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Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Eleven 3

Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Eleven 3

Postby SFI » Fri Nov 07, 2014 4:18 pm

Author wrote:Because my pc ate my first idea for NaNoWriMo, I had to do something else. Hence, I will try to write 50.000 words of the Ill'haresses (with Zala replacing Kharla) chatting with one another over Drowtales' first Ipads (or something like that).

Shadow Queen: Hello
Val’Sharess entered
Val’Sharess: What is this?
Shadow Queen: A little project of mine...
Best Singer entered
Best Singer: So... This allows people to write to each other instantly? Instant letters?
Shadow Queen: Jup. This is a prototype though.
Sex Bomb, Surface FTW, Badass Wolf, Goddess Visionary entered
Sex Bomb: And you decided to send one to every Ill’haress?
Val’Sharess: Please tell me you do not intend to keep using that name...
Sex Bomb: What’s wrong with it?
Surface FTW: Everything?
Badass Wolf: As if our other names are so much better...
Goddess Visionary: But they don’t sound like invitations.
Shadow Queen: Be glad I did not send one to Kharla’ggen. Who knows what kind of name she would have called herself.
Finder Of New Ways, Best Mom entered
Finder Of New Ways: Who got the last then? Assuming you just send hers to someone else.
Best Mom: Me
Sex Bomb: Waes’soloth has two?
Best Mom: I’m Zala’ess
Badass Wolf: I think your Protector-twins would beg to differ there.
Val’Sharess: All your children would differ
Badass Wolf: Laele and Kel wouldn’t.
Shadow Queen: Please don’t drive each other to smash these. I spend three months on making them.
Goddess Visionary: That does not seem long.
Val’Sharess: For her, it is. Remember those Guard Golems in the entrance hall of the Dome? It took her a month to design and build the first of them.
Surface FTW: But those are...
Best Singer: Huge. You really only took a month on those?
Sex Bomb: Still want her to make me that one golem.
Shadow Queen: I won’t make you a tentacle-golem, Ash. Go to Asira, she’s perverted enough.
Finder Of New Ways: Hey! Also, what do you need a tentacle-golem for?
Goddess Visionary: What does Ash need anything for?
Best Mom: Eeeeewwwww...
Badass Wolf: Says the one who never closes her legs.
Best Mom: You’re just jealous you’re as barren as a rock
Surface FTW: You do know that moss can grow ON the rock?
Best Mom: But the rock itself does nothing
Val’Sharess: Did we just really discuss the fertility of a rock!?
Shadow Queen: I knew I should have just tried these with my kids
Best Singer: Then why didn’t you?
Shadow Queen: Nau’boloth insisted I should send it to you. He figured this would also be a good way to clear up mistakes in communication.
Best Mom: Such as?
Sex Bomb: That whole war between Sarghress and Sharen just a decade ago?
Badass Wolf: That was because Diva couldn’t stand I was right
Val’Sharess: That was because I thought you were to blame >:|
Goddess Visionary: Did you just make a face with symbols?
Val’Sharess: Well, unless Waes’soloth manages to install something that transfers images on these, how else am I supposed to confer emotion?
Surface FTW: Good one. Let’s see... :)
Best Singer: Are we really going to make faces now?
Best Mom: What else can we do?
Shadow Queen: Can one of you change their names? It’s confusing with two Bests.
Best Singer: HOW?
Shadow Queen: Tap your name, you can change it then.
Finder Of New Ways: So what else can these things do?
Shadow Queen: Only talk, currently. Working on it. Though I have something in mind already...
Sex Bomb: Well, at least I can think of some use for these already.
Best Mom: Me too :)
Val’Sharess: Goddess...
Nuqrah Queen: This name better?
Badass Wolf: Now you and Waes have the same thing.
Shadow Queen: But at least not at the beginning. Also, check this... Shimi, can you type something?
Kyorl: Sure...
Kyorl: Wait, I didn’t change my name!
Shadow Queen: ;) I did.
Finder Of New Ways: We can change each other’s names?
Shadow Queen: Nope, only I can do that.
Best Mom: Boo. I would know a good one for Quain.
Surface FTW: I feel like suggesting some kind of game for this
Goddess Visionary: ?
Val’Sharess: ?
Best Mom: ?
Shadow Queen: ?
Sex Bomb: ?
Badass Wolf: ?
Finder Of New Ways: ?
Nuqrah Queen: ?
Surface FTW: We’ll be civil and nice, and whoever is not, will have to wear the colours of another clan for a moon turn.
Nuqrah Queen: Any particular clan?
Finder Of New Ways: Most unlike the own seems fairest to me.
Val’Sharess: I’m in.
Badass Wolf: Eh, why not?
Shadow Queen: As long as Ash also has to wear proper clothes, I am okay with this.
Sex Bomb: And Waes finally shows some skin ;)
Sex Bomb disconnected
Sex Bomb entered

Sex Bomb: Did you just throw me out of this... chat?
Shadow Queen: Might have.
Nuqrah Queen: Well, this starts well.
Goddess Visionary: At least all nine are still working?
Shadow Queen: I will murder whoever breaks one.
Val’Sharess: How long would it have taken a ‘regular’ golem-engineer to make these?
Shadow Queen: Dunno... Couple of years?
Badass Wolf: Damn
Surface FTW: So we’ll do it?
Best Mom: Sure
Sex Bomb: I’m in
Nuqrah Queen: It’ll be interesting at least
Val’Sharess: Ditto
Finder Of New Ways: Why not?
Goddess Visionary: Okay
Shadow Queen: I’m not wearing Sullisin’rune outfits if I lose though. Colors yes, clothes no.
Badass Wolf: Ash wouldn’t let me live it down if I said no.
Sex Bomb: I’m not that bad, am I?
Val’Sharess: You kinda are.
Goddess Visionary: One question, do these count?
Shadow Queen: Then we are all doomed.
Nuqrah Queen: It wouldn’t be so bad.
Surface FTW: I am wondering, did you ever even wear colour before, Waes?
Shadow Queen: ...
Best Mom: Awwww, spit it out :D
Shadow Queen: Fine. Once
Badass Wolf: Ohho, what colour?
Shadow Queen: yellow
Finder Of New Ways: I just spit my wine places. Yellow!?
Val’Sharess: You are not the only one. Why don’t I know that?
Shadow Queen: Because I am not announcing that to the world?
Sex Bomb: Why did you wear it? :O
Shadow Queen: I’d rather not tell.
Goddess Visionary: Please?
Nuqrah Queen: Please?
Shadow Queen: No
Badass Wolf: Either you tell us, or we start imagining things.
Shadow Queen: ...
Surface FTW: Please?
Shadow Queen: Sara’hilana Balvakhara
Nuqrah Queen: Isn’t that Agneya’mukhi’s youngest daughter?
Shadow Queen: Yup
Sex Bomb: What happened, did she throw soup on you?
Shadow Queen: I wish >_<
Goddess Visionary: What then?
Best Mom: Puked?
Surface FTW: Eeeww.
Shadow Queen: She tripped me into the fountain...
Val’Sharess: Seriously?
Shadow Queen: No, she stabbed me and I bled out. Yes, she tripped me into the fountain.
Badass Wolf: HOW?
Shadow Queen: Agneya had just given her her first floating-golem earlier that day. She tried it out and whacked it against me. I lost my balance.
Goddess Visionary: I should not be giggling at this, should I?
Best Mom: You’re not the only one.
Sex Bomb: Best. Mental. Image. In. Centuries.
Shadow Queen: As if you never had something like that happen to you!
Surface FTW: True.
Finder Of New Ways: Heh, I once found my granddaughter’s first attempt at a Bio-golem in my bed. Still wondering how that got there.
Nuqrah Queen: What was she trying to make?
Badass Wolf: Do we want to know?
Finder Of New Ways: It looked like a... fluffy spider? When I asked her she thought spiders were cute and wanted to make a cuddly one.
Shadow Queen: What.
Val’Sharess: Take it as a compliment, Waes.
Shadow Queen: Like that one time with Zala’ess?
Best Mom: Wait, what?
Val’Sharess: I thought we agreed we would not mention it?
Surface FTW: Mention what?
Val’Sharess: Don’t you dare, Beldrobbaen
Shadow Queen: That one time Zala’ess used my dress as hiding-place.
Badass Wolf: ROFL XD Really?
Sex Bomb: Oh, this will be even better.
Surface FTW: I don’t even...
Finder Of New Ways: :P
Nuqrah Queen: What do Waes’soloth’s clothes have with having things happen to them?
Goddess Visionary: Nearly suffocated there.
Hiding Under Skirt: What...?
Hiding Under Skirt: Hey!
Sex Bomb: How did that happen?
Badass Wolf: And are there pictures of it?
Shadow Queen: No pictures
Best Mom: How old was I? I don’t remember something like that
Val’Sharess: Five...
Best Mom: Kinda hoping you’d say she was messing with us.
Val’Sharess: Sorry.
Nuqrah Queen: So what happened?
Val’Sharess: I am not going to tell something like that.
Sex Bomb: What if we all share an embarrassing moment? That way no one gets embarrassed more than others.
Shadow Queen: I am for.
Surface FTW: If only because you already told one.
Finder Of New Ways: I’d need a bit to remember one.
Goddess Visionary: I know one for myself, sadly.
Badass Wolf: Oh, why not. Now tell us what that was with Zala’ess. :3
Sex Bomb: Is that a cat-grin?
Best Mom: Please don’t
Val’Sharess: We have to be fair.
Best Mom: Well, we know who does not get this name.
Nuqrah Queen: Oh come on, you were five. That negates much.
Shadow Queen: And stark naked. :P
Best Mom: O_O
Badass Wolf: Please tell us what happened.
Sex Bomb: Did you just say please to the Sharen?
Badass Wolf: Worth it.
Surface FTW: Fleeing her bath? That is the only reason I can think off.
Val’Sharess: Yes
Shadow Queen: And then I had a five year-old attached to my legs.
Best Mom: I hate you.
Goddess Visionary: At least you were only five?
Nuqrah Queen: I just said that.
Best Mom: Can I at least pick who has to embarrass themselves next?
Finder Of New Ways: Please give me a moment, I am honestly still thinking
Val’Sharess: Or just trying to dodge having to tell
Shadow Queen: That is far easier done by just leaving
Finder Of New Ways: How?
Shadow Queen: By paying me 30 ada
Surface FTW: Seriously?
Badass Wolf: I am not sure I should be more concerned about her being serious or actually joking around.
Sex Bomb: I don’t think I ever heard Waes joke.
Shadow Queen: Who said I was joking?
Val’Sharess: You can’t really expect us to pay you?
Shadow Queen: These things were expensive!
Finder Of New Ways: Waes, of all us here, YOU are the one who could get herself an Ada-plated Fortress and STILL have money to spare.
Best Mom: Why do you know her finances?
Finder Of New Ways: Because I am still hoping she’ll buy something from me.
Shadow Queen: I refuse to get something from that clan.
Finder Of New Ways: Ouch.
Nuqrah Queen: Speaking of which, Asira, can I double my last order?
Finder Of New Ways: Sure.
Val’Sharess: Sooo... Who is next?
Best Mom: You.
Badass Wolf: Hehe XD
Sex Bomb: Oh, I know a good one.
Val’Sharess: I pick my own.
Sex Bomb: :(
Surface FTW: Soooooo...?
Finder Of New Ways: Tell us :D
Val’Sharess: You are all way too much into this.
Shadow Queen: Give someone a toy, and they reverse to a ten-year-old
Sex Bomb: Now that reminds me...
Val’Sharess: Shut up, Ashie.
Nuqrah Queen: That’s what happens when someone was a kid together with you.
Val’Sharess: It goes both ways though
Goddess Visionary: I foresee trouble.
Badass Wolf: I foresee hilarity.
Best Mom: Soooo... What is it, Mom?
Val’Sharess: You’ll pay for this, young Lady.
Nuqrah Queen: Does that count as ‘not being civil’?
Surface FTW: Well, no armies are about to be unleashed... So I guess no?
Sex Bomb: So which one did you choose, Diva?
Val’Sharess: I am the Val’Sharess, Voice of the Goddess, and apparently surrounded by schoolchildren.
Shadow Queen: We know how you feel, now stop stalling or I change your name
Val’Sharess: You wouldn’t dare.
Shadow Queen: What will you do? Unleash your armies over hitting a button?
Badass Wolf: Trouble in the alliance, much?
Val’Sharess: You are next. Fine.
Finder Of New Ways: This is far more hilarious than it should be.
Val’Sharess: I guess mine would be that one time when I tried to get a Feral to be my consort.
Sex Bomb: I don’t know of that one.
Shadow Queen: What kind of consort?
Val’Sharess: For a celebration. Pre-Exodus. Quain, your turn.
Badass Wolf: That’s easy.
Surface FTW: I heard an interesting story about your son.
Nuqrah Queen: That would only be relevant if he were here.
Finder Of New Ways: I’d still hear it.
Goddess Visionary: Can we do that later, I still have a meeting to attend in a cycle.
Badass Wolf: Anyway...
Best Mom: For once I agree with Quain.
Badass Wolf: My most awkward moment would be that one time where no one could babysit Kel’noz and Mel’arnach.
Val’Sharess: What...
Nuqrah Queen: Did they run you into a fountain as well?
Badass Wolf: In the end I had to put them on leashes.
Surface FTW: So you walked around with two kids on leashes?
Badass Wolf: One of which hated clothes
Finder Of New Ways:: Do we want to know which one?
Badass Wolf: You’d probably want it, but I won’t tell you
Sex Bomb: Well, I’ll just ask Rosof then
Badass Wolf: Waes, can you change Ash’ name for me?
Shadow Queen: Into what?
Badass Wolf: Mad Eyes Bother
Sex Bomb: HEY!
Shadow Queen: Done
Badass Wolf: Thanks :) Rel, your turn
Surface FTW: What did I ever do to you?
Badass Wolf: How about that one time where you forgot to mention Kel’noz was at your place... for a week?
Nuqrah Queen: One of her parties?
Val’Sharess: Still thanking my aunt I managed to dodge all those invitations.
Finder Of New Ways: I like them
Goddess Visionary: Either you hurry up, or make me go next. I do not have an eternity here
Best Mom: Got to agree with her there.
Shadow Queen: That’s a first. But yes, I think we all have things to do sooner or later today.
Surface FTW: Well, I guess my most embarrassing thing was that one time where I was about 7 and decided I’d like to be more matriotic.
Nuqrah Queen: What did you do?
Surface FTW: painted myself green
Badass Wolf: As in... your skin?
Surface FTW: uh-huh. Took cycles to get it all off
Val’Sharess: Like some weird alternate Ssu-thing. No offense, Shimi
Goddess Visionary: None taken. Can I go next?
Surface FTW: Sure.
Finder Of New Ways: Say, did Ash leave?
Mad Eyes Bother: I can’t change my name... :(
Shadow Queen: I love ultimate power.
Nuqrah Queen: Well, that is an interesting way to keep people from pissing you off. Threatening them with name-changes :P
Goddess Visionary: Beats going to war at least.
Badass Wolf: It’s just kinda restricted to Waes’soloth though. Bit unfair
Best Mom: Eh, the rest of us can still fight
Mad Eyes Bother: Except for me
Val’Sharess: Hey, you took the deal
Mad Eyes Bother: I didn’t have much choice, now did I?
Nuqrah Queen: Didn’t we go over this already?
Goddess Visionary: Anyway... My most embarrassing moment would be when I had eaten so much chocolate I was high as the cavern-ceiling.
Finder Of New Ways: Why did you eat that much then?
Goddess Visionary: I just had come back from a council where a corrupter was made Val
Finder Of New Ways: I hate you guys. Why do you all hate me?
Badass Wolf: They do that with everything new. Should have seen them when I was made Val. Though Waes still had that poker-face of hers
Shadow Queen: I am sure Ash could have told you how I felt
Mad Eyes Bother: Hey, I don’t do Empathy in Council’s, remember?
Val’Sharess: After I had to forbid everyone from doing so.
Surface FTW: We should play poker one of these days
Best Mom: Where did that come from?
Shadow Queen: Good luck beating my poker-face.
Goddess Visionary: And my pre-science. Anyway, I point out Nega.
Nuqrah Queen: Oh my...
Mad Eyes Bother: I am backing Rel. Let’s play Poker
Best Mom: Not with you, you’ll insist we play strip-poker!
Mad Eyes Bother: Now there is an idea XD
Badass Wolf: Don’t give her ideas, Sharen
Goddess Visionary: I think it is too late for that.
Shadow Queen: Some of us still have not agreed to it?
Val’Sharess: I think only Rel and Ash have actually said they’d do it. Shimi and Waes have just hinted.
Surface FTW: So while Nega is thinking and writing, who would do a poker-session? Not strip, Ash
Mad Eyes Bother: Boo. Still would do it though
Finder Of New Ways: Must admit I never played it before. But why not?
Shadow Queen: Poker is a lot like politics. I would have some time next week.
Badass Wolf: You’d actually play poker, Waes?
Shadow Queen: In case you did not notice, I have a good poker-face.
Badass Wolf: I am in, I want to see this
Nuqrah Queen: Embarrassing moment: I fell off a bird once. Thankfully, in relative privacy. Broke my arm though. Also, in for some poker too
Shadow Queen: Oh, Agneya told me of that one!
Nuqrah Queen: She what?
Best Mom: You know you can just reread sentences, right? I’d not mind some poker myself either.
Val’Sharess: How come we talk to each other so much better over these... things... than we do if we actually see each other?
Goddess Visionary: Unable to punch each other? Also, raging would take forever?
Surface FTW: So, Diva, Shimi, poker?
Val’Sharess: You know I am not that good with travelling anymore. Can we do it in the dome? There are recreational rooms in there.
Mad Eyes Bother: How about after the next meeting? Also, Waes, can I please, please change my name? I swear I won’t do Sex Bomb again.
Shadow Queen: Fine.
Blue Empath: Thank you
Goddess Visionary: That’s fine by me. Have to go now though, meeting.
Goddess Visionary disconnected
Finder Of New Ways: How DO you turn these off?
Shadow Queen: Putting them down. They are powered by Aura and need to be touched to be active.
Finder Of New Ways disconnected
Finder Of New Ways entered

Finder Of New Ways: This is ingenious!
Nuqrah Queen: Well, there is a reason why Agneya had her schooling in golem-engineering under Waes’soloth.
Val’Sharess: Hehe :3
Best Mom: Still creepy how fast some of those things get done
Shadow Queen: Pheh...
Badass Wolf: Anyone want to bet she is looking very smug now?
Blue Empath: We don’t need to bet, I feel it all the way here
Shadow Queen: You are just jealous.
Val’Sharess: can we please act our age?
Surface FTW: So Me, Nega, Waes, Diva, Zala, Shimi and Quain had their embarrassment. Ash, Asira, who is next?
Finder Of New Ways: Eh, I can do it.
Blue Empath: I have one
Blue Empath: Oh, got beaten to the punch
Badass Wolf: Speaking of beatings, I have a spar in a bit. Got to go.
Badass Wolf disconnected
Shadow Queen: Before anyone thinks about it: no, we won’t spar.
Nuqrah Queen: I’d rather not either.
Surface FTW: It would be messy indeed.
Best Mom: But interesting to watch for those not in the match.
Val’Sharess: And who will scrape off Asira from the walls if she has to deal with Waes?
Finder Of New Ways: I’d complain, but point.
Shadow Queen: :)
Blue Empath: I once tried to make a grown man fall in love with me. I looked like I had to poo my pants
Finder Of New Ways: Hey, I thought it was my turn?
Nuqrah Queen: Who was that then?
Blue Empath: no one important. I thought he was hunky.
Val’Sharess: That does indeed not narrow it down, really
Surface FTW: Does anything ever?
Blue Empath: Haha...
Shadow Queen: Well, at least I know what to add next
Val’Sharess: ?
Shadow Queen: Something for emotion that’s a bit more complex than just symbols
Surface FTW: That’d be an idea. I have to leave now too. Maybe Asira can do hers at poker-night?
Surface FTW disconnected
Finder Of New Ways: I wouldn’t have to if Ash hadn’t beaten me to it. Does that weird spider-golem incident not count?
Blue Empath: What was your reaction?
Finder Of New Ways: What would yours be?
Shadow Queen: Just tell us what yours was
Finder Of New Ways: I might have squeaked a bit
Nuqrah Queen: Good enough, I think. I’ll be leaving too now.
Nuqrah Queen disconnected
Blue Empath: Eh, if everyone does it
Blue Empath disconnected
Best Mom: I do like this thing though. Think it will ever become available for more people?
Shadow Queen: Once I figure out how to make sure all those people don’t share one chat, who knows.
Val’Sharess: This has my backing
Finder Of New Ways: Well, let’s hope that this goes better than Skyhole
Shadow Queen: I think we can safely say even the Empress cannot control the weather
Best Mom: Ash can in her dome though?
Val’Sharess: That’s not Ash’waren’s work.
Best Mom: Whatever... I’m going too.
Best Mom disconnected
Finder Of New Ways: I am kinda upset I did not think of something like this. How do you make sure they are connected to one another, Waes?
Val’Sharess: If you start discussing engineering, I am out too.
Val’Sharess disconnected
Shadow Queen: Not going to tell.
Finder Of New Ways: Please?
Shadow Queen: No
Finder Of New Ways, Shadow Queen disconnected
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat

Postby SFI » Fri Nov 07, 2014 4:40 pm

Obsidian Agent wrote:It would've been funny to have Kharla show up at random intervals, you've gotta admit. Just have "Masked Ducky" come in and say random things that throw everyone for a loop.

Yeah, but goodness...
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat

Postby Isaiah Cortez » Fri Nov 07, 2014 4:44 pm

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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat

Postby SFI » Fri Nov 07, 2014 4:46 pm

Isaiah Cortez wrote:This....is....AWESOME!

*blown away* uh... thanks?
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat

Postby Ra'tatosk » Fri Nov 07, 2014 10:10 pm

Isaiah Cortez wrote:This....is....AWESOME!

Oh yes... and hilarious. *wee*

Good, good. :D
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat

Postby CutieSquiggoth » Sat Nov 08, 2014 11:00 am

Awesomeness! Well done *huggles and softly pets*
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat

Postby Metzger » Sat Nov 08, 2014 9:42 pm

Funnier than a Pogo-stick :3 , I hope that there will be more of this, if not it was a great anyway!! *lol*
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat

Postby SFI » Sat Nov 08, 2014 9:47 pm

Metzger wrote:Funnier than a Pogo-stick :3 , I hope that there will be more of this, if not it was a great anyway!! *lol*

*whacks over head with that darn pogo-stick*

CutieSquiggoth wrote:Awesomeness! Well done *huggles and softly pets*

YAY *purr*

Ra'tatosk wrote:
Isaiah Cortez wrote:This....is....AWESOME!

Oh yes... and hilarious. *wee*

Good, good. :D

Eh, tears of laughter as just as good as tears of grief :P
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Two

Postby SFI » Wed Nov 12, 2014 9:46 pm

Badass Wolf, Blue Empath, Shadow Queen entered
Badass Wolf: Mmmh... No one else here yet?
Blue Empath: Doesn’t seem so...
Badass Wolf: I must say I already like these things. I wonder if Waes would ever put them for sale?
Shadow Queen: Perhaps. I’d make them ridiculously expensive though
Badass Wolf: Then I’ll just have to steal some.
Blue Empath: Would that work?
Shadow Queen: At the moment? Yes. But give me a couple of weeks and then it won’t anymore.
Blue Empath: Your golem-skills are almost freaking me out.
Shadow Queen: I still won’t make you that golem, Ash
Badass Wolf: But theoretically you could?
Shadow Queen: Quain, I once designed and build a fully new golem in a month. I think anything within reason I can make given enough time.
Blue Empath: Then why don’t you?
Blue Empath: o.O
Badass Wolf: The best part is that I am still seeing you with your poker-face, screaming at the top of your lungs.
Shadow Queen: I am so tempted to come take my golems back.
Val’Sharess, Best Mom entered
Val’Sharess: Oh boy, so much for our peacefulness...
Blue Empath: Waes started it
Shadow Queen: I will not make you a masturbation-golem, Ash
Best Mom: What if you make a whole slew of them?
Val’Sharess: ZALA’ESS!
Shadow Queen: Goddess...
Badass Wolf: Vals are perverted.
Blue Empath: After centuries, there is little else left we can do
Shadow Queen: Don’t you dare put me in the same box as those two.
Val’Sharess: I concur, those two are just weird
Best Mom: Mother!
Surface FTW, Goddess Visionary, Finder Of New Ways, Nuqrah Queen entered
Goddess Visionary: though Rel’lumia comes close.
Surface FTW: As if you never sleep with someone.
Finder Of New Ways: So yesterday we talked about embarrassments, today about love-lives?
Shadow Queen: No
Badass Wolf: No
Goddess Visionary: No
Val’Sharess: No
Blue Empath: Yes
Nuqrah Queen: Well, this is interesting
Shadow Queen: I will not talk about my love-live, thank you very much
Surface FTW: But we’d all do it!
Shadow Queen: One of you mailed me bright-yellow clothing this morning. I nearly went blind when opening the box. No
Finder Of New Ways: Wait, what?
Blue Empath: LOL, who did that?
Shadow Queen: No clue, no note added.
Goddess Visionary: Dare I ask what kind of clothing it was?
Shadow Queen: Don’t know. I slammed it shut because I was going half-blind
Badass Wolf: From a bit of yellow?
Val’Sharess: Considering how dark her home is, I am not that surprised. So spit it out people, who assaulted Waes’soloth?
Shadow Queen: You are making fun of me.
Best Mom: Well, at least we’ll know what Waes will be wearing should she lose Rel’s game in here
Shadow Queen: At the moment all of you are close to losing.
Badass Wolf: Mymy, so sensitive. I never expected that behind you
Shadow Queen: One such comment and you will find something you didn’t expect behind you.
Nuqrah Queen: Please, peace everyone.
Surface FTW: So much for being able to talk to one another without coming to blows
Finder Of New Ways: Well, we’re not at blows yet?
Goddess Visionary: Why do I feel like we really need vacations?
Val’Sharess: And come back to a wrecked Chel? Don’t think so
Blue Empath: Though I could be tempted to visit those Kyorl’solenurn-spas
Best Mom: Now there is an idea.
Goddess Visionary: I don’t think you can just come into the Ssu-district and expect us to give you spa-treatments
Badass Wolf: Nor do some of us want to.
Val’Sharess: Back to the matter at hand: who send Waes those clothes and what exactly are they?
Finder Of New Ways: Why are you so adamant to know?
Shadow Queen: Can I pay whoever send it back?
Val’Sharess: That depends on which way you want to do it.
Badass Wolf: Dump a spider in bed? XD
Shadow Queen: No... I know something already.
Surface FTW: I feel the need to remind you that we are fellow Ill’haresses and should therefore not be murdered
Badass Wolf: Except for Zala, feel free to murder her
Best Mom: Hey!
Val’Sharess: Will you please not threaten my children in my presence?
Finder Of New Ways: How is she in your presence when you are in the dome and she in her fortress?
Blue Empath: Who says they are?
Nuqrah Queen: Another Sull-orgy?
Val’Sharess: NO!
Badass Wolf: NO!
Goddess Visionary: If I were one of Ash’ children now, I think they would suggest a good fuck
Val’Sharess: NO!
Badass Wolf: NO!
Shadow Queen: I’d actually pay to see THAT happen
Val’Sharess: Wait, what?
Surface FTW: O.O
Finder Of New Ways: But...
Blue Empath: I am backing Waes. Who throws money in the pot to make Quain and Diva fuck?
Best Mom: Not me. Eeeewww.
Val’Sharess: I will not... sleep with Quain.
Badass Wolf: She’s afraid I’d break her, probably
Nuqrah Queen: It probably could solve your problems. How much money are we talking?
Shadow Queen: Enough to make Ash empath them into bed, methinks
Val’Sharess: Are you really planning this?
Surface FTW: Seems so. Ash, what is your price?
Goddess Visionary: I foresee trouble
Blue Empath: Waes knows
Shadow Queen: I won’t make you that darned golem.
Nuqrah Queen: Just make her the damn thing, then she will finally stop
Shadow Queen: No.
Blue Empath: Please.
Badass Wolf: You and Zala should get together. The suction of your cunts would glue you together forever and we all would be free
Best Mom: Excuse me?
Finder Of New Ways: Oh Goddess, I could have done without that mental image.
Shadow Queen: Consider it a reminder as to why you live in seclusion.
Goddess Visionary: How old are we again?
Val’Sharess: One never outgrows childishness
Surface FTW: Better not bring any chocolate to poker-night, Shimi. Who knows what’ll happen.
Shadow Queen: I don’t want to know
Blue Empath: You are no fun, Waes
Shadow Queen: I am my kind of fun
Badass Wolf: There is a boring kind of fun? Should those not cancel each other out?
Nuqrah Queen: Oh dear
Val’Sharess: ?
Shadow Queen: You really want to know, Sarghress?
Badass Wolf: Enlighten me
Shadow Queen: Be my guest
Goddess Visionary: I foresee horrible, horrible things
Finder Of New Ways: Literally, or figuratively spoken?
Goddess Visionary: I have no doubt that literally will soon happen.
Surface FTW: Goddess...
Best Mom: Should I get popcorn, or shelter?
Nuqrah Queen: Shelter, definitely shelter
Blue Empath: Why?
Nuqrah Queen: Remember Waes’soloth’s visit to Nuqrah a couple centuries ago?
Val’Sharess: The one where you asked for a reassignment of seats in the council afterwards?
Shadow Queen: Oh yeah, that was... fun
Badass Wolf: What happened?
Finder Of New Ways: Fun, apparently
Nuqrah Queen: Speak for Waes... I had nightmares for YEARS
Shadow Queen: I don’t see what the problem was
Blue Empath: Did she paint everything black?
Goddess Visionary: Would that cause nightmares!?
Nuqrah Queen: No...
Badass Wolf: So what DID happen then?
Val’Sharess: For once, I have to back Quain on this.
Shadow Queen: Well, just wait until... Mmmmh... End of this week and Quain can tell you herself
Surface FTW: What did you do?
Nuqrah Queen: She unleashed a bunch of spiders on my fortress. I am still wondering where they came from.
Shadow Queen: That was for trying to make me fit in colour-wise by changing my entire wardrobe
Badass Wolf: So I’ll have a spider infestation? Big Deal
Best Mom: Were they big or small?
Nuqrah Queen: I don’t know! I never saw even one of them!
Val’Sharess: But then why would you... Oh
Goddess Visionary: Wait, let me get this straight: Waes encased your fortress in spider-webs?
Nuqrah Queen: Huge ones
Shadow Queen: That was fun :D
Blue Empath: Are we sure Kharla is the insane one?
Best Mom: I am starting to doubt it...
Badass Wolf: Well, the reactions of my people will be interesting at least
Surface FTW: Clean up will take forever though
Badass Wolf: My weavers will be happy with it
Shadow Queen: Doubt it
Nuqrah Queen: It was sticky... and as thick as an arm
Val’Sharess: Wait, how big was the spider then?
Shadow Queen: Well...
Blue Empath: Waes, Driders have silk the size of an eight of a finger...
Shadow Queen: I never SAID it was a horde
Best Mom: How big was that?
Badass Wolf: And can my fortress hold something that size?
Finder Of New Ways: How come no one ever saw something like that?
Goddess Visionary: I would expect you to use it more often.
Shadow Queen: I can’t wreck my fortress on a regular basis, you insane people!
Val’Sharess: Wreck your fortress!?
Shadow Queen: Where else do you think I have my Protector Spider? On my back?
Surface FTW: You still have a protector spider!?
Blue Empath: The size of your fortress!?
Shadow Queen: Yes to Rel, no to Ash
Best Mom: Then what?
Badass Wolf: So wait, how old is that thing then?
Shadow Queen: I’d appreciate if you do not call her ‘thing’.
Val’Sharess: Please answer the question, Waes.
Shadow Queen: Uh... about my age?
Finder Of New Ways: How does THAT work?
Goddess Visionary: I am still trying to wrap my head around the size.
Shadow Queen: You’ll see at the end of the week.
Badass Wolf: It better not wreck my fortress, Waes
Shadow Queen: It’s not that big
Nuqrah Queen: Sorry, had to talk with someone. Did I miss something?
Best Mom: Still at Waes’ spider.
Nuqrah Queen: I see.
Blue Empath: Actually, none of us do.
Val’Sharess: I am strangely happy I am not in the know-how here
Shadow Queen: Will you stop acting like it’s so horrible I am following a tradition of my clan?
Surface FTW: Considering the size implied...
Shadow Queen: It’s not that big... Goddess...
Goddess Visionary: Then how big IS it?
Shadow Queen: Have a sleep-over at Quain’s and you’ll know
Nuqrah Queen: Forget it. I had that happen once to me, I do not need it again.
Badass Wolf: Hehe, well, I’ll be having spider-legs for dinner then.
Shadow Queen: That we’ll see.
Blue Empath: I will bring popcorn
Finder Of New Ways: Eh, why not?
Val’Sharess: Why do we agree so quickly about these kind of things?
Best Mom: Because they are fun? I’ll get a scribe to write it down for you, mother.
Surface FTW: We are all kids
Shadow Queen: Depending on the time-scale, some of us are.
Val’Sharess: Why do I feel that is a jab at my age?
Blue Empath: Because it is?
Badass Wolf: I will keep silent on this matter
Surface FTW: And I am wondering why I am still following this conversation.
Nuqrah Queen: Because it seems every day we plan another invasion and you want to know when the one for your place is?
Finder Of New Ways: We’re doing what now?
Shadow Queen: She has a point. Yesterday Diva’s Dome, today Quain’s Fortress...
Badass Wolf: We’re starting a real tradition here.
Best Mom: Can’t it be a ‘Whack the wolf’ tradition?
Badass Wolf: You’d first need to get one
Val’Sharess: Don’t tempt me, Quain
Blue Empath: Well, at least we know who will get the colour-change first at this rate.
Nuqrah Queen: Oh, I have this lovely dress I’d like to put on Quain.
Finder Of New Ways: You know she’s bigger than you are?
Goddess Visionary: It’s called tailoring, Jaal. Something I know you don’t do.
Surface FTW: Oh well, before I go again: anyone want me to bring something tomorrow?
Val’Sharess: Can’t think of anything, except if you want special things for yourself.
Blue Empath: Wait, what are we even going to play for?
Shadow Queen: She has a point, money makes no sense for us really.
Best Mom: I would know something
Badass Wolf: I don’t think gambling MEN is going to work either
Finder Of New Ways: I don’t have any
Goddess Visionary: Of course you don’t.
Val’Sharess: How about regular sex?
Best Mom: MOTHER!? Are you alright?
Shadow Queen: Are you insane!?
Blue Empath: Oh-ho, tell me more :3
Badass Wolf: No, she is not a pervert-Val, is she?
Val’Sharess: It’s the only thing we CAN reasonably poker about. I will NOT allow you to poker over districts or something like that!
Blue Empath: Strip-poker!
Nuqrah Queen: Oh Goddess...
Surface FTW: I am bringing my sword.
Goddess Visionary: I am bringing chocolate if we actually agree to this. I want to be too blitzed to remember.
Shadow Queen: Can’t we just poker for favours unrelated to living beings? First can get something from second, second from third, etc?
Finder Of New Ways: Something like Truth or Dare, only without the Truth? I can be okay with THAT
Surface FTW: It beats getting a whole orgy going
Badass Wolf: You do realize that Ash will fuck whoever is the one she gets something from?
Val’Sharess: But that’s only one person, not eight.
Blue Empath: Or if I get Waes, I can finally get that golem
Blue Empath: On the other hand...
Shadow Queen: Ash, you do realize you are making it unlikely that I will actually come, right?
Nuqrah Queen: Would that count as an automatic forfeit?
Shadow Queen: That counts as ‘does not participate’
Surface FTW: Oh boy, that will be interesting, I can just tell.
Best Mom: I am so bringing popcorn.
Blue Empath: I feel kinda excited, am I the only one
Val’Sharess: I just feel dread. Soooo. Soooo much dread.
Shadow Queen: Is it too late to bail out?
Goddess Visionary: we are all attending. Yes, it’s too late
Nuqrah Queen: damn
Finder Of New Ways: Ooh! Hey, Ash, I have something you could try. It’s a prototype though :)
Blue Empath: What is it? :D
Badass Wolf: This can’t be good
Finder Of New Ways: I’ll show you tomorrow.
Surface FTW: I am leaving now. I need some of my sanity still
Nuqrah Queen: ditto
Nuqrah Queen, Surface FTW disconnected
Shadow Queen: I wish I could leave.
Val’Sharess: Why can’t you?
Shadow Queen: Cause I have the main-golem. If I leave, all of you get kicked out.
Badass Wolf: Convenient
Finder Of New Ways: Well, she did say it was a prototype.
Best Mom: Something like this with yours? And why does Ash get to test it?
Finder Of New Ways: I can bring more. I have four, at the moment
Goddess Visionary: I will not listen to this madness.
Goddess Visionary disconnected
Val’Sharess: As the one who is hosting the poker-night, I demand to know what you intend to bring
Shadow Queen: I would prefer to remain blissfully unaware
Blue Empath: I want to know too <3
Best Mom: Is that supposed to be a heart or what?
Badass Wolf: Well, that or a really weird face XD
Finder Of New Ways: It’s nothing dangerous, I promise. Neither to the user, nor the surroundings
Blue Empath: then why is it prototype still?
Finder Of New Ways: I have a bit of problems with some features. Nothing dangerous!
Val’Sharess: I feel like I should be banning this
Shadow Queen: Please do
Best Mom: But I want to see it now
Blue Empath: What features exactly?
Finder Of New Ways: User-feedback, mostly.
Badass Wolf: What kind of User-feedback?
Finder Of New Ways: Oh, will you look at the time
Finder Of New Ways disconnected
Shadow Queen: I swear, if someone is going to use Whatever-She-Made on me, I will kill them
Blue Empath: It’s rude to bail just because you don’t like the outcome
Val’Sharess: She has a point there, Waes.
Shadow Queen: Well, look at mine then.
Shadow Queen, Badass Wolf, Blue Empath, Best Mom, Val’Sharess disconnected
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Two

Postby Ra'tatosk » Sat Nov 15, 2014 2:38 am

They all got their minds in the gutter - those old mares. o_O Naughty *lol*
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Two

Postby SFI » Sat Nov 15, 2014 8:28 am

Ra'tatosk wrote:They all got their minds in the gutter - those old mares. o_O Naughty *lol*

It's Ashie's fault. And Waes and Shimi aren't in there, though they are getting dragged there by a Sul...
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Two

Postby Metzger » Sat Nov 15, 2014 10:25 am

will the next part take place after the..."clan meeting"? 'Good work on this part too :3
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Two

Postby SFI » Sat Nov 15, 2014 10:52 am

Metzger wrote:will the next part take place after the..."clan meeting"? 'Good work on this part too :3

Wouldn't you like to know? XD And thanks :3
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Two

Postby CutieSquiggoth » Sun Nov 16, 2014 2:31 am

Oh lovely :) So strange but *giggles* *huggles and pets* you have skill :)
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Re: Ill'harress' Ipad Chat - Day Two

Postby Dakla » Wed Nov 19, 2014 7:34 pm

Kinda reverted to child-mindset, didn't they? 8P
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