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Valor (Halo Crossover)

Re: Valor (Heart of Valor Reboot - Halo Crossover)

Postby aceofAces » Sat Oct 18, 2014 9:13 pm

Okay, first off, the Covies ain't done yet.

Second, you'll have to read on to find out, I ain't spoiling nothing.
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Re: Valor (Heart of Valor Reboot - Halo Crossover)

Postby aceofAces » Tue Oct 21, 2014 3:06 am

------ May 15th 2557 - Year 1114 - 0730hrs ------

Something was wrong. Francis' gut told him that. It had been over an hour since they'd begun waiting at the LZ for the relief troops to arrive, way too long to be simple error. The only things that could have explained the lack of a Pelican loaded with marines was either engine failure of the dropship, or that the Covenant had found it en route and shot it down.

"Takin' their sweet ass time ain't they sir?" Private Cheung commented to the SPARTAN who stood on top of the hill they'd made a provisional camp on, he looked back at the mountain peaks that sheltered the Valor. Francis said nothing. His training prevented him from making any smart remarks at the expense of the military, there would be an explanation about what was going on, but he wouldn't find out until the reinforcements arrived. There had been a strict, general order of radio silence until the patrol was complete.

"So what are we supposed to do now Staff Sergeant?" Private Donnel asked, shifting herself on the rock she was resting on.

"We wait, Private." The SPARTAN finally responded.

"We have been waiting for last hour, and no one has arrived." Private First-class Pasternak protested. "How much longer we have to wait?"

"As long as it takes."

----- May 15th 2557 - Year 1114 - Same time ------

Kali'vae struggled to pry the vambrace of her armor off her right forearm. She'd taken a bolt from one of the enemy weapons they'd been fighting as it punched through the mana shield she'd constructed to protect herself when they'd charged at what had appeared to be a weak spot in the enemy line. Weak spot would turn out to be a subjective term. Of the forty or so that charged, sixteen had made it through and into the treeline beyond.

She winced as she pried the metal off her arm. The shot had burned and boiled it's way through to her arm, melting the iron her armor was made from as it went. In the time it had taken for them to get far enough away, the partially molten iron had seeped its way into her burn and hardened, bonding the slag to her forearm, causing her to pull off a layer of burned skin when she finally wrenched the twice-curse thing off.

"Fucking Motherkiller!" She spat as she tossed the ruined vambrace to the ground, before sitting on a rock in the small creek bed they'd taken shelter in. She pulled out her waterskin, gripping it with her good hand and ripping the cork out with her teeth. She poured a small amount of water onto the burn, trying to wash it out. It stung.

"Shit, what in the fuck were those things?!!" Said one of the survivors, sitting on the shore of the back opposite to her. Stur'gao, he'd managed to get out of the battle with only a few scratches from flying debris. He had been luckier than the rest of them.

"No idea." Another raider, this time a Ssu by the name of Daavi replied. "Whatever they were they were packing some ridiculous firepower."

"And they were working with the Sharen!" Sivarta, a small Lath that had been tainted in the Chel campaign added. "They had fucking golems! That work up here! Some that flew around where we couldn't hit 'em! Fuck, we are so fucking dead!" She brought her legs up to her chest and buried her face in her hands.

"Stow that shit raider!" Their squad leader, Iyo'droga called over her shoulder at the group from her position atop the left bank, on the lookout for the enemy. While there had been sixteen that made it through the line, only five were here in the creek bed. The others had scattered into the forest, forming into small groups or going off alone. No one in the group knew what had happened to them afterwards.

An uneasy silence fell over the small group. Everyone was scared, whatever those things had been they and their Sharen allies had just annihilated a battalion of Highland Raiders. The attack had been so swift that few of the raiders had even managed to don their armor before they were cut down. A rumble overhead heralded the arrival of rain.

"Fuck, now it's raining, how is today supposed to get any worse?"

------ May 15th 2557 - Year 1114 - 1242hrs ------

Jag crouched on his tree branch, his hawk-like eyes scanning through the trees to find what he was looking for. A group of the Sarghress that had managed to breach their lines. There were six in his group, himself and another Kig-yar, and four Unggoy that had been sent out as scouts. Even with their eyesight, the Kig-yar or "Jackals" as the humans called them, could not see clearly through the trees, too many obstacles, so they were forced to rely on the frankly unreliable Unggoy to guide their shots.

"I've spotted some!" A young Unggoy by the name of Dadab whispered over his comm. Jag tensed, his senses sharpening as he peered down the sights of his beam rifle.

"How many?" The other Kig-yar, Kor, barked urgently.

"Five, hiding in a creek!" Dadab replied.

"Give me the exact position, Grunt." Jag, ordered.

"Ah- uhm, about one-hundred units from me." Dadab responded. "I don't think they've spotted me yet."

Jag slowed his breath, peering through the scope of his rifle. While he was eager, a marksman needed a steady hand, and he prided himself on his marksmanship. Looking at the relative position that Dadab had relayed back, he scanned through the trees, finally picking out his targets. Five of them, some were injured from plasma strikes.

He singled out one, sitting on a bank of a small creek. "Look at them, so confident in their safety." he thought to himself. "Such a pity." He squeezed the trigger.

------ ------ ------ ------

"SHIT!!!" Sivarta screamed when Stur'goa slumped over, a small hole burned right through his head.

"Everyone get to cover!" Iyo barked. She hadn't needed to give the order. the others were already running up the bank to get behind the trees for cover.

"Shit, they have fucking snipers!" Daavi spat from his hiding place.

"I told you! We're dead! We are ALL DEAD!!!" Sivarta blurted as she drew her sword. She wouldn't have the chance to use it. A second shot bored it's way through both the tree she hid behind and her left shoulder. She dropped, screaming in agony and clawing at the smoking hole where the shot had passed straight through.

Daavi bolted and hauled the smaller woman off the ground as Kali and Iyo broke from cover and ran. They had to get out of range of their snipers, hiding in cover would be suicidal if they could shoot through trees.

Kali saw the trail of energy streak past as it barely missed her head, the heat from the shot drying her eyes and singeing her hair. The sniper had her locked in his sights. She willed her feet to run faster as the beams streaked in around them, Daavi, despite being burdened with a still wailing Sivarta in his arms, managed to pull ahead of the group. Then more bolts came flying in behind, these ones green and travelling much slower than the sniper rounds. They had foot soldiers as well.

------ ------ ------ ------

"Anyone else hear that?" Francis suddenly asked, turning quickly to the right, peering into the trees below.

"Hear what?" Was Private Cordona's response. Of course, the Marines didn't have his senses, they couldn't hear the nearly whisper quiet sounds of plasma discharge off in the distance but he could.

"We're moving out." He ordered, quickly starting down the hill.

"The hell's going on?" Corporal Sheffield called after him.

"We've found the Covenant." Was the SPARTAN's only reply.

------ ------ ------ ------

Kali stumbled over rocks and roots as she ran, leaning left and right to dodge the branches that flew dangerously close to her face as she ran past. taking only a quick glance behind her, she saw them. Four of the small squat creatures, using one of their long forearms to gallop after them, their free hands clutching and firing their small, crescent shaped weapons. They were actually managing to keep pace with the drow and up in the trees she saw the glowing eye of another creature in the trees. The sniper. It was mid jump between branches.

Looking forward she saw another sight, one that initially terrified her. Another being, this one appearing more drowlike and covered in heavy armor, running straight at her, weapon drawn, firing towards her. She quickly shifted left, trying to get out of it's way, expecting it to adjust it's fire to continue to fire at her. It didn't instead it continued firing where she'd been. It was firing at the creatures.

Looking ahead once again she saw more figures, halmes, wearing green armor with cloth woven in a camouflage pattern, brandishing similar weapons at the creatures. They too opened fire.

After running past them, Kali ducked in behind a tree, covering her ears against the noise of their weapons. It was deafening, and she quickly gazed around trying to spot the rest of her squad. She found Daavi, lying on top of Sivarta, he'd tripped over an exposed root. Iyo had her back against a tree trunk, broadsword drawn. The staccato bangs from the halmes weapons silenced, and Kali finally uncovered her ears.

"Everybdy clear?" Someone shouted. It was Male.

"We're clear!" This one was female. "Contacts are falling back!" One of the halmes appeared around the tree, well within arms reach of her, and walked past. Kali gripped her sword and stood up, her armor clanking slightly as she moved. The halme stopped.

"Stand down soldier." Came a voice to her right. she turned her head and saw the armored being again. It was downright huge, easily towering a full head height taller than her. She froze. She couldn't see it's eyes, only a silver visor where it's face should be. There had been no inflection in it's voice, no emotion whatsoever. She fell back onto the ground, pointing the tip of her sword at the creature with her good hand, a mixture of both fear and the adrenaline still pumping through her veins causing her whole arm to shake.

"Come off it, SPARTAN!" The being turned to face the halme that had just walked past her, he had a strange accent. "Your scaring the daylights out of her!"

"I've got wounded over here!" The female voice called over to them. The being quickly turned its head towards the voice, the over to something else behind Kali.

"Cordona! You have the first aid kit!" It said.

"On it!"

The being pulled its weapon up over its shoulder and onto its back, the weapon locking into place with a soft click. It then extended it's left hand towards her. It was offering to help her up. She hesitated for a minute, but finally placed her sword in her injured hand to hold it and extended her good arm to the being. She nearly yelped when it pulled her up so fast she thought she was going t fall face first back on the ground. it caught her before that could happen.

"Can you walk?" It asked her.

"Y-yeah." She replied, nodding. It paused before moving over to the rest of the squads. Over there things weren't looking so good. Iyo was attempting to keep the halmes away from Daavi, who was trying to comfort the downed Sivarta, who didn't look too well. Her moans and cries of pain had slowly quieted to whispers.

"What's going on here?" Asked the large being, stopping to stare Iyo down.

"What's happening is I'm trying to protect a downed soldier!" Iyo countered the giant, broadsword at the ready to repel any attack that would come her way.

"We have medicine and first-aid." The being replied calmly. "We can help."

"Your not getting anywhere near my soldiers." Kali almost managed to interject before the giant extended his left hand to his comrades.

"Cordona, give me the bio-foam." One of the halmes reached into a satchel with a red cross on the front and pulled out a drab green canister. He tossed it to the giant, who caught it and then took a few steps towards the fallen Raider. Iyo thrust her sword between it and Sivorta. The giant stopped, glared at Iyo, switched the hand that held the canister and grabbed the blade with it's hand. Iyo visibly struggled to keep the blade up as the giant slowly, but forcefully, lowered the blade.

It then turned to Iyo. "I'm only going to ask this once." It began. "Do you want to save the lives of both yourself and those under your command?" Iyo glared back at the being before nodding. The being raised the canister up so she could see. On it was a label that read: CANISTER, MEDICAL BIOFOAM. There was more but she didn't know what it meant. "This could improve the chances of your wounded soldier there."

Iyo let the tip of her sword drop. "Do it."

The giant didn't even nod, immediately it knelt down beside Sivarta and flipped up a long metal tube on the canister. Then it carefully inserted the tube in through the hole in Sivarta's breastplate where the shot had penetrated, and pressed on a lever on the canister. There was a light hissing noise as some sort of substance was injected into the hole. Sivarta whimpered her face contorting ever so slightly from the pain.

The being stood up and tossed away the now empty canister, a few bits of the puffy substance was still stuck inside the tube. "We need to move to a better position. The Covenant will be back shortly with reinforcements, we need to hold out until evac arrives." The being said flatly, pulling the weapon off it's back. "Sheffield, call it in, say we have wounded, one life-threatening."

"Y-yes sir!" the halme she'd nearly struck at earlier replied walking a few steps away before...beginning to talk to himself? That's when it finally hit her. Who were these halmes? There was no way that Nagyesced or Haltonreibe had the knowledge on how to build weapons such as the kind these ones carried, neither did they have access to soldiers taller than many drow. Sheffield returned not too long after. "Sir, Pelican Two-Niner is on approach, they were late getting off the ground due to engine trouble."

"Understood." The giant acknowledged.

"Whoa whoa whoa, slow down here!" Kali jumped in. Earlier she was only concerned with staying alive, but now that the danger had passed, or at least waned, her head had been filled with questions. "Who is Pelican Two-Niner? What the fuck is the Covenant? Who are you people?!" She was just a flurry of questions.

The giant turned to her, its weapon held across it's chest, front end pointed at the ground. "UNSC Navy." Was all it said as the subtle roar of their ride out builded until the large green craft was directly overhead, touching down twenty meters behind Kali. The giant spoke up, this time addressing the entire party. "Alright listen up. You want to get out of this mess alive, you get in that dropship. If you want to lay down your life today, your welcome to stay here. Your choice."

None of the Drow hesitated. Daavi picked up Sivarta in his arms and carried her as a the drow and halmes both boarded the ship, stuffing themselves inside the cramped space of the vessel, Sivorta being strapped into one of the seats by both daavi and one of the halmes. The back end sealed up and they took off, it was unnerving to say the least, having a floor under your feet but knowing it wasn't attached to anything. As she sat in the seat on the left wall of the craft's interior, she had more questions in her head as to what was going on. Before she could say anything, the giant from earlier finally sat down, directly across from her.

He reached up and lifted the helmet from his head. He was incredibly pale, almost Ssu white, but his eyes we not glazed over like a rift-halme's, rather they were a piercing blue. He appeared much older than the other halmes accompanying him, easily into his middle years, maybe even pushing on his senior years. His face was marred with scars of past battles and his dark hair was so short you'd swear he might have been bald.

"What's your name?" Daavi was the first to ask the question all three conscious drow had been thinking.

The giant halme didn't even turn his head to face Daavi, instead merely looking at him with it's eyes for a brief moment before finally uttering: "That's classified."
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Re: Valor (Heart of Valor Reboot - Halo Crossover)

Postby CorThunder » Wed Oct 22, 2014 3:18 am

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Re: Valor (Heart of Valor Reboot - Halo Crossover)

Postby ThatGuyThisGuy » Sat Nov 01, 2014 4:15 am

Great story so far i think the writing is pretty good and the characters are good enough and the current path of the story has me intrigued and wondering what exactly the unsc is going to do next and what is going on down in the underworld now that covenant is on the sharens side(probably something that will drive the sarghress into the arms of the unsc).
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Re: Valor (Heart of Valor Reboot - Halo Crossover)

Postby aceofAces » Thu Mar 19, 2015 12:31 am

Alright, so it's been a while eh guys?

Could say I've been dealing with a few things IRL, not to mention my frustration with writing the current chapter has begun to piss me right the hell off. So in a effort to get back into writing this thing after an extended hiatus (and lets be fair, "extended" is putting it lightly), I've put up a poll for you guys to pick what happens next.

I'd like to apologize for the extended absence of updates. Life gets in the way sometimes you know? Though I think I should, no, I NEED to get back into this. I need to commit to something and this is one of the few stories I made where I feel like I could make something out of it.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is...

On the subject of the poll though, each comprises four combinations of two options for each faction, either UNSC-Sarghress or Covenant-Sharen. So pick the one you think you'd want to see, or failing that, which one you think would have the most interesting (read: disastrous) results.
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Re: Valor (Heart of Valor Reboot - Halo Crossover)

Postby ThatGuyThisGuy » Thu Mar 19, 2015 2:31 am

Nice to see you back on the ball.
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Re: Valor (Heart of Valor Reboot - Halo Crossover)

Postby TheJackinati275 » Mon Mar 23, 2015 5:18 pm

aceofAces wrote:Alright, so it's been a while eh guys?

Could say I've been dealing with a few things IRL, not to mention my frustration with writing the current chapter has begun to piss me right the hell off. So in a effort to get back into writing this thing after an extended hiatus (and lets be fair, "extended" is putting it lightly), I've put up a poll for you guys to pick what happens next.

I'd like to apologize for the extended absence of updates. Life gets in the way sometimes you know? Though I think I should, no, I NEED to get back into this. I need to commit to something and this is one of the few stories I made where I feel like I could make something out of it.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is...

On the subject of the poll though, each comprises four combinations of two options for each faction, either UNSC-Sarghress or Covenant-Sharen. So pick the one you think you'd want to see, or failing that, which one you think would have the most interesting (read: disastrous) results.

I wouldn't blame you, i have been really busy the past few months writing out Fanfic after fanfic on various sites.
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Re: Valor (Heart of Valor Reboot - Halo Crossover)

Postby ThatGuyThisGuy » Tue Apr 28, 2015 12:01 am

Going to update sometime soon ace?
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Re: Valor (Heart of Valor Reboot - Halo Crossover)

Postby ThatGuyThisGuy » Sun May 03, 2015 9:19 am

No really can you please say something about this.
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Re: Valor (Heart of Valor Reboot - Halo Crossover)

Postby aceofAces » Mon May 04, 2015 2:17 pm

I can assure you that I am working on the chapter. It's just that it's taking a long time due to me not knowing how the hell to write this chapter for some strange reason.
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Re: Valor (Heart of Valor Reboot - Halo Crossover)

Postby aceofAces » Mon May 11, 2015 5:29 pm

May 15th 2557
Year 1114 Moonless Age (MA)

Tras'ni shifted her weight nervously from foot to foot, she didn't want to go back to Dariya'ko, not if it meant having to deal with Sargara again. The fact that she stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the Sangheili inside the small crew compartment of the airship, called a Phantom, didn't help matters. Normally, she would have elected to stay on the frontlines, but Noga had insisted upon both meeting Sarv'Swati and that Tras'ni be his liaison.

"You seem on edge." Noga said beside her, a slight hint of amusement evident in his voice. She pushed that aside, not willing to compromise an alliance such as this one. Or at least, a potential alliance, it wasn't yet formal, hence their journey to see Sarv'swati.

"Just thinking about how I'm going to explain this to my superior." She replied, only glancing over at him quickly.

"You mean this Sarv'swati?" He asked seeking clarification.

"No, someone else, her name is Sargara." She corrected. "She's the appointed commander of our forces on the surface." At this Noga merely let out an amused grunt.

"Then we shall simply need to make a good first impression."

A voice came in over the intercom. <Shipmaster! We've arrived over the city!>

<Good, take us in pilot.> Noga responded curtly, the message having been for him. He turned to Tras'ni as the airship banked slightly. "We've arrived."

The Phantom came in quickly, flanked on either side by two more in a V formation. The three dropships streaked to the center of the penal colony, coming to a rest above a small clearing. Below them the residents of the colony scattered, fleeing in fear from the droning craft that hovered not ten meters above their heads. The Black Sun and Sharen rulers quickly massed around the three ships, just as Sangheili and Sharen warriors descended from the gravity lifts fanning out under the dropships defensively.

"Val's of Sharen! We mean you no harm!" Tras'ni bellowed, hoping to avoid a bloodbath with her in the middle of it. The Sharen and Black Sun didn't move neither breaking their lines or moving to attack. Tras'ni could catch glimpses of the defenders looking to each other uncertainly, as if not sure weather to attack or back off.

"Tras'ni!" Shouted Sagara as she pushed her way through the lines and stood directly in front of the lead Phantom. "What in Sharess' name are you doing with this lot?" Sargara was a short woman, with broad shoulders and a thick body and limbs. Despite her short height she more than made up for it with her...abrasive personality.

"Sargara Vel'Sharen. I have left my post because I request an audience with Sarv'Swati." Tras'ni responded with authority. "I wish to secure an alliance for the Sharen in our war with the Sarghress rebels." She gestured her towards Noga. "Shipmaster Noga'Ymerai of the Covenant has shown interest in partnership with our clan, however I need Sarv'swati's approval." Noga bowed his head and placing his right fist on his chest, a gesture of respect that he aimed at Sargara.

Sargara Vel'Sharen let out an amused huff. "And why should I let either of you speak with Sarv'swati?" She countered, crossing her arms and standing up straighter. "She does have a war to wage after all."

"I understand that Sargara but-"

"But I believe we both have something the other wants." Noga interjected. He quickly reached over his shoulder and pulled the Storm Rifle off his back and aimed it straight in the air. Bolts of blue plasma arced up into the sky as Noga held down the trigger, spraying the normally lethal energy bolts harmlessly into the air. The surrounding drow ducked instinctively, staring at the alien being with a mixture of shock and amazement. To them it appeared as if it was using mana arts to produce those bolts, yet not an ounce of mana could be felt.

Tras'ni had to actively resist the urge to blow up in Noga's face, to berate him for discharging a weapon during a delicate situation such as this. Yet she bit her tongue, hoping to show that if she and Noga could get along, then there was hope for an official Sharen-Covenant alliance.

"I believe we can come to an agreement..." Noga began, running to fingers over the top of his storm rifle's 'barrel'. "...an exchange so to speak. We give you access to our weapons and technology, as well as a pact of mutual defense, and in return we gain a portion of land on this planet to colonize and develop as we see fit." He reached over his shoulder to stow the weapon on his back. "I believe that this would be a mutually beneficial agreement."

Sargara stood there, looking baffled at the creature that stood before her. Everything she'd learned over the years screamed in her mind, telling her that this being shouldn't exist. And yet here it was, standing not ten feet from her. It offered it's technology, it's secrets, as well as it's warriors to aid the Sharen, and with the war going as it was it was something they sorely needed.

"I will permit you and four of your soldiers to enter Chel." She said, her voice shaking slightly. She cleared her throat as Noga bowed his head in respect. "But you will be under escort for the duration of your stay."

"Would I be permitted to bring my own vehicle to transport myself and my men?" Noga asked as a fourth Phantom descended into the square, carrying a small red vehicle with a sloping front end. A Revenant, one that had its normal light plasma mortar replaced my addition seats for four soldiers. It now served as transport for Noga's personal guard while on ground missions.

"I suppose so." Sargara replied. "Tras'ni will go with you."

"Excellent." He said, turning and heading back towards the Revenant. <You four, with me.> He barked to four red-clad Sangheili. <The rest of you, board the Phantoms and head back to base, Thon'Nbek is in command until I return.>

Tras'ni boarded the Revenant, taking the passenger seat next to Noga, who took the helm, the four warrior he brought with him taking the four seats added onto the rear of the vehicle. Powering it on, the Revenant rose quickly into the air, hovering about a foot off the ground. Every second she spent with these Covenant the more she was impressed with what they could accomplish.

"That was a risky maneuver you pulled, firing your weapon like that." She told him, trying to keep her voice down as a path was cleared between them and the entrance to the tunnel leading to Chel, four Dragon Riders waiting for them at the entrance, another six climbing onto the backs of their mounts.

"Perhaps it was, yet it got us the result we were looking for." Noga replied, slowly driving the floating Revenant over to the waiting Sharen escorts as the now loaded Phantoms took off for the Covenant home base. "Now we merely need to be on our best behavior for our meeting with Sarv'swati."

May 15th 2557
Year 1114 Moonless Age (MA)

"Alright so, let me get this straight." The halme named 'Commander James MacAllister' said, leaning on the table separating him and his entourage, the Oh-nee scientist named Dr. Marie Trentholme, and his two guards, who wore a dark grey and black armor and carrying what looked like smaller versions of the weapons the other halmes had been using, the letters ODST printed in block letters on their chest piece, from the three Sarghress Raiders. "You guys come from an underground civilization..."

"Correct." Iyo'droga replied curtly.

"You're fighting a war with another faction of your race for the freedom of your species..." He continued.

"Correct." Iyo replied again.

"...and you have absolutely no idea what the Covenant are doing here, or why their pissed off at you?"

"Partially. We did see them with a contingent of Sharen, our 'enemy faction' as you put it. So we assume that they've made some sort of deal with them." She corrected him. "Beyond that though, we have no idea."

MacAllister sat back in his chair letting out a sigh of frustration. "So much for intel."

"With all due respect Commander, I wouldn't say it was a total loss." She said, holding up the small flat device that she'd been fiddling with throughout the 'interrogation'. "Their ability to manipulate energy sources with only minimal input from external sources is fascinating, I would like to be able to stury it in further detail."

"Can't do that easily with a Covie Battlecruiser hanging in low orbit." Said a disembodied voice, reverberating around the room. The small orange eye projection appearing over the center of the table for the third time during this conversation. They called it an 'Ay-Ai', whatever those were, but it's name was 'Overclock'. These Halmes were a strange breed indeed.

"Regardless we need to figure out what the Covenant want with this planet." MacAllister pointed out.

"Maybe we can figure it out together." Daavi chimed in, speaking for the first time during the entire meeting.

"Kali!" Iyo blurted out. She didn't like where this was heading.

"Let me finish." Daavi said calmly to Iyo before turning back to the Halmes. "You guys don't like the Covenant, and we don't like the Sharen. If they really have teamed up then this gives us a common enemy."

MacAllister took a minute to ponder this while the Ay-Ai spoke. "Enemy of my enemy is my friend. I think I like this idea." The Halme commander seemed to agree, nodding in accordance.

"We are outnumbered against the covenant if we decided to take on the Covenant be ourselves, this might allow us to close the numbers gap and give the Covies the fight of their lives for this planet." He paused. "Be we'll need intel on Sarghress positions. Where can we find them, who's in charge, etcetera."

"There is Machike." Iyo grumbled reluctantly, it looked like this was going to happen either way. "It's our main connection to Chel, and Quill'yate, the Commander of the Highland Raiders, is based there."

"Overclock, got any places that might match that description?" MacAllister asked the Ay-Ai.

"Got two, but one seems to have a rather large flight of Covie dropships heading toward it." It replied. A hologram appeared over the table, showing the topography of the surrounding area, even the bottom of the Mist Sea. A yellow circle hung near the edge of the Mist Sea, about where Machike would be located, the word 'MATCH' printed next to it. Approching form the direction of Dariy'ko were fourteen red triangles, two large ones and twelve smaller ones, the word 'CONTACTS' printed above the formation.

"Twelve Phantoms and two more vessels of unknown classification are en route. If I had to guess it's about two platoons worth of troops on board those things." The voice reported. "If that is this Machike place, then they are going to be in for one helluva fight."

"That is about where Machike would be yes." Iyo confirmed.

"Right then." MacAllister began, another hologram, this one in the shape of a panel of some sort opened up in front of the Commander. "Captain Stennis, load up the Pelicans, I want boots on the ground atthese coordinates, there's a local commander I want you to speak to."

"Rodger that sir! I assume the firepower we're bringing means we're gonna be dropping in hot?" Came the disembodied voice of the Captain.


"A little 'diplomacy under fire' then. Understood." The panel dissappeared.

"You three, follow the two ODSTs to the starboard hangar bay. Find Captain Carlos Stennis, board his Pelican, and help him track down this Quill'yate. Time to formally announce UNSC presence." MacAllister told them.

Iyo jumped up from her seat. "And just who do you think you are to order us aorund?! Just what do you think you're doing?" She yelled at him, about ready to leap over the table and punch him. The two ODSTs leveled their weapons at her.

"That's simple." He said standing up calmly. "I'm the guy with a really big stick who wants to make some new friends."


Holyjesusfinally! you guys have no idea how much a pain in the ass this chapter was to write. Kinda why it took so long. Now hopefully I can get back into this and not have to deal with this chapter again!
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Re: Valor (Heart of Valor Reboot - Halo Crossover)

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Great Update!
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Re: Valor (Heart of Valor Reboot - Halo Crossover)

Postby aceofAces » Wed Aug 12, 2015 1:09 am

May 15th 2557
Year 1114 Moonless Age [MA]

"Encountering enemy air! Taking evasive action!"

"All units be advised, rally point C has active Triple-A."

"This is Pelican Three-Four-Seven, we're hit! I'm gonna try and set her down!"

The constant chatter from the earpiece jammed into her ear was incessant, units relaying their current situation, and position. For the first time in her life, Kali had the full picture as to what was happening. Their Pelican rocked as some type of weapon detonated underneath them, before the vessel banked to the left and executed a sharp turn.

"All right, boots on the ground in 10." Called one of the pilots over the intercom. The halme soldiers inside snapped into action.

"Marines! Get your gear ready and get your heads in the game!" Barked an older man with blonde hair that was beginning to turn grey on the sides. "We've got a job to do, and that job is give those hinge-headed fucks a swift boot up the ass!"

"HOO-RAH!" The halmes cheered as Captain Stennis finished his speech.

The Pelican came to a rest, rocking slightly as a seemingly large weight fell off the rear. The ramp lowered, to reveal both a small clearing peppered with rocks and the odd bush with two more Pelicans coming to a rest over the ground, and a large tracked vehicle. They called it a "Tank", and apparently it was their equivalent of a siege golem, at least from what she could get out of the halmes inside the vessel.

Kali followed the halmes out of the ship, jogging quickly down the ramp after them. Personally she wanted to pay those "hinge-headed fucks" back for what they'd done. The clearing was a buzz of activity as the halmes piled onto three tanks, firing up their engines before the massive green beasts began lumbering toward Machike. Those halme soldiers that didn't find a spot inside the tanks fell in step behind them. The Drow huddled behind the center tank alongside Captain Stennis.

"Alright Marines! We press forward and take out the Covies' artillery emplacements and wraiths!" The Captain barked into his radio. Another resounding "Hoo-Rah" by the halmes was the only reply. The small contingent jogged up the hill, that Tanks were easily leagues faster than any Chelian golem, though they had to turn to avoid rocks, boulders and trees that appeared out from the thick mists that surrounded the fortified outpost.

Apparently the Covenant had decided to take advantage of the terrain to defend against counterattack.

They came under a hail of plasma, the blue bolts of fiery death arced down from atop the hill, splashing against the tank's green armor and on the ground around it. On halme took a bolt from some unseen an impossibly fast weapon when a green bolt slammed into his chest and he went down.

"Marines! Get to cover and return fire!" Came the orders of the Captain. The halmes quickly fanned out from behind the tank, taking cover behind rocks or trees. Kali herself joined a group of three halmes hiding behind a rather large rock.

Now the Covenant began to hit them hard. A large blue glob came down to the rear of the formation, splattering across the ground.

Mana Artillery? No that wasn't right the Covenant didn't have the ability to use it as far as she knew.

Must be some type of Plasma Artillery the Covenant had.

The halmes began returning fire as more Covenant units seemed to join the firefight. The Tank's gun finally roared to life, spitting out a shell with a resounding crack that deafened those unfortunate enough to be nearby. Kali's ears were still ringing as she dared to peek around the side of the rock.

She could barely make out the shape of a being that was neither Human nor Drow through the mist. A Elite warrior, flanked by the distinctive round glowing shields of Jackals that illuminated the loping gaits of Grunts taking up the lead.

"Baddies coming through!" One halme yelled, before opening fire alongside his comrades at the group that was advancing down the slope through a narrow rocky path. The Grunts were cut down under the relentless fire, barely getting a few shots off before they were either cut down or broke and ran. The Jackals halted their advance, overlapping their shields to form a shield wall, returning fire with weapons that fired slow-moving pink crystals that almost always seemed to find their mark. The Elite bobbed and weaved through the gunfire, shouting orders or insults whenever he fired his weapon back at the offending humans. At this point Kali regretted not taking one of the Human's weapons along with her.

The Jackal's defense was not impervious however. Two of them went down, their shields popping a fizzling away in a bright flash. The remaining two Jackals began to retreat, their shields going from blue to yellow under sustained fire as the Elite ducked out of sight, presumably weaving through the rocks and trees as he retreated up the slope.

"They're falling back!"

"Push forward! Keep them running!"

The buzz from the troopnet was at times a little startling.

Kali stopped at the dead Jackals when the halmes started moving through the maze of obstacles. If she didn't bring an effective weapon, that doesn't mean she couldn't loot the enemy for a better one. She picked up one of the Jackal's shields, or rather, the arm brace that projected the shield. it was a rounded device with a single strap that secured it to the users wrist.

Kali managed to strap it to her injured right arm, the burn only growing sore under the weight of the device. Now to figure out how to turn it on.

"Oh come on you stupid-" Her cursing was stopped when the shield lit in all its blue glory. "Oh there we go." She said to herself.

She now realized that in her quest to get the working energy shield, she'd been left behind the human's battle lines, the sounds of battle now much further up the hill.

She let her shoulders slump forward. "Oh come on! Really?" She huffed in annoyance as she bent down and picked up a purple looking weapon with more of those pink spikes sticking out of the top. Better find her way back towards friendly units.

She jogged quickly up the hill, weaving through the maze of rocks and wet grass, shield lit and weapon in hand. Before she heard the roar of an Elite behind her. She spun and brought the shield up just as and Elite's foot impacted the shield, the force knocking her backwards and onto the ground. She accidentally dropped the weapon she'd picked up.

She kept the shield in front of her as the Elite aimed his weapons and rained blue bolts of plasma down onto the surface. The Elite decided to switch tactics, and again raised his foot and brought it down on the shield. She winced as the Elite let his full weight fall on her and the shield, her arm once again stinging as it was sandwiched between her and the hinge-head's foot.

The Elite reached behind it's back and pulled out a small blue ball with a green button on the side. He pressed the button and the device began to emit a blue steam before the elite dropped it on the ground next to her. He ran when the glowing ball started beeping, which was probably not a good sign. She jumped up m clambering away before placing the energy shield between herself and the tiny blue ball of death.

The energy shield collapsed under the might of the explosion from the grenade and Kali was flung a good five feet backwards from the shockwave. The Elite was on her in seconds, charging back from the cover he'd taken refuge behind. Kali made a wall of earth with her foci as she stood back up, drawing her axe.

The hulking warrior was dropping down on her side of the wall of earth in moments, and the Sarghress raider swung her axe at him, catching her weapon when he raised it to block her strike. The weapon now ruined and bent in an awkward fashion, he used it to twist her axe from her hands and to the ground as her threw the useless hunk of metal aside.

The Elite grabbed the smaller Drow by the shoulders, picking her up and slamming her into her own wall of earth before throwing her to the ground. The impact knocked the air from Kali's lungs as she landed face down on the ground. She rolled over and kicked the Elite in the knee as he lit his energy sword, causing him to lose his balance and fall over, catching himself on the rock wall behind him. She had plenty of time to get some distance between herself and the Elite.

She drew her remaining axe as he charged at her once again, drawing his sword back in an upward stab. She sidestepped and caught him in the side, his shielding failing and the blade of the axe glancing off his leg armor.

The Elite spun trying to bring the blade down on the smaller Drow, Kali however managed to bury her axe in a gap in the armor on the Elite's back. The Elite sank to his knees as he let out a roar of pain, before Kali's axe found itself in the Elite's skull.

Kali pulled her axe out of the dead Elite's head. She didn't bother waiting to figure out where he'd come from and if there were more. She ran up the hill, stopping only to collect her missing axe. She heard the sounds of battle near the top of the hill and when she reached it, she found the halms had captured the top, their tanks now firing down on Covenant formations that were attempting to attack the Sarghress defenses at Machike. Further down the hill on the other side, humans dodged between cover, firing their weapons towards the smoldering wreckage of multiple Covenant golems.

Kali instinctively ducked when she heard the roar of a Human flying golem overhead. The large triangular craft darted past, dropping four large black objects which hit the ground within the Covenant formations. A combined onslaught of arts and gunfire scattered those covenant that remained, forcing them to retreat.

Machike, for the moment at least, was saved...

May 15th 2557
Year 1114 Moonless Age [MA]

Noga found himself staring at a set of impressive doors, the entrance to a place known as "First Landing", one of the gateways of the Drows' underground city. He brought his personal Revenant to a slow stop, allowing Tras'ni to dismount and head up to the gate. The Dragon Riders that served as Noga's escort hugged close to the vehicle, not willing to let the Covenant more about freely.

Like those saurian mounts could hope to stop a charging Revenant with four angry Sangheili warriors on the back.

<Shipmaster?> Said a member of his personal guard from the seat behind him.

<What is it 'Tarcam?> Noga replied?

<Why do we bother wasting our time with these underdeveloped weaklings? Surely we can just conquer them and take the resources we need!>

<You want to try and conquer a planet with only one ship's worth or troops?> Noga questioned, pressing his mandibles together in a show of displeasure. He did not take well to his motives being questioned, especially by those who hid their intentions. <While I do not doubt the prowess of our warriors, we are but a few and can only do so much! It is always better to have allies than enemies.>

<Forgive me Shipmaster it was not my place.> The younger Sangheili clicked his mandibles apologetically. Noga merely gave him a huff as he saw Tras'ni turning and heading back to the Revenant through its display.

"I suppose it went well?" Noga said as his Drow companion climbed back into her seat.

Tras'ni merely motioned towards the now opening gateway. Again, Noga gave a huff, though this time in amusement. Following the Dragon Rider escort's leads, Noga eased the vehicle into motion. They made their way through the fortress.

He had to admit it was rather impressive, built much the same as one of the many designs Noga had seen in history texts on Sangheilios. It was surprising how many parallels he could make between peoples he thought so different at a glance.

Entering the city was almost like entering a different world. When he'd heard of an underground city he'd pictured something dark, dingy and wet. Something miserable. Instead he got a city glowing with light and buzzing with activity. One could see that both the ground and the ceiling had been used in the construction of settlements, massive towers acting like pillars, extending from floor to ceiling. A giant shaft of glowing stone radiated light outwards with an intensity that was rivaled only by the main reactor of his battle cruiser save for one black patch on its face. For the second time in one day he was certainly impressed.

At least until his reverie was shattered by the appearance of smoke and the sounds of battle. He had to remember that this was a city at war, not a tourist destination. Her rather enjoyed the prospect getting into the fray though...

He followed the Dragon Riders through the streets of the city, one went out ahead, presumably to warn this Sarv'swati of his coming. The citizens flashie him looks of mixed bewilderment, confusion, or disgust as he cruised along slowly in the vehicle. Noga decided to pay them no mind, it was a look he'd been used to receiving while on campaign against the humans when he was still a Minor rank in the military.

The Dragon Riders led him to a small fort, large enough to encompass only one city block, banners adorned with the emblem of what he guessed was the Sharen draped on its outer walls. The troupe entered the courtyard, riders dismounting and the Revenant.

Noga and his entourage disembarked from the Revenant that now rested on the ground. Noga ordered for the four Sangheili to stay with the craft as Tras'ni fell in step beside him. He spotted a Drow woman flanked by two guards walking towards him, wearing an extravagant purple and blue dress with the Sharen emblem displayed on it proudly. She seemed on edge however in the way she walked, though at this time he wasn't 100% certain if Drow mannerisms were the same as humans.

She stopped in front of him, giving a slight but respectful bow, which he returned in kind. "Noga'Ymerai? Welcome to Chel'el'sussoloth. Lady Sarv'swati is waiting inside." She said turned and motioning towards the door. "If you would please follow me."

She lead them through the maze of corridors inside the fort, connecting to a veritable web of rooms. The sounds of artillery bombardments could be heard rumbling off in the distance, the war was on the Sharen's doorstep it seemed.

Their guide eventually stopped at a set of double doors. "She's inside." She said, stepping to the side of the doors as her guards pushed the doors open.

May 15th 2557
Year 1114 Moonless Age [MA]

Sarv'swati raised her gaze from the map table in front of her as the doors opened. Staring her in the face from the doorway were two figures not including the envoy she'd sent to welcome the delegation. This Delegation consisted of a smaller, younger Sharen from a minor house of the clan. The other was a being completely unlike those encountered by the Drow as far as she knew. It was taller than most Drow, muscular and wearing bronze colored armor, though from the various glowing lights dotting the sleek yet bulbous armor it wore.

"Lady Sarv'swati, I present-" The envoy began, however the being cut her off with a deep and throaty voice.

"Noga'ymerai, Shipmaster of the Covenant Battlecruiser Solemn Night" He said, bowing its head and placing it's closed fist across it's chest. "I am here to negotiate an alliance." He pulled a small handle from his thigh and lit the blade, bathing the room in a cool blue light, steam rising from its surface. The guards attempted to grab the creature, but the you Sharen blocked them.

"I share troops and technology, you allow us lands to colonize on the surface." Noga extinguished the blade and placed it back on his thigh. "Shall we talk?"

Sarv'swati, took a second to regain her composure. She'd just seen a non-fae species achieve mana like effects without the use of mana, and now they offered not only thier secrets, but troops that the Sharen sorely needed.

"...let's talk..." She said.
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Re: Valor (Heart of Valor Reboot - Halo Crossover)

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Great update.
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Re: Valor (Heart of Valor Reboot - Halo Crossover)

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Please keep this going, it's interesting.
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