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Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Eleven 2

Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Eleven 3

Postby SFI » Sat Sep 24, 2016 9:02 pm

Surface FTW: How big are the chances?
Darkness Lover: I guess that depends on our lover's poker-face. How is it?
Shadow Queen: Surprisingly good from where I am sitting
Spider King: Can I go hide somewhere?
Goddess Visionary: Didn't you ask that earlier?
Spider King: It bears repeating at this rate. I do not like Ash'waren's face.
Badass Wolf: Isn't Waes the one in danger here?
Darkness Lover: Waes isn't the one that would get castrated, tho.
Val’Sharess: Honestly, I still feel like you are overreacting.
Best Mom: I guess we'll find out when Ash finds out who he is.
Blue Empath: I'll help keep him safe.
Nuqrah Queen: By hiding him in your bed, no doubt.
Finder Of New Ways: I guess he'd still be hidden.
Shadow Queen: I'd probably steal him back tho.
Darkness Lover: You can hide him in my room
Val'Sharess: I imagine you might want to not discuss this in here
Spider King: There is no way I can subtly get to our lover outside of Chel, is there?
Goddess Visionary: If you are sitting around here somewhere and Waes is one of your lovers, I am doubting it
Surface FTW: and of course Ash was looking around for the flinching person
Badass Wolf: Saw anyone?
Blue Empath: Might have, bit hard to tell...
Finder Of New Ways: wouldn't it be easier to just look which male has a tablet?
Shadow Queen: I was wondering when someone would think of that
Nuqrah Queen: So anyone see someone?
Darkness Lover: I bet my dragon Spider King quickly hid his.
Goddess Visionary: didn't put it down tho, he's still in here.
Best Mom: So who has a weird bulge? :P
Val'Sharess: Zala, he's taken.
Darkness Lover: And Waes does not share.
Badass Wolf: Oh, that was a nice move down there.
Goddess Visionary: Ash'waren is not even paying attention anymore, from what I can tell.
Shadow Queen: Neither is Spider King, I think he is plotting his exit.
Finder Of New Ways: That should make it easier for Ash'waren
Surface FTW: So aside from Diva, who else would he get in trouble with?
Darkness Lover: I could think of some.
Blue Empath: such as?
Shadow Queen: I think that would be giving you too much of a hint, Ash. I am not going to present his identity on a platter.
Spider King: I will make you pay for this.
Shadow Queen: Try me, I dare you.
Darkness Lover: and of course I'm going to miss THAT. Sis, can you tell me what happened in great detail?
Nuqrah Queen: Seems someone has decided that if he has to be castrated, he does it in style?
Val'Sharess: I am kind of curious how this would go down
Spider King: Let's say it like this, Empress: it's the same way I got your son
Darkness Lover: oh Goddess...
Blue Empath: I can see Waes' worry from here
Badass Wolf: Oh my, that's new.
Finder Of New Ways: So how did he do that?
Goddess Visionary: And how scandalized will Waes be that you did it with her?
Surface FTW: I am sure it's a lot.
Shadow Queen: Don't you dare.
Spider King: Love you too, honey. Now if you'll excuse me...
Spider King disconnected
Darkness Lover: Oh Goddess, he is actually doing it. Why am I stuck all the way over here? I want to see this!
Blue Empath: I don't see anyone moving.
Surface FTW: how big are the chances he's just waiting for the opportune moment here?
Finder Of New Ways: pretty big. I think Waes needs some timing to ambush.
Shadow Queen: I better get Kharla out of here. She's liable to get protective. Or perhaps I better leave myself. I know what he did to Ashu.
Val'Sharess: Do I want to know?
Nuqrah Queen: Probably not.
Blue Empath: Hey, where did Kel'noz go?
Badass Wolf: I didn't notice he left...
Goddess Visionary: wait a moment here...
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Eleven 2

Postby Metzger » Sun Sep 25, 2016 9:58 am

for once I am firmly on team Ash'waren....she deserves to learn the truth... and to get her reward
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