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Flash of the Blade

Flash of the Blade

Postby Alric » Fri Aug 02, 2013 10:31 pm

((This short story takes place after the last Relic Hunters campaign, on the island chain of Nuwa.))

The sun had just started its evening descent across the sky as Die'tra stepped out of the shade of the palm trees onto the pale off-white sand. The tall drowolath female reached up across her face to brush red-dyed braided locks out of her dark face, her green eyes taking in the scenery before her. Die'tra shifted her weight, powerful muscles moving under her dark brown skin. Like many of her race, Die'tra's curvaceous build belied great strength. She knew he'd be there awaiting her, just as he had said.

Die'tra's sandaled feet crossed the sandy beach with light, careful steps, marking the tread of a warrior born outside civilized lands despite her ornate attire. She had changed out of the Highland Raider armor into her usual attire of a long red breechclout, fabric top, both articles trimmed with gold thread, a gold collar about her neck, and golden bangles on her arms. A long curved broadsword was on her belt. Though the Raider armor was sufficient to keeping her cool in the tropical climate, she had changed into something lighter that was more comfortable and would hopefully be more catching to her Raider squad leader's eye.

Her keen eyes noticed the faint impressions of sandaled feet before her, leading down the beach. Die'tra followed the tracks with great interest. It would be impossible for him to hide from her for long here. After several long minutes of following the tracks to their end, Die'tra came across a small natural mound of rock. He sat there, amusedly watching Die'tra as she walked up to him..

“You know, Tur'geis, playing hard to get does have its downsides,” commented Die'tra, hands on her wide hips and a grin on her face as she faced the male drow.

Tur'geis sprung to his feet with a laugh, the raucous sound overwhelming that of the wind and the waves crashing on the surf.

“And yet you came here, as I expected,” he teased back. Tur'geis was almost a giant of a male in stature with muscles rippling smoothly under his dark brown skin. The bare chested male's hair was braided and dyed red in a similar manner as Die'tra's, and he wore a kilt, caligae, and adamantium torcs about his neck and biceps. A broad leather belt around his waist held a broadsword and knife, and his bisentou lay propped up against the rock where he had heretofore sat.

“I recall you invited me,” was Die'tra's retort. She crossed her arms, waiting for the male Am'saag's reply.

“I did, but I wasn't counting on you getting lost!” he laughed.

“I'd never have thought I'd have trouble tracking down your big ass,” said Die'tra with a grin as she stepped closer to Tur'geis. They met each other when she was the replacement member for a departing squadmate in the Marauders' squad. Tur'geis, the commander of the squad, was rather excited to find another Am'saag, especially a female as beautiful as Die'tra. She'd eagerly been awaiting this evening to get to know her new squad leader even better. The two had spoken on end and flirted with each other incessantly over the past day, and Tur'geis had invited to her to a private meeting once they returned to the mainland after searching the island chain for valuables to benefit the Sarghress clan.

Tur'geis' cold blue eyes took in the sight of Die'tra standing before him intently. “Too bad I couldn't have watched it all from here.”

Die'tra gave Tur'geis an amused look, her own green eyes going over every swell and depression of his body. “You're one to speak. A stallion couldn't make his attraction any more clear!” she laughed.

The male Highland Raider laughed as he began to circle Die'tra, the fingers of his right hand lightly closing around his sword's grip as he paced around her in the sand. “Good. I don't like spelling things out to people.”

“Then you don't need to tell me what you plan to do next,” slyly added Die'tra, likewise reaching for the sword at her side.

“Do I?” replied Tur'geis with a smile, stepping in to attack. Most onlookers would have thought an unarmored spar with sharpened blades was foolish at best, malicious at worst. But both Tur'geis and Die'tra believed strongly in living their lives on the edge and without regrets. There simply were no dull swords available on that beach for them otherwise.

With blinding speed, Die'tra stepped out of the way of Tur'geis' swing and countered with her own drawn sword, deflecting the male Raider's sword away from her and chopping at his side. “You've got some nerve, pulling your strikes like that,” she teased.

Tur'geis responded with a wild grin as he rushed in under the arc of her blade, pulling her into his arms for a deep kiss. They fell to the sand together and rolled about as Die'tra tried to break from his grasp. Tur'geis was pushed away from her, laughing madly through the pain as she kneed him to get him away. She quickly scrambled to her feet, sword ready again.

“Come on now, we've just started!” she chuckled with a wide smile, letting Tur'geis get back up.

The male Raider leapt up to his feet in a fluid motion, his sword low and ready to strike.

“Started on which thing?” he laughed right as he launched his attack, sending a flurry of blows Die'tra's way.

Die'tra quickly sidestepped and parried Tur'geis' swings and thrusts, trying her best to avoid being pushed back into the surf as the male closed in on her. She pivoted on the balls of her feet, turning the fight into another direction as they crossed swords.

The female Raider struck low, trying to use her opponent's great height to her advantage. As she predicted, Tur'geis shifted to the side and struck low to deflect her sword away from him. Then he brought his elbow up to smash against her face.

Die'tra staggered back, regaining her senses just in time to see the point of Tur'geis' sword before her.

“This is the part where you yield,” chuckled the squad leader.

He was skilled, true. But Die'tra yielded to no one. Die'tra smirked back at the male before retaliating with her own sword, the blade shining in the falling sun as it rose in an arc, narrowly missing Tur'geis. With a whoop of surprise and excitement, Tur'geis stepped in and knocked Die'tra to the ground, their swords falling into the sand besides them.

Tur'geis' hands gripped Die'tra's arms, trying to keep the writhing female still as he pressed his lips against hers again. The female Am'saag's arms went around his neck, but to accept the kiss and repay with interest. After a long moment passed they broke for air.

“A good fight is perfect to get the blood pumping,” growled Tur'geis as he nipped at Die'tra's ears.

“I've never been one to disagree with that,” teased Die'tra as she reached up to take Tur'geis' face into her hands, looking straight into his blue eyes. Males like him weren't all too common. “Nor this...” she said as she pressed up against Tur'geis.

Tur'geis grinned as he began to tug at her clothes. “Get on your hands and knees...”

((If you want to know what happens after this part *cough*perverts*cough* ;) Lunareth and I commissioned a DD drawing from Donny showing just that, right here. Obviously NSFW.))

The sound of the waves proved to be a comforting lullaby to the two Highland Raiders as they lay on the beach in each other's arms. Die'tra smiled as she cuddled close to Tur'geis on the cloaks beneath them, running a hand up and down the front of his torso. It'd been a little while since she'd had a lover quite like this.

“Heh, being the commander's lover certainly can't hurt...though I thought it was the male who was to be the female leader's mate?” chuckled Die'tra.

“You ask questions like that at a time like this? At the least I'll be bringing around a private tent. Commander's privileges,” he said with a slight nudge to Die'tra.Tur'geis smiled warmly as he looked down at the nude female close to his body, and he moved an arm down to hold her close. He was quickly getting used to having this new squad member around.

“Right now I could use a rest myself...” murmured the female Am'saag. She was a bit tired out after all the physical activity as of late and Tur'geis was quite comfortable and warm...

“Then rest well. We've earned it,” spoke Tur'geis, kissing Die'tra once more on the lips. He laid back and let his eyes close, content with Die'tra sleeping at his side.
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Re: Flash of the Blade

Postby Lunareth » Sat Aug 03, 2013 11:10 am

Oh yes. This was the characters first date after days of two-handed weapon jokes flirting. And you know what? Totally worth it!

I'm loving this story and it's so nice you managed to write a one-shot about it (yet right we know there were more than one shots there if you know what i mean...*meme face*)!
Best parts are how they're teasing each other in the beginning (BIG ASS!!! xD), and it's so nice how the fight have the feeling of two bigcats playing with their sharp claws. They totally not taking it serious they can get cuts, these two are just crazy! X D

But favorite sentence of all. “Get on your hands and knees...”
....Oh Tur'geis, you little.....
Image Harrr harrr harrr
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Re: Flash of the Blade

Postby Brawl97 » Mon Aug 05, 2013 1:27 am

Lol XD well done. It is truly the most romantic of love stories. I very much enjoyed this post *enthusiastic clapping*
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Re: Flash of the Blade

Postby Alric » Thu Aug 22, 2013 3:11 pm

Thanks a lot for the comments and praise, y'all are awesome! I'll have to write more about these two in the future, especially with what's going on now. XD
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Re: Flash of the Blade

Postby SFI » Tue Aug 26, 2014 5:54 pm

Aawww, that was kinda cute :P

I'm normally not much of a fan of Dietra and Turgeis, but this was nice :P
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