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Ripples (Alternate Universe Fanfic)

Re: Ripples (Alternate Universe Fanfic)

Postby Dakla » Fri Sep 18, 2015 4:35 pm

Author's Note wrote: Hey... :B I will just post this and quietly slither away. Thank SFI for poking me and Beta-reading this chapter.

Chapter 4: Dacrima

At the sound of doors opening, Ariel lifted her head from her folded arms. When she saw that the drow in the blue dress was heading in her direction, she stood up, though her legs were somewhat unsteady. She tried to rub her face dry, but that was no good; her eyes were all swollen and kept on leaking out tears, and she couldn't stop her sniffles. Making sure her eyes were aiming at the ground, she waited until the female stood right in front of her.

“Can you look me in eye, child?”

A soft voice spoke to her. It sounded quite... cordial. It didn't sound like the scolding voice of Syphile or the harsh commanding one of Mother. If Ariel had to compare the tone of the voice to anyone's, it would be a very feminine version of her big brother's: stern yet friendly.

After a brief moment of hesitation, Ariel obeyed the woman. When she looked up, she then suddenly realised that the Lady had knelt down in front of her without Ariel noticing it. The instance female saw Ariel’s gaze, she smiled softly at her making her icy-blue eyes seeming less cold.

“What is your name, child?”

“M-my name is A-ariel”, the young girl stammered; her voice was wavering due to her weeping. She blinked multiple times, trying to clear her vision from tears. Nevertheless, it was still an useless effort. Ariel felt more miserable and desperate; why couldn’t she stop crying? This wasn’t how a true Sarghress was supposed to act! She then heard the Lady let out a deep sigh. Cringing in embarrassment, Ariel shifted her gaze back to the floor. Blue Lady must think that I’m very pathetic.

“Come here, Ariel.”

She suddenly felt a hand lift up her chin and a cloth dabbing away her tears. Standing frozen, Ariel couldn’t believe what was happening: instead of receiving a harsh scolding for her tears like she was accustomed to, this stranger was wiping them away. She even used her pretty blue dress!

“There, there. No need to cry.”, Blue Lady cooed at her, while wiping the tear-stained cheeks dry.

With wide eyes, Ariel stared at the female before her; thanks to her shock no more teardrops fell from her bright purple eyes.

This is the Head-torturer, my new caretaker? But why is she so nice to me?


After kneeling down and asking the child to look up so she could see her face, Sil’lice beheld the most miserable-looking young girl she had ever seen. Sil’lice sighed in displeasure; the tainted weakling made quite a mess, so it seems. She used the hem of her dress to dry off the tears: she didn’t have any handkerchiefs on her and the cloth of her cloak was too coarse. After murmuring some comforting words to her new ward and wiping the young face clean from tears, Sil’lice saw now that the child gaped at her with unblinking eyes as if she was mesmerised.

“Is there something wrong, Ariel?”, Sil’lice asked her in concern, wondering if she said something wrong to the fragile girl.

“You-you used your pretty dress to wipe my tears!”, Ariel blurted out. She sounded rather horrified at the moment. “You shouldn’t do that. Dress is too pretty for that.”

Sil’lice let out a low chuckle and smiled again. She found it amusing that her ward would be worried about her very simple dress as if it was an expensive royal regalia.

“Don’t worry about it. I wanted to dry off your cheeks and didn’t have any handkerchiefs with me, so my dress it is.” Smoothing out her blue dress, Sil’lice remarked: “You find my dress pretty?”

Ariel nodded with vigour. “It is really pretty. The colour is so… SO blue!”

“Well, thank you for the compliment, Ariel. You are a sweet girl. ” The girl beamed back at her, clearly glad about the reply.

Sil’lice face began to turn somewhat serious again. “Ariel, I’m sure you are aware that the Ill’hares has appointed a new caretaker for you.” The elder drow could see that the child became downtrodden again.

“Are you my new caretaker?”, asked Ariel in a small voice.

“Yes, I am.”

An audible gulp came from the young girl. “Are you also the head-torturer?” That sentence came out as a whisper.

Puzzled, Sil’lice looked at the now cringing girl. “Yes? But I don’t see wh-”, at that instant Sil’lice widen her eyes. Surely the child wouldn’t think that I will…

Tears welled up in the bright purple eyes, that was filled with fear. “Are-you-gonna-torture-me?”, voice was now near inaudible.

Disturbed and perplexed, Sil’lice quickly assured her: “By Sharess child, of course I will not torture you! I would never! Who had gave you the idea, that I would do THAT to you?”

“Well, I fail to impress Mo-Quain’tana and disappointed her so much and then she asked for the Head-torturer and I thought-” Ariel started to ramble uncontrollably.

Putting both hand gently on the tiny shoulders, Sil’lice shushed: “Calm down, child. No need to worry.” She kept on saying reassuring words until the girl was calmed down. Dabbed off the tears again, Sil’lice enquired: “Ariel, did that tainted girl hurt you if you made a mistake?”


“Drows with red eyes are called: Tainted.”, she patiently explained. “Did she beat you if you displeased her?”


Why wasn’t she surprised at the answer. “Did she do that often?”


Letting out a sigh, Sil’lice inwardly cursed Syphile’s horrid way of mentoring and also Quain’tana; what was that simpleton thinking to give that tainted brat a baby to raise? And not just any baby; her own blood, one that might even inherit the clan! That was insane and careless!

“Ariel, I need you to listen very carefully: I will not and never ever torture you. What Syphile did to you was wrong and idiotic. Even Quain’tana saw that. She didn’t raise you correctly and because of that, you weren’t ready, doomed to fail.” Pausing for a moment, to make sure that the child processed it all, she continued: “That is why you are assigned to me. To train you, so you will become the next true heir of Sarghress.”

At the last two sentences, hope appeared in Ariel’s eyes. “You will help me to make Quain’tana proud?”

“Yes, my ward. ” With a serious expression and raised her finger, Sil’lice added: “I’ll warn you: it will not be easy. You must train hard and learn many lessons. I want you to do your uttermost best. I do not tolerate lazy and spoiled attitudes. Am I clear?” Seeing Ariel bobbing her head, Sil’lice smiled in approval “Are you ready, Ariel?”

“I’m ready.” Ariel looked determined in Sil’lice’s eyes; her posture now strong and proud. “I will make Mother proud of me!”

“I can see the Ill’hares was right about you: there is a spark of potential within you. ”

Sil’lice rose up from her kneeling and gestured towards at the end of the hall. “Come Ariel, let us collect your belongings; things you want bring along.” At seeing Ariel’s confused look, she clarified: “You will move to a different room, somewhere closer to my chambers.”

The girl brightened in an instant at the news. “No more sleeping in that place?”

“No more, Ariel.”

“Thank you so much, Lady- uhm?”

“Sil’lice, you can call me Sil’lice. ”
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Re: Ripples (Alternate Universe Fanfic)

Postby SFI » Fri Sep 18, 2015 4:57 pm

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Re: Ripples (Alternate Universe Fanfic)

Postby Metzger » Sun Sep 20, 2015 8:59 pm

Goody! New chapter!! :3

Sil’lice seems to know what to do in order to make Ariel into a good heiress, and boosting her confidence is a good first step
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Re: Ripples (Alternate Universe Fanfic)

Postby Dakla » Mon Feb 08, 2016 6:17 pm

I present to you the next chapter of Ripples! It's even a bit longer than the last one, as apology. :B
Betaread by SFI and all mistakes are mine

Warning: none except for some emotional scarring of a child, old and new

Chapter 5: Tidal Bore

Sil’lice blinked her eyes a few times, not exactly believing what she saw in front of her. “Ariel”, she asked while trying to keep her tone even, “Is this really your room?”

“Uhm, yes my l- I mean Sil’lice, this is my bedroom. Syphile always told me to stay here and only leave when she says so.” Ariel looked at her feet and fiddled with her hands. “I kinda still snuck out though, when big brother Kel’noz comes to visit the clan.”

Walking into her new ward’s old bedroom, Sil’lice looked around in thinly veiled disgust. The child’s room was bare: there was barely any furniture –only ones in sight: were a desk with a chair, a bedpan, bed, and a plain coffer containing clothes-, the walls were dull grey and unadorned, plus the only items that contain any colour were a couple of books and few stuffed toys. On one of the walls, was a cracked mirror and beside the niche were the bed was stationed, was a half-broken cage door.

This is no room; it’s a cell.

At seeing her new caretaker eyeing around and curling her lips back, Ariel apologized: “Sorry, I didn’t clean up my room; was too mad at Syphile.” The young drow peered at the elder somewhat nervously, worrying she’d already displeased her with her untidiness.

There are hardly any belongings to make a mess. “Why were you mad at the Tainted?”

Bowing her head, Ariel stared at the floor beneath her. With an unstable voice, she answered back: “She killed Fuzzy.” When she looked up again and saw the confused look of Sil’lice, the girl clarified: “Fuzzy was a kitty; I’ve got him from my brother as an early birthday present. Syphile found out about him, but I-I begged her to let me keep him... She’d just left and locked the door.” It was as if a dam inside her had broken down, and Ariel let the words stream out like a tidal wave. “Fuzzy became sick in a few days, I couldn’t get out to get help or better food for him and the slave that brings me food, didn’t hear me call to her. Fuzzy… he kept on puking and becoming sicker. I tried to help him, but…” Her voice hitched for moment. “When Syphile finally came back, she was mad at the mess. She grabbed Fuzzy, hurting him, and he bit her. She hit him against the wall; over there. ” Ariel pointed absentminded where Syphile smashed the kitten’s head in. “After that, Fuzzy didn’t move anymore and she threw him back at me... I was so… mad… He was my best friend… My only friend… And she … I…”

During Ariel’s account of the events, Sil’lice gaped at her. She could barely process what her ward was telling her; there were no words to describe this. However, when the child nearly burst into tears again, her brain kick-started into action. With a fluid motion, she knelt down and embraced the weepy girl. For the second time, Sil’lice hushed and comforted her.

Once Ariel calmed down enough, Sil’lice let go of her so she could look straight into her eyes. “What has happened was horrible, no child deserves to see something like that”, while wiping the small face dry, she continued: “but now it’s time to focus towards your future. Collect what you want to bring with you to your new room. As soon you’re done, we can leave this room and your past behind.” Standing up, Sil’lice reached out her hand towards Ariel. “Come, I’ll help you with packing.”

Teary eyed however now smiling, Ariel grasped her newly appointed caretaker’s hand.


After stuffing all her plushies into her knapsack, Ariel waited patiently for Sil’lice finishing up sorting her clothing. She heard her caretaker mutter darkly about only finding red clothing in the coffer. With an exasperated sigh, Sil’lice chose a few robes and folded them up. Turning to Ariel, while neatly packing the clothes into the knapsack, she asked: “Can you call over a servant or slave, so I can give the orders to collect the rest of your belongings and to prepare your room?” She handed over the bag to Ariel, who excitedly took hold of it.

“Sure thing, Sil’lice! Should I help you with carrying more stuff out of this room, after I’ve brought over somebody?” Ariel couldn’t wait to leave her old cell forever and move towards her new life.

“No need, Ariel: just send him or her over. I also need to discuss a small number of more grown-up matters with the servant. You know where the Great Hall is located?” Seeing Ariel’s nodding, she continued: “You can wait there for me, if you want; unless of course, you’d rather listen to boring conversations?”

“Nah! I’ll find someone real quick for you, Sil’lice.” With a bounce in her step, Ariel hurried outside to fetch a help. Within moments, Ariel found a light elf with bright reddish mark on one of her cheeks. After giving her Sil’lice’s instruction, she moseyed on to the direction of the Great Hall.

Walking into a corridor near her destination, Ariel noticed three figures in front of her: two home-guards and in between: a strange white-clothed tall female with long lilac hair. The tall woman threw a glance over her shoulder at hearing the small footsteps. Her eyes widened then narrowed after at seeing Ariel.

Once the young girl saw the look, she stood still. Ariel felt uncomfortable at the situation. Not liking how the piercing the woman’s eyes were beholding her. Contemplating if she should run around the small group, away from the tall woman to the Hall; a commotion started in front of her.

Swiftly, the tall women knocked out one of her guards and cornered the other against the wall. Her guard could barely yell out, “BACK OFF”, before a small dagger was pushed against her throat.

Ariel stared in shock at the scene before her. Everything happened so fast and the female done it with such ease! Ariel become even more rigid when she heard the loud whisper of the woman to the trapped guard: “You can’t hurt me but I can hurt you. I’ll only take a minute. I just need to have a talk with the little lady over here.” The female then leaned in and pressed her lips against the guard’s.

Starting to tremble at the woman turning towards her and nonchalant pulling off her cuffs, Ariel didn’t know what to do. Coming closer, the terrified girl could see small spiders crawling all over the woman’s skin and see-through garments.
“Hello, cute little girl. What is your name?”, sounded a sultry voice. Kneeling down near her and smiling, the tall woman smoothly waved at the child.

Tall, wearing white see-through clothing, long lilac hair and covered in spiders; suddenly everything clicked inside Ariel’s head. It’s Her, it’s Mel’arnach!!

“A-ariel.” It was more of an automatic response than a conscious one.

All of sudden, Ariel found herself face first in Mel’anarch’s bosom. She immediately tried to free herself by struggling and pushing. Despite of this, strong arms kept her against her captor.

“At last!”, Mel’anarch muttered, while petting Ariel’s hair and slowly rocking her. “Don’t be so frightened. No one will separate us any longer.”

Ariel could only utter a small frighten whine at that statement. Wide eyes nearly bulged out her sockets; they followed horrified at a particular light brown spider creeping towards her face.

“I’m sorry about my little pets, but they’re perfectly harmless.”

“P-please remove them.” Ariel tried to scoot away from the arachnid. With a quivering hand, the girl pointed at the general direction of her destination. Hoping that her mad sister will let her go if she mentioned her new warden, she began: “I-I need to go to the G-great Hall. My care-t.”

“Shhh,” Mel’anarch interrupted her and leaning closer towards the young girl. “She is not important.” She whispered: “everything will be okay” and started to nibble on one of Ariel’s tiny ears.

At the feeling of teeth and remembering all Syphile’s horror stories about their eldest sister, Ariel descented into a full blown panic. SHE’S EATING ME!. With tears in her eyes and letting her knapsack fall from her hand, she began to cry out in fear: “LEMMMEEE GO, LEMEEE GOOO!!!”


A yelp of pain resonated in the corridor. The constricting arms abruptly vanished and Ariel fell backwards onto her butt. Blinking fast, she saw Mel’anarch clutching one of her arms.

“Ariel, come to me!”

Whipping her head, Ariel looked behind her to find out who called for her.

At the beginning of the passageway stood Sil’lice, her icy eyes blazing and one of her hands raised. Although she wasn’t wearing a single piece of armour, an aura of ferocity surrounded her. Her new caretaker twisted her mouth in distain at Mel’anarch and looked as if she was itching to tear her apart.

When Ariel noticed a slight movement from the mad sister, she didn’t hesitate and bolted right to Sil’lice. Once reaching her, she hid behind her warden’s robes. The frighten girl felt soon after a comforting hand on top of her head.

“Y-you have no-”

“The next time you dare to touch her again, I’ll personally will drag you to my dungeons and teach you a lesson you will never forget! Now crawl back to your den, like the miserable pet you are!”

Ariel felt something light in her chest. Her caretaker defended her, she had threatened and defied Mel’anarch the Mad Sister! Even Syphile was afraid of her!

I have finally someone who will protect me!

Remembering all the times how Sil’lice comforted her and now witnessing the fierce defence of her, Ariel felt something she hadn’t felt for the longest time. Safety and a dash of happiness.

“No need for that, my Lady”, another voice rang through the now more crowded hallway. “Mel’anarch, put both your hands wide apart on the floor!” Peeking from behind her defender, Ariel witnessed a group of guards led by a silver-armoured female drowussu. The fair-skinned guardswoman aimed her sword towards Mel’anarch.

A low chuckle emanated from the hunched over female. “That might be a bit difficult”, Mel’anarch replied, slowly revealing her arm: it was covered with a thin sheet of frost.

The fair guardswoman frowned at Sil’lice.

With a haughty huff, Sil’lice answered the look: “That thing was harassing and terrorising my ward. Besides”, Sil’lice looked down at the kneeling female, “it’s merely a small frostbite; barely what she’d truly deserves.”

With a solemn nod, the fair female ordered the other guards to chain up Mel’anarch and lead her away. Just before she was out of sight, Mel’anarch called over her shoulder to Ariel: “We’ll meet again, little one.”
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Re: Ripples (Alternate Universe Fanfic)

Postby SFI » Mon Feb 08, 2016 6:19 pm

*moves into thread so fast she flattens herself against wall* YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
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Re: Ripples (Alternate Universe Fanfic)

Postby Isaiah Cortez » Mon Feb 08, 2016 9:14 pm

Finally a new part :)
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