is a weirder combination than her and threesomes though
Nuqrah Queen: I need to stop thinking about this, it’s giving me a headache
Surface FTW: That one invitation is still open?
Nuqrah Queen: I’ll take you up on that
Nuqrah Queen, Surface FTW disconnected
Finder Of New Ways: Eh, might as well go be productive. There’s that one golem I need to finish before the end of the week
Finder Of New Ways disconnected
Goddess Visionary: Suddenly everyone is leaving
Best Mom: Well, we have been on these things for two cycles at least
Val’Sharess: Does make you wonder, doesn’t it?
Val’Sharess, Best Mom, Goddess Visionary disconnected

Feel free to help Ash, guys XD Let's see what YOU come up with :P
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