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Beast of Chel'el'Sussoloth - Chapter 17

Re: Beast of Chel'el'Sussoloth - Chapter 14

Postby SFI » Tue Nov 08, 2016 8:09 pm

“Finding those murdering bastards is one thing, but I do not see why I should bother investing my people into finding her.” Hilewen had excused herself to oversee the hunt, leaving her guests to themselves. Diva’ratrika was making arrangements to have her forces join those of the Beldrobbaen, and the suggestion that wolves would make the best trackers had started another argument.
“It’s like one or two wolves.” The Sharen countered sharply. “Surely you can spare that much?”
“One or two wolves will not survive a run-in with one of those beasts.” The Sarghress snarled. “In case you missed that, oh Val’Sharess. Wolves are not that easy and quick to breed that I’d just throw half a dozen in the grinder for Waes’soloth.”
“What about revenge though?” Nau’boloth appeared in the door. “Waes’soloth’s mate requests your presence, if you would indulge him, Ill’haress.”
“Why would he want to talk to Quain’tana?” Ash’waren spoke up, beating the Sarghress to a decidedly ruder demand.
“He has a request of her.” The Beldrobbaen Headmaster stated simply. “As he cannot leave his bed, may I lead you to him?”
“What makes him think I’d do for him what I won’t do for Diva, more like?” The red-armoured female demanded darkly. “Mmh?”
“My identity...” The voice was rough, its’ owner having decided that ‘bedrest’ was something that did not apply to him while his mate was gone. Fire had eaten away at a large part of his body, the sharp smell of healing-poultices emanating from thick bandages covering quite a bit of it. His face had fared little better, his hair almost gone to his scalp while a wide line of burned flesh graced his forehead like the mockery of a circlet. Despite the obvious pain, his eyes were burning. “Hello mother, I see you found out my little secret.”
“Kel’noz!?” The mercenary-queen recoiled from the sight of her son. “You’re Waes’soloth’s mate?”
“How else do you think she became so...” He coughed sharply, blood spilling from his lips as his colleague threw a murderous glare to Waes’soloth’s attendant that had allowed him to come. “So willing to at least listen to you, even if she did not agree at all? Don’t tell me you never noticed the change during meetings?” He snorted, something that made him tremble in pain, at least until Ash’waren reached out with her empathy...
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Re: Beast of Chel'el'Sussoloth - Chapter 15

Postby SFI » Wed Jan 04, 2017 8:02 pm

“That I actually am going to do this now.” Quain’tana muttered, finishing her climb down the ladder into the Beldrobbaen sewer-systems.
“Well, no one told you to do it yourself.” Diva’ratrika joined her after a while, cleaning her hands on her cloak. “So you have no one to blame for this but yourself.”
“Why the nether are you here anyway?” The Sarghress chose to ignore the Sharen’s comment. “Aren’t you going to die around those things with your aura anyway?”
“Because Waes’soloth is my ally and friend.” The purple haired female moved aside a bit when a giant wolf jumped down beside her. “Besides, you should be grateful I’m helping you save the lover of your son.” Behind her veil, a small smirk formed at the near snarl she got in answer.
“I can see why people thought I needed to come along to act as a buffer.” Sannindi’ligr joined them as well. “Goodness gracious, I can see you two push each other to the beasts.”
“I’m above that.” Quain’tana patted her wolf on his shoulders. The pale-furred beast sniffed the air, before slowly trotting off one of the tunnels. “Now let’s find Waes’soloth so the world can turn the right way up again.”
Diva’ratrika did not deign her with an answer, following the large animal and its’ owner.
“Let’s just hope that Hile’wen was correct and he did not see need to kill Waes just yet.” The Val’Dutan’vir softly mused, pushing her hair back as she made up the end of the line.
“We’ll see about that.” Quain’tana carried the hammer she had borrowed over one shoulder, the other was resting lightly on her wolf. “Can you handle this filth, Val’Sharess?”
“I imagine it has to be very clean compared to your home, Val’Sarghress.” The Sharen matriarch countered sharply. “Just have your wolf find Waes’soloth, will you? We can have our customary arguments afterwards.”
The female at the end of the line rolled her eyes at the sole answer being a grunt. Why could those two not have sent someone else in their places? Anyone else!? “Think it’ll be long before we find her?”
“Should not be.” The mercenary looked over her shoulder briefly, voice a soft whisper. “From what my wolves could find, this is the closest entrance to her.”
Almost in answer, a pained outcry came from up front, echoing in the hallway. The three froze while the hair of the wolf started standing up. Quain’tana closed one hand around his muzzle, telling it silently to keep from snarling.
As they progressed, they saw light coming from a hallway crossing theirs. Diva briefly raised her hand, trying to form a light above it. She failed, any and all mana being drained from the surrounding air.
“Guess we found them.” Sannindi whispered softly. “That was Waes’ voice.”
Quain’tana’s eyes narrowed as she looked around. “We’ll have to improvise. He picked a good spot to take a break. It’s open-ended as it were...”
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Re: Beast of Chel'el'Sussoloth - Chapter 16

Postby SFI » Sat Mar 11, 2017 7:35 pm

She would have sighed in annoyance if she could have, casting her eyes skyward briefly while praying to Sharess for strength. Better than Diva’ratrika being here at least. She took a deep breath, nearly snarling at hearing Waes’soloth moan in pain. How bad had thing become that the other Val lowered herself to that?
She slipped while moving closer, nearly crashing into the foul waters of the sewer. Goddess’ tits!
“Who’s there!?” A male voice called out immediately, bestial growls almost drowning it out. “Show yourself!”
Sannindi’s eye twitched at that. Mother-killing...
“Show yourself, or I will kill her!” Well, he sounded insane enough for that one, at least. The Ill’haress of the first Ssu-clan of Chel’el’sussoloth gritted her teeth.
“Alright, alright, I am coming out. Calm down.” The Dutan’vir lowered her sword to the ground, stepping into the torch-light with her hands raised. She ducked lightly when noticing how close the beast was to her. Waes’soloth and her captor were not that far away. Then again, probably the only way he could keep her subdued was by keeping her from her arts.
“San, what are you doing here!?” The Beldrobbaen demanded sharply, both eyes wide. She was a mess, a bruise on her cheek and clothes completely dishevelled.
“Make a guess.” The other female muttered, one eye on the creature creeping closer to her while the other was aimed at her colleague. “Half of an army is combing these sewers for the two of you.” Not technically true anymore, but those were semantics.
“The clans have nothing better to do than search for me?” He snorted, the creature moving forward.
“We decided to end the entire family responsible for these.” Sannindi backed away, briefly lowering one hand to gesture to the thing in front of her, which earned her a threatening glow. It looked even more like an abomination than those they had slaughtered outside of the City. “You’re the sole survivor. And daring to take Waes’soloth did not exactly put you in anyone’s graces, just saying. You’re not getting out of here, I am sure you have realized that as well. The Beldrobbaen at the least will have you dead for this.”
“Bold words for someone that is going to die.” The creature had driven her back a good bit now, forcing her into the dead end that was on the other side of the hallway she had come out off. Worse of all, it looked ready to pounce across the opening right at her jugular.
“Indeed.” The Dutan’vir braced herself, hoping to Sharess that things would work out as intended. “You’ll not leave this place alive.”
He snarled at that, the madness apparent in his eyes. Without any obvious urging the creature pounced... face-first into the business end of Quain’tana’s warhammer. The Sarghress had swung it in a wide arch, combining the beast’s own momentum with her own sheer strength. It was probably dead on impact.
Behind the male and Waes’soloth, Diva’ratrika appeared from another hallway. With the manaless air fading quickly now that the creature was dead, the ball of mana in her hands was growing rapidly. Even as Quain’tana charged the still confused male, the Empress shot it forward, sizzling the close walls.
Using the distraction of her captor, Waes’soloth smashed her head backwards, managing to yank herself free from the male. Just before the mana-ball reached her – probably scorching her flesh – Quain’tana reached her, shielding her with her own body. The surface-born was not nearly as lucky, feeling the full brunt of the Imperial wrath while Sannindi had barely managed to dodge into the hallway Quain’tana had come out off.
“That went off surprisingly well.” Holding the Beldrobbaen, the Sarghress moved away from the wall a bit.
“I still don’t like that I had to be bait.” The Dutan’vir muttered, moving to the two and looking Waes’soloth over. “Are you alright, Waes?”
“I... yes, I am fine.” Even if she didn’t look like it. “Goddess... this is embarrassing...”
“There’s worse things, I am sure.” Diva’ratrika joined them as well, briefly regarding the scorched corpse with distance. “I suggest we get out of here. Someone else can clean up.”
“Just... just leave them here.” Trembling the Beldrobbaen murmured, refusing to look at any of them now.
“Kel’noz is fine, you know.” Quain’tana’s dry statement was rewarded with the woman in her arms snapping her head up.
“He... is?” The trembling became worse, the black-haired female choking. “Sharess... I... I thought... I had to pull him out of that building... He looked...” Briefly, ever so briefly, she allowed herself to break down, silent tears running down her cheeks at the memory.
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Re: Beast of Chel'el'Sussoloth - Chapter 17

Postby SFI » Fri Apr 28, 2017 2:11 pm

The moment they returned to the streets, the Beldrobbaen ushered Waes’soloth to the Healing-wing of the fortress. Shortly afterwards, Hile’wen returned to the Ill’haresses; both as token of gratitude as well as an apology for the no-show their forces would be fed and taken care of on the cost of the Val’Beldrobbaen.
Waes’soloth herself did not appear that day, even as the Ill’haresses were being all but pampered in the main house’s quarters, enjoying the hot thermal bath that was normally the pure privilege of the Ill’haress and her closest kin.
Ash’waren had risen from the hot waters, wrapping herself into a bathrobe as she headed out onto the balcony. On the way, she bypassed the glorious banket servants and slaves had brought them shortly after Hile’wen had shown them the bath. Briefly looking over at the others, including Quain’tana and Diva’ratrika who had pointedly taken perfectly opposite sides of the bath, she then looked out over the hanging towers that formed the Beldrobbaen-fortress. Only to notice something interesting...
“Quain, you have to see this.” The Sullisin’rune called back into the room. Slowly the Sarghress joined her ally, following her pointing finger.
Apparently, from this particular room one could just see the healing-wing at the bottom of another tower. In one room of the wing was Kel’noz, well on the way to recovery after the Jaal’darya had attended him with their arts.
He had been given the best care, though there were no healers or servants attending him now. Instead, a long-haired woman – obviously a Val – was sitting on the edge of the bed. It was Waes’soloth who had exchanged her own luxurious quarters for the rooms of her lover in the healing-wing. They were seemingly talking, Kel’noz holding one of the Ill’haress’ hands.
“Look at her.” The blue-tattooed female gestured to their black-haired colleague. The Beldrobbaen was bend down lightly, relief visible even from this distance. More importantly, wetness was visible in the shine of mana-lights mounted on the walls. She was or at least had been weeping in relief. The hand the Sarghress was holding was clinging to his.
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