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My Random Drowtales One Shots

Re: My Random Drowtales One Shots - Choco-Strawberries

Postby SFI » Sat Nov 22, 2014 8:50 am

Isaiah Cortez wrote:Stay off maus book stash! Fifty shades of chocolate gives you too much ideas!

Hey, I got her into this OTP and stuffs! I did it first!
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Re: My Random Drowtales One Shots - Choco-Strawberries

Postby TheDevilsNatteravn » Mon Nov 24, 2014 4:13 pm

That was a very nice one-shot~! I mean who doesn't like the strewberries and chocolate combination~ Amazingly written~ Simply couldn't take my eyes off it~ *purrs* ;)
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Re: My Random Drowtales One Shots - Choco-Strawberries

Postby SFI » Mon Nov 24, 2014 4:20 pm

TheDevilsNatteravn wrote:That was a very nice one-shot~! I mean who doesn't like the strewberries and chocolate combination~ Amazingly written~ Simply couldn't take my eyes off it~ *purrs* ;)

^_^ Gimme an hour to shower and nom, and I will start writing the continuation XD
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Re: My Random Drowtales One Shots - Choco-Strawberries

Postby SFI » Mon Nov 24, 2014 7:12 pm

Obsidian Agent wrote:Damn SFI...

You're downright amazing at writing erotic scenes. *looks down at pants*

Thank you ^_^

Does that mean you'd prefer I hide the Un-cut version from you? XD
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Re: My Random Drowtales One Shots - Relaxation

Postby SFI » Sat Jan 16, 2016 9:55 pm

“Hello to you too.” Waes’soloth faintly grinned at the male who had her pressed against the wall. “Eager to see me?”
“Certainly.” He leaned down to kiss her again. “It’s been entirely too long.” Pushing, he plundered her mouth again. “Motherkilling campaign...”
“Pretty certain your mother survived that.” She snorted lightly. “Now, will you be all annoyed for the rest of your visit, or will you say hello to your youngest?”
“I will be annoyed at not being there when she was born.” Kel’noz relaxed a bit, stealing another kiss before moving back. “Sometimes, I wonder if we should not get it out in the open.”
“I’d rather not have to deal with your mother just yet.” Waes’soloth led the way to the rooms attached to hers. “What is your opinion on who should raise her?”
“I will defer to your judgement there.” He wrapped an arm around her, pulling her close to him. Nuzzling her neck, he sighed softly. “I hate war.”
“Shush, my love.” Reaching up for him, she wrapped her arm around his head. “Come, let me spoil you a bit... by the smell of things, you rushed here the moment your mother’s back was turned.”
“Of course I did.” He muttered darkly. “It’s been months and I left you highly pregnant!”
She chuckled. “All the more reason for you to unwind some. I shall have a bath drawn and food prepared.” Taking his hands, she pulled him out of the room towards her bathroom. “How does that sound?”
“Divine...” He followed her with a small smile, holding his arms wide to allow her easy access to his armour. “Join me in bath?”
“You go soak while I get the food.” She smiled lightly, leaving the room while he sank into the water. How had she prepared this so quickly though?
“Are you still awake?” Waes’soloth poked him upon her return, kneeling at the tubside.
“Dozing...” He answered softly, looking up at her. He wrapped one arm around her.
“So much for you doing much more than eat and sleep here.” She rolled her eyes.
“As if I could do much more with a little one around.” The Sarghress rolled over, caressing her silk-covered hip with his hand. “You do get a bit loud at times.”
The Beldrobbaen pushed him back into the bath. “Alright, you have recovered, that is for certain.”
He stuck out his tongue, sinking into the warm water. “Got plenty of practice with that.”
“Sure you did...” She left the room with a half-smirk. “I guess I better deliver our daughter to her raiser then. Lest the wolf attack me while my poor brood is still around to hear.”
“As if you mind me dominating!” He called after her, being rewarded with her laughter floating back. Rolling his eyes, he leaned against the tub again. How long had it been since he had been here? Over a year, by now.
After a while, the water started cooling and he climbed out. Not entirely sure if his lover had already returned, he decided to take a quick nap on her bed.
Only to find that he could not find the bed anymore. “Waes?” Her room was pitch-black. “Are you here?”
“Always...” He suddenly felt arms around his neck. “Come, my love... let me please you...” Lips trailed over his shoulder as the presence moved to his front.
“Now that I shan’t complain about...” He reached forward and though he could feel her aura and her hand, the rest of her body eluded him. “Though I will be saddened at not seeing you.”
“Revenge.” Her other hand wound into his hair and for the briefest of moments he felt her press against him. “Come.”
“I call this overkill.” He followed her, suddenly feeling the soft silk of her bed at his knees. “I just held you down a couple times.”
“And bound me, and blindfolded me...” She was at his back now, pushing gently. “Oh, and gagging me.”
He snorted while obediently lying down. Fond memories... fond memories indeed. “And you will do all in return now?” He smiled when feeling her body on his, even though he still couldn’t see a thing.
“Perhaps.” Her voice was tantalisingly close now. “Relax, my love.”
“Mmmh... I am doing entirely something else now.” He searched for her with his hands, but found only empty air.
“Roll over.” Her hands were at his side, pushing gently. After he obeyed, she settled on his lower back, massaging his shoulder. “You’re so tense, my love.”
“That’s the downside of war...” He muttered darkly, closing his eyes under her ministrations. “I apologize if I fall asleep, my shadow.”
“That is what beds are for.” Phantom-lips trailed kisses over his back, even as her hands kept massaging him, trailing down to his hips.
He snorted lightly, reaching back in an attempt to touch her. He still found nothing except empty air. “So this is how this is going to go?”
He heard her chuckle as the non-existent weight disappeared from his back. Rolling over, he pushed himself upright. “Will you come back here?” He grinned when her arms came around him from behind, though that was the only thing he could feel.
“Get back down?” She purred, hands suddenly pushing against his chest.
“What do I get for it?” He obeyed, sinking into her soft blankets with a sigh.
“Pleasure.” Her lips were her hands had been. He could feel her smile against his skin. “Enjoy yourself.” She purred, settling on top of him. The light returned and he smiled up at the female resting on him. “And some rest and food.”
Her shadows retracted to the bed, bearing several tablets of steaming food.
“Sharess be thanked for your existence.” Wrapping one arm around her, the other reached for a pastry that had come near.
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Re: My Random Drowtales One Shots - Heartbreak in War

Postby SFI » Sat Feb 27, 2016 6:37 pm

Naughty Version

Rumour travelled slowly these days, particularly between cities. Worse, if it was about the enemy, there was little chance of it being accurate. So when the stories of a Vloz’ress incident reached Machike, news on the Beldrobbaen was scarce.
The Val’Nal’sarkoth had fallen, that he knew. He also knew that the Vloz’ress had been destroyed in retaliation by the Sharen-alliance and the Sarghress. Rel’lumia’s death had been widely discussed... No word on Waes’soloth’s fate though. Only whispers that the Beldrobbaen had locked themselves up and that disease ran rampant in the ancient fortress.
Leaving Ash’waren in the Sarghress-colony, he raced to the city. They had broken up seven years ago, shortly after the Sharen’s attack on Machike had blown the relation between them and the Wolves into a full-blown war. Their relationship – already dangerous in moderate peace – had become suicidal with their clans in open war.
Now though, with the first real threat to his beloved, he found that he cared for nothing except her well-being. No... It was not so much the threat that drove him to push his wolf to full speed, it was the uncertainty. The not knowing what had happened to her, whether she was well, injured or – Sharess forbid – dead, drove him mad with worry.
His wolf dropped down when he arrived at the Sarghress-gate. Leaving the beast in the kennels, he answered no queries as to why he had returned, instead rushing out on foot to head to the Beldrobbaen-district.
It took him several cycles to get there, during which his heart kept contracting. He had never felt this afraid. The talk on the street seemed solely focused on the Sarghress teaming up with the Sharen and Quain’tana having killed Sarv’swati. Panting, he reached the secret passageway up to the fortress.
Rushing up the stairs, he prayed that they had not yet blocked it. He blindly ran through the dark hallways and had he encountered anyone, they’d probably have killed him on sight. Particularly when they realized that he was heading for the part of the central tower that housed their Ill’haress.
He encountered no one and those he did, he had enough sense to evade.

She wheeled around, shadows already rising around her form when someone threw open her door. After everything that had happened, she was sick and tired of surprises.
“Kel!?” The shadows fell apart into nothing. “What are you doing here!?”
He didn’t answer, pushing the door closed behind himself. “You’re alright...” Trembling, he reached for her, cupping her face in his hands. “Sharess be thanked.”
“Are you insane?” Breathing heavily, she took hold of his hands. “You came here all the way from Machike!? Do you want people to find out about what we had?”
“I thought you had been killed.” Grinding his teeth, he moved closer to her. “Do you have any idea what kind of news reached me there? Disease, that whole Vloz’ress-thing...”
“Your mother will kill you for this...” She trembled when feeling the warmth of his body through her clothes. “She will kill you for coming here...” Her voice broke. “Kel...”
“I don’t care...” Wrapping his arms around her, he held her close. “I nearly lost you, Waes.”
“And I am actually going to lose you!” Shivering, she tried to free herself. “Kel’noz, Quain will kill you for this! After the entire mess with your sister, she will never accept this...”
“Then she will.” Closing his eyes, he relished the feel of her in his arms. “I cannot go on like this, I will not hide anymore.”
“Well, corpses don’t need to hide, do they...” She returned the gesture, tears forming at the corners of her eyes. “Did you even think about the consequences when you came here!? About what this would do to me!?”
“I guess I stopped thinking there...” He sighed, reaching up to push her hair aside and press gentle kisses to her neck. “We have been together for over a century, Waes.”
“All the more reason not to go all suicidal on me...” She tensed when feeling his lips. “You can still go back. You could still fix this.” Her voice trembled.
“No.” He returned to holding her gently, burying his face in her hair. “You know that is not true. It is already too late.”
“It...” Something shattered inside her and for the first time in a long, long while she cried. “How do you expect me to survive losing you now?” Sparkling diamonds ran down her ashen skin, wetting their clothes.
“You are strong, you will endure.” He swallowed thickly. “And when all this fighting is over, you will lead the Beldrobbaen to the surface... and there, under the Moons, you will be the shining paragon of beauty.”
“I am a Beldrobbaen, moron...” Shuddering, she chuckled ever so weakly. “We don’t do shining...”
“Don’t underestimate your beauty, my love.” Caressing her face, he gently wiped away her tears.
“I won’t survive this...” Pressing her eyes close, she leaned into his touch. “I have lost too much. I can’t lose more...”
Tilting his head, he lovingly kissed her. “I will be there every step of the way. You will make it through this.”
“You will be a corpse... and probably fed to the wolves or something.” Clinging to his clothes, she tried to see anything in his face. “How can you be this calm!?”
“Because I know you will live.” Smiling, he treaded his fingers through her hair. “That makes everything worth it...”
“Bastard.” Trembling, she pushed him away. “’everything worth it’!? Are you insane...?” Backing up, she bumped into her couch, where she sunk to the ground. “How can you do this to me...?” Her face was a mask of despair and pain.
He followed her, kneeling beside her. “Waes...” Watching her curl up around herself, he tilted her head to look at her.
Meeting his eyes, she slumped forward, burying her face in his shoulder. Her voice was weak and wavering when she spoke again. “Why can’t I just have one thing...? Just one?”
“Come...” He got up again, pulling her along. “Let’s stop thinking of this... Let’s have one last night of bliss...”
Trembling, she followed him into her bedroom. “I still cannot get how you can be this accepting...”
“Easy...” He kissed her hand. “Knowing you are well... and might forgive me one day... that is enough.”

She poured everything into the kiss, clinging to his clothes. His arms were around her, caressing her hair.
“Please stop crying...” Breaking away from the kiss, he gently dried her face. “I’d rather have you smile as my last memory of you.”
“Idiot.” Sniffling lightly, she still tried to do as asked. “You have the easier fate here... Your pain is going to end whenever it is that you get back to Quain! I am going to have to live with you dying on me!”
Caressing her face, he kissed her again. “Forgive me.” Pushing her hair aside, he gently trailed his lips down her neck. Smiling lightly, he reached for her clothes as she wrapped her arms around his head.
“What do you want to do then?” Her voice even, she shifted on his lap. “If this is your last time with me...”
“Ssshhh...” Leaning back to lay on the bed, he started pulling on her clothes. “You. Only ever you, my love.”
She wanted to snarl at him not to call her that, not now, not after getting himself killed. But in the end she did not. Sitting up on his waist, she opened her dress to let it pool around her waist. “You can have me. Any way you wish.” She could do that at least.
Trailing his fingers over her silken skin, he traced the edges of her underwear. Eyes half-lidded, he mapped out her body with his eyes. Pulling her hands up to his head, he latched onto her wrist with his mouth, feeling her pulse against his tongue.
She smiled weakly, tugging on her hands to free them. “Why am I not surprised?”
He grinned at her in that peculiar way that always enticed her into setting aside her convictions and indulge him. “You know me well, Ill’haress.” He nipped at her arm. Smiling, he rolled them over, pressing her into the bed with his weight. Kissing her again – Sharess, he couldn’t get enough of her taste – he pulled off her dress fully. “You are entirely too beautiful.”
Her smile widened somewhat, undressing him as well. “And you are too bloody weird.”
“Ouch.” He pushed against her, revelling at the feel of her skin against his. “That hurt, you evil, evil Val.”
“As if you mind the excuse.” Wrapping one leg around him, she chuckled softly when he took hold of her wrists and pressed them into the pillow beside her head. He didn’t answer, meshing their lips together again.

Despite her desire to cherish every moment, she had fallen asleep in both mental and physical exhaustion and when she woke, her bed was empty.
“Kel?” Shooting up, Waes’soloth jumped out of her bed. He wouldn’t do that to her... would he?
A quick check of her rooms however confirmed that he had. Trembling, she leaned against the wall. He had left already Sharess-knows-how-long-ago. Probably in an attempt to prevent her from stopping his leaving, or to spare her the pain of having to say goodbye...
Sinking to the ground, she stared with wide eyes at the window opposite her. Pain arched through her body, contracting every organ in her chest. Unable to breathe, her scream of agony was silent as tears ran down her face.
She could not endanger the well-being of the Beldrobbaen over him. She had gotten a surprising amount of lectures regarding her way of dealing with the poisoner: all in agreement that she was to never do something like this again. That she should never again risk their clan by throwing herself into harm’s way. How could she then contemplate doing it all over a male!?
Sobbing brokenly, she curled up into a ball on the ground. Kel...
Had anyone been watching, they’d have seen her silver harden at some unspoken realization.

“What were you thinking?” As Waes’soloth had feared, Kel’noz had headed back to his mother shortly after waking. By then, nearly two days had passed since he had abandoned his post in Machike for... something. “Why did you leave Machike like that?”
Staring at the ground, Kel’noz did not answer his mother. He had not been bound to the chair he was on – a small mercy considering he was her son.
“Kel’noz.” Her voice was dangerously low. “Why did you leave Machike? Why did one of the patrols have to catch you in the city, miles from where you were supposed to be?”
He closed his eyes, but remained unresponsive. The least he could was spare Waes’soloth his mother’s wrath... if he could not spare her the agony of losing him.
“Answer me.” Was there a pleading undertone in her voice there?
“Does it matter?” He softly spoke. “You cannot make exceptions, Quain’tana, not even for your own blood. And the fate of deserting a post like mine is death.” Forgive me, Waes’soloth. “Why not get it over with?”
“I want to know why!” She hit the chair, nearly toppling it. “I want to know why I have to kill you! You, of all these Sharess-forsaken people! Why?”
“Reasons.” He swallowed lightly. “That are my own.” He did not want to think what his mother would do to his beloved once she found out. Probably kill her as well.
“Kel’noz...” Quain’tana snarled. “I will not ask again.”
“And I will not answer, regardless.” He looked up at her with an even expression. “Do as you must... mother.”
Pulling her sword, the red-armoured woman sighed softly. “Why...?”
“Because... we cannot all be you, mother.” He reminded her softly of a conversation long ago. “You seem to forget that at times.” He smiled gently. “It was only a matter of time before I’d also fail you in some way.”
“By desertion of all things?” She raised her sword to his neck.
“Apparently.” He looked away, turning his attention to the window. In the distance he could see the Beldrobbaen-fortress. “Finish it.” He did not look back, keeping his eyes on the fortress.
Despite that, the elder Sarghress did not move. And he could feel why: a powerful aura was making its’ way through the building. He paled when realizing who it was. No! She could not have come here! What was she thinking!?
“Quain’tana.” Waes’soloth formed in a cloud of shadows inside the locked door. “I do apologize for the interruption, but I think we need to talk.” Because fuck losing someone else...
The sword swung through the air, nearly sinking into the stone of the wall. Waes'soloth did not flinch, not even when Quain crossed the room. Her eyes only widened when the Sarghress-leader's hand closed around her neck.
Syphile had been two heads smaller and subsequently much lighter when Quain had slammed her against the wall. That did not stop the red-streaked haired female from doing likewise to the Beldrobbaen.
"Mother!"Kel'noz shot up, overturning his chair.
"Quiet." Quain'tana snarled back, not moving her eyes from the struggling female against the wall. "Is this... this why you deserted your post? Her?"
"I..." A tremble ran through his body. "She..."
"Get out." The bulkier female cut him off before he could even think of an answer. "Now."
"Mother..." Kel'noz whispered.
"OUT!" The red-armored hand tightened, causing the black-dressed female to gasp and clutch it in an attempt to loosen its' grip.
"Go..." Waes managed to push the word past the iron grip.
Tensing, he finally obeyed, leaving the room.
"This is becoming a habit." Quain looked at the one she was holding. "First Zala'ess and now you..." Her eyes narrowed and the hand tightened even more. "First Snadhya'rune and now you."
"And... now... Zarv... I guess..." Waes'soloth's hands struggled to free her neck enough for her to breath.
"Don't tempt me." While loosening her grip, the Sarghress did not completely let go yet. The tip of her sword rested against the stomach of the other Ill'haress, ready to disembowel her. "So he came here for you?"
"So it seems." The other stopped trying to free herself. "Not on my wishes though, I can assure you."
"How long?" The mercenary demanded.
"A good century." The noble calmly stated. "Though we broke up some time ago. Which did not stop him from worrying, it seems."
The hand tightened again. "So it seems indeed." Purple eyes narrowed. "You are Snadhya all over."
"I take offense to that." Waes'soloth's hand moved up again, trying to force her fingers between the cold iron and her neck. "Very much so. I have standards, in case you missed that."
"Very few, apparently, considering you, the noble Val'Beldrobbaen, are sleeping with a commoner." Pushing a bit with her sword, the armored female snarled. "I have some trouble believing that." When she let go, there were small bruises forming on the slender female's throat. "Prove it."
"I am not going to sleep with him in front of you or something." Crossing her arms, the black-dressed woman muttered in annoyance.
"Who said anything about him?" The question was delivered with a faint smirk.
"I am certainly not going to sleep around with someone else!" Waes'soloth actually recoiled at that.
"It seems to me that you put yourself in quite the pickle here." Quain'tana pointed out. "No escorts and considering no one is coming to warn me about a group of Beldrobbaen coming here, your people have not realized what you did yet. Hence, you’d best humor me."
"You'd not survive killing me, if you even managed to succeed."
"I am not going to kill you." With a sigh, the taller female rolled her eyes. "Aside from the fact that the Beldrobbaen are best left out of this war... Did you see his face when you came in? He'd never forgive me if I killed you. And unlike Mel, I still care about his opinion."
“So, what now?” The Beldrobbaen rubbed her painful throat.
“Now, I will make sure that you are sincere…” The Sarghress answered, a faint smirk appearing on her face.

“Waes!” Kel’noz rushed in just a short time later. “She…” He froze. “What did she do to you!?”
“Nothing important…” The black-dressed female pulled on her clothes. “Where did Quain go?”
“After telling me we’d talk later and I’d best get you back home, she left.” He reached over to touch her cheek. “Seeing you like this, I can imagine what she meant… I am not sure what to think of that.”
“We can demand an explanation later, no doubt.”Waes pushed her hair aside, breathing heavily. “I would not mind taking her suggestion though.”
“What…” He looked her over.
“Kel’noz…” She took a shuddering breath. “Please?”
“Oh…” His eyes narrowed at something he had seen when she reached for her hair. Reaching for her wrist, he pulled her sleeve up. “What did she do?”
“Nothing important.” She countered. “Now let’s go home.”
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Re: My Random Drowtales One Shots -

Postby SFI » Tue Nov 08, 2016 6:11 pm

See this Post for Information about Commissioning me :>
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Re: My Random Drowtales One Shots

Postby SFI » Sat Dec 17, 2016 11:35 pm

Vlashrod's Giveaway :)

Ischa looked up when hearing someone knock on her door. “A moment, sister.” She got up, walking over to the door to open it. “Ill’haress.” She blinked at who was standing in front of it.
“Good evening.” Waes’soloth was standing in the gloom of the hallway. “I heard your sister arrived earlier? I need to speak with her for a moment.”
The attendant stepped aside to let the taller female enter. Nehleanee got up, giving a small bow to the black-haired female. “Ill’haress Waes’soloth, with what can I help you?”
“Information.” Waes’soloth sat down, smoothing her dress. “I shan’t keep you long.”
“Any I can give.” The two sisters took their seats again, Ischa leaning over to the table to fill another cup of tea for her newest guest. Said guest accepted it with a slight nod.
“What the nether is your grandmother doing?” The sole visible silver eye stared coldly at the half-Sharen. “Completely aside from the fact that the war has turned sour, even before me pulling my forces back taking a small army on whatever she thinks she’s doing is poor form... to say the least.”
“Ah...” The purple-clad female leaned back into the couch. “I am afraid I cannot go into detail, as I hope you understand, but she certainly never intended to abandon her sister like this. She merely wanted to use these forces to accrue more forces she could return with.”
“I don’t think she can physically drag back the Nuqrah-forces.” Waes’soloth leaned forward. “Nega’fanea left for a reason, after all.”
“And Zala’ess thinks she can change her mind...” Nehleanee inclined her head lightly. “Besides, with all due respect, how was she to know you’d leave the field like this?”
“Are you accusing me of something?” The other’s face was unreadable, while Ischa staid silent and near unmoving.
“I wouldn’t dare judge. I am certain you thought this the best way.” Again, Zala’ess’ granddaughter inclined her head. “If I may ask though, Ill’haress...?” She waited until the other had given her leave to continue. “What are you intending to do? Would Zala’ess be able to count on your assistance when she returns, hopefully with the forces she hopes to gain in the West?”
Waes’soloth remained silent at that for a few moments. “You can tell her that I am currently thinking about that still. This situation is not one where someone should act hasty. Chel will be in turmoil, regardless of who wins or loses.”
The Sharen nodded lightly. “I will pass it on.”
“I will leave you to your visit.” Waes’soloth rose from her seat, setting down her cup on the low table. Ischa followed her, bowing lightly as she escorted her Ill’haress to the door.
“Well, that was that.” The younger sister returned to the other female.
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