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Cameo Competition

Re: Cameo Competition

Postby Aquolithe » Mon Dec 09, 2013 7:11 am

-Name: Siertheer
-Race: Drowlath
-Age: 116
-Gender: Male
-Build: Feminine, slim, height varies (but prefers height of a preteen)
-Ancestry: Chelian
-Clan: Beldrobbaen
-Profession: Information broker
-Martial ability: Majority of body (including all limbs and left eye area) is replaced with metal(can alter for current needs), Left eye socket houses a metal spider that also works as a fake eye holds within multiple poisons/potions.(note can be used as projectile, assassination, ease drop and a sight enhancement, also it can crawl out the eye), gems that absorbs a little mana from surroundings to help move prostetics easier (located on the upper arm and thighs). Escape artist.
-Mana affinity: Metal sorcery

-Appearance: dark green eye and light green glow fake eye, Long straight black hair,right half of bangs is hime cut while left half of bangs cover left side of face, Brown skin.
-Costume: Generally in a long black hooded cloak, under cloak a black and dark blue kimono top and a ao dai bottom, sleeves 1ft past hands with the gems poking out, dark blue Sash is under crossing belts (no bow), skirt is the length to just to feet height and dark blue pants.

Costume Reference;
Upper body http://e-shuushuu.net/images/2006-09-27-33518.jpeg
Lower body http://www2s.biglobe.ne.jp/~shigure/gal ... 7f4957.jpg

-Personality traits: very intelligent, ambitious, frugal, a bit sadistic and has the interest of the clan but may not seem like it.

-Favorite saying: "It’s a pleasure doing business", "The fangs of a spider" and "Info is everything"

-Quirks: Loves to interrogate for info (normal, painless or painful way), has a soft spot for little and creepy things especially spiders(cute right?), mostly expressionless stick in the mud. Fear of losing all his money, scared of huge animals, being mistaken as a girl and has a habit of surprising people.

-If you choose Felde, answer this: What do you seek?: Information is the source of everything, gathering it is the fun part
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Re: Cameo Competition

Postby sassafra » Tue Dec 10, 2013 8:08 am

Name: Rhama'drill Val’Sullisin’rune
Race: Drowolath (Mother-Dokkalfar )
Age: 173
Build: Smallish, buxom, and curvy
Ancestry: Chelian
Clan: Sullisin’rune
Profession: Sullisin’rune Operative - Assassin. Adept at Stalking. Infiltration, Evasion, Scaling. Interrogation, Observation, Gymnastics, Contortion, Poison
Martial ability: Lethal at unarmed combat. Blow gun.
Mana affinity: Empathy. Has ability to stun and confuse an opponent at short range.
Colors: One golden eye, one green. Lavender hair, very long in back with bangs, with lengths of hair hanging towards chest framing face.. Has cat whiskers tattooed on face.
Attire: Similar to Illafay except cut off midriff with a Khaless style skirt with split. Woven of specialized color shifting Drieder silk, her outfit is either all in lime green or white for observational/social situations, or skin colored during appropriate assassination procedures. High gloves but no shoulder/arm sash. Heelless shoes.Necklace with jewel foci hanging in cleavage.

Personality traits:

-Acts submissively in social situations. A bit of a passive flirt. Meek in public but a body exhibitionist.
-Attracted solely to females.
-Suffers insecurity due to her short stature..
-Puts Illharess over clan in loyalty.

Favorite quote:
"Everybody lies.",
'The easiest way to lie is to tell the truth unconvincingly"
"Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I'm schizophrenic
and so am I"

-Fidgets with a ring on her finger.
-Likes controlling Tik'tikkis to produce amusing public pranks.
-Nibbles on her hair.
-Sexually aggressive behind closed doors. Submissive publicly.
-Enjoys emphatically influencing unsuspecting couples romantically while watching.
-Loves ferals and cats. Secretly wants bio engineered cat ears and tail.
-Avoids and fears Seers.

Brief History:
-Attended Ortorbbae with Sha'sana as headmistress. Knows of existence and location of Sharess' body with no one's knowledge and nothing of Sha'sana's location or survival.
-One of many of Ash'waren's forgotten daughters she was ordered an assassination under orders of the Illharess only to fail upon learning her target's identity ... that being her own sister. The Illharess later denied Rhama''drill's request of suicide to atone for failing her mission. This provoked Ashwaren's empathic loyalty test which triggered Rhama'drill's insanity by her failure to reconcile her Illharess' forgiveness against her own guilt. Ash'waren sensing Rhama'dril's utter devotion was satisfied but unfortunately misunderstood the underlying insanity.
It hasn't happened yet, but if she ever discovers any serious relationship of Ashwaren's that's between Rhama''drill's fixation and Ash'waren...

Rhama'drill was later assigned as an observer/assassin to Felde.

-If you choose Felde, answer this: What do you seek?: Orders from Illharess Ash'waren are to observe covertly each clan's specific representative's actions to the event. Report directly to the Illharess only and to await further instructions. Personally sifting information for any overheard mention of Sha'sana.
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Re: Cameo Competition

Postby JVElEven » Tue Dec 10, 2013 11:38 am

This competition is awesome! Thank you for starting it. Great idea! Had to post something!

Name: Taam’aryad Val'Beldrobbaen
Race: Drowolath
Age: 29
Build: Rather skinny
Ancestry: Chelian
Clan: Beldrobbaen
Profession: Very far offshoot of the family, so she mostly does guard duty over inconsequential places.
Martial ability: Proficient at hiding behind walls and taking potshots with a crossbow, a big one at that, too, but is completely useless at anything else and usually early in making a “tactical retreat” to devise different tactics for others to follow.
Mana affinity: Basic Mana Manipulation

Colors: Dark green (think fir tree) eyes and brown skin. Her hair is straight and black, though she braids the center part from her forehead and backwards, causing her to have two side partings on each side, running the lengths of her skull.
Costume: Wears knee-high black boots, a mid-to-low-thigh-length armour with a white undershirt of similar length and a black, shin-length, hoodless cowl, held only by a single button on the chest. She is also equipped with a holster for her crossbow on her back.

Costume Reference;
Sorry, not going to be able to give you one of those.

Personality traits:
- Very much on two minds as for how to ensure the survival of her clan, Taam’aryad is a traditionalist, yet aware that it might not be the right thing to do in order to survive.
- Collected and calculating, she acts very superior, as she believes her mind is way beyond others. In reality, she suffers from being too smart for her own good. She is right in that she holds a strategic and tactical ability greater than most. What she fails to recognize is that this same skill cause her to be prone to overanalysis and indecision. She can, for the most part, accurately tell what will happen, even how others will react and have a prepared counter-reaction to this, but she analyzes and analyzes for so long that when she is finally ready to act on the idea, everyone else has already made a (in her mind) vastly inferior decision and moved on.
- Also likes showing how smart she is, this leads to Taam’aryad being an object of dislike, laughter and pity. The first because she tells people what they should have done after they’ve done something else, which makes her look like an arrogant git. The second because she cannot decide on anything at all, always analyzing how people would react to her doing it because she wants to be respected for her intellect and choices. The third because she honestly believes people would want to look up to her at all.
- She really only wants to make the best decision possible, and acts very carefully, but what she comes across as, due to never sharing her thoughts before it is too late, is a conceited, arrogant, annoying, lowly Val with no connection to reality at best, and at worst, she is considered stupid since she apparently cannot think up any solutions in time for them to matter.
Favorite saying: "If you’d just do as I’d told you to...”
- Hateful towards the Tainted.
- Scared of any real life consequences.
- Brilliant at board games.
- She likes wordplays and riddles a lot, as well as trying to run circles around people with her mindgames.
- Incapable of noticing when she looks silly. Turns everything into a victory of her mind. This, of course, makes her look even sillier.
- She is very good at determining how people will act and react.
- Whenever some game, riddle or anything she has planned works, she is viable to get overexcited and celebratory to an embarrassing degree. Since she turns everything into a victory on her part, this means she acts overexcited and celebratory quite a lot.
- Vehemently denies that she ever shows emotion despite shifting between smug noble and exuberant schoolgirl all the time.
- Enjoys red meat very much indeed.

Inspirational pictures: There is none. I am very sorry.
If you choose Felde, answer this: What do you seek?: Taam’aryad would go to Felde because she would believe her intellect and tactical reasoning would be needed, and also because she would fear for her clan being left behind. Note that she would likely take a long time deciding to go, so she would very likely be late.
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Re: Cameo Competition

Postby Whizzard » Tue Dec 10, 2013 12:30 pm

My second entry, a character I cooked up years ago, inspired by, well, Kel'noz.

-Name: Maeron'arath Val'Illhardo
-Race: Drowolath
-Age: 428
-Sex: Male
-Build: Average

-Ancestry: Born as a Val of Ill'hardro he entered Orthobbae at a young age and liked his time there so much that he chose to stay. Studied and teached High Arts for centuries until 50 something years ago when he grew tired of the monotone school scenery and took up traveling the Underworld. He marks every scrap of important or interesting information and stories into his leather book along with sketches. Acquaintance, fellow Male’s Right Activist and penpal of Kel’noz.

-Profession: Vagabond/Scholar
-Martial ability: Quarterstaff
-Mana arts: High Arts, Sealing
-Colors: Blue eyes, Long wavy white hair, Dark skin.

-Costume: Long blue worn coat with white decorations and a hood, wears steel gauntlets and greaves with integrated focis. Under the coat wears brown pants and black shirt. Body is crossed with several belts that hold a quarterstaff, pouches, bottles, a sheathed dagger and a large leather book in which Maeron writes.

-Costume Reference: **To be drawn**

-Personality traits: Eccentric scholar who is drawn to curious objects and people. Friendly towards everyone and a good listener but not much of a speaker keeping his words short and few. Isn't afraid to run away from a fight with bad odds.

-Favorite saying: "Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance."

-Quirks: During his travel has become worried about aging ruining his good looks. Throughout his life has been extremely unlucky in love leading to him becoming part (and a penpal) of Kel'noz's male's rights activists group. As a direct result considers Jaal'darya the enemy of all males.

-Inspirational pictures: http://animelife.ya1.ru/uploads/posts/2 ... 934525.jpg
http://api.ning.com/files/LM5YzyCw7E7CP ... 288163.jpg

-If you choose Felde, answer this: What do you seek?: Persisting rumors about Nidra'chaal piqued Maeron's curiosity and his investigation of said rumors has led him to Felde where he intends to gather as much information on them as possible.
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Re: Cameo Competition

Postby Dalvyserran » Tue Dec 10, 2013 1:39 pm

-Name: Nal’doril Dizen’ralith Val’Beldrobbaen
-Race: Drowolath
-Age: 480
-Build: Thin, lanky
-Ancestry: Chelian
-Profession: Golem Engineer
-Martial ability: fights with his golem creations; if all else fails he has a saber
-Mana affinity: Metal

black, black and more black. He's trying very hard to break out of this ^^;

Modern look of the Nuqrah’sharian rich--he loves that style but changed it to look very gothic. Despite being a Beld expatriate, he still wears the gray star pattern on his forehead. Piercings on his eyebrow.

Costume Reference;
http://cache.desktopnexus.com/thumbnail ... mbnail.jpg top half
http://designyoutrust.com/wp-content/up ... ellery.jpg
http://static2.bigstockphoto.com/thumbs ... 942487.jpg hair
http://images.sodahead.com/polls/002311 ... large.jpeg piercing

-Personality traits:
Nal’doril is irritable and cranky, and dislikes most of his clan, who for some reason just can’t understand that they need to change or die. He was his House’s head golem engineer until he fled to Felde to avoid being drafted in the District War, and is often holed up in his quarters, working on new inventions and improvements to his existing golem creations. One of his favorite inventions is a personal use golem unit shaped like a mechanical spider with a mounted railgun turret on its base. Nal’doril has also dabbled with crafting flesh golems as an alternative, but these creations are likely to fall apart after a few uses.

Nal’doril is most knowledgeable in golem engineering due to having an undesirable affinity, according to his mother. The Dev’ess thought he wasn’t worth her time and resources until the boy discovered an intense love for golem engineering later on, during the profession’s rise in popularity. Golem engineering is a symbol of evolution and freedom from the old ways. With the Feldian gathering spearheading the theme of drow evolution and creating a world without the ancestors, Nal’doril sees value in aligning himself with that city’s leaders.

-Favorite saying: "Oh! You’re just in time. I have so many "friends" that want to meet you!”

-He is clean freak and will stop whatever he’s doing to panic about getting dirty.

-He dislikes females preferring the company of men, but somewhere in his black heart he has a corner reserved for his sister, San’dellora.

-speaks to his golems as if they were alive and capable of conversation, i.e. asking about the weird Feldian weather

-Likes to go shirtless when he's by himself

-Inspirational pictures:
http://aiiane.net/blog/wp-content/uploa ... a_mech.jpg

-If you choose Felde, answer this: What do you seek?:
Nal’doril is here to protect his future interests and investments by aligning with Felde—news of the Mimians marching on Felde is unacceptable, and he wants to test the battle capability of his creations by butchering a few bird freaks. It’s also a stress reliever, for Mimians and their old fashioned ways represent what’s wrong with his clan.


-Name: Chigusa Vel'Sharen
-Race: Ver'drowendar
-Age: 85
-Build: Average
-Ancestry: Chelian
-Clan: Sharen
-Profession: Sillice's and Nishi's Renegade
-Martial ability: Fights by dual wielding swords
-Mana affinity: Wind

-Colors: Orange, yellow, red
-Costume: refer to chapter 43 http://www.drowtales.com/mainarchive.php?sid=9482 Though her arm's been healed and armor repaired
Costume Reference;
http://talentualembrace.deviantart.com/ ... -373739810 this is just the picture I had used for when she first appeared in Ch 43

-Personality traits:
Once aspiring to be a Sharen Knight in service of her line, Chigusa lost everything during the Nidra'chaal war 31 years ago, thanks to the traitorous bloodlines and her aunties' machinations. Chigusa is fully behind the plan to seek revenge and restore the Sharen clan to prominence. With the Kavahini clan's aid, first order of business is to march on Auntie Snadhya's seat of power: Felde.

As she is suffering from the taint sickness, she feels its grasp on her getting stronger. The abnormal numbness to pain, the exhaustion, the feeling of something crawling inside you.. Chigusa doesn't know how much time she has left before she dies. At the very least, she hopes to see Sillice's and Nishi'kanta's plans come to fruition before the demon eats her alive.

-Favorite saying: "May the Nine bless my mother and my aunt in their endeavor to right wrongs brought upon us by their sisters."


--has developed a dislike for birds after staying with the Mimians, so Chigusa is paranoid about standing under a flock of them

--She's heard stories of Sillice' abilities on the battlefield, and she's a little scared of auntie

--Always being challenged to duels because she stands out like a sore thumb, and it irritates her to no end

-Inspirational pictures
http://www.imgbase.info/images/safe-wal ... katana.jpg
-If you choose Felde, answer this: What do you seek?: Like the rest of the Sharen renegades, Chigusa is with the Mimians to fight Nidra hordes and seek justice for her ruined clan.
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Re: Cameo Competition

Postby SFI » Wed Dec 11, 2013 3:21 pm

Oh, Fridge this, might as well join >_< Mayhap my Drowsona gets a nice Character-sheet out of it :3

-Name: Shi'lene Delbara Val'Beldrobbaen
-Race: Drowolath
-Age: 92
-Build: slender
-Ancestry: Chelian
-Clan: Beldrobbaen
-Profession: Healer, occasionally assasin
-Martial ability: Some skill in dagger-fighting, but prefers her bone-sorcery.
-Mana affinity: Bone sorcery, on left arm bracelet with several Blood-foci.

-Colors: Light Grey eyes, White hair (dyed with black), Brown skin.
-Costume: See Reference (blue is supposed to be a darker+greyer shade, but there's only so much you can do with Dollmakers). Also, the jewelry LOOKS like roses cause that is the only thing the dollmaker gave me, but they're supposed to be spider-formed.

Costume Reference; - http://sta.sh/012l21w7dic
Close-up: http://sta.sh/022l1hfydcff

-Personality traits: Almost endless patience and even for Beldrobbaen-standard quiet and withdrawn, especially after Orthorbbae-incident. Hardly talks. Hates colors, bright lights and Vel/Val'Sharen. Don't touch/hurt her spider though, she'd rip you apart. (spider took place of lost daughter. Treats as such, even though spider is size of small Dawmere)
-Favorite saying: "..."
-Quirks/Trivia: All of her jewelry (including the 'stones' on her corset) is actually made out of bone and she uses this to attack someone with bone needles. Thanks to her knowledge of body as healer, she can be lethal if require. And who is gonna blame a dead on the tiny puncture wound on spinal-column?
Hates Vel'Sharen (especcially Snadya'rune) and tainted after losing her first and (up until now) only child in the Orthorbbae-disaster for which she blames Snady (though more in the 'damnit, couldn't you pay better attention to your damned seeded teacher!?' way), because of which she silently sympathices with the Sarghress in their whole 'bring the Sharen down forever'-schtick.
If approached by Sarghress (or any Against-Sharen-faction), would probably help them (unless they threaten her clan directly, then she's out) even though she'd prefer her Clan to do it themselves. Only a select few know of this, since life in her clan would be dangerous should the wrong person find out that she's against them.
Smiled as news of Waes'soloth's withdrawal from the front came - this creeped out those that were around her at that time. She never smiled after the Orthorrbae-incident and the loss of her daughter.
Her Spider is a Beld-form of a dark Poecilotheria metallica (http://www.pticjipajki.com/galerija/3/P ... a_male.jpg) and she wears the same shade of blue in her clothes. Gotta color-match with your most prominent accesory, after all.

Why Felde?: The only reason she might be there if Waes'soloth noticed that the Ambassador that allowed a bunch of Val'Sharess-killers into the fortress was leaving without telling her where she was going and wanted her shadowed by someone that fades to the background and shadows almost more than she herself does. Still probably brought her spider. Since it is well-known that she takes her spider everywhere, it is unlikely Waes would actually do this unless she is desperate.
-Inspirational pictures: None, but she came about as I wanted to design me, myself and I as a Drow ^^;
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Re: Cameo Competition

Postby Leopardwerecat » Wed Dec 11, 2013 10:56 pm

Chances of me getting a cameo are pretty low but whatever, it's worth a shot unu

-Name: Cair'deirene Val'Sullissinrune
-Race: Drowlath
-Age: 182
-Build: Average, quite muscular.
-Ancestry: Chelian
-Clan: Sullissin'rune
-Profession: Sullissin-Sarghress Ambassador (former), footsoldier, sealer in-training
-Martial ability: Empathy, sealing, highly proficient with a pole-arm, Halberd or pike.
-Mana affinity: Earth

-Colors: Mismatched pale gold and light blue eyes, pale blue hair w/ darker highlights, brown skin.
-Costume: Simple blue sari ensemble, short ankle boots, blue trousers w/ overskirt (civilian/casual), standard Sullissin' armour w/light blue sari scarf, blue overskirt. May also wear a Sealer's white overcoat in combat. Prefers simpler clothing compared to her fellow noble Sullssins' extravagant/luxurious tastes.

Costume Reference;

http://www.drowtales.com/mainarchive/20121122c40p031_arsh9Ta2zG.jpg, http://www.drowtales.com/mainarchive/20121123c40p032_IOEJglIVSp.jpg, http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9wdz6aCov1qc93auo1_1280.jpg

-Personality traits: Very peaceful, calm and diplmotic, tries to resolve conflict in a group before resorting to forceful words or action; in her younger years avoided conflict of any kind to a fault. However, a spell in the Sarghress infantry had toughened her up in the last couple of decades. She's still young and optimistic, but in combat she's relatively ruthless towards any enemy assailant. Her status as a simple footsoldier amongst the Sarghress has curbed any arrogance she may have had as a val, but she's still fiercely proud of her Clan and strongly supports Ash'waren's decisions.

-Favorite saying: "Please, let us all keep our calm,"

-Quirks: Docile and peaceful almost to a fault outside of the battlefield, strongly dislikes any form of conflict amongst allies or friends. Super dislike of nether summoners and demons, fears sharing the fate of her older sister and becoming tainted.
She has a small complex about her height, being roughly the height of an average female Ssu, and hates having such pointed out by her (much) taller companions. Oddly, however, she has a thing for taller men.

-Inspirational pictures: See references above. Also, typical Sullissin garb (saris, long scarves, blue and gold palette).

-If you choose Felde, answer this: What do you seek?: Her strong views against tainting, especially Snadhya's policy of tainting young students, along with her position in the army back in Chel, would more than likely mean she would have nothing to do with the events in Felde.
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Re: Cameo Competition

Postby Esau_Myrhh » Wed Dec 11, 2013 11:57 pm

Welp, y'all have such great ideas, forgive me for being a little nervous to hold my attempt up to everyone else's amazing characters! Here goes... (also yeah I don't know how names or inventing names works at all guh)

-Name: Kitti Val'Beldrobbaen
-Race: Drowlath
-Age: 50
-Build: tall, awkwardly lanky
-Ancestry: Chelian
-Clan: Beldrobbaen
-Profession: Library assistant
-Martial ability: Astounding skill in knocking things over
-Mana affinity: None known

-Colors: Black, red, grey, yellow eyes
-Costume: Black one-sleeved shirt, grey corset, black skirt with red detail, black leggings, black boots, red scarf, black armwarmer with red armband. Grey belt with a pouch attached for carrying books. Has a white-ink tattoo of a spiderweb on her shoulder; pet spider Chip usually sits there and attaches his own web to her shoulder where the tattoo is. Keeps said shoulder bare to avoid getting cobwebs all over her clothes.

Costume Reference;

-Personality traits:
Shy, awkward, a bit 'blonde'. Is immature for her age, still acting childishly out of a lack of self-confidence and experience; she rarely leaves the Beldrobbaen fortress. As such, is naive and idealistic, having little concept of the real world. Anxious at work, scared of making mistakes (even though she makes many), fearing disapproval. Is also anxious about social settings, doesn't like being in large groups of people. Will often hide behind books in such situations. Nothing will get between her and whatever boy band she's in love with, though. Loves animals, particularly spiders. Happy-go-lucky in a good mood, shy and withdrawn in a bad mood. Very introverted.

-Favorite saying:
"...Could you repeat that please? Sorry!!!"

Wary of tainted, views them as ticking time-bombs.
Dangerously clumsy; was sent to work in the library in the hope that she'd do less damage there. Good with books and spiders, but hopeless at anything else. Short tunic-like skirt is best to avoid tripping; any longer and it would get in the way.
Aspires to be a guardian spider-breeder; her room is full of young spiders she is raising to breed and sell. LOVES spiders. Kind of a crazy-cat-lady but with spiders.
Huge fangirl of Khal'harrorr Val'Beldrobbaen, is embarrassed that she is much older than him.
Was never sent to Orthorbbae; her mother could only afford to send one sister, and it was decided to send the younger. As such, Kitti is constantly guilty for her sister's death. Has basic literacy and numeracy skills and trivia picked up from working in library, but education is very limited.

Brief History:
Born into the lower ranks of the Beldrobbaen clan, Kitti grew up with her mother and sister shut off from the outside world in the Beldrobbaen fortress. She was young during the Nidra'chaal war, and as awful childhood memories of the war and the impact it had on the Beldrobbaen clan. Still remembers the slave massacre after an attempt on the Ilhar'ess's life, as well as their replacement with golem servants. Unable to send both girls to Orthorbbae, her mother ultimately sent her little sister since she fit the age group better; this ultimately saved Kitti's life. Having known several girls who were killed in the Orthorbbae incident including her sister, Kitti was devastated and has since kept her hair short in mourning.
Soon after, she rescued her first spider, Chip, from a breeder about to put him down for being too small to be a suitable guardian spider. This kickstarted her dream to breed spiders, and she has been adopting spiders to breed for several years now.
Despite the Beldrobbaen tragedies, she still has an idealistic attitude and dreams of living outside of the fortress and raising spiders.

Reason in Felde;
I can't imagine how she'd get to Felde, but the only reason she'd be there would be to stalk Khal.
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Re: Cameo Competition

Postby AnTanriKi » Thu Dec 12, 2013 3:06 pm

Hmm, may as well throw one out there. Can't use this concept otherwise due to reasons.

Really need to write more, here goes!

-Name: Wei'lisira Han'rounen
-Race: Drowlath
-Age: 128
-Build: Slender, yet curvy
-Ancestry: Chelian
-Clan: Sharen
-Profession: Golemancer
-Martial ability: Short swords, daggers
-Mana affinity: Golemancy (if that's even a thing), minor earth.

-Colors: Greenish red eyes, shoulder-length,turquoise hair with three black stripes up the middle. Wears mostly Sharen blue or green.

-Costume: Simple dress usually includes some sort of leather work belt, no matter the outfit, to allow her to have tools at all times. Formal dress usually includes a formal blouse of varying preference of color with a long skirt down to her ankles with a robe over it all with a sash including an artisans' hammer denoting her profession as a golemancer tucked in at the front. Several small pouches are hung on the hips with various odds and ends that are used in everyday manatech devices.

Costume Reference;
(I have none to provide)

-Personality traits: Cool, friendly, but always seeming distant. Always seems to have something on her mind if she's not watching the latest spectacle unfold in front of her or if she's working on some project. If approached, she doesn't reserve attitude hostility, though she gives everyone a chance, if only to see if they can distract for a time. Feels out of place in a crowd, but doesn't shirk from public events in order to appear proper and orderly, even if she doesn't like the people there.

-Favorite saying: "The ends and the means mean nothing if something isn't learned."

-Quirks: Lonely, but picky. She can't get past small-talk unless there's something that the other person can relate to. Usually golems, design theory, metallurgy, or chemistry. Loves to talk theory and what can be achieved through cooperative effort.
Condescending of ego. She appears reserved, but when someone tips her off of being too big for their head, she likes to poke and prod at them and force them to prove it, no matter the status. She does have a knack for how far to push it and with whom to do it with, but she will always at least pose a question of skill or subtly.
Avoids the topic personal projects. While she will get on the subject of golemancy and projects relating to it, she will vehemently deny talking of her own. If pushed enough, she will insist that there is one person she is waiting on and the right time to do it, hinting that the current war is not the right time for her work to be used for the good of all.

-Inspirational pictures: (Again, nothing >.<)

-Reason for being in Felde: For whatever reason, word of her work and skill with golems has risen through the totem pole. For some reason, she accepted to see if someone had somehow managed to find out about her and Taski'reyus' engine design. For some reason she cares, wondering if Taski will ever come back from fighting in the Sarghess ranks, if she's even still alive at this point. A new beginning could happen here. Maybe Snadhya'rune has something to offer her to make her break her vow? There are many questions, but will I find an answer here? Or will it only be an escape from more heartache from a life partner still far away from her?
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Re: Cameo Competition

Postby Disestablish » Thu Dec 12, 2013 8:55 pm

Meh, may as well pass the time and take my chances doing this. Got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Doubt I'm going to get close to winning, but here's what I got.

--Name: Rah'torfell
-Race: Drowolath
-Age: 246
-Build: Tall, average body build
-Ancestory: Commoner
-Clan: Sarghress
-Profession: Former Sarghress Officer, has since left his position to run a successful trading company, with heavy dealings with the Sarghress clan and allies.
Martial abilities: Skilled swordsman from his days as an officer, he can still hold his own in a fight, but has lost his touch in the last few decades.
-Mana affinity: Earth Affinity

-Colors: Grey eyes, black hair that reaches down in a pony tail all the way to his lower back, brown skin, minor signs of Mana deprivation from extensive time on surface.
-Costume: Plain form fitting clothes in his day to day, he wears anything that is currently in style to high end business dealings and meetings.

-Personality traits: Loud, playful and has a good sense of humor, he takes great pride in his business sense and will never try and scam or cheat anyone... Who is a friend to the Sarghress at least. He is cold and cruel to any possible rival businessmen and takes more then a little pleasure from watching them fail, usually because of his underhanded tactics.
Well generally kind hearted to his slaves and employees, he is unforgiving of failures, as he sees any ada lost as ada lost to the Sarghress war effort.
He is quick to put his battle skills to use against anyone who angers him if he can get away with it. This is not helped due to his tendency to be quick to anger.

-Favourite saying: "The Sarghress need all the ada they can get." "This little business deal has been fun, but I'm about to destroy your little business here and now."

-Quirks: Obsessed with the Sarghress and keeps more than a few armed groups of commoners paid to 'kindly greet' any supporters of other clans when they can.
*More than a few rumors tell of his questionable relationships with goblins under his employee and he is quick to deny them... Maybe a bit too quick.
* Believes that the Nidraa'chal were not truly defeated and are just in hiding in some dark corner of the underworld. Well... he's at least half right.
*Pays out of pocket to provide for provisions from the surface to ship to the front lines to feed Sarghress troops.
*Crazy about anything Sarghress in general, really a bit too crazy.

- -If you choose Felde, answer this: What do you seek?: In Felde to expand his trade network and connections, well disrupting and stopping any trading other clans from Chel maybe profiting from in the city.

Another one.
Name: Listren'tral Val'Sharen
Race: Drowolath
Age: 201
Build: Tall, muscular.
Ancestry: Of Sil'lice's line
Clan: Val'Sharen, since become strong supporter of Val'Sarghress
-Profession: Member of Val'Sarghress Fang legion, riding her tainted dragon 'Kin'Slayer'
Martial ability: Extremely skilled soldier, with decades of experience, became a skilled sealer since the Nidraa'chal war.
Mana affinity: Limited and extremely weak form of empathy.

Colours: Blue eyes and dyed blue and red hair, dark brown skin, with extensive scarring.
Costume: Standard Sarghress Fang legion armour, painted equal parts red and blue to show her equal allegiance to Sil'lice and the Val'Sarghress. Left arm lost in Nidraa'chal war and replaced with a golem one. Val'Sharen symbol on right shoulder pad and Val'Sarghress symbol on left.

Personality: Cold and quiet to anyone she is not working with at the time, she is friendly to squadmates and a loud drunk, often complaining about the general bullshit she goes through to anyone who will listen.
Closed off from and borderline aggressive to any other survivor's of Sil'lice's line, preferring to forget the losses she faced during the Nidraa'chal war by getting away from other survivors.
Loyal to the Sarghress, she fights equal parts for them, her grandmother and to avenge her child lost to the Nidraa'chal.
Generally a nice person despite her attitude, she will support her comrades and give her life readily to save an ally.

Favourite saying: " Kin'slayer, do not eat body parts you find on the ground!"

Quirks: She avoids any and all contact with her family, well still staying loyal to the Val'Sharen and hopes to see her grandmother restored to her proper place.
An extremely limited and weak form of empathy that allows her to sense hostile feelings towards her. It gives her mild headaches in battlefields. Allows her to sense possible ambushes though and typically places her on the front lines when sweeping through possible ambush sites.
Renamed her dragon Kin'Slayer after the Nidraa'chal war, because that's what she'll be doing from now on.

She would have no reason to be in Felde and likely required to appear in different chapter.
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Re: Cameo Competition

Postby Pariel » Thu Dec 12, 2013 11:52 pm

Name: Nym'zidom
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Re: Cameo Competition

Postby Ganurath » Fri Dec 13, 2013 2:44 am

Wait, a way to get a cameo in that doesn't involve a race against the clock? Count me in!

-Name: Alur'inth Vel'Sharen
-Race: Ver'drowendar
-Age: 287
-Build: Athletic
-Ancestry: Chelian
-Clan: Sharen
-Profession: Protector Twin
-Martial ability: A bastard sword which she prefers to wield two-handed, for better control.
-Mana affinity: Metal Sorcery

-Colors: Red eyes, short black hair with a violet streak, Chelian brown skin.
-Costume: Mostly favors the traditional Sharen armor style, favoring black and purple for the silk, and with the armor itself made of the teal metal more popular in the current war. Forsakes a helmet, for a better field of vision, and secures her hair with a violet sealing stone near each temple.

Costume Reference;
Armor style I had in mind was that of the Sharen soldiers from pages 23-25 of the Prologue, sans helmet, with relevant changes to color and family iconography.

-Personality traits: Alur'inth favors a calm, analytical approach to combat and conversation. She takes her duty, particularly protecting her Twin, very seriously. Whether or not her duty is loveless work to pay her debt to rise above her birth or a worthwhile cause depends on how well she gets along with her charge.
-Favorite saying: "Better than rags and an empty belly."
-Quirks: Views the tainting as "bitter medicine," and only underwent it so that she could continue protecting her charge, rather than let the job be taken by someone less competent. As such, what spare time that she has is spent actively fighting her seed. Additionally, no known power in the Three Worlds can make Alur'inth laugh, although it is rumored that she has at times had a smile on her face.

-Inspirational pictures: N/A
-If you choose Felde, answer this: What do you seek?: Alur'inth would be present as an escort to her Twin, if siding with Felde. Ultimately, her loyalty lies with her sister, whichever side she takes.

-=- -=- -=- -=- -=-

-Name: Ilindith Val'Vloz'ress
-Race: Drowalath
-Age: 113
-Build: Slim
-Ancestry: Chelian
-Clan: Val'Vloz'ress
-Profession: Nether Summoner
-Martial ability: A mancatcher with a sealing stone mounted where the prongs meet the pole, secondary knife.
-Mana affinity: Fire Sorcery

-Colors: Gray eyes, neck-length white hair with red tips, Chelian brown skin.
-Costume: Ilindith wears a mismatch of black and brown leathers with a sleeveless gray vest, trimmed in red. Her only visible armor beyond the leathers are gauntlets and greaves, the former having embedded summoning foci, which hold the demonic forms of her late children. Her mask is blank in expression, but has solid red flame motifs rising from the eyes.

Costume Reference;
This is a mancatcher.

-Personality traits: Ilindith's personality can be best summarized as volcanic: A constant state of barely contained aggression. She has little patience for incompetence in her subordinates, or in obtuse wordplay on the part of those she interacts with. The only thing with the potential to truly calm her is the presence of her daughter, who she has been depending on her own rank and Snadhya's school to protect.
-Favorite saying: "Speak quickly and plainly."
-Quirks: Given that her territory is in the section of Vloz'ress land along the Kyorl border, she's particularly leery of Drow'ussu, and prefers goblin minions for combat roles. She's adverse to becoming tainted, since her daughter's older siblings were turned to demons during the Nidraa'chal War. Due to politics demanding tact, she tends to growl out her words when angry, saving shouting for when violence breaks out.

-Inspirational pictures: N/A
-If you choose Felde, answer this: What do you seek?: Ilindith would have received her invitation while checking on her daughter, and would have taken that as a simultaneous bribe and threat.
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Re: Cameo Competition

Postby SoulCode » Fri Dec 13, 2013 4:04 am

Great to see so many people's ideas. Also, so many people competing.
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Re: Cameo Competition

Postby Thrair » Fri Dec 13, 2013 4:59 am

Yah, it's really got people excited. In addition to all the regular people posting, all us newbies and forum lurkers are turning up, too. Everyone's giving it a shot.

The competition even got a mention on the news section. :)
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Re: Cameo Competition

Postby Sonor Val'Illhar'dro » Fri Dec 13, 2013 8:07 am

-Name: Tasijilok Val'Hyrann
-Race: Drowolath
-Sex: Female
-Age: 96
-Build: Lean
-Ancestry: Charrian
-Clan: Hyrann
-Profession: Clan Ambassador
-Martial ability: Throwing daggers (hidden)
-Mana affinity:
No affinity
Char Spirit Summoning

-Colors: Light purple eyes, white hair hanging down in a long straight braid, black lips
-Costume: Long dark dark purple Asian style dress with long sleeves and silver buttons, two summoning gauntlets made of black metal, she wears a tall rounded dark dark purple hat on her head with a small rod attached to the front where a sheer veil obscures her face which is already half obscured with a simple white mask. The hat also has gems embedded into it.

Costume Reference;
*will draw soon*

-Personality traits: Highly suspicious, has a high disdain for commoners, judgmental, loyal, a bit of a xenophobe, prudish, very manners and customs oriented, stiff, stubborn, tight ass, protective. Tasijilok is not a warm person- she believes in getting to the point quick and fast and heavily dislikes wasting time. She is not afraid to call people out.
-Favorite saying: "Let them eat shit"
She exclusively prefers females over males (in terms of lovers). She has mated with men but have always killed off her male offspring
Was nearly captured by hungry Xuile'solen when she was younger, very mentally scarred and has a high phobia of Xuile'solen

-Inspirational pictures:
Dress: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Y749f-HEC7M/T ... .40.57.png

-If you choose Felde, answer this: What do you seek?:
Char is concerned about the political turmoil and resurgence of nether summoning in the south. While far removed from the major drow cities, Char has sent an ambassador to the Feldian gathering to ensure that none of the chaos raging in Chel, Nuqrah or Mimaneid will have an impact on Char. Personally, Tasijilok is concerned about Char's lack of contact with the other cities; she sees her city as stagnant and dying so she seeks help to revitalize it. Tasijilok wants to carve a place for her clan among the seats of power in the Underworld
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